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I Sometimes Question God

I know that there is a God, but sometimes question Him. Is that bad?

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 ---Chris_Woofl on 6/26/07
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We are human, of course wse question God.It is not bad, he says to test the faith & ask questions,look in the book of James ch 1.
---candice on 11/8/08

Ofcourse knowing there is a God means nothing. Must be born-again. I question God too much. We need to do less questioning God and do more trusting God.
---catherine on 8/1/07

Not unless you think so. By that I mean that God doesn't care if you question Him. We all do sometime in life, sometimes through many times of hurt, or unfortunately when in the bondages of sin. But God is big enough for you to question Him, and in time, He will give you a suitable answer that He is there, and that He cares for you.
---harold on 6/30/07


I used to question God but not any more.

I know now that I will never know all the answers to things until I get to Heaven.

I don't expect to have all the answers here in this World.

God knows what God is doing and God knows our needs and thoughts and God will provide for the faithful.

Sometimes when we pray for something God says "no" and when God says no, it is for good reason.

When one door closes, another will open.
---Brenda on 6/29/07

God wants to make himself known to us, it is his will for us to learn of him, to question, if we don't understand, to seek the answers to the questions that are in our spirit, and to find the correct answers, which are in his word. He is big enough to handle all of our humanity, and love us to maturity, he does it every day. Be Blessed !!!!
---Gayla on 6/27/07

God said to Job in the oldest book of the Bible, question me and I will answer you. And, although God's answers are often long coming, and often skip multiple generations, there is enough proven words of Jesus and of the Patriarchs and proven Prophets, that we at least can glimpse an answer to our own particular questions. Sin has separated our thoughts from God's answers since Adam and Eve fell from grace. But, since we are made in God's image, questioning the right things makes us more God-like.
---harold on 6/27/07

The problem is not that you question God. It is to be careful not to create your own answers. It is wise to begin your search with the idea that God is God and your clever thoughts are not God. He acts from the outside.Keep trying. Watch for the sign. It will be there.
---Barbara on 6/26/07

You say you believe in "a" God.

I find that the Bible shows that God is PERSONAL, not distant and just theoretical for intellectual belief.

So, I'd say God will personally share with you, to have you know what He really knows is true. I can't trust myself about this; I can fool my own self and not even know it. So, I need however You, God, please to personally share with me and make sure I get things right.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/27/07

Remember Job? He was a very godly man. And yet he asked some of the most probing questions to God. All the Godly men in the Old Testament and the Apostles in the New Testament questioned God or Jesus respectively. Many question men can ask can most assuredly be answered by reading, studying and meditating on the Words in the Bible. If you are impatient for an answer or can't find it in the Bible, pray to God with fasting.
---Steveng on 6/26/07

God can answer all of your questions. He is bigger than your questions. The Bible teaches that when we are not faithful, Jesus remains faithful. There is a prayer in the New Testament which says "forgive my unbelief". Just pray to God to strengthen your faith and seek Him diligently by reading His word for knowledge and wisdom. Also pray for WISDOM which he promises to give to anyone who askes. Faith is important as without faith, it is impossible to please God.
---jody on 6/26/07

I question God on somethings, he has all the answers. There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives, we may not know the reason, but in due time, God will let us know. I question God as to why my mom died. a few years later he told me that she fought a good battle and her race was over.
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/07

Does he ever answer you? God lives and moves in His word. His word is His voice. Read His word, the bible every single day and He will speak to you. The Bible is God's love letter to man, God's autobiography of why He made man and put man on earth, to have fellowship with Him. Give Him your heart, fall in love with Him and He will bless your socks off.
---anonymous on 6/26/07

God is big enough to handle our honest questions. We are only human and can't see the big picture the way He can. Take your questions to Him and be open.
---maryj9396 on 6/26/07

I'm not too sure what you mean by "questioning God". Do you mean questioning His existence?

Or wondering why He does this and that (or allows such to happen)?

I'm reasonably sure God would rather that you be honest with Him and not hide your doubts and questions than to merely mouth pieties and slogans you have trouble believing.
---Jack on 6/26/07

Is 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

We all question God. The point is to obey Him even when you don't understand.
---a_servant on 6/26/07

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