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Which ChristiaNet Blogger

Just for a little fun:

Which ChristiaNet blogger...

Would you have the most fun on a road trip with?

Would you most expect to see on television?

Would you choose to split a million dollars with if you had to?

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 ---AlwaysOn on 6/16/07
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Lynda ... It would be more helpful if you could explain what you are saying instead of being mmysterious about it and suggesting that some other persons could act as interpters!
Perhaps you would like to email me?
I have previously told you my PP ID which is Alan8566
I look forward to hearing from you.
And yes, maybe Elder, NVBarb, JohnT, Susie and Trish are cleverer than me and could explain what you are on about!
God bless you
---alan_of_UK on 1/18/08

Mima, would you PLease email Alan.

Mima detects fear and I think he can PLeed, counsel with you back into perfect health and wellness.
---Lynda on 1/18/08

Alan, please email the Elder, NVBarb, JohnT, Susie and Trish.
They can all help you.
---Lynda on 1/18/08

Lynda ... This is getting more interesting!
I wonder just what is in your mind.
Why do you give us these lists?
---alan_of_UK on 1/18/08

The Legend of grey matter's blogging history.
I missed some of them.
Amazing, is it not?

I missed...
What are you talking about.
I don't understand.
It doesn't make any sense.
It's just little ole me.
My 2 cents worth.
---Lynda on 1/18/08

It is my hope that the puzzle pieces can become whole.
I don't see the desire for that really, so without the will the pieces will remain scattered instead of coming together, like a mosaic.
---Lynda on 1/18/08

I can do quite complicated cryptic crosswords.
But what is being published here ... ?
---alan_of_UK on 1/17/08

Educated woman. Check
Uneducated woman. Check
Waitress. Check
Restaurant regular. Check
Doctor. Check
Lawyer. Check
Middle aged bachelor. Check
Married man. Check
Undecided Christian. Check
Prison ministry. Check
Evangelist. Check
Mensa advocate. Check
Soup kitchen. Check
Street evangelist. Check
Writer. Check check
---Lynda on 1/17/08

The Question poster. Check
The Answer posters. Check check
Email ministry. Check
Email therapy. Check check
Mocker. Check
Beater. Check
Abuser. Check
Humiliator. Check check
Angry. Check
King of the mountain. Check check
---Lynda on 1/17/08

Alrighty then.

If the entire roster were available, I would hand it over to God. He would check off every grey matter puzzle piece, until the finished puzzle was put back together again.

All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put grey matter back together again.
---Lynda on 1/17/08

Grey.... Check.
Elderly man. Check
Single woman. Check
Married woman. Check
Scientist. Check
Queensland. Check
G.B. Check
Teacher. Check.
Counselor. Check
Preacher. Check
Caregiver. Check
Mother. Check
Father. Check
Children. Check
Menfriends. Check
Paramours. Check check
---Lynda on 1/17/08

But Lynda:: so much Grey matter untagged How would you sort it out,Interesting conceptHow do you propose to put it all together again?
---Emcee on 1/16/08

On a road trip bus for most the conversation will be elevating, a plethora of opinions, conversation, debate about the scriptures- edifying most riders. I'm open to learn even from those I disagree with. However, special road trip utensils are required for some of the sensitive on the bus. Some riders will require blinders/earplugs so as not to hear that which they are at variance with, which could generate great distress in them, for these people the bus must bypass Petrified Forest national Park.
---MikeM on 1/16/08

Lynda ... You are becoming quite funny!
---alan_of_UK on 1/15/08

MikeM., which means you'll be riding with yourself. If you're on a motorcycle, you won't even need a sidecar.
All the attributes that you like about yourself, wrapped up in yourself.
You'll only be needing one toothbrush for the entire group.
---Lynda on 1/14/08

It would be so easy if we could address the grey matter that holds the strings and not the rest of you.
Emcee hammer, MikeM., and all of those names that Alan knows each and every detail about, the name that goes with each denom. It was interesting for about 10 minutes. I would prefer to talk to the grey matter in charge of the group. Would it be possible for the grey matter to cut the cords with everyone, consolidate and become whole in 2008.
Oh, that would be a miracle.
---Lynda on 1/14/08

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I know each and every one of those blogging personas.
Would you be comfortable being one person or would your skin burst?
---Lynda on 1/14/08

Lynda::Truth & Logic such as yours can only be found in a true heart. I Understand, God bless & best wishes for 2008
---Emcee on 1/11/08

Email yourself, it's easily done.
Then ask yourself to explain it to yourself, offer counsel or criticism, and ask yourself what you think of yourself.
---Lynda on 1/11/08

Road trip, Catholics I seem to be able to have rational enlightening conversations with, SDA people as well. Atheist I can debate with as well, but agnostics can be a challenge. I am sure Alan would provide intelligent conversation. On a road trip fundamentalist would get too emotional. If on a bus traveling 70mph with Andrea Hollytic or mina, finding I was on board they would immediatly jump out the window or emergency hatch, in other words even at 70mph- bail.
---MikeM on 1/11/08

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I think I'd like traveling with the Catholics. They make more sense to me than the others.
---InimicusStultitiae on 1/11/08

......Mima, but I'm sure he'd turn it down and or send it to missions
---Andrea on 1/11/08

AlanOf Uk:: Ha ha ha your are a true Son of Brit To whit to wit to woo!You are much too Right to be true & you may steer with delight.While I shall administrate with patience thats RIGHT.
---Emcee on 1/10/08

Lynda, you tell me ... "Email, counsel, critique, applaud, gush, lash out, and the best part of all...
encourage others to email you back, so you can hear what others are saying about all of yourselves. Bizarre, but true"
It would be nice to know what you are talking about!
So far I can't understand.
---alan_of_UK on 1/10/08

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When multi surface cleaning formula cloths get dirty or dry out, it's time to discard.

As with all cleaning formulas, we must follow the manufacturer's instructions - the Bible.

Before using an unknown cleaning formula on any surface, we should always test on an area. When in doubt, discard, as not to destroy the clean, higher shine that comes from the Holy Spirit.
---Lynda on 1/10/08

You will have to email yourself, Alan of UK.
You do know how to do that.
Email, counsel, critique, applaud, gush, lash out, and the best part of all...
encourage others to email you back, so you can hear what others are saying about all of yourselves. Bizarre, but true.
---Lynda on 1/10/08

Emcee ... No you can't man the tiller, because you would take us in the wrong direction, as would nvB or Lynda, or Elder, or Bruce, or Cliff, or Ruben, or anyone else.
It has to be me steering the course, as only I am right, and only I know the true route.
And you must see I am right because I am so modest about it.
---alan_of_UK on 1/10/08

Lynda ... There is nothing in my email

I am alan8566
---alan_of_UK on 1/9/08

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Thanks Alan Of Uk, Id love to have NVB & Lynda aboard, so I can sit back & you all can talk,if it is a row boat experience.I shall graciously conceed the oars to your adept Prowess, and ability,If I be permitted to man the tiller.
---Emcee on 1/9/08

Wow, Darlene 1, that would be a stretch, you would only need to go to your bank and deposit it.
Most people wouldn't part with a plugged nickel outside of their own immediate family, that's for sure.

I would at least send everyone a fruitcake for Christmas, from the Texas Fruitcake Co.
---Mark on 1/9/08

Oh Darlene 1, me too.
There are sooo many that I would have to take along. I couldn't live without them.
---lovable_linda on 1/9/08

On a road trip I would take NVBarbara and Elder,with those two along there would never be a dull moment. Alan on TV promoting a charity. I'd split a million dollars with Elder and Trish,they've already earned it with all they've been through. God Bless You all.
---Darlene_1 on 1/9/08

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Alan from the UK,
NV Barbara
1st Cliff
Ryan Z
Madison, now Trish
Please check your emails
---Lynda on 1/5/08

Well, I see a God who hates the wickedness of people and their Governments. Bad things happens to good people as well as the unbelievers. But God will always bring His people through. Don't ask what can God do for me, but ask what can I do for God. Wake up America. You have yet to find out what hard times are.
---catherine on 1/4/08

I agree Mike with the places where you see Jesus in the faces of people.
But as to the multiple bloggers, you say the Holy Spirit has told you that aprt from you, all the other bloggers are liars?
I say that is not from the Holy Spirit, but the Deceiver.
I would pray about it if I were you Mike.
---alan_of_UK on 1/3/08

I see Jesus on TV when they pan across an underpass and see men, women and children living in cardboard boxes. Yes, that's where I most expect to see Jesus on TV.

I'd most expect to see Jesus on TV in Iraq in the faces of men of women, of every race and every side, fighting and trying to survive in a harsh environment.
---Mike on 1/3/08

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It's an awesome experience when you can see Jesus Christ using someone on TV.

Jesus is often found in the faces of those helping others after a tornado, flood, or fire. He is found on the street corner ringing a bell for the Salvation Army or serving at the local shelter for the homeless.
Yes, I see Jesus on TV, in these locations.
---Mike on 1/3/08

As I've said, you could load up most of those names you've given in one carload.
I would rather go on a road trip with Father, Son, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

That is my answer to all of the above questions.
---Mike on 1/3/08

There is no one else that I would have more fun with, could learn more from, or "choose to split a million dollars with IF I Had To" - than Jesus Christ.

There is no one else that would reveal Truth more than Father, Son, Holy Spirit on a roadtrip, the highway to holiness.
---Mike on 1/3/08

Alan, "a", you have missed the real key to discernment of truth from lies. The Holy Spirit.
Now Alan, the great reveal never came, but it revealed itself through time and prayer.
Some things can be taught, but this is not one of them.
---Mike on 1/3/08

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Mike ...# 1 How do you work that out?
On this blog, there are more than that, each with their own views and style of writing.
There is no way any of the following could be confused with any of the others:
Myself (from the UK, although some doubt it, but look at my profile 8566)
NV Barbara (the NV shows where she is from)
Emcee (RC with very strong views
---alan_of_UK on 1/3/08

Mike ...# 2
MikeM (Mormon & evolutionist)
Lorra (RC lady, less rigid views than Emcee))
1st Cliff (definitely a non-traditional Christiawn ... Unitarian? & doubts Paul's validity?)
Elder ... he has been here longer than anyone else
Ryan Z
Madison (who is now Trish following loss of her PP profile)
Helen ... from Australia
And then there is you, constantly accusing others (as do Cyndy and sometimes Lovable Linda) of being multiple bloggers
---alan_of_UK on 1/3/08

NVB:: Have I lost you ,somewhere from the great white North to the sunny south Happy new Year.
---Emcee on 1/2/08

On any given blog, there's usually two or three bloggers, including the poster of the question.
I hate my husband blogs are monotonous but the one or two people enjoy them.
---Mike on 1/2/08

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Mike ... Do you really think there are only 4 bloggers?
---alan_of_UK on 1/2/08

All that would be required would be an economy sized rig, room enough for about 4 people total. Yes, the entire gang here would fit including the cat.
---Mike on 1/2/08

MikeM...Just be thankful that "sortin and shiftin" is not here in HOT Arizona where it reached 108 in Tucson this week.
---Susie on 6/25/07

NV Barbara, Yes, and guess where I heard those things mentioned on my 6/24 posting?! My job, in reality is very mundane and tedious, a lot of 'sorting and shifting.' its a Pleistocene site used by ice age man. Its staffed by several undergrads, 3 B.A. Degree staffers, and a neurotic professor of paleontology.
---MikeM on 6/25/07

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Agreed Bob, the more the merrier! Yep, we'll definantly need a train! Praise God, that way Elder won't be driving!
---NVBarbara on 6/25/07

Most of that is just plain ignorance gone to seed MikeM. God made everything, Its interesting to find out within some parameters just WHEN He made them!

This will be a way cool trip!
---NVBarbara on 6/25/07

-I have been informed that all science is 'of the devil.' and that this palentological site should be closed.

-I have also been told those who are scientist believe in reincarnation.

-I have been told all fossils were 'created by the devil.'

My hearghty laugh is bigger than NV Barbera's.
---MikeM on 6/24/07

I think that would cool MikeM, that's why you're on my list! Do we HAVE to have the students along? :-)
I will tape the conversations between you and Herb! (Hearty Laugh!)
---NVBarbara on 6/22/07

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Mike, I once wanted to be an archeologist, and my children have all at one time or other wanted to be paleontologists and dig up dinosaurs. So the idea of working a dig site in Africa, or some other exotic location is actually very exciting. Of course my husband might not be so thrilled - he prefers four star comfort and he does not like hot climates. Of course, here in Alberta, we live in a popular dinosaur zone, even if some of the best sites are still in "the Badlands".
---lorra8574 on 6/22/07

Susie; For once i agree. "There is nothing to be dug up that would contradict God's laws" Now that is a rare, but true statement! I am afraid here that your view is unique. At a diner near here a waitress said to us, (all at one table) "You all should not be doing what your doing. its the foolishness of man, rebury those bones before it damages some believers faith." She made it clear she thought her tax dollors were being thrown away on "foolishness."

---MikeM on 6/22/07

Hey, I've been booted off better busses than ths one, anyway you're goin' too fast and the bridge is out . Nobody can hear me over all this hymn singin'..Shouldn't we be headed east?? My map is the right one (don't you know?)
---1st_cliff on 6/22/07

I wouldn't single anyone out. All are invited.
'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!'
God doesn't play favorites, everyone is invited and He doesn't want anyone left out.
No clubs, no cliques, no favorites, no popularity contests, no favorite bloggers.
The rain falling on everyone, everyone would have an invite.
---Bob on 6/22/07

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Actually, I would enjoy something like that MikeM. It always seems interesting when I watch diggings on television. So much of our past is still unknown. And, there is nothing any Christian should be afraid of if their faith is in the Jesus who died on the cross for them. There is nothing to be dug up that would contradict God's laws.
---Susie on 6/22/07

I dont know how many here would want to be around me. I am a semi-professional palentological site with lots of undergrads, all 'evolutionists' and two retentive professors in eastern oregon. We be digging up bad old fossils that make some folk nervious.
---MikeM on 6/21/07

You'll have to settle for possums, or 'possums on the half shell'(Armadillos) Elder.
---NVBarbara on 6/21/07

Hey, who said anything about "cooking" that cat???
---Elder on 6/21/07

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I think at this point we're going to need a train! Noooooo cooking of the cat Elder! Knothead says he's going to Grandma's!
Its a possibility that I'd stay close to Herb and 'rasstle' the shotgun from him in case we needed it for him! I'm bringing rope just in case anyone needs 'sedation' after eating a slice of your coffee!
---Barbara on 6/21/07

Barbara you know if you consume my coffee you will not only be wound up but you will hav'ta be tied up.
---Elder on 6/21/07

I'd just take the bunch here on CN load 'em in a bus and take off. Of course I'd assign seats.
I'd put Rev Herb on the shotgun seat, he'll shoot anything that moves wrong. Madison would hav'ta be in the back to pick the wounded up and comfort 'em. Barbara would run the aisles telling jokes about how Herb shot 'em.
Cond #2
---Elder on 6/21/07

Cliff would hav'ta sit in the back too 'cause he'd convince us we weren't there yet and that road don't exist. He'd keep us all awake and searching the map.
I'd haf'ta drive 'cause that would make my wife scream like an emergency vehicle and we'd get there quicker.
Cond #3
---Elder on 6/21/07

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We'll use my coffee for fuel if it don't make the engine too hot.
Barbara and Steve could bring Knothead, the cat, in case we break down we would have something to eat for a few days.
Nurse Robert could help us avoid all the republican towns.
Cond #4
---Elder on 6/21/07

The Moderator would hav'ta be with us to keep us from saying things to each other that we shouldn't.
And last, while we are out we will look for those who have left CN and load 'em up and bring 'em back.
PS. We'll take some along just in case we need air for the tires.
---Elder on 6/21/07

Ryan, that would be Nurse Robert who is on 'vacation' from work.
How VERY kind of you to be so giving. I just had to say something to you, you are a man after Christ's own heart!
---NVBarbara on 6/20/07

Road Trip: Billy, I AM I, Jack & Pharisee

Television: Rebecca_D singing

Split a mil: The Guy that posted he just recently lost his job
---Ryan_Z on 6/20/07

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Madison...Actually, I thought you were probably one of the few on this site who is really qualified to give any kind of counseling. And, now that you are a grandma you are gonna have some really great experiences to tell us all about.
---Susie on 6/20/07

MikeM....LOL....You are so clever. I thought of that desert town when you mentioned eastern Oregon. It was such a shock to see that area when the rest of Oregon is so green. My ex-husband was born and raised there.
---Susie on 6/19/07

PLEASE let me be your first guest on your show Maddy!
We could eat a chunk of Elder's coffee and be wound up for hours!
---NVBarbara on 6/19/07

Me on TV doing a show like Dr. Phil? I love it. I could be the Christian version of him. LOL

Roadtrip? Definitely NVBarb, Elder, MikeM, NurseRobert, Alan,and all the others who I am too tired to name right now. We would need a huge bus, and I would only drive part way, because I tend to speed and get tickets. LOL

Television? I would expect to see MikeM and Nurse on TV.

Split a million dollars, my family, and a trust fund for the baby.
---Madison1101 on 6/19/07

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NVB-I wont say where i am, except it is mostly desert. I did not want to be here, but my supervisor would not 'Bend' on the matter.....
---MikeM on 6/19/07

Make the most of the beautiful state MikeM!
Do some sightseeing! Beautiful coastline and many hiking trails. I know it must be difficult being away from home for so long, at least the rains have subsided!
---NVBarbara on 6/18/07

Jesus picked a couple of fishermen, a scholar, a tax collector, a doctor (Luke), but He didn't "choose" Judas, Judas went to him and asked him if he needed someone like him and Jesus's response was, "A tree is known by it's fruit." Judas had no cherries on his tree, it was all bitter fruit.
---Anonymous on 6/18/07

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