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Are There Two Archangels

Are there two archangels and if so why? We know that certainly Michael is the General of the armies of the Lord. But what of Gabriel?

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 ---Clyde_5596 on 6/23/07
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Have you heard about the faith Jesus had to have. If he had power over death then he could not have died for us. Created lower than angels, both his body & soul could die. Jesus had to believe that God would raise him from the dead. After being tempted by satan, it is assumed that the angels that "ministered" to him reaffirmed that he is the Messiah, reassured him that he was with God in the beginning. Jesus had to come to earth totally human, just like us.
---Chip on 4/21/08

Jesus had to have faith that all of those saying he was only a carpenters son were wrong. Had he the knowledge of God then the debt would not be paid, like playing with a "stacked deck" is not going by the rules, he had to be just like us except without sin. Jesus didn't just die for us, he put his soul on the line, on faith, that he really is the son of God.
---Chip on 4/21/08

All through Matthew, Mark & Luke Jesus cast out "devils". Matt 12 show the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus but Jesus "used" the casting out of devils to show that he is the son of God.
---Chip on 4/21/08

Feel free to join in with Bible based answers or questions. --Chip on 4/19/08

Trust me, Chip, I'm not afraid to jump in to any discussion. I enjoyed this one because I always wondered about the Archangels.

An this one beats some of the other blogs lately.
---NurseRobert on 4/20/08

evangelistjerry, Satan & the "third part of the angels" were the "tool" needed to tempt Jesus & to show us that Jesus is the son of God. Example John 11:14 " Lazarus is dead and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent ye may believe, nevertheless let us go unto him".
---Chip on 4/20/08

chip, I would completely agree with you, especially on the lucifer point, but on the archangel point if satan was not one of the chief angels then how did he have power to draw 1/3 of the angels from heaven with him.
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

evangelistjerry, Consider this..where did the "dictionaries" get their information to make lucifer mean satan and more than one archangel?? Lucifer is only in Isaiah 14 & archangel is only in 1 Thess 4:16 & Jude 1:9 and singular & only named Michael. Think about it.
---Chip on 4/19/08

I believe that you are witnessing born again christians, some of us called as ministers, discussing "fine points" of the word of God for the purpose of sharing & educating instead of trying to prove "I'am right & you are wrong". Yes, I agree, very refreshing. Feel free to join in with Bible based answers or questions.
---Chip on 4/19/08

evangelistjerry I completely agree, it has nothing to do with us meeting in heaven. I also believe the gift of "tongues" is greatly misinterpreted, but don't believe that will keep them out of heaven for "speaking in babel" or not but I do enjoy teaching / learning & "digging" into all the old original manuscript for the true meaning of what was said, why it was said & the results or expected results of what was said.
---Chip on 4/19/08

I remember when the "angel craze" was going on in the better part of the '90s. (there were probably other times but I'm speaking on my time frame here)
I can just see them all standing there smacking their foreheads and shaking their heads and God having to take time out of blessing and protecting his children here on earth to offer them a pat on the shoulder saying: "It's ok. They'll get it sooner or later." Whilst shaking His own head over such an argument.
---Nicola on 4/19/08

chip, also it is good that we can agree to disagree and stil be brothers in Christ without having animosity toward eachother, God bless brother
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

Thank you one and all... I find this type of discussion very refreshing!
---NurseRobert on 4/19/08

Part 2 noun 1 the Devil. 2 the planet Venus in the morning. 3 archaic a match.
oxford dictionary
light-bringing, morning star.

Bible dictionary
Literally the Shining One, also Lightbringer or Son of the Morning. Lucifer is also known as Satan or the devil. Lucifer appears only once in the Bible (Isa. 14: 12, but cf. Luke 10: 18). Apparently Lucifer is the name of the devil before his rebellion and fall. Latter-day revelation clarifies the fall of Lucifer and equates him with Satan
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

Part 3 Smith's Bible Dictionary

light-bearer ), found in (Isaiah 14:12) coupled with the epithet "son of the morning," clearly signifies a "bright star," and probably what we call the morning star. In this passage it is a symbolical representation of the king of Babylon in his splendor and in his fall. Its application, from St. Jerome downward, to Satan in his fall from heaven arises probably from the fact that the Babylonian empire is in Scripture represented as the type
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

Part 4 of tyrannical and self idolizing power, and especially connected with the empire of the Evil One in the Apocalypse.

archangel-a or one of the chief angels

now easton defines both differently
(1Thess. 4:16, Jude 1:9), the prince of the angels
Brilliant star, a title given to the king of Babylon (Isa. 14:12) to denote his glory
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

Part 5 so how do you know your right and how do I know i'm right. Dictionaries and scholars cant even agree, it doesn't really matter, we know that SATAN and his angels will be cast into the lake of fire and all who have excepted Christ as there savior will be in heaven with him.
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

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chip, it seems that we are not going to agree here, and that's okay. My question is though before I stop on this issue is, have you researched the definitions of, Lucifer, son of the morning star, and archangel? Lucifer, "in the sense of brightness, the morning star"

NOUN: from Columbia Encyclopedia

The archangel cast from heaven for leading the revolt of the angels, Satan.
The planet Venus in its appearance as the morning star.
lucifer A friction match
---evangelistjerry on 4/19/08

The Bible has decided. Read Isaiah chapter 14. Lucifer is referring ONLY to the king of Babylon.
Did someone tell you that you have the power & authority to judge people & label them as christians or satanists?? If so who, when & how?
---Chip on 4/19/08

I heard this Satanist giving a list of names of Satan. I was not paying attention very well, but the list was endless. As she was a Satanist, I knew she was deceived and trying to deceive. Therefore it made no difference whether she said Lucifer was one name or not. The fact is Satan has many names, and Lucifer is a fallen angel, the devil, or just a king of Babylon. Let Chip decide.
---frances008 on 4/18/08

evangelistjerry, I hope you feel, as I do, that our discussion is based on sharing Gods word & not trying to prove on of us is right. Please feel free to ask any question & I feel sure that we will find the answer & maybe some one reading will find the way to Jesus thru our sharing.
---Chip on 4/18/08

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evangelistjerry we know there are many rivers, trees, pastors etc. However in the Bible there is only one archangel named Michael that is mentioned & only in two places.
We know that God gave satan the power & permission & we know that it was for the purpose of tempting Jesus & showing us that Jesus is the son of God. John 11:41-43 is one example.
---Chip on 4/18/08

chip, you're good at explaining why something can't be true, how about explaining that fact that satan drew 1/3 of the angels with him if he had no control at all over them.
---evangelistjerry on 4/18/08

so if I say things like, the river, the water, the preacher, the church, then that must mean that there is only one and not that I am speaking of that perticular one. Do you know the definition of archangel?
---evangelistjerry on 4/18/08

evangelistjerry, "Archangel" is use only two times in the entire Bible. It is stated as THE archangel, not "one of the archangels". 1st Thessalonians 4:16 doesn't mention the archangels name. Jude 1:9 does call the archangel Michael by name. Why add to Gods word to try to explain a theory about satan?
---Chip on 4/18/08

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yes chip I have studied it quite often. Isaiah was speaking of the king and yes lucifer is only mentioned this one time. the key here is the definintion of lucifer and then the difinition of the morning star. either way you have your definition of lucifer an that's fine, you may be correct I'll not argue that with you. the whole subject matter here was archangles and satan was one of the 3 head or archangels in heaven, that is how he was able to draw 1/3 of the angels with him as found in Rev.
---evangelistjerry on 4/18/08

evangelistjerry, Have you studied Isaiah 14 yet? Have you found that lucifer is only in Isa 14:12? Have you ask you're pastor? What do you think?
---Chip on 4/18/08

evangelistjerry, no choice, just pure Bible.
---Chip on 4/17/08

chip, your choice
---evangelistjerry on 4/17/08

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evangelistjerry, Lucifer is found only in Isaiah 14:12. If you read the chapter you will see that Isaiah is taunting the king of Babylon. If anyone says lucifer is satan, yes,I am saying that they are mistaken.
---Chip on 4/17/08

chip try looking in some dictionaries, oxford, britanica, cambridge, webster and so on. Most of the well renouned Bible scollars, not that they are always right, agree that satan is lucifer, are you saying every one is wrong and you are right? lucifer is satan, lucifer was the angel of light, lucifer is the dragon that drew 1/3 of the angels from heaven with him.
---evangelistjerry on 4/16/08

evangelistjerry, Isaiah was taunting the king of Babylon Isa 14:12, lucifer is not referring to satan.
---Chip on 4/16/08

chip I was refering to Re 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven, and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Re 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
the dragon and Lucifer are the same.
---evangelistjerry on 4/16/08

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evangelistjerry, Isaiah was taunting the king of Babylon. Read chapter 14 & find Isaiah warning the people that God will allow them to be taken captive by Babylon but that God will bring down the king of Babylon. It is often misunderstood but it has nothing to do with satan.
---Chip on 4/16/08

Chip, if Lucifer wasn't one of the three archangels and have control over some of the lower angels then please explain to us how he drew 1/3 of the angels with him when he went against God.
---evangelistjerry on 4/16/08

A futher study of the name Michael reveals that the term Prince must be factored in to the equasion to give or not give an accurate definition of who Michael is.
One must first give accurate definition,description and function to what is a Prince,what is a archangel and what is a Michael.
Can this be done within the confines of the KJV?
What seperated the three from not being the same?
---earl on 4/15/08

evangelistjerry & all,
Lucifer is not a reference to an angel.
Moroni does not exist.( No man will ever become an angel)
Arch means top or chief, there can be only one.
---Chip on 4/15/08

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friend of god: Maroni is a non-biblical figment.
---jerry6593 on 4/15/08

Was Moroni an archangel, an angel, or a figment?
---amicusdei on 4/14/08

Hi Jack, I am sure you are aware that Uriel appears in 2 Esdras, a non-canonical book. But it is fascinating reading nonetheless! Raphael is where the name Ralph comes from. He appears in Tobit, which Catholics and Orthodox hold as canonical but which Protestants don't. Tobit is a charming story.
---amicusdei on 4/14/08

There are four archangels mentioned in the Bible: Michael (Who is like God?), Gabriel (Man of God), Raphael (Medicine of God), and Uriel (Light of God).

There are several others given in various Christian tradition: Jegudiel, Salathiel, and Barachiel, among others.

Note that their names all end with EL (God).
---Jack on 4/14/08

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Matthew, can you please show us where you get the statement that Michael is Adam and Gabriel is Noah
---evangelistjerry on 8/30/07

My name was used here also. I did not give this response.
---Matthew on 7/6/07

Diana-Christianity began with the belief in Christ, which began with Adam and Eve in Eden (unless it began with the plants & animals & all of the very substance of existence; all of which the Bible implies have a consiousness of God.Or, of course before that angels believed in Christ). Part of Judiasm, is Christianity.But Christianity existed before Judiasm. The proof is in that Christ existed long before Abraham.

What's the snort about?
---Sheila on 7/6/07

Gabriel means champion of God. He was the angel sent to Daniel to explain the vision of the ram and the he-goat. Daniel 8:16. And to communicate the prediction of the seventy weeks, Daniel 9:21-27. He was also sent by God to announce to Zacharias the birth of John and to Mary the birth of Jesus. Michael means who is like God. He is one of the cheif Angels, Daniel 10:13. He had special charge of Israel as a nation. He disputed against Satan, Jude 1:9.
---Rebecca_D on 7/6/07

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I am not an angel, and I am a descendant of Adam.
---Helen_5378 on 7/6/07

Micheal is Adam! Gabriel is Noah! There is more for those who seek.
---Matthew on 7/6/07

Jerry, I have read the KJV and no where does it say that there is "one archangel", it does mention "the archangel" twice - once in reference to Michael "the archangel". However revelations mentions seven angels standing before God, who each have their own trumpet with no mention of one in particular but rather all preparing to sound. It is not from Catholic sources, but Judaism that we get the names of all seven angels, including Michael, which they hold to be archangels.
---lorra8574 on 7/5/07

Michael means=== "who is like God". He will stand up for Israel during the tribulation. And he fights against satan in the heavenlies. [Dan.12:1] Rev. 12-7]. Gabriel means==="The mighty one of God". He predicts the birth of Jesus to Mary. He assures Joseph concerning the purity of Mary. He rolls the stone back at Christ's resurrection. [Mt. 28:2]. He will sound the trumpet at the rapture. [1Thess. 4:16].
---catherine on 7/5/07

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There are two more great angels. Raphael and Uriel.>>>>Angels according to 1 CORINTHIANS 15:40 Do possess bodies. Celestial and terrestrial. Also to be noted- They have been known to partake of physical food. [Gen. 18:1,8 and 19:1,3]While on occasion Angels do manifest themselves, their normal practice is to remain invisible, to prevent unsaved and saved men from worshiping them.
---catherine on 7/5/07

I find it funny that christians should believe themselves EXPERTS on the subject when their religion is an offshoot of the original one, Judaism.

---Diana on 7/5/07

OK Eloy, same question. Which of your many archangels has the power to raise the dead?
---jerry6593 on 6/29/07

There are numerous archangels, just as there are numerous leaders of people. And God made them all for his pleasure.
---Eloy on 6/25/07

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Lorra: I have a KJV Bible. It says ONE Archangel. Since many of us consider your sources extra-biblical, we don't accept them, and hence we cannot have a productive discussion without a common frame of reference. Just out of curiosity, which of your 7 archangels has the power to wake the dead with his voice?
---jerry6593 on 6/25/07

Nellah I don't think your wrong. Jerry 6593 Michael is referred as "THE archangel" as you said. We are not 100% possitive of 3 archangels because of this. Here is a thought though that leads us to believe there are 3 archangels. Archangel as defined in Strong's Exaustive is "A chief angel"
---evangelistjerry on 6/24/07

#2 Michael is seen as the warrior angel as seen in Dan 10:13, called "one of the chief princes" Dan. 10:21, Dan.12:1, Jude 1:9, and Rev. 12:7 Gabriel is mention in 4 verses and each time as a messenger or as the helper, Dan. 8:16, 9:21, Luke 1:19, 1:26. Now for the last, the reason for the believe of 3 archangels is chiefly found in Rev. 12:4 where it refers to the dragon drawing a third part of the stars of heaven with him.
---evangelistjerry on 6/24/07

#3 Stars here is a representation of a third of the angels. In biblical view of angels they do not have free will and were created to serve, thereby the 3 archangels having authority, each one over their "THIRD" part of the angels with the 3 answering only to God. If lucifer, or called by some of his other names satan, that old dragon, the devil, could draw a third of the angels with him then it would indicate that,
---evangelistjerry on 6/24/07

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1- he had command of them, and that if he only controled 1/3 there should be 2 more to control the other 2/3 of the angels. Lucifer is called by name in Isa.14:12 as the "son of the morning" which is theology is thought to be the chief of all angels, in Rev. 12:3&4, 12:7, 12:9, 12:13,12:17 and 20:2 he is called the dragon.
---evangelistjerry on 6/24/07

In Rev. 12:9 it also refers to the dragon being cast out and "his angels were cast out with him." I pray this helps, God bless.
---evangelistjerry on 6/24/07

Jerry, you are nitpicking. And you are assuming that the Jews who rejected Christ would never alter their scriptures to remove accusing scriptures, and that Martin Luther who described James as an Epistle of straw and believed that Revelation did not belong in YOUR version of the Bible was somehow inspired by God to only pull out the right "apocryphal" books, even though he despised all seven of the NT apocryphal books but was not permitted to remove them by his peers.
---lorra8574 on 6/24/07

Jerry P2: As for "Arch" yep that does mean top dog, but I belong to a Church with many Archbishops, so having only one Archangel seems a little light, especially with Revelation refers repeatedly to seven angels who report directly to God, while numerous other angels are at a distance - where I come from this is sign of their elevated status over the others. Since numerous extra-biblical sources cite the existance of seven archangels and name them.
---lorra8574 on 6/24/07

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In Judaism there are four Archangels corresponding to the four divisions of armies of Isreal - Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, as recorded in the Talmud. Our Book of Revelation (which contains numerous revelations - Jerry), indicates that there are seven main angels, of which Gabriel is listed as being among them. If Gabriel is an Archangel, according to the Jews, then the other six must also be Archangels, and perhaps the Jews only encountered four of them.
---lorra8574 on 6/24/07

Jerry, if you are going to reject the Christian OT canon in favour of the Jewish OT version, based on the firm belief that they were more responsible for the OT material and therefore experts on it - then you are obligated to believe all that they believe on the subject. Jews believe in at least four Archangels and never believed that Michael was the sole Archangel.
---lorra8574 on 6/24/07

*From King James, I remember only Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel. Am I wrong?*

I dont accept the Apocrypha as God's inspired word. I just want to mention that the first King James Version(printed in 1611) contained the Apocrypha(the "Catholic Bible" books).
---Matthew on 6/24/07

Tobit is in the Catholic Bible. So are the rest of the archangels only mentioned in the Catholic Bible? From King James, I remember only Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel. Am I wrong?
---Nellah on 6/24/07

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Jack: There is no angel named Raphael or Uriel in the Bible. You must be reading the Book of Mormon.

Lorra: Revelation has no s at the end. Michael is referred to as THE Archangel, not "one of" the archangels. So there is only one. "Arch" means "top" or "head of" [the angels].

Michael [Who is like God (His express image)] is the one who's voice wakes the dead at the second coming (1Th 4:16).
---jerry6593 on 6/24/07

This is a great question! And since I have no clue I am anxious to read what other's have to say :)
---maryj9396 on 6/23/07

I believe that there are seven Archangels, frequently described as the seven angels in Revelations. The fact that they stand before the Lord, shows their rank over the other angels.

Michael is identified as an Archangel, but Gabriel is identified only as one of the angels that stand before the Lord (Luke 1:19) which would make him one of the seven.
There is also Raphael, but he is mentioned only in Tobit and identifies himself also as one of the seven. They are all named in external sources.
---lorra8574 on 6/23/07

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