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Diagnosed Parnoid Schizophrenia

Is there anyone on this site who could tell me how to deal with a family member who has been diagnosed with parnoid schizophrenia?

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 ---Karen on 6/16/07
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Pray for them, and for you to develop a discerning spirit when with them. Learn to discern when they are speaking from reality and when they are speaking from their paranoia. Encourage them to keep on their medication regimen, and to stay in treatment if it is warranted. Love them unconditionally.
---Madison1101 on 6/10/08

Joy, good testimony. There is so much religious stigma against receiving help for mental illness. Those suffering living in underpasses in cardboard boxes are God's children, too. It's God's Grace that keeps them alive.
---Davis on 7/17/07

A wonderful movie to watch that deals with this issue is A Beautiful Mind. I am a living witiness that a person can have a quality life with the help of God, loving friends and family, as well as facing the reality that medical intervention might be necesssary. Most people fail when dealing with mental illness because they are in denial. They refuse to get help and stay on their meds. Mental illness is another aspect of the curse, but it does not have to overtake your life. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 7/17/07

Log into 'Healing rooms' and find a healing room near you, get much prayer for this person and yourself. If this person won't go you can stand in proxy for them. Then trust God to bring the richness of His Glory into your life.
---Andrea on 7/16/07

Love is the biggest help with anyone going through this. Some people might say I've lost it with the advice I'm going to give, but I know first hand, it works. Let me start by saying that this is not from God. God is a giver of life and everything good. He takes nothing from us. And I do mean nothing. John 10:10,11. The devil is a taker. And that includes our health.
---Abby9467 on 7/16/07

Now, I know that medical doctors will differ in opinion. They are trained to do so. But that won't change what I have lived. I was also diagnosed with schizophrenia, along with several other mental disorders. I was taking 11 different medications on a daily basis. What made me start searching for what I could do to change it was the fact that people can so often be extremely cruel.
---Abby9467 on 7/16/07

Calling you names and making fun of you like somehow or other you're less than human if you're mentally handicapped. Anyways what I found was an orthomolecular doctor who believed in nutrition rather than medicine. Exercise and diet are important, but the most valuable thing of all is B-Vitamins. They keep your entire body functioning properly. And I believe God expects us to use what He has given us to keep our temples in order, physically as well as Spiritually.
---Abby9467 on 7/16/07

I agree with everyone's comments especially Madison's comment about staying on his meds. It is also important for him to have something structured to do. It will be helpful if he can go back to school, get a job, or go to day treatment. This will help force his mind to stay away from his dellusions and parnoria. Joy9988
---joy9988 on 7/15/07

Karen: Good to hear. God bless you for taking him in and helping him.
---Madison1101 on 7/8/07

Madison...Thanks for asking. He is not off his prescription meds.
---Karen on 7/8/07

Karen: You say your brother-in-law is off drugs, do you mean medications for his schizophrenia or drugs from the street? There is often a problem with mentally ill people using street drugs to self-medicate, creating a dual diagnosis. I do not advise that a schizophrenic go off doctor prescribed medicaitons though.
---Madison1101 on 7/8/07

Mary...Thanks for asking. It is not my husband who is mentally ill. It is his brother who is now living with us. Things are getting much better now that the BIL is off drugs. Personally I believe the problem has been the drugs all along. He has been with us for a little over a month and has gained 20 pounds and looking like a different person. I'm running my own little boot camp with him.
---Karen on 7/7/07

Hi Karen; how are things going now? Is your husband doing better? And how are you? Praying for you and hope you see this; God bless you dear.
---Mary on 7/3/07

When Jesus walked the earth, meds and therapy were not commonplace. The infirm were cast to the curb until Jesus came along.

I believe in medicine, medical treatments.
Here are some scriptures for mental infirmities.
---MMR on 6/20/07


Luke 13:11, 4:39
John 5:5
Acts 28:8
Isa 6:9-10
Jer 6:10
Matt 17:15-18
Matt 12:22-24
Luke 9:39
Luke 10:30-37

Ill health
Suicidal tendencies
Paralyzing terror
Fear of death
Compels, driven
Gnashing, gritting teeth
---MMR on 6/20/07

Madison..Thanks so much. He is taking his meds as I keep them and dispense them as prescribed. He has improved 100% since we starting taking care of him. It has been years since he has eaten good or taken his meds right. Please continue praying for our family. Thank you all.
---Karen on 6/19/07

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And another thing>>Any truly saved person has the authority over Satan. One of the beauties of being Saved. Satan is under our feet. A warning: "Satan can destroy your mind", God said so. Another warning: God will not be mocked. Good day.
---catherine on 6/19/07

*Matthew, are you the Matthew from OSAS blogs or someone different?*

I am the same Matthew from the OSAS blogs.
---Matthew on 6/19/07

Catherine: Sometimes the only hope for believes who are schizophrenic is pills, therapy and rehabilitation, along with a personal relationship with Jesus. Brain chemistry is not always cured with faith in Christ, just as diabetes and cancer don't go away when someone is saved. The thing is, it is socially acceptable to be a Christian with cancer or diabetes, but the church frowns on believers who are mentally ill, as if they have some say in the matter.
---Madison1101 on 6/19/07

Doctors who are unbelievers has a very difficult time. In the first place nearly the whole world don't believe that there is a Devil and they don't believe there are demons. But I am here to let everyone know there is a Devil and his demons and this evil, wicked, Person, The Devil, Can and does drive people crazy. I am sorry, But without God, There is no hope for the unbeliever except pills and years of torture.
---catherine on 6/19/07

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Matthew, are you the Matthew from OSAS blogs or someone different?
---Jenny on 6/19/07

Matthew, thank you for sharing your most awesome and inspiring testimony. Praise be to our Father for your healing!!!
---AlwaysOn on 6/18/07

Catherine, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 16 and suffered with it's symptoms for 6 years. I threw away the medication because it had me feel like a zombie and started praying to God to heal me. EVentually in a matter of only two days the illness disappeared. I went to the doctors asking them what that means. They tell me "Oh you didn't have schizophrenia it was just temporary psychosis." Sure it was.
---Matthew on 6/18/07

I know at any given time I can be a schizophrenic again God has actually left that a choice for me because the illness is still there it is just covered by God's grace and I am protected from it. I do believe much of this illness was demon influeneced but I believe what happened to me can happoen to anyone with schizophrenia. I forgot to mention I wasn't saved when God lifted the illness from me. God was that merciful.
---Matthew on 6/18/07

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Be patient with them and try not to let them come off their meds. Often there is a vicious cycle, the medication begins to work, they feel they are cured and therefor do not need the medication and stop it, but because of the illness they deteriorate and the cycle needs to begin again, only then they think you are out to get them and that the pills are part of some conspiracy. They do not mean to cause you trouble, but they do not wish to be sick and keep hoping that they are normal again.
---lorra8574 on 6/17/07

Donna, I like, "I don't see that" or "I don't hear that, but I believe you do". I'm going to try that with my cousin. Anymore tips or suggestions?
---AlwaysOn on 6/17/07

Dear Friend, you have to really pray and allow the Lord to strengthen you in your patience, and love them with the love of the Lord. Pray for their deliverance, and encourage them to take their meds. No matter how hard it gets, or how long it takes, stand your ground in faith. Also when you pray, plead the blood of Jesus over their mind, and ask God to save their soul. In God's timing, it will happen. The prayers of the righteous availeth much.
---Beverly on 6/17/07

Hi Karen; I'm sorry; that must be really scary to deal with honey. :( You definitely need good medical advice and definitely prayer, hon; you've got ours.
---Mary on 6/17/07

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My son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age 18. He tried to self medicate himself with other drugs and alcohol. I went to classes that helped me to deal with this, & mostly they told me that anytime he would say something that was off the wall, I was to tell him, "I don't see that, or I don't hear that, although I believe you do." Please let me know if I can help you anymore.
---donna4549 on 6/16/07

Hi Karen! I pray for my cousin & I don't argue with him about what's real vs. what isn't, but try to show him as much love & kindness as possible. I work to include him in conversations (he's very withdrawn) & when he's agitated, I silently rebuke the spirit of the adversary & ask the Father to calm him & to help me not show fear. I look him in the eyes as I speak to him & rely on the Holy Spirit to lead our conversations as He's stronger than any illness that can derail or confuse our interaction.
---AlwaysOn on 6/16/07

Yes, Without God's intervention He is hopeless. And the situation is hopeless. Do you not understand, We are to put no faith, no confidence, "In human wisdom". A hard lesson this world and its people needs.
---catherine on 6/16/07

It is hard to deal with. My first Cousin was diagnosed with parnoid schizophrenia. It is sad to watch him. He thinks everyone is out to get him, he thinks that people near him, has devices that are in his house watching his every move. he cusses the refridgerator, thinking that their is some type of listening device in there, that other people can hear him talk. I hate to say it but he needs a mental petition on him.
---Rebecca_D on 6/16/07

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This in is acutely serious mental illness, and general advice should not be handled via the Internet. Your questions questions should only be asked of a licensed mental health professional who has personally assessed the patient.
---notlaw99 on 6/16/07

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