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Evaluate The Church Method

What if our 2000 year attachment to organizational "church" is a mistake? What if our system of Christian religion in fact made our contentment more important than professed love of Christ? Why do we not consider, evaluate our forms, methods, and activities?

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 ---antservant on 6/15/07
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J is for JESUS

JESUS was God and Man. He lived 2000 years ago. He was killed because He said things that people didn't like.

Today almost everyone agrees with the things He said. Since these ideas are no longer controversial, nobody pays much attention to them.

One World Church people want to immediately reevaluate, formulate new formulas, new methods and activities.

They want to replace the Church of Jesus Christ.


---Jenny on 4/9/08

A lot of that religion stuff bothers me too and I'm the pastor. I don't let it get to me. If you are a servant just be exactly that and leave the rest alone. You are not forced to belong to any set of rules or traditions. There are many independent works around that display more freedom from this. Maybe you can hook up with one of them.
---john on 6/18/07

Religion is simply a method of worship. Although the methods vary based on denominational affiliation, I would like to think the intended motive is to worship The Creator. True & pure religion cares & provides for the both the physical & spiritual needs of the less fortunate among us. True worshippers worship The Father through their reliance upon His Spirit, to lead them into His truth, trusting that He will empower them to live out that truth. What is truth? His Word is truth. His way is our light.
---Josef on 6/17/07

antservant inquires, "Why do we not consider, evaluate our forms, methods, and activities?"

Antservant - - are there some forms and methods and activities you wish to see removed; are there others you want to see established?

If wrong people established what is nonsense, just changing forms etc. won't do anything . . . if those wrong people are still involved.

Jesus went to the temple where fake religion was, and used it all for His better purpose.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/16/07

I like your name! I have considered the ant and they are quite the servants.
anyway, back to your question. If we did evaluate our ways of today's church we would see that most are missing it and should reconsider where they are headed. But, you will not find one person to admit this because it is easier for us to go with the flo and not get out of line. This would upset the system and no one would know what to do. Enjoy being a servant, it is the best place in life to be.
---Brenda on 6/16/07

Hi, antservant . . . interesting name > like you're a servant who runs around like an ant? But each ant is part of the whole hill community . . . NOT just on one's own, like in religion supposedly Christian.

Yes, I'd say we need more personal involvement, each person a part of the one's special self and abilities.

But instead, there is INSTITUTIONALIZED stuff . . . copy-cat . . . including sacraments so set, predictable; and even any psycho can fake the standards and customs.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/15/07

False Gospels Quiz

6. In the latter days, many in the church will follow after a false faith that unites all religions.

The correct answer is True.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

---Gail on 6/15/07

If attachment to the "organiztional 'church'" was a mistake, then Jesus made a mistake in founding one!
---Jack on 6/15/07

In the New Age we will all live in a GLOBAL VILLAGE. Everybody will be connected with everybody else and that instead of having lots of little governments that nobody likes, we will have one big government which for some reason everybody is expected to like.

When we have one big Global Village, everybody will be a Citizen of the World, and we won't need passports any more.

According to some sources, a simple mark on the forehead will be sufficient.
---Jenny on 6/15/07

G is for GOD
GOD is the One who started it all. Many carry a grudge about that.

He is also the One who made all the rules. This upsets people who would rather make their own rules. These people have decided that God doesn't exist.

Many New Age People want to find God, although they have a hard time explaining how they lost Him in the first place. According to reports, God would not be easy to misplace.
People figure it's more fun to look for Him than to find Him.
---Jenny on 6/15/07

HOLISTIC means "encompassing the whole." It is a favorite word of One World Church People and there's no end to the fun ways you can use it. Like "holistic healing," "holistic education," "holistic nutrition," and "holistic relationship."

Of course "holistic" is always used with words that make it redundant. But that's half the charm of the One World Church Person's vocabulary, isn't it?
---Jenny on 6/15/07

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