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2008 Presidential Election

If the 2008 Presidential Election was held today, who would you vote for and why?

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 ---Sara on 6/26/07
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I took the survey! I sure would not vote for Hillary Clinton!
---maryj9396 on 9/25/08

Which one of the political monikers wrote this? Not me. Challenging the monikers brings out their angry, bitter, explosive side.

"While I definitely do not endorse the Mormon faith and am a strong evangelical Christian, I would vote for Mitt Romney over anyone because of his decent moral background .. long as Mitt Romney keeps his Mormon beliefs out of public office, we have a safe future leader.
---Cindy on 8/13/07 "
---Cindy on 9/4/07

I like a remark I heard Fred Thompson say recently. "Our enemies [speaking of Muslim terrorists] have a 100-year plan to destroy us. But most of our Politicians have a plan that only reaches to the next election." Sad, but true!
---jerry6593 on 9/1/07

Some things to think about before you vote~

If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice?

If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about it?

One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television.

A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why.
---Rural_Cafe on 8/30/07

Adam, I agree. Its only the Republicans that got the strenth to do want need to be done. We need to get a majority again and then we just bomb them into oblivion, take their oil and be done with it. We're wasting too many soldiers lives doing it this way.
---matthew on 8/30/07

To say the Democrats are anti-American is reactionary. They will sell out America for their semi-socialist ideology. Republicans will sell out America for big Business, corporate Americas profits. Big business cannot be trusted anymore than big government. Democrats can be immoral, republicans are a-moral. How does the religious person respond? The government that governs least governs best, allowing the person of faith, alone. That is why I am a Libertarian.
---MikeM on 8/30/07

I'm with Jerry. Unfortunatly the overwhelming evidence suports the fact that the Dems would rather win votes than fight terrorists.
---Adam on 8/30/07

Sherry if you think that Barack Obama will fight his Muslim "brothers" you are asleep at the wheel.
I've gotta go sit down now because I almost agree with what MikeM said. Both of the parties in America has gotten so corrupt they are hard to trust. This is because while we Christians fight they win.
In Mao's Little Red Book this was one of the goals they wanted.
America is on life support now and everyone is reaching for the plug.....
---Elder on 8/30/07

OK Sherry, If you don't like me calling the Demoncrats pro-terrorist, I'll call them what they really are ... Anti-American!
---jerry6593 on 8/30/07

Would you vote for deist, freemasons, Unitarians,-half of whom had affairs that would dwarf what Clinton did? Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, etc.

In reality, you have the socialist, -Democrats, and the semi-socialist, the Republicans.
---MikeM on 8/29/07

I dont have to check my history. Your logic leads just where I said. To suggest that one party is pro-terrorism is not only blatently wrong, its exceedingly childish, suggesting the speaker is a longway from having an adult mind.
---Sherry on 8/29/07

Sherry: Check your history books. There was no Al Queda in 1770's.
---jerry6593 on 8/29/07

Gee Jerry, guess there never would have been a USA if you'd been around in the 1770's. You'd have hung washington, jefferson, franklin and adams And by the way, I dont think either party is more "for" the terrorists.
---Sherry on 8/18/07

Huckabee seems a fine person, but i cant vote for somebody who says evolution isnt real. I think we need people who have a firm grip on reality these days to run the country.
---Sherry on 8/18/07

It's really quite simple to select which party to vote for. Just determine which party is the most Pro-Al Queda, and then vote for the other party. In past generations, people who acted like the Democrats of today (especially in time of war) would have been hung for treason.
---jerry6593 on 8/18/07

If the election was held today, I would most likely vote for Mike Huckabee. I want a President with Christian values and a man that is not afraid to get on his knees.
---Doris_Gregston on 8/17/07

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I don't know if I got to read all the replies here but of the ones I read I did not see my answer. I will vote for the one I believe God wants me to vote for, whether I agree with Him or not.
---betty8468 on 8/17/07

No one. I didn't vote in the last election, and won't vote from now on, because the Lord told me not to. He said, "If you vote, than it shows you put faith in government. I want all your faith to be in me and not man." He gave me endorsement from His word, "A good soldier does not involve himself with civilian affairs," and "Come out from among them and be seperate."
---Patti on 8/17/07

I just wonder what the fundamentalist will do if face with mitt romney on one side, and Hillery on the other. How will they vote?
---MikeM on 8/17/07

Gosh, its surprises me to find people claiming they are gonna vote republican. Given the horrific mess on almost every front that we've endured for the past 6 years, I'd have assumed some democrats would be in favor, since they are almost sure to win. I waiver between Clinton and Edeards, but frankly like most of all them this time around.
---Sherry on 8/17/07

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Mark, I'm for Brownbeck too, in fact most of my family is also. I want someone in office who will stand up for what he/she believes in and does what he/she says they're going to do.
---Katie on 8/17/07

I have been looing hard at Ron Paul. We need to begin supporting decent candidates who can do the JOB over "who we think has the best chance of defeating the other party". That is what is wrong with our political system now.
---LisaB on 8/15/07

America: They all say, "Vote for me & I'll set you free." That's bunk! We need optimum "Law & Order", representing "We the people" at the highest level of our government. Whoever our next president, he/she will have clay feet.

Key to the 2008 election is 1st we repent of our numerous sins & then pray God's will be done daily in our lives. Otherwise, we may get a Saul type instead of a David for our next president.

Only God's Truth sets us free!
---Leon on 8/15/07

Donna, that was an odd thing for you to say, aren't you Hispanic?
---Crystal on 8/14/07

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Cindy, sorry but i do not want a safe future w/out God being the boss...Personally i would vote for brownback, i think thats what his name is
He is the christian i want in office
---mark_B. on 8/13/07

While I definitely do not endorse the Mormon faith and am a strong evangelical Christian, I would vote for Mitt Romney over anyone because of his decent moral background and political experience. If Christians elect a practicing Muslim by the name of Obamma after 9/11, which is worse? As long as Mitt Romney keeps his Mormon beliefs out of public office, we have a safe future leader.
---Cindy on 8/13/07

Yes, I have a bicycle and I also have a hybrid vehicle, Andreas. :)

I visited the White House's website and read the legislation signed on May 9th. Interesting. Not sure what to make of it all yet, but I do believe we all need to be in earnest prayer for our country.
---AlwaysOn on 7/23/07

Whether this will happen or not, AlwaysOn, remains to be seen. It's very possible, and it doesn't seem that farfetched, really.
I believe some thought it realistic in 2004.
Oh by the way, do you have a bicycle? It might come in handy.
---Andreas on 7/22/07

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Andreas: [b]AlwaysOn, I think you're really in the ballpark.[/b]

Hi Andreas, this is one time, I'm NOT happy to hear this. I was really hoping this information is wrong. I need to look into it further, because so far I haven't found any evidence to refute it.
---AlwaysOn on 7/22/07

While our constitution contains no express provision for "emergency" or "crisis" situations, such a provision is not necessary. The U.S. Supreme Court made clear in Ex Parte Milligan, following the Civil War, that "the government, within the Constitution, has all the powers granted to it which are necessary to preserve its existence." Or as one commentator has added, "self-preservation is the first law of any nation."
---Andreas on 7/22/07

AlwaysOn, I think you're really in the ballpark.
---Andreas on 7/21/07

On another site I read that in May of this year new legislation was signed saying that, in a catastrophic event, the President can take lone and total control over the country and can bypass ALL forms of government without the permission of Congress and without even checking with Congress on what constitutes a national emergency or catastrophic event. Is this true? Please tell me that it isn't.
---AlwaysOn on 7/21/07

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Andreas: I think you need to study the Constitution. It is not possible for the president to postpone the election, regardless of the war. Study the Constitution, as it spells out the rules for presidential elections and terms of office.
---Madison1101 on 7/21/07

Mima, I found it interesting, albeit from an internet time traveler. I was reminded of it by your friend's prediction. Eight years ago, JT, time traveler was talking about the 2008 election. Is it not true that during a time of war, an incumbent president can go on, and elections postponed?
---Andreas on 7/21/07

--Andreas I took the time this morning to look up John Titor, and found the information very interesting. I am ignorant about John Titor and his being a time traveler. However I am certain that the man I know did not receive this information from the Internet. All very interesting. Thanks so much for your response.
---Mima on 7/21/07

He did make some interesting predictions for our country. The one that stands out is that we all need a bicycle with spare bicycle tires/fuel shortages and the like. I have a bicycle. :-]
It could have been Bill Clinton, who knows, but it's interesting.
---Andreas on 7/20/07

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"A Second American Civil War, lasting from 2008 to 2015, will manifest itself in a violent division between the large cities/urban areas against the countryside/rural areas.
The Second American Civil War destablises all Western Civilization, both in economics and politics. This assists the escalation of global conflict.
2012, an event similar to the "parting of the Red Sea" will occur in this year, (Titor claimed he was a Christian, to whom religion was greatly significant).
---Andreas on 7/20/07


No, that would not be possible with this or any other President.

The President has the power to declare Marshal Law but only the military can enforce it and the military is never going to allow for a Dictatorship in America even if it meant going against a mad man or mad woman and any President that would try to become Dictator would be mad and also one who would be Impeached and jailed quickly.
---Brenda2 on 7/20/07

I've heard this one other time, mima. Written by 'time traveler, John Titor' (coming back from 2036). Some think he's an intelligent/computer saavy person that wrote the 'time travel prophecies'/internet hoaxes. He did say what you're saying, Mima, back in the year 2000. You can look up his prophecies. He stuff is more accurate than the very little the prophets have said here (if anything). Some think he's a well known person writing under a pseudo name.
---Andreas on 7/20/07

B. Hussein Obama, Hillareich Klinton and John "I was overcharged for my haircut" Edwards all support gay "marriage".

Even worse, they tried to outdo each other in how much they supported the "right" to partial birth abortion. Just a reminder, this is where a very well developed baby, who can feel pain, is partly delivered then its brains are sucked out.

Why any Christian would vote for such baby-hating opponents of the family is beyond me.
---Ktisophilos on 7/20/07

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Perhaps there will not be presidential a election in 2008. Some people I know believe that there will be an attempt to institute dictatorial powers to the present president. This would be brought about my marshal law in answer to a falsely crisis. In other words seizure of government control by a select group. Do you believe this is possible?
---Mima on 7/20/07

I would never, ever vote for either Hillary or Obama. Besides, who would want Bill back in the White house? Nor would I vote to Tommy Thompson, even if he was the govenor of my state at one time. I would vote for either Sam Brownbeck or Fred Thompson.
---Katie on 7/13/07

Morminism is mans attempt to reach God, (Man does not set the standards) but CHRISTianity (in its true form) is God's way to reconsile a relationship with man.
---Kyle on 7/13/07

Abraham had more than one wife?
---Ryan_Z on 7/10/07

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May the farce be with you, Matt Splatt.
Polygamy is the trunk of mormonism. Fundamental mormons are the original trunk and the true picture of mormonism. The slicked up version, TBM style is a facade until you die. Then you will return to the trunk of the tree - polygamy.
Don't think for a minute the prophets of old have anything to do with mormonism. That's lunacy.
---Bend_OR on 7/10/07

suzie, You believe that your religion is the only ones that are going to make it to heaven. Mormons do not believe that. Romney would be a great president. As far as the pologamy thing. The Mormons God is the God of Abaraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who by the way believed in pologamy. They all had more than 1 wife. Maybe they were mormons, huh?
---Matt_Splatt on 7/9/07

Read an article today that said that Pat Robertson had invited Romney to give the commencement at Regent University. Just another televangelist trying to make points with the liberal press. Robertson lost any respect I had for him when he did this.
---Susie on 7/3/07

Michael Bloomberg is as liberal as they come. He loves to involve government in people's lives so he would fit right in with the Washington crowd. He was a Democrat his whole life until he wanted to be NYC mayor, so he switched to Republican so he wouldn't have to spend money in a primary. He is doing the same thing now. He switches political affiliation to whatever is most convenient.
---ralph7477 on 6/30/07

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Michael Bloomberg, the present mayor of NYC and a self-made billionaire, last week declared that he was saddened by the degeneration of both the Republican and the Democratic parties, so he declared that he was now an Independent. He said that he would only run for President if later in the race, it seems like no strong frontrunners appear in the race. Welcome to the race, Mr. Bloomberg. I'm sick of Washington too!
---harold on 6/30/07

I agree with harold about Condi's presence.
There really isn't any. She seems so shy and timid to be on the frontlines. I like her but cringe at the expressions on middle eastern mens' faces as she speaks. You can read their faces and I'm sure they see it as fluff and circumstance.
---Bob on 6/30/07

I've seen Fred Thompson on TV briefly. Since he has no political platform for many years, that shows that he does not have a burning desire to help the Nation. I won't vote for Thompson, just because he might look Presidential on TV. Now, Bloomberg is definitely smart, I like him because he stands as an Independent, and we will see. The country has had enough of traditional politics.
---harold on 6/30/07

Jack, Obama's mother was from Kentucky and Barrack was born and raised in Hawaii. His father was from Kenya and an athiest, he left his family early in Obama's life to persue an education at Harvard. Obama was raised in Hawaii by G'parents. His mother remarried and moved away and died of cancer when Obama was fairly young. He went through school started by Christian missionaries in Hawaii.
---NVBarbara on 6/29/07

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I want to see how Fred Thompson does in the coming debates.
---notlaw99 on 6/29/07

Anita, are you aware that Sen. Obama's father was born a muslim, but did not practice Islam as his religion? Did you also know that Sen. Obama was not raised by his father and did not have a relationship with him at all? Don't know that I'm voting for him, but thought you might be interested in knowing this in case it's the only reason you will not vote for him.
---AlwaysOn on 6/29/07

Romney's "moral values" are dictated by a denomination that believes that they are the only ones who are going to make Heaven. Those "moral values" would include polygamy if Utah had not wanted to become a state.
---Susie on 6/29/07

Mitt Romney might be able to do the job despite his religious affliation. At least most of his moral values are the same as Christians.
---lee on 6/29/07

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Check out Obama's recent speech to his church's convention. It's the United Church of Christ which is very liberal. Basically, he trashed Christians (other than his denomination).
---Susie on 6/28/07

I really don't know who I would vote for. I am not real happy with any of the candidates at this time. I am praying for God's guidance because He will only give us the one we deserve.
---Keren on 6/28/07

I hope I don't have to vote for Obama; I disagree with him on too many issues.

However, I do respect him. He's the living embodimenet of the American dream: the son of an immigrant who is in shouting distance of the White House.
---Jack on 6/28/07

I dont see any of them fit to vote for.But I will say there is one I will not vote for at all. OBAMA--- NEVER! NEVer! never! If obama gets nominated, Ill vote other party no matter who it is.If he doesnt get nominated by his party, I wont vote rep. or dem it'll be third party. Looking into the constitution party at this time.
---mike on 6/28/07

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Sorry I have to rant! What gets me is just because somebody last election said the religous sect put in our president. Now this election, every politician wants to be a christian. How stupied do they think christians are. The choices we have now. We had better be on our knees praying earnestly not holding back anything for our country. Maybe thats what God wants. Maybe he's trying to wake this country up. Get us on our knees,letting us know he is still in control.
---mike on 6/28/07

I am split between Hillary and Barrack. Not sure which. Why? Because I am a bleeding heart liberal, that's why.
---Madison1101 on 6/28/07

Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee would be the most honest men running for president. I could not vote for flip/flop Romney or Rudy Ghouliani.
---carla on 6/28/07

Pardon me for shifting the focus away from Hillary, but how does it make you "feel" in your gut to see our Sec'y of Foreign Affairs, Condi Rice walking into a room of foreign leaders? Does anyone "feel" that she could intimidate the "bad" guys? But, I guarantee you that Hillary could threaten with the best of them. After last week though, I'll have to say Bloomberg takes it, because Hillary is too flawed.
---harold on 6/28/07

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I don't want more of the Hill and Bill show,nor a man with a muslim name,raised by a muslim parent, nor a Pres. in a cult religion, and the list goes on. Is there a fit candidate in the running? My choice, at the moment, would be Fred Thompson. I don't know why yet. Maybe because he isn't out there on the fringes of all the craziness.
---Anita on 6/28/07

I am a Christian. I believe in the seperation of church aand state, or as I see it; Jesus and Caesar.
I see the Republican party as arrogant, mean, condemning, forceful, gossipy, even muderous (Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, (Saying we should assasinate Hugo Chavez)etc) and the Bible never tells us to get involved in politics but to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.
---Jane on 6/28/07

None of them. I would vote for Jesus :)
---Dianne on 6/28/07

I want to know why we are supporting countries that are killing, tortureing, imprisoning, Christians? These are God's people, and something needs to be done.
---catherine on 6/28/07

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I TRIED to take the quiz that was sent to me. It only had Rudy and Hillary as choices, I couldn't in good concience vote for either!
---NVBarbara on 6/27/07

I agree to a point here: I wouldn't want Hillary for our next President. Also not sure about Obama since he (if I heard right) wants to send millions to Africa, when our own country is falling apart. But somebody please explain to me how our "Christian" President HASN'T messed up?! He claims to be a Christian but the ability to admit when you're wrong is a quality a Christian should have. Also putting one's own country first!
---Mary on 6/27/07

if hellary is the best the deomcrats can come up with then they are in bad shape, same goes for obama. they are anti christian.
---wayne on 6/26/07

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