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What Is Incipient Genocide

There's a side to the violence in Iraq that does not make it to the news. I beg the participants here to do a web search on "Incipient genocide" and find out what Christians in Iraq are suffering.

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 ---Jack on 6/18/07
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I believe that I will. This is one of my beef with the media. These people are so quick to place God in a bad light. Never does a strong Christian get publicized and announce to this unbelieving world about the true God. I hope one day to change some things with God's help, ofcourse.
---catherine on 1/31/08


"Pop evangelical" refers to people who embrace evangelical Christianity as a popular fad - even through their belief may be strong, it is based on shallow feel-good emotions, theology from popular Christian best-sellers and TV shows, or what other people tell them to think.

The most vocal segment of American Christianity seems to be like this.

As opposed to people with a long-lasting faith who search long and deep and whose faith is not based on jumping on bandwagons.
---StrongAxe on 1/31/08

Matt 11:12 ...kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force...christians must wake up for (2 Cor 10:4-5)incipient genocide is a strong hold as christians we can defeat it by praying and decreeing it away (Job 22:28)(Isa 41:15-16)(Isa 54:15-17)
---flore5374 on 1/31/08

This does not just occur in Iraq and this sort of persecution against Christians does make the Catholic newspapers on a regular basis.
---lorra8574 on 6/22/07

Jack, what is your definition of the average pop-evangelical Christian?
Anyone that's not Orthodox or RCC?
Do you lump all of them together?
Do you enjoy making all of those raggedy comments towards all non-Orthodox/RCC on a non Orthodox/RCC site?
---Garth on 6/22/07

Jack, I find your lumping everyone together that doesn't agree with your "orthodox worldview" quite political. When you make those nasty comments, I find myself not really caring what you think about what's going on in the world. Next.
---Garth on 6/22/07

**Why should we be any different?**


But I wonder just how the average spoiled pop-evangelical would react if forced to pay special taxes (read: "protection money") for being a Christian, risked torture, rape, or even beheading, and so on.

This is what is going on in Iraq right now.
---Jack on 6/22/07

Flore5374, Jesus told His disciples, "in the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Also, in the book of Acts, we read where the disciples rejoiced after they had been persecuted and praised God that they were considered worthy to suffer for His sake. Why should we be any different?
---tommy3007 on 6/21/07

Strong faith is excellent, Flore.

Word of Faith decreeing in the U.S., is about planting seeds (offerings, money) so that you can decree something and have your prayers answered; it's connected to an offering plate. The faith you're describing is different.
---Toby on 6/19/07

Toby I don't know which country you come from but I am from Africa famausly tagged as third world, poverty , war torn continent filled with corruption all manner and exploitations just to lis a few. Where by christians in this continent really live , walk and talk faith and it comes to pass wars stopped via prayer, tribal killings stopped via this kind of faith talk and through experience and testimony if God can do it in africa by the people in africa praying then why not anywhere else.
---flore5374 on 6/19/07

(Eph 6:16) african christian believe in God to survive they make it to give testimonies of divine encounters (Ps 34:19) so if you are a christian in war zone area thats an assignement because you are the agent of peace in that area so arise and do your assignment because with GOd all things are possible its only man that limits God.
---flore5374 on 6/19/07

This is something awful that happens not only in Iraq but in other countries as well. I don't know why this doesn't make the news everyday! It seems as if it is Christians you are persecuting then it is ok.
---maryj9396 on 6/18/07

Flore, are you talking Word of Faith decreeing?
Have you been able to decree the Iraq War away so far, and put a stop to the fighting in Gaza?
---Toby on 6/18/07

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