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Tactics Of The Cults

What tactics do cults use in converting Christians to their organizations?

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 ---Lee on 6/20/07
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The first verse in the Bible refutes. It refutes Atheism, It refutes evolution, It refutes Materialism, for the universe did not always exist, It refutes polytheism, for there is only one God, And it refutes pantheism, for God is apart from and independent of His Creation.>>>>I just thought mabe somebody just might like to know these things.
---catherine on 8/3/07

A tactic of most cults is to deal with half truths. Such was the case of the Judaizing influence on the Galatians church. They preached Christ but added observance of days, months, seasons & years (4:10) & such things as dietary laws, Sabbath observances & the like. Even today we need combat these types of heresies.
---lee on 7/29/07

This is like the sixties. The youth were rebelling against authority. People were leaving churches by the millions, following buddhism, hinduism, etc. they taught love is all their is. you are free to live in love and harmony with nature. ignore the bible. it teaches that you have to submit to God. In 1966, a man started the church of satan in San Francisco. He had thousands of members the first day. Why, he taught it was all right to drink, smoke, do drugs and enjoy sexual activity anytime you wished.
---Lori on 7/18/07

*..I am meeting a growing number of Christians nowadays who seem to have that very same "mantra"..."All you need is love*

Very true, but all too often what is viewed as 'love' is really 'lust' of the flesh.

The kind of love the Scripture advocates is that type that does not harm ones neighbor.

"Love does no wrong to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law." Romans 13:10
---lee on 7/18/07

Firstly,they prey upon the weak or new Christians.They create a great deal of Emotionalism so that no matter what is said once the emotion takes over, it is taken as truth.They convince the individuals that they are loved and that no one else can teach the truth or guide them.Charismatic personalities and do not let individuals walk away easily. They make great claims and promises. They establish control over the persons contacts and life.They present as special to God or are God with special power.
---jody on 7/18/07

2)Cults can become very extreem in thier mannerism. Some have an almost military structure intended to manipulate members and identify ones attempting to leave the group. Often times, they use fear or actual punishment to control. Sometimes even in the beginning of enlisting members they will so indocrtinate ones with fear by repitions of hells descriptions as a consequence if they do not join that joining becomes unavoidable once brainwashed.
---jody on 7/18/07

The rise of cults is in relation to so-called 'freedom of religion.' In the scriptures 'its freedom from, not freedom to.'
Seperation of church and state, meaning toleration of sinful cults, occult, paganism, secularism, all leads to the flourishing of cults. The pagan democratic ideal, that most Christians are so very entranced with, is mostly to blame.
---John on 7/18/07


What is Love?

Jesus gives the supreme teaching on this through his parables and teachings (such as greatest two commandments: Love God and neighbour) as well as by the example He led.

And St Paul gives us a good description of what love is in Corinthians 13.

We must read the Bible (focusing on Jesus)and pray to God for carrying out His will of love.

That is the only way we can avoid false love. But, yes, at the end of the day it is all about love.
---Ed on 7/18/07

When I think of they suck you in with their "love" in the beginning of their assault on you...the song I keep hearing in my mind...playing over and over is the one by the Beatles...

"All you need is love...lalalalala...all you need is love"

I've prayed people out of cults and they all got sucked in by the "love mantra". Anyone know what I'm talking about?? :-)
---Holly4jc on 7/13/07

1) Then again..I am meeting a growing number of Christians nowadays who seem to have that very same "mantra"..."All you need is love". This is their way of distracting you from their sinful behaviors. They claim they know God, but live a compromised, ungodly and sinful lifestyle-like shacking up with their partner before marriage or marrying someone that is in a known cult...
---Holly4jc on 7/13/07

2) Then, because you are their friend, they want you to BLESS this behavior and congratulate them on their life choices! When you point out that what they are doing is against the Word of God, they tell you that you are not acting in love, because's all about the love thing and love does cover a multitude of sins...although they think it EXCUSES them to continue to live in sin, in total disregard of God's Word, just because they love in their hearts! What's up with that??
---Holly4jc on 7/13/07

Jack - *I think the biggest tactic is exploiting ignorance of professing Christians of just what Christianity teaches.*

Yes I totally agree as those that know what they believe are less vulnerable to the attacks from cults.

Unfortunately there are too many nominal Christians in our churches today that are Biblically illiterate.

And all too often selected Scripture out of context are used to gain an adherent.
---lee on 6/23/07

.sheila, Cults are NOT Christian, because cults do not follow Jesus, that is why they are called cults instead of Christian. Just because a group has Jesus mentioned in their doctrine does not make them Christian. Satan
believes in Jesus and names the name of Jesus, but he is not Christian. BTW, much of mainstream christianity is cultic also, because they are not following Jesus and his words exclusively, but instead have added or removed or changed his words. But you will believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 6/23/07

I think the biggest tactic is exploiting ignorance of professing Christians of just what Christianity teaches.
---Jack on 6/22/07

Bebe-I think your right on track as to how cults go about gaining control of people.

Thank you for your insight!
---Sheila on 6/22/07

people forget Jesus taught. If someone teaches others about him, leave them alone, if they teach to repent, pray often and live as an example of Him. That is a new concept for many here. Actually live the gospel by example instead of do what I say and not what I do. The prisons are filled to capacity with christians that are evil. Many believe they are saved regardless who you murder, hurt, or abuse in life. Jesus said murderers, adulterers, idolators will NOT be in his kingdom. now deny the bible again.
---ashley on 6/22/07

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When a person chooses any other way to heaven then by JESUS CHRIST they are no longer a Christian. Some cults call themselves Christian. Yet they teach you earn heaven and or can become a god. Like the Mormons do. Those are not christian teachings.
---Samuel on 6/22/07

MikeM....Confused about what "cult" means? You say you have studied them all and left your childhood teaching. It's no wonder you are confused. You made fun of the people of God when you were a teenager and you haven't changed.
---Susie on 6/22/07

Eloy-A person can interpret the Bible correctly to what mainstream Christianity would agree upon as true (as long as mainstream Christianity is being true), and yet use cultic practices for keeping their members. JUST because cultic practices are used (CONTROL), deosn't mean the people can't be following Jesus.It's NOT the cult that means they don't follow Jesus, it's WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT.If they confess Jesus came in the flesh, they are of God(1Jn4:2).

---Sheila on 6/22/07

Eloy-(Pt 2)Bible says sometimes His sheep are in dangerous places:Ps23:4*Yea,though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death,I'll fear no evil:for Thou art with me;Thy rod&Thy staff they comfort me.*

Judge whether their teachings are what Bible says is required to know,to know Jesus,NOT whether they're a cult.If a PARTICULAR ELCA Church(for instance)is using cultic practices,you can say*look the doctrine you follow is pretty sound,but the church you're in is using CONTROL to keep its people.*
---Sheila on 6/22/07

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Christians are not converted to cults; Christians follow Christ. If a Christian chooses to leave Christ for a cult, then they are no longer Christian but instead are become a cultist. Please Read- John 10:4,5.
---Eloy on 6/22/07

The dominant polygamy cult here calls it it "church broken", as in breaking the horse's will.
Much like POW's are taught to give in to little things first. Those steps add up over time, your time, talents, money, and your will. Breaking the human spirit begins at church, you are invited to obey. You can teach horses to eat onions instead of apples.
When you're pressured into bearing your testimony that you don't really have about a false church, you're church broken.
---BeBe on 6/21/07

Lee- A cult, significant departure from 'orthodox' standard Christianity. What does that mean? The majority defines truth?

The standard 'traditional' interpretation The most traditional would be the RCC, The most 'traditional' of Christians, protestant or RCC were intolerant, burned witchs and heretics, that traditional history, current pluralism is a recent
phenomenon, and not very 'traditional.'

I am confused about what 'cult' means.
---MikeM on 6/21/07

I would define a cult as a belief system that advocates practices that are a significant departure from orthodox or standard Christianity.

The standard being the Bible in its traditional interpretation.
---lee on 6/21/07

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Simple question, since 90% of the posters here are fundamntalist, how do they define 'cult'-? I have come to believe cult is considered, byfundaentalist to be any Christian religion not fundamentalist protestant.
---MikeM on 6/21/07

Cults often use fear and manipulation to get a hold on it's members. They also often use mind control techniques to keep members under their grasp. They are good at deceiving people and appearing as something good when they are not.
---maryj9396 on 6/21/07

My husband and I were in a Bible-based cult. I wrote a book about our experience. The title is, I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, which says it all. After we left the cult, we struggled to reconnect with God.

It is so important that Christians understand about the lure of cults and that No One is immune. Believers also need to learn about how to minister to people who leave cults. Many of the former members of our group want nothing to do with Christianity. Very sad.
---Wendy on 6/21/07

My husband and I were in a Bible-based cult. I wrote a book about our experience. The title is, I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, which says it all. After we left the cult, we struggled to reconnect with God.

It is so important that Christians understand about the lure of cults and that No One is immune. Believers also need to learn about how to minister to people who leave cults. Many of the former members of our group want nothing to do with Christianity. Very sad.
---Wendy on 6/21/07

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Susie is right.Religious cults claim to be the ONLY ones with correct interpretation and answers,&may even claim to be faultless in their intepretations,&so use FEAR as a tactic.Though they may start out with*love bombing,*(praising you greatly for saying something on track with a piece of their doctrine,winning your trust)&then teaching you stuff you would have otherwise recognized as false or at least questionable.Paul DIDN'T use FEAR to spread the gospel.But he did have fearful warnings for believers.
---Sheila on 6/21/07

Yes..I agree cults take advantage of people's weaknesses! I see in many 'Christian Churches' the very same tactics being applied in the name of Christ! Most Christians have Zero Knowledge of CHURCH history or the writings of other religions. TURN OFF YOUR T.V. And STart reading..NOT only your BIBLE..BUT HISTORY..SCIENCE..THE ARTS! EDUCATE YOURSELVES..and you will be able to recognize the false teachers. You will not be hypnotized by the lure of being "Special" or better than anyone else.
---barbara on 6/21/07

Cults attract/prey on the weak. They may be intelligent, but where there is a hole in your hedge of protection, the snake will come in and bite you. More often than not, cults attract victims of abuse. Rejection in your life is what causes a victim to gravitate towards a cult.
Lost souls, those who drift from town to town, job to job, theology to theology, always looking but never finding; become victims of cults.
---Toby on 6/21/07

Cults use mind manipulation. They attack the mind. It's what the enemy of your soul always uses, the mind. An unstable/doubleminded person will receive nothing from the Lord. If you're easily swayed in your thought processes, you will be an easy mark for cults. Cults in the 70's took in many victims after coming home from war. They enemy sees that weakness and jumps on it.
---Toby on 6/21/07

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Cult means alternative/substitute/replace (Exd 34:14) tactics are disguising as clubs, church (with traditions, polygamy etc) , jobs (making you compromise) , schools (children exposed to magic shows), academic trips /camps (activities some ocultic)false prophets,sports ( e.g karate, kung fu, yoga) Art/craft (pictures,statues, ornaments ) e.g in africa statue called devil, when taken to the house there's demonic manifestations & oppression. beware when you want a suvernier.
---flore5374 on 6/21/07

Cults exploit a person's weakness or vulnerability. They may offer an instant solution for a person's problems, or offer attention and affection to someone suffering from loneliness or despair. A cult may give a person a feeling of belonging that they've never experienced before. The draw is emotional, not doctrinal. Once a vulnerable person feels accepted and "loved" by the cult, he is often ready to accept the cult's false teachings.
---LL on 6/21/07

Cultists are usually very very friendly at first. They search to see if there is anything that they can do for you so as to obligate you to themselves.

If you are lonely, they will become your friend; if you need love they will give that to you. If you need a job they may even help you with that.

Often they bait the hook to satisfy your basic human needs. Often doctrinal beliefs are secondary at first.
---lee on 6/21/07

The same tactics as Christians use to convert cults to Chritianity. Talk to them, befriend them, help them, invite them to meetings, etc.
---john on 6/21/07

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My 'working definition' of a cult.Any religion that does not conform to the traditions, dogmas of 'traditional religions' older than the religions accused of being a cult, since tradition, and numbers of adherents determine truth."

As for me, I would avoid any group, religious or otherwise that does nor allow questioning or debate of its precepts and beliefs

Cult; Christianity was a cult off Judaism

Protestantism was a cult off the Roman Catholic, and so on...
---MikeM on 6/20/07

One thing that a major cult tells people is that their religion is the only TRUE church because all of the churches were wrong at one point, so God had to restore the church through their first prophet. Of course, he was a liar and deceiver. But, millions are falling for that line.
---Susie on 6/20/07

The really "good"(successful)ones seek to be like the serpent. He seduced Eve with only one word "not". So close to God's word and added that sense of mystery... a challenge. Then theres that other ingredient called charisma. "Feel the Love". Sway to the music and have an emotional experience. Watch the movie "Leap of Faith" for some insight.
---mikefl on 6/20/07

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