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Possible For Me To Remarry

I'm a divorce man who became a Christian. I would like to remarry to a christian woman. Is it possible for me to remarry?

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 ---R_Vialdores on 6/28/07
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Jesus prohibited divorce except for adultery, that included lying about ones virginity. The non adulterer could remarry. The adulterer was not free to marry, and anyone marrying one is entering a prohibited marriage. A divorce without cause, was no divorce, and so, another marriage was a type of bigamy. The exception is in 1Corinthians 7:15. If the unbeliever departs, the Christian can remarry because the marriage was not 'in the Lord'. Please read Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18. Both Matthew 19:9 and 1Corinthians 7:27-28 allow remarriage.
Deuteronomy 22:17-19, 28-29, 24:1-4, Proverbs 2:17 (forsaketh husband), Isaiah 54:4-8, Jeremiah 3:1, Malachi 2:14-16, 1Corinthians 6:15-16, 7:10-17, 27.
---Glenn on 8/16/09

death can be either physical or spiritual here on earth. Physical death, you die. spiritual death is where one or both spouses constantly live in disobedience to the commandments and gospel of Jesus Christ. sorry to say, but shouting praise God and then indulging in every sin on the earth is spiritual death, you will be cast out unless you repent completely. if someone is dead in Christ, they are divorced and free to remarry. You have the letter of the law and accept the spiritual letter of law too.
---ashley on 7/9/07

Two many people are still living under the old law. And yet they harp when someone gets a divorce or wants to remarry because of the old law. From your statement you admitted that you just became a Christian. Your past, including your divorce is behind you, under the blood, forever forgotten. You are a new creature in Christ. So yes you can get remarried.
---Rebecca_D on 7/8/07

What a hornets nest you've stirred up! There is no scripture that states you can remarry, unless the first wife dies. The "hornets nest", is that you were a non-Christian when marrying. You didn't state if the woman you want to marry is divorced or not. Can't really advise you to marry this woman with out having more information, you better put this whole matter on hold. Suggest you talk to a pastor.
---wivv on 7/8/07

Scripture is clear that God hates divorce. It is also clear that once we're saved, we are new creatures having a new heart. Because your divorce was pre-salvation, I believe you are free to remarry. I would, however, suggest pre-marital counseling - especially to examine the reasons for your divorce - to help avoid a repeat performance...
---daphn8897 on 7/3/07

Jack....Yep! I'll agree. I don't know anyone who can read God's mind.
---Susie on 7/2/07

Have you not read that if you were unfaithful you are NOT permitted to remarry. But if your spouse committed a sexual act with another outside your marriage then you may divorce and you are at liberty to re-marry if you chose not to reconcile. 1 Corinth 7 :36 you are married until death. Matt 19, Romans 7, Mark 10. Matt 5, Jesus give his command read scriptures with fear and trembling, Adultery/fornication carries the death penalty Woe unto you who call evil good!
---Carla5754 on 7/1/07

Yes it is okay for you to remarry. I remarried.
---Rebecca_D on 6/30/07

Yes. Yet, since Jesus now owns you (Rom 20:28, 1 Cor 6:20, 7:23) you should ask Him what He wants you to do.

Also, if you were at fault, your actions caused the divorce, you should learn what He expects of you as a husband, and ask for His help to do things His way, if He lets you marry again.
---a_servant on 6/30/07

I don't know what you should do. I'm just a divorced man myself. But, if you would read all of the passages in the NT that refer to divorce and remarriage, in the Gospels, Jesus rebukes the men who think nothing of divorcing their good wives (which is not you, I take it), and in I Cor. Paul gives his suggestions for divorce and remarriage. Listen to Paul-remarry: a true Christian only.
---harold on 6/30/07

** I believe that the answer is yes because the first marriage would not have been ordained or recognized by God if you were not a Christian. **

Is it only me, or is anyone else troubled by pontifical statements like this about what God does and does not recognize?
---Jack on 6/29/07

I believe that the answer is yes because the first marriage would not have been ordained or recognized by God if you were not a Christian. All things become new when you are born again. It is as if you were never married. Blessings
---jody on 6/29/07

Yes, you can remarry but only a christian woman.
---Dianne on 6/29/07

This subject is covered frequently on blogs here and you could go and find a great amount of information by various people who quote many Scriptures on this subject. Just click on the word "marriage" at the top of the page and you will have all the info you need. God bless you in your search.
---john on 6/29/07

I do not see any reason biblically that you cannot remarry a Christian woman.
---maryj9396 on 6/29/07

Yes. There is no reason any person cannot remarry after a divorce.
---notlaw99 on 6/28/07

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