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People Want Entertainment

People are turning more and more to the distractions of the flesh to survive in our society today, entertaining themselves paramount in their minds it seems, what can we do to help them turn to God?

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 ---tom2 on 6/19/07
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If you live your life in a way that make Christianity seem an enjoyable lifestyle, instead of nothing but heckfire and damnation, you'll have a chance. But nobody who's into entertainment wants to be threated with a lake of eternal fire every Sunday morning.

And nobody wants to be bothered by doorbell ringers on Saturday morning either. It's a complete turn-off. (You know who you are. Just stop it, already!)
---Nancy on 12/1/07

Katie, thank you for your kind words. It is my hope to be an encouragement and to minister life to others, although I often fail. I have noticed you've written many encouraging blogs yourself, speaking forth the word of truth and life. Bless you
---christina on 7/4/07

Christina, what a breath of fresh air you are! Thank you for your encouragement in your blogs. May God bless you!
---Katie on 7/3/07

Tom2, you're right, and it is written that men would be lovers of self, and pleasure in theses days. As a christian, this is a struggle, spirit warring with the for the lost, all the more so. They need to see the LIVING GOD in us, the living Word, and that is exciting, beats any entertainment I know of. Most of what they see is legalism, dead works, and only as we are filled with the spirit, can His light shine forth.
---christina on 6/30/07

As for the comments about the church, if it is filled with the LIVING GOD, it is exciting, and will not be dull and boring, dry, dead etc.
---christina on 6/30/07

I don't know about you but I enjoy A/C at my church and the nice soft chairs. I don't go to get my flesh tickled then maybe I do, sometimes. Why not? I know I love the Lord and I do enjoy worshipping and praising. I am learning to enjoy God. I am not perfect and don't try to be. God knows my heart.
---Robyn on 6/22/07

Jack, just because someone goes to church in very comfortable surroundings doesn't mean their heart isn't right! Let God judge people's hearts, not you.**

My point is not the comfortable surroundings. My point is what goes on in those comfortable surroundings that bears NO resemblance to worship as described in the Bible or immediate post-Biblical Christian writings.
---Jack on 6/22/07

Jack, just because someone goes to church in very comfortable surroundings doesn't mean their heart isn't right! Let God judge people's hearts, not you.
---Mary on 6/20/07

While I agree there is a pattern, few agree on what the pattern is and we divide over opinions of the pattern. Our pattern should be Christ and the apostles. In the O.T. we see that God is ultra specific about his requirements for worship...right down to the materials and measurements. There is none of that in the N.T. Also, soon after Christ's ascension, apostacy and false (human) teachings grew (read Paul's letters of reproof). So to trust the traditions of 1st century men for our patters in dangerous.
---Michael on 6/20/07

All that being said, my spirit is vexed by these megachurches because the central message that I hear beneath all of the entertainment is that of "name it and claim it." I prefer a quieter, bible based worship "service" that is focused on Christian virtue and God praising. I just wish that we could get back to preaching "Christ and him crucified" as Paul did and being more like the Bereans.
---Michael on 6/20/07

Great question. Truly, this is a great distraction and competition to the gathering together of believers. It is all part of the last days prophecy that there will be a falling away. Despite the fact that the church has bent over backwards to accomodate thrill seekers, only the unquenched presence of the Holy Spirit can rise above it. He will do his work when Jesus is lifted up and holiness is restored.
---john on 6/20/07

Even here, people would prefer the softer, gentle touch. It's almost down to a whisper.
I think some find strong witnessing almost too much for their ears. Might as well just visit back an forth on their personal e-mail accounts so as not to offend.
'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' JOSHUA, 24:15.
---McGinnis_Meadows on 6/20/07

What do you think most pop-evangelical, especially mega-, churches are about?

You park your tush on cusioned pews, are sung to, prayed over, and preached at, all for nearly an hour in air-conditioned comfort, and when you're through with this pious entertainment, you actually think you have worshipped God!
---Jack on 6/19/07

**It's an organism, NOT an organization.**

An organism needs organization; otherwise, it's just a blob of undifferentiated cells, like a tumor.

And if you read the writings of the first generation after the apostles, you'll see a DEFINITE pattern for worship. What's strange is that howsoever widely separated the writers, they are ALL basically alike.

And it's NOTHING like goes on at PE or mega-churches.
---Jack on 6/19/07

First of all, what is the "church"?. It is not a building. It's an organism, NOT an organization. The church is the "ekklesia" or called out. Those who are saved are the church. From my study of N.T. Scriptures I can find no "pattern" or "format" for worshipping (other than Jesus) and that it should be in "Spirit and Truth." In my OPINION, worship is something that we should be involved in 24/7, not just when we gather in a building.
---Michael on 6/19/07

However, "going" to church has replaced "being" the church to many people. It's like punching a clock and having a jumping up and down good time before going home to beat our spouses and flip off other motorists. Worship is something we ARE, not something we do. "Proskuno" is what we are called to 24/7, just like our Lord Jesus.
---Michael on 6/19/07

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What we need to do is to show people the real Jesus. The lover of his people, the friend to all, the healer, the forgiver the giver of grace. The one who died a horrible death to purchase our salvation. The one who was a propitiation for our sins. The one and only God-Man.
Then we need to immerse them in the word of God and teach them to study the word from a baseline knowledge that God reveals truth and it is simple and humble...Just like Christ. Anything other than that is counterfit.
---Michael on 6/19/07

I asked this question in light of what I see in the world today.and the world can be seen within ones family,and friends son in law is a weslyan pastor.I know that jesus said the teers would grow with the wheat.but Iam saddended by what I see in the church today.Gods law of you reap what you sow is evident,but people seem to not see it.or better yet they deny its existance to themselves.
---tom2 on 6/19/07

I am not sure there is anything wrong with some entertainment in and of itself, it is only when we put it before God that there is a problem. I am guilty of using entertainment in the way you describe myself. I am not sure what the answer is, but thanks for a thought provoking question.
---maryj9396 on 6/19/07

It starts in the Church.
Churches are having rock concerts, plays, programs that are so entertaining.
They are more like a Chamber of Commerce than a church.
Commerce - Rev. 18:10-24
..for in one hour great riches came to nothing...weeping, wailing..
---Bigfoot on 6/19/07

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I think that the key is the church. I believe church should be fun and enjoyable. It should offer clear, simple Bible teaching, and can also help to fill the entertainment "void" by facilitating Christian fellowship and activities. By doing this, you build up the believer, and also reach out to the unsaved. When the unsaved see friends having fun at church, they may want to check it out...and when believers love to be in church, they'll invite their friends.
---LL on 6/19/07

Pray for them that the Holy Spirit draw them out of that mentality. Also, if the word was being preached by the Spirit of God instead of intellectually, it's the word that draws people. People aren't drawn anymore because the word being preached is water-down, sugar-coated word.
---Anonymous on 6/19/07

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