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Is The Bible A Mythical Book

If the Bible is true and not a mythical book then why do so many people argue about it. My opinion is people only see what "tradition" tells them and not what the Spirit says. What do you think?

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 ---jerry on 6/18/07
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The Bible is not Mythical but nor is it any way inerrant either. It is a collection of text written several languages by authors of varying abilities of their individual prospective of the Divine nature of God. Some parts are history, some parts transmit religious precepts, some parts are poetry. The reader needs to interpret content based on knowledge of when the text was written, who was the text addressed and the history, geography, culture of the times and the linguistics of the original language.
---Phil_the_Elder on 2/11/08

The Bible teaches that the things of the Spirit can only be discerned by the Spirit and make no sense to anyone who does not possess the Holy Spirit. The Bible is basically nonsense to them. A history book if even that. Only a Christian can understand the Spiritual writings in the New and Old Testaments because they are born of both blood and water a second time through Jesus Christ.
---jody on 7/11/07

What alot of people has is hand-me-down-religion. Their great grandparents believed that way, so they will believe that way. In their eyes their beliefs are true and will argue if anyone disagrees. Many do not go and search to see if their beliefs are the true word of God, they just assume because people before them in their family beleived that way. Unless God lets them see things differently, they won't believe any other way.
---Rebecca_D on 6/21/07

The O.T. was documented to cover 4000 years while the N.T. less than 100. It is interesting we find as much conflict OR agreement in one as in the other. The prophesy in each/both covers an eternity and that part itself has earned book writers good livings debating it. Yet, the Bible is an honest collection of God inspired history and teachings and prophesy. It is the only book I have read that is consistent throughout even with man's failings at interpreting and "helping" the original.
---mikefl on 6/20/07

Three schools of thought. 1. Bible is Myth, 2.Bible is inspired 3. Bible is literal. Those who hold the first are limited to a finite principle. Finite, as in limited, restricted. The second sees inherent transcendence in the scriptures, has asked a God beyond his 'natural man' intellect for guidance, putting whats been called blessed assurance in the Creator. The third is limited like the first, reducing the Bible to a mere talisman. Both the 2, 3 claim divine guidance.
---MikeM on 6/19/07

jerry, people argue about scriptures because it's their intellect that is dominating their mind, not the Holy Spirit. It's because things aren't being revealed to them by the Holy Spirit, so they are studying books, definitions, the greek for this word and that instead of letting the Holy Spirit reveal truth to them, it's their intellectual mind's own opinion and they call it truth. It's a lie!!!
---Anonymous on 6/19/07

jerry,the bible is what some have said here,historical ,and prophetical.what you need to understand its a book written to bring you to god thru spiritual truth.
---tom2 on 6/19/07

pt2, its a book inspired by God,written in words that men can understand,so that God might reveal himself,and his plan through jesus that all people might come to him into the light of spiritual jerry,faith in jesus is what god wants God has said I set before you life and death choose.thats what the bible is for so you will know truth,and choose life.
---tom2 on 6/19/07

Because people haven't read and study the bible or the prayed up to know just what the word of God says.Yes the Bible is true.
---Janice on 6/18/07

We see in part and we know in part but someday we will see the whole truth of the Word of God. People only see in the natural most of the time. We have to see the Word in the Spirit in order to fully understand what "Thus saith the Lord" is all about.
---Brenda on 6/18/07

greetings.What does the spirit say?Did you hear the spirit with your ears(audible)?Is this a recent spiritual message to you?What does tradition tell?
---earl on 6/18/07

I think people want to believe that the bible isn't true because that way they can live however they want and not have to deal with the claims of Christ.
---maryj9396 on 6/18/07

The Bible is true but is often misinterpreted. Some say it is all literal when others say its all just stories. Yes people do often see only what tradition say but didn't Jesus condemn the tradition of the pharisees and priests. Often tradition keeps us from seeing the truth in God's word. We also have to see what's not written in God's word as well as what is.
---Bill on 6/18/07

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