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Door To Demon Possession

We've been talking a lot about demons. Does anyone think that reading murder mystery novels or watching crime shows on TV could open the door to demon possession?

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 ---Melissa on 6/26/07
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My question is, why do so many Christians talk about demon possession anyway?

I've yet to hear of anyone doing evil that was not of his own free will, unless he was suffering from a mental disorder.

Folks, mental disorders are DISEASES. They CAN BE TREATED. They are NOT demon possessions. (Though they can mimic such, if left untreated.)

Please, if you or someone you know is acting as if possessed, go see a psychiatrist first!

You can always supplement the meds with prayer.
---Nancy on 11/28/07

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
1 Cor 15:34 Awake to righteousness, and sin not, for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak [this] to your shame.
---delivererfortheKing on 8/6/07

Hi Bart, I see your point, actually. I can watch most of the shows and enjoy the special effects and actors and such, without getting emotional anyway. :) When I see stranglings, however, I tend to look away or change the channel, as it's still painful. But yeah, I see your point, thanks :)
---Mary on 7/25/07

Hi Bart (hopefully not Simpson hehe)part 2: sorry, couldn't resist that Simpson joke there :D I think part of what draws me to drama shows is the fact that my ex and I made one drama film together with some good friends and I got to see how sometimes very challenging it can be on the other side of the camera lol :D
---Mary on 7/25/07

Like attracts like. So why are you allowing yourself to sit through that violence and watch it over and over, Mary?
What purpose does it serve and how does it help you? None whatsover, I would say.
Being a victim of violence is not the same as falling off of a horse. You don't get back on that horse to face the violence and see it you can endure it. That's not healthy.
---Bart on 7/22/07

Hi everyone, I can see both points of view easily. Myself, I watch CSI shows and stuff (partly just for David Caruso I confess!) and Law and Order, but I do NOT watch stuff that has to do with demonic activity! I even have changed the channel on my favorite shows if they have particularly demonic themes.
---Mary on 7/21/07

I also know I've healed a lot over the years just to be able to watch these crime dramas. Used to be I couldn't handle a shooting scene, as my brother was murdered. I still cringe, though, at strangling scenes, as I have been strangled in my past, and it's still painful to see, even though I know it's not real. :)
---Mary on 7/21/07

Mima, if that was true then a police detective(a real life one) would be open to demon possession, since he doesn't read the crime stroy, he actually lives the crime story daily. The murder and travail is part of his daily life.
---Matthew_from_LA on 7/21/07

This question cuts deeply. While I myself never engage in watching murder mysteries are crime shows I do know some Christian people that do. From time to time I've stated my views on this subject to them but to no avail. But I believe that the chance of possible demon possession(or demon torment) is always present when engaging in this activity.
---Mima on 7/21/07

Holy Spirit possession comes because one is actively seeking, submitting to God (Jesus).

Demon possession comes because one is actively seeking, submitting to Satan. Satan was enticing Jesus, seeking His submission in Mt 4.

Rom 6:16 Don't you know that you are the servants of him to whom you [submit] yourselves to do his desire? if to sin (Satan), the end being death, or if to do the desire of God, the end being righteousness.
---a_servant on 6/30/07

No, on the reading murder mysteries activity. Yes, on the power of visualizing mayhem and murder on TV. These shows are pervasive, but, I guarantee that they will not make you feel a stronger or better informed Christian person. To be possessed by a demon, a person's consent is needed. Any broodiness, constant complaining, foul language, reading about the paranormal,or violence can trigger a person to believe in the Devil instead of God.
---harold on 6/30/07

No, reading or seeing crimes does not cause demon possession.
---Eloy on 6/30/07

Brother Matthew, I know how you felt. I felt the same way. Thank God that He help me understand that I can watch many shows on T.V, and not everything is evil or will let demons into my house. Being a Christian doesn't mean locking yourself in your room reading the Bible 24/7. God wants us to still enjoy life.

Jesus tells us that this Spirit will guide us.(John 16:13). If your conscience is telling you that what you are watching is wrong, it probably is.
---Ramon on 6/30/07

#2 They are many things that are permissible as you say, and we Christians should understand this. We should put God first in our lives, however.
---Ramon on 6/30/07

I do not believe that these two activities in particular will "cause demon possession" in a anyone. However, I would think that a christian whould desire more positive activities which move him/her toward the Lord. Personally I do not watch TV at all but enjoy Bible study and other activities which include God. Your time spent is of God or not of God. But "demon possion" is a stretch for tv crime shows and mystery novels. It's idol time.
---jody on 6/29/07

*I like drama movies and mostly I watch LifeTime. I like crime shows like Law & Order, CSI, Bones, and Court TV and I like watching Heroes on Channel 4 and similar geners (The 4400, Kyle XY etc). I like Smallville on Cw11 and Traveler.*

Wow Ramon that is good to hear. When I was first converted I thought I had to avoid everything. The Lord has been slowly working with me and helped me to understand that there are many things that are still permissable.
---Matthew on 6/29/07

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A true Christian can have their house swept but if the word is not put in it the unclean spirit can return and bring seven others to possess that person. Their end is worse than their start. It would have been better for them to have never known. To say otherwise is to teach against diligence, church attendance and can remove the fear of God. Even Paul feared being cast off after preaching to others. No mere human is "too good" to be possessed whether Christian or unbeliever.
---Frank on 6/29/07

First, a true Christian cannot be demon possess. The Holy Spirit and demons cannot live in the same house. However, demons can oppressed you.

Second, there many things on T.V that should not be watched by spirit-filled Christians. Many things can turn to be a idol and will eventually lead you further from God each second.

I do not believe that watching "Court-TV" can open a door to a demon, but we must be careful. Even T.V can turn to be idol in our life.
---Ramon on 6/28/07

#2 There some people who go to far and will tell that you can't watch T.V because everything on T.V is evil. This is so wrong. Everything to them is evil. You can't even go to the movies anymore.

I like drama movies and mostly I watch LifeTime. I like crime shows like Law & Order, CSI, Bones, and Court TV and I like watching Heroes on Channel 4 and similar geners (The 4400, Kyle XY etc). I like Smallville on Cw11 and Traveler.

However, we must careful not to let anything take God place.
---Ramon on 6/28/07

#3 They are many people who do worst things and yet they come and criticize what other people watch or do. What exactly do you watch on TV I will ask. No, that all people who watch court TV become obsessed with death.

I like to read many books, mainly fantasy books and crime books, wherein FBI try to solve a murder, etc. God knows what I like and dislike, and if he thinks that anything I watch or read is not good, I'm sure he will let me know.
---Ramon on 6/28/07

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I have a cousin that's consumed with P.Cornwell novels, still likes to go to the cemetary like a little kid and hold seances with her girlfriends. She's a grandmother. She reads up on old unsolved crimes and goes to the cemetary to tries to call up the dead to solve the cases.
So the answer is, YES. All of this activity that women justify as curiousity, relaxing entertainment about the supernatural, is a trap. Witchcraft shows and ministry do not mix, unless you want to be like the Witch of Endor.
---Howard on 6/28/07

The Bible says let no one lay hands on you suddenly for this very reason. If you were a minister in my church, Rebecca, and I knew your viewing habits and strange occurances around your house, there is no way I would let you lay your hands on me and pray for me.
No way. There is a spiritual transference from the laying on of hands. I would not want any familiar spirit following me around.
---Howard on 6/28/07

Still watching Charmed, I would say Charmed still has it's hold on you.
You can't mix good and evil, light and dark,
church and witchcraft. Now I know you'll explain this away, that it's harmless.
Are your radio stations still bouncing around?
Have you ever thought about the conflicts you have with church people could be because you've made friends with a familiar spirit that follows you around and causes conflict.
You can't be a minister of the Gospel and partake of witchcraft, too.
---Howard on 6/28/07

You bet I believe witchcraft shows open doors. I know a 60 yr old woman that is obsessed with soap operas, vampire shows, Dark Shadows reruns, those Patricia crime novels, Charmed and all shows witchcraft. She no longer goes to church, on her 3rd husband, hangs out at the local honktonks looking for men. She paints her eyes up like Jezebel, cheats with other men. Do I think she's possessed? You better believe she is.
---Howard on 6/28/07

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I think it can lead to an obsession with death. Obsessions can lead to possession.
Obsession with a ouija board can lead to possession. It's an occultic object that opens doors. Occultic video games are a door.

Philippians 4:8, Whatsover things are true, honest, just, pure and. lovely, think on these things.
---BeBe on 6/27/07

No. Christians cannot be possessed by demons, but oppressed. I do believe that some of the things on TV, if watched, will open the door for oppression.
---Rickey on 6/27/07


One of the most dangerous tricks of demons is to make you think they don't exist.

The other one is to make you think you see a demon or two behind every coffee pot.

I know a woman who blamed everything she didn't like on demons. Her own poor choices and mistaken actions never were at fault. She also had a mouth like a sailor.
---Jack on 6/27/07

Unless you spend your waking hours watching tv, then yes it can get ahold of you, making you spend less time with God. Not demon possession, but a distraction from God. I watch crime shows, COPS, Law&Order, The Closer, and yes I still watch Charmed. But I don't sit and watch tv all day long.
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/07

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It could if you have a spirit of fear. Lots of people have one and don't know it. A demon can come in anytime you give him territory in your life where he doesn't belong. Watching a crime show involves someone being murdered or stealing or some kind of sin. Crime is a sin, right? If you won't do it in front of Jesus, then don't read it or watch it.
---anonymous on 6/27/07

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