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Christian Magic For Kids

Are Christian 'magic' programs OK for kids? Kids performing magic tricks for church. One child in church is becoming highly proficient with magic, is that OK?

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 ---Brooke on 6/22/07
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Are the Children Taught the difference?
Are they being taught to compare the two?
That God alone is the truth and not magic?
Are they being taught the enemy is the great deceiver...etc....
Are they being taught the Holy Spirit will show them and teach them the difference...discernment...etc...throughout their lifes?
---char on 12/27/09

I believe if a person uses magic, puppets, art,music or whatever to entertain as they teach the word of God, they are using the gifts that God gave them. It makes the message more memorable fore the viewer, especially the children and the children at heart. I ocassionally do a puppet or clown routine in church. I get nice comments for weeks after, and am asked when the next one will be. God gave us all gifts, and using them to teach his word is the best way to show our appreciation.
---Walt on 12/26/09

To all who believe magical illusions are a sin.I'm sorry your wrong.When the bible refers to magic it is referencing sorcery or the dealings with the supernatural,those practices are indeed wrong and a sin.The true definition of magic is slight of hand.I am a Christian Magician and do use props and illusions to spread the word of god. What i do is no different than what any other teacher would do using object lessons in context with a spiritual lesson. The whole reason I started my missions is in fact to denounce the evil crafts and society acceptance of these evil practices,glorified by todays childrens movies.
---Matt on 8/24/08

Listen everyone. I am a full time magician for children. I am also a Christian. Let me answer a few questions. Criss Angel is not a demon, he is an entertainer, what he does is fake, all of it. An interest in the Art of Magic does not lead one down the path of the devil. If a magician ever says what he does is "real" then he is lying. We "entertain", that's it. Magicians are like musicians, jugglers, clowns, actors, poets, etc, etc, etc.
---Louis on 5/11/08

I use gospel illusions, vent, and puppetry in our children's pre-k worship service and other churches, too. I use it as an illustrative TOOL to present the Gospel or other biblical truths. Much the same as Randy stated in his post, my wife and I make strong disclaimers that what we do are illusins, special effects, and sleight of hand. We don't promote ourselves with special power, but point people to the true power, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
---Leonard on 5/10/08

a similar vein, Hammonds(pigs in the parlor) exorcise demons in their services. Including the spirit of Disney (cartoon animals speaking ) spirit of Bambi(talking deer) puppets, ventriloquists, God forbid talking toasters and toothbrushes in commercials, Deception (person shot on TV really didnt die!) A Christian proved Santa was Satan spelled backwards---does that mean Is God really a dog (backwards)? Paul---professional magician (sorry no voodoo today) arn't Christians supposed to be realistic?
---paul on 5/9/08

Peter, confronting Simon the Magician, NEVER condemned him for being a magician. But for trying to buy a trick! He didnt understand that the Holy Spirit wasnt a trick.. Professional magicians buy tricks all the time. I told my wife(after a lengthy conversation with some Jehovahs Witnesses.) That if she ever felt demons taking over while she was suspended in mid air.(during our gospel magic show) to let me know and I would jerk out the invisible supports and see if it still worked.
---Paul on 5/9/08

I am a full-time magician who performs for many churches. To even compare what I do with witchcraft is absurd. One of the first things I tell children in my shows is that what I'm doing is JUST illusion and that God alone can do real miracles. And by the way, to think Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie were bad influences shows just how small some people's minds really are.
---Randy on 5/9/08

This is rediclous. I have seen a guy do illusions at churchad it was great it helped me to understand God, Jesus and the Holy Sprit. If it is getting him involved in church then it is GREAT and no bad will come of it. JESUS NEVER SAID DON'T HAVE FUN. this magic is totaly seperate to wictchcraft.
---Dougal on 4/7/08

Gordon - Amen. What you say is exactly right.
---Helen_5378 on 7/26/07

Rebecca D., Helen is right. If you watch movies, etc. involving witchcraft and the like, you are then setting it before your eyes and thereby giving it YOUR APPROVAL and The LORD (YAHUVEH) equates the Sin of Witchcraft with REBELLION. Not a good combination if you want to go to Heaven which is pure and sinless. YAHUVEH bless you to heed the warnings given to you by others on this blog.
---Gordon on 7/26/07

Creating/drawing demonic art plants the seed that I'm above reproach. I can come to a Christian website and purge myself of all my dirty deeds, and that makes everything alright. I can be a big phony and no one will ever know.
---Simon on 7/25/07

Performing magic with children plants a seed of "wow, magic is fun." They then go a little further by watching Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Charmed. Then it goes further to read the Potter books and watch the movies which gets a child further into Satan's trap. Then they start practicing their craft. So, you plant a seed and it's nurtured by society. Children believe they can make a difference in their lives using magic. And all this because you made magic fun.
---Steveng on 7/24/07

Would you people give it a break. What about Santa, E. Bunny, cartoons, TV, you must live in this world without becoming part of it. That will not happen by sheer willpower. Ask God to guide you through this maze of life. Be kind. Jesus said I will send someone who will stick closer then a brother 'the Holy Spirit'. Only with His power will you overcome - not through arguing with one another. whom it is sin - it is sin!!!!!
---Andrea on 7/24/07

I sneak down to the theatre in a trench coat, but I'm not engaging in it.
I puff on a package of smokes aday, but I'm not really a smoker.
I drink a 6 pack aday, but I'm not an alcoholic.
I do recreational drugs on the weekend, but I'm not an addict.
I run around on my wife, but I'm not an adulterer. I love my wife.
I watch witchcraft shows every day, but I'm not in to witchcraft.
---Toby on 7/24/07

I bring reams of paper home from the office, it's not really stealing. They have plenty, I'm not a thief.
I take spare change from the coffee kitty for soda pop in the afternoon, that's not stealing, either.
I take a few dollars from petty cash, no one will ever know.
Denial. Takes many forms.
---Toby on 7/24/07

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1 Samuel 15:23, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Why does God equate sin of witchcraft with sin of rebellion?

Rebellion says I can mix good with evil and stand up on Sunday mornings, have it my way, make demands on the pastor's wife, whoever stands in my way - confront anyone I want in the church if they don't do it my way - call it God's ministry. Rebellion says, I have about a year or two's knowledge of the Word, I can be your leader now. Listen to me. Hear me roar.
---Toby on 7/24/07

1 Samuel 15:23a:
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,
And stubbornness is as iniquity and iolatry.

According to the Word of God...the mere act of rebelling against HIM and HIS Word is an act of witchcraft, in and of itself. So..if God says in His Word we are to stay away from magic, witchcraft etc, and we do not, well that's rebellion (doing it our way, not obeying His way) and that is equal to practicing WITCHCRAFT, even if you are not casting spells.
---Holly4jc on 7/24/07

RebeccaD - (" I may watch Harry Potter or Charmed, but I don't engage in anything whichcraft.") -- Watching it is engaging in it, that is taking part in it. "I will set nothing wicked before my eyes"
---Helen_5378 on 7/24/07

Do you think just maybe Toby that if I were to make siren sounds with my mouth and run really fast, I can become a police car? Or if I flap my arms really hard, I would turn into a bird? No. with the same as this just because I watch Harry Potter and Charmed doesn't mean I will turn into a witch/wizard.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

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Toby, There is a difference in between a person watching a movie about a fiction witchcraft and engaging in whichcraft. I may watch Harry Potter or Charmed, but I don't engage in anything whichcraft. No I have never attended a seance and I haven't called a phychic hotline and no one in my family has engaged in whichcraft. Why would I get alot of votes when I don't engage in stupid things? Judge all you want, but what I do is between me and the Lord only.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

Do you know why you can't see it, Rebecca?
You have spiritual blinders on your eyes.
Popularity votes are truly a picture of the Church. Witchcraft in the Church. It's here, and it's popular. You're getting alot of votes from the occulties. There are many occulties who join in on occasion, but they love the stuff you're putting out, Rebecca.
---Toby on 7/18/07

I'm curious, have you ever attended a seance before you joined your church? Did you visit with psychic or call the hotline?
Has anyone in your lineage messed with witchcraft? You have opened the door and left it open.
The devil can whip you upside the head with it. Rebecca, Jesus came to set the captives free. You are not free. You've been looking back to the leeks and onions for a long, long time.

Mod, there's an ad on here for Criss Angel.
---Toby on 7/18/07

Rebecca D., It's not just the fact that the witchcraft, etc. in the movies aren't real. That they are only movies and the actors are only acting. It's what they are REPRESENTING that is wrong. Yes, the movies do show that some witchcraft is "evil" but, Potter movies and the like make SOME "magic" and "white witchcraft" look appealing and desirable to kids as well as to some adults. Not good. That is if you want to end up in Heaven.
---Gordon on 7/18/07

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Marcia, What you call evil, I can't see it as evil. With me watching a Harry Potter movie or the tv Charmed show, is not evil. These people are not possessed. I'm not fascinated with the forces of evil. Just because I like watching Harry Potter or Charmed, does not make me evil in any way.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/07

Rebecca D: Its me again, I have to laugh... in many of your posting on magic and the supernatural it seem you are try to justify the froces of darkness as harmless. I'll bet you are fascinated with Movies that are based on the Supernatural. You gotta wonder why this fascination with the froces of evil?
---Marcia on 7/17/07

Rebecca, have you not read in the Scriptures, in Ephesians 4:11, where The LORD states that He established prophets within the Church to help minister to the Church. If you miss out on the prophecies, then you are missing out on the special messages that The LORD has for us today BESIDES the HOLY BIBLE. This is not ADDING to Scriptures either. If GOD says He has prophets in the Church, then why argue that???
---Gordon on 7/17/07

Gorden, you read in a prophecy? was if from the bible or someone whom thinks they are a prophet? Ever heard of illusions? He does illusions, which is naked to the eye. Brooke, Harry Potter is an actor. Just as the women that star in Charmed. They are acting that part out. that does not mean they are demon possessed or have any evil in them.
---Rebecca_D on 7/15/07

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Not my child that's performing magic. Magic doesn't belong in a believer's life or in the Church. Mixing light with darkness. Serves no purpose - it does not point to Jesus Christ. Gordon, I believe those who are fascinated with the dark arts/witchcraft, and proclaim Christianity are totally in denial. H.P. is a child's intro to witchcraft. Those saying I was born again, my life is totally changed except that I'm into witchcraft shows for fun, it's simply entertainment. The old man isn't dead yet.
---Brooke on 7/14/07

Some magic is harmless and is only hand movements or sleight of hand. I think that is what its called. But I do feel some magic can be harmful. Levitating and other forms of magic could be demonic or dangerous.I would have to study this subject more to give a really good opinion or post on it.
To the mom: I would do research to find out more before letting my child proceed with this.
---Robyn on 7/13/07

Amen Gordon! In the bible, Jesus clearly says.."if you're not for Me, you're against Me". Anyone who is not glorifying the Lord and on Jesus's side, is against Him, therefore they are open to demonic spirits. I agree with you Gordon, no human being can do the things these "magicians" do without supernatural power and if that power is not from God, well there is only one other alternative.'s time to WAKE UP!!!
---Holly4jc on 7/13/07

Fellow Christians...I urge you...Be bold and call things what they are...there is only darkness and Light. No in between. If you are having problems now discerning light from dark, what's going to carry you through as the days grow darker. Start practicing your discernment today, while there is still light...otherwise you will be easily deceived as times grow darker. It's time to stop compromising and making excuses for allowing darkness into our lives!
---Holly4jc on 7/13/07

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Regarding this Criss Angel dude. I read in a prophecy that he is not someone who is just demon-possessed but, that he is actually a demon in flesh. Yes, I believe it. Normal human beings cannot do the things that he does, no matter how skillful. People cannot walk up the sides of buildings without any assistance or slide through a glass window without breaking it, etc. without having SOME kind of supernatural power. And, since he does not give GOD (YAHUVEH) any glory. He's in it for his own. Satan's pawn.
---Gordon on 7/13/07

Brooke, pray and ask God for the spirit of discernment. There is a thing called innocent entertainment and fun where children play-act, and then there is a thing called the real occult and real magic which is against the Christian way. If it is necessary a parent may instruct their child on the sin of real magic, and how this sin dirties the soul and separates the person from God, to where eventually that soul will die.
---Eloy on 7/13/07

Brooke, In my past I was very powerful in practicing real magic, and unfortunately one person that I know and cast my works upon died, and I also know that if I had not repented I too would have been totally devoid of even a natural life, and then be totally forsaken by God to the deep regions of no return. Like a drug, the practicing of magic will lead a person deeper and deeper away from God.
---Eloy on 7/13/07

Criss Angel is not demon possessed. Just because he does magic tricks that is better than Hodini doesn't mean he is possessed. Martial arts opens the door for demons? So I guess Bruce Lee and his son Brandon and Jackie Chane are possessed by demons?
---Rebecca_D on 7/12/07

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Criss Angel Mindfreak is totally demonically possessed...just take a look at his eyes. It is very evident, you can see the demons looking back at you. No question about it. Same with David's always in the eyes. If you read up on Criss, you'll find that he studied mysticism and the martial arts...two things that open you up to demons. And let's not overlook the Anarchy symbol he wears, not exactly Godly.
---Holly4jc on 7/12/07

Why candice???
---mark_B. on 6/26/07

majic of any kind is not acceptable in a true christians life, whether be Wicca practice or david copperfield type.
---candice on 6/26/07

Brooke its illusion...he just tries to play the dark role to enhance his image...what a weird person though, what people do for money is just crazy
---mark_B. on 6/25/07

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Do you think Criss Angel Mindfreak is demonic or an illusionist?
Is his levitating real or an illusion?
---Brooke on 6/24/07

My brother is a teacher and worked for many years in an educational science venue, performing many feats of "magic", which he still does at family gatherings. However, this is all rational and explanable, and not part of the supernatural. He always explains his tricks and shows the physical techniques behind them.
---lorra8574 on 6/23/07

P2: But even if someone is performing such tricks without explaining them, they know that they are not tapping into any other force than their own skill derived from extensive practice. This is not spiritually dangerous unless the child starts attributing his results to ungodly forces.
---lorra8574 on 6/23/07

Why would anyone need magic tricks in church to entertain parents? Who cares if it's only illusion. Jesus didn't perform magic tricks, His miracles were real.
It's like watching Charmed and speaking about Jesus at the same time. It's a mixture of light and dark, good and evil.
---robert on 6/23/07

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I have not seen such displays but would say that it sounds wrong. The use of the word "magic" is wrong for starters as the Bible clearly prohibits believers envolvement in majic. It is demonic. If they mean tricks of miracles, this is still wrong as miracles are not "tricks" so that this is false teaching for the children. We are told to flee all forms of evil so I would not allow my child to be exposed to this at all as it does not sound like a Christian activity.
---jody on 6/23/07

If something is OK to watch on vacation, why isn't it OK to watch in church? Aren't we supposed to be the same kind of Christian in church as we are outside of church?
---Susie on 6/23/07

This type of entertainment shouldn't be called magic. All they are really doing is deceiving people into believing something happened a certain way when it actually didn't. The person who is doing it needs to let people know they are being tricked.
Real magic is demonic and is lumped into witchcraft in the Bible. I would stay away from both and certainly not have them part of the church.
---john on 6/23/07

I like watching magic shows. We watched some on vacation at Galtinburg. So cool. But as far as taking it in church, it should not be. That is stepping across the line. If a child wants to perform magic, let him/her do it at their house. If the child starts doing spells, or anything wicca, make him stop.
---Rebecca_D on 6/23/07

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Sleight of hand, aka illusion, is not the same thing as sorcery.
---Jack on 6/22/07

It depends, is it magic like the illusionists like David Copperfield do, or is it magic like they teach in Wicca? If it is magic like they teach in Wicca (whether white or black), it is of the devil, and could put a curse on people and the church.
---Leslie on 6/22/07

Magic that is practiced in witchcraft and slight of hand is two different things.
---Elder on 6/22/07

There is nothing "Christian" about magic.
---Susie on 6/22/07

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I don't see anything wrong with "magic" tricks, they are not really magic in the sense the bible is talking about. As long as it is understood as illusion I think it is fine.
---maryj9396 on 6/22/07

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