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God Near When I Pray

How can I get God to come near to me when I pray?

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 ---BRIAN._STAFFORD on 6/16/07
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God told us in his word that he will never leave us nor forsake us. He is always in the mist. We may not feel him, but we're not alone. He hears our cries, our pleas. When all we can do is cry, he understands our tears. For tears is a language only God understands. What I do, when I need to feel his presence. I anoint me a circle, then myself, I step in that circle. And God meets me there. The circle is like a barrer, a hedge. And I don't come out of that circle until I feel I prayed through.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/08

These people tried by their prayers and tears to get the sentence reversed. They returned before the Lord and wept. These were tears of repentance and humiliation before God. But their weeping was all to no purpose. The Lord would not hearken to their voice, Because they would not hearken to His.[Deut. 1: 19-46]. >>>When tragedy strikes, The first thing people will do is call out God's name. Cont.
---catherine on 6/22/07

Cont. The first thing people will do when tragedy strikes is call out God's name. And as soon as the tragedy is over you go back to living the way you have always lived; never to mention His name again until the next tragedy occures. A day will come when God won't hear the prayers of His people at all.
---catherine on 6/22/07

I believe God is always with His children. There may be times that we feel His presence more than others, but we can't go by our feelings. When we hunger to feel Him near we should seek Him all the more and He will reward us with His presence.
---maryj9396 on 6/17/07

Mary: Thank you for your kind words. I only shared what I learned from another sister in the Lord during a difficult and trying time myself.
---Madison1101 on 6/17/07

Madison is right, as usual. :) And dear, you just ministered to me, too, with your answer. God bless you sister. :)
---Mary on 6/17/07

Only when you confess and repent (turn away) from you sins can God come near to you. God is holy and can only be near to you when you are holy (washed clean by Christ's blood).
---Leslie on 6/16/07

Ofcourse, You can start by saying His name. It shouldn't be when I pray, You may get a disappointment. Praying Christians are praying people. Should be like breathing. Now your quite time can be absolutely wonderful because, You have kepted God close, "All day long". I really do not know how you are going to make it here or to heaven. Thank you Jesus, Is good throughout the day. Don't forget, to call out to Him with your problems.
---catherine on 6/16/07

He is with you always. He never left you. Pray and meditate on His Word and on Him. Ask Him to help you experience Him fully.
---Madison1101 on 6/16/07

We draw nigh to Him by the blood of Jesus and He will draw nigh to us. Faith in the blood of the eternal sacrifice is necessary.
---Linda on 6/16/07

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