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Why Didn't Jesus Write Books

Why didn't Jesus contribute any books to the bible? Why was it always his disciples writing about his accomplishments? Couldn't it had been in his own words?

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 ---Quyann on 7/1/07
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This bring up the old analogy - who writes a letter? the pen or the one who holds it?

the keyboard or the one sitting back and punching away on the keys?

When God wrote the Ten commandments with his own finger, man destroyed the tablets.. Then God developed a new strategy =)
---Paul on 1/27/10

o viper of satan???
hatred of Christ???
enemy of Christ????

Warwick and KEnt, is this the Christian "Modus Operandi"-Mode of Operation?To call people vile and absurb names when they state the truth.It is a shame that you all have to resort to this instead of debating in an intelligent manner.
---Lari_S on 8/24/07

1)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible states Peter is not the author of 2nd Peter.

"A letter said to have been written by the apostle Peter to the the church..The letter is the latest one of the NT,and its canonicity has been long doubted..The author has adopted the name of the foremost apostle Peter,to enhance the authority of his letters.Both internal and external evidence show with cumulative force the impossibility of ascribing the letter to Peter,the disciple and apostle."
---Lari_S on 8/19/07

2) "By the time the author writes, pseudepigraphical references have become suspect..Pseudonymity shines through when the author forgets his own Petrine status and stature in adopting Jude 17 in the awkward Greek of II Peter 3:2..It seems clear that a second-century author is at work here,rather than a Palestinian of the first generation."
---Lari_S on 8/19/07

daphn8897, thanks for the kind words.Other Christian bloggers should learn to be as sincere as you.I agree that some of the bloggers' comments are both shameful and embarrassing.It is a shame they can't intelligently discuss a biblical topic or issue without name-calling.The truth have exposed their ignorance and hypocrisy which are manifested in their comments.They can't see the truth because they are severely blinded by their religious indoctrination.My goal is to educate and not to indocrinate.
---Lari_S on 8/18/07

Lari S,
I'm sorry some are taking swings at you here - especially if you are earnestly seeking the truth.

Have you ever read the bible through yourself, in its entirety, without an agenda - other than understanding?

If not, I suggest you take a shot at it - not looking to prove your preconceived notions - but to truly understand.

You are bright... and I hope up to the challenge.
---daphn8897 on 8/15/07

LariS please explain what difference it makes to the inspired Word of God if for example 1 or 2 Peter were not written by the apostle Peter?

Considering the book of James my Bible says it was 'probably' written by James the Lord's brother. Maybe yes, maybe no. But our faith is in the God who inspired the Bible not the person who He chose to pen the letters.
---Warwick on 8/14/07

LariS you are an enemy of Christ earnest in your attempts to prove the Bible wrong.

I liken you to a person loitering outside a walled city listening to gossip about the city by those leaving. Feeding on scraps of information.

Followers of Christ live inside-love the city, learning to know it intimately & over time are rewarded with understanding.

You can do this as well but not until you repent of your hatred of Christ.
---Warwick on 8/14/07

Perhaps becuase unlike all of us here, He prefered to be out DOING the WORD. Sitting behind a desk, pen and ink in hand, would have kept Him from developing personal relationships, doing miracles, healing, and ministering to the broken world. Just as if we sit here all day imparting our own great tidbits of wisdom. We may be leaving a foot print for others to read, but what about the people we are neglecting while we do this and what of the wonderful opportunities of one on one we may be missng?
---LisaB on 8/14/07

Anyone who thinks that just because the Greek in 2 Peter doesn't fit with their self-appointed "vision" of what fisherman in Galilee (ab't 30 years before--can't learn anything in between time, you know!) is an idiot. And did it ever occur to these self-appointed experts that Peter could have dictated the basic ideas to a well-educated scribe? Paul did, why couldn't Peter?
---David on 8/14/07

Lari ... What is the Encyclopaedia of Religion?
---alan_of_UK on 8/14/07

Jesus is the Book. Jesus is the Word.
Jesus didn't pray to Himself while on the Cross, He prayed to His Father.
Jesus didn't need to transcribe His Own Word, He is the Word. While He walked the earth, He was the Word...the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not. He is, was, and always will be the Living Word.
---Rachel on 8/14/07

John 1
1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2The same was in the beginning with God.

3All things were made by him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.

4In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

5And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.
---Rachel on 8/14/07

LariS , BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, why is it your lifes work, o viper of satan, to bash the Holy Bible? you call you self a Christian?
THAT is absurd REPENT! REPENT! before it is to late.
Peace be with you
---KEnt on 8/14/07

Lari S in all your getting has it brought you closer to God or further.
I use the NIV study Bible and it explains most of the books of questionable authorship and why that is etc.
The OT has the same problems, it might be nice if God wrote the Bible like the 10 commandments and I can muse "why didn't you God" every single time I do that I get the same answer.
What do you get?

no I don't think it is Satanic to question God or the scriptures - give Him.
---Andrea on 8/14/07

it is vital that people honestly research the scriptures - otherwise we would have a number of extra books.
God can stand all the scrutiny we can give Him.
fight nice. but fight on.
---Andrea on 8/14/07

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2)The Encyclopedia of Religion states,

"2 Peter,despite its claims,is not Peter's work.As in the case of 1st Peter,the good Greek is not of a Galilean fisherman.Even more importantly,although Peter died in the mid-60's,the author of 2nd Peter 3:15-16 knows a collection of Paul's letters,which cannot have been in existence so early.It is telling that there is no solid evidence for 2nd Peter until the beginning of the third century,in the work of Origen,who observes its disputed status"
---Lari_S on 8/14/07

1) Ktisophilos and Warwick, your points about Peter mentioning Paul's writing as scripture is baseless and has no validity because it is a fact that Peter did not write 1st or 2nd Peter.He is not the author of these unknown and Pseudonymous writings.Secondly, Paul's "writings" were not in circulation or called "scripture" until long after Peter's death.
---Lari_S on 8/14/07

LariS, any source you use that calls the word of GOD false, is satanic
Peace be with you
---KEnt on 8/13/07

"Lari S most modern Bibles are worldly or satan influenced....LariS, you make many, many references to books, obviously inspired by satan."-KEnt

KEnt,I have used Christian sources as my references(ie.Catholic Encyclopedia and New schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge-a Protestant source) and Bibles like the NIV, NASB, ESV AND NKJV.

As a Christian, I find it very ironic that you would say these Christian references and Holy Bibles are inspired and influenced by Satan.
---Lari_S on 8/12/07

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LariS I'm well aware there is doubt as to who actually wrote some books of the Bible. Some say Moses wrote Genesis while others say individuals wrote different chapters-ie Adam wrote the beginning. Does it matter what human was involved? Does it change one splinter of truth contained therein? No!

What we know is that we're dealing with The Word of The One & Only God which Word was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. Follow God, not man, whether Peter, Paul or Mary.
---Warwick on 8/11/07

Ktisophilos and Warwick, please answer this question?

Was the Apostle Peter the true author of 1st and 2nd Peter? Yes or No
---Lari_S on 8/10/07

Hi Lari S. Of course Jesus knew about the NT... He's God, and had/has foreknowledge. And, Jesus quoted from known published scripture of the time which was the OT.

Yes, Jesus believed in a triune God. "I and the Father are one." And, he promised that when he left, he would send another... ie. the Holy Spirit.

What the disciples knew and understood is met out in the NT.

And, God wrote both the NT and OT - useing the frail hands of men - for His purposes and His glory.
---daphn8897 on 8/9/07

I-AM-I, thank you for your comments.Thank you for your honesty in regards to the truth about the unknown authors of the NT.It is a shame that many bloggers' religious indoctrination have blinded them to this truth.Their comments are very dogmatic and show their lack of knowledge about the history of the Bible.
---Lari_S on 8/9/07

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LariS, you make many, many references to books, obviously inspired by satan.
Maybe you should try reading and studying the Bible and let the Holy Spirit teach you the truth, then get saved
Peace be with you
---KEnt on 8/9/07

Jesus did not write anything because he did not want to. Why? We can only guess. My guess is that he thinks written scripture is over rated. He was always giving the religious rulers of that day a hard time, they were obsessed with scripture. Maybe he wants you to live it not read it.
---Yoshin on 8/8/07

He is the Word John 1:1..the Word made flesh John 1:14 so why would He need a book when He is it..and we need to read it and follow exactly as He commands us to do..Are you listening..are you obeying Him? Do u love Him? The read John 14:15
---jana on 8/8/07

He did not have to. His dying on the Cross said it all. It is done, it is finished. Mission accomplished. Amen. Amen
Our holy living should be the only book the world need to read. Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14.
---Robyn on 8/7/07

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God is, self-existent and self-sufficient. God did not create Himself.. He has always been. Hard to understand mind goes tilt, tilt. God, I am. So therefore, God did NOT create Jesus Christ. God did not invent Himself. [I am.] How could Jesus create Himself, for Jesus is God and one of the same. And I have got to tell you, only a fool would come up with such a stupid question. Note: I could not find the correct heading.
---catherine on 8/7/07

Why didn't Jesus baptize? Why didn't Jesus make everything clear to me? Why didn't Jesus make them understand He was God? He said the letter kills - spirit gives life, by their own words let them be judged, out of the mouth the heart speaks. It comes down to faith and the heart seeks God.
If Jesus wrote the Bible - someone would twist,forge or corrupt it - this way your left with mystery - that "is it you God" that makes us hunger and thirst after righteousness....the longing for Him......
---Andrea on 8/7/07

1 Tim 5:18 cites both Deut. 25:4 and Luke 10:7 as graphe, i.e. Scripture, i.e. both the Old and New Testaments. This shows that the NT was already regarded as Scripture even in apostolic times.

2 Peter 3:15-16 compares Paul's writings with "the other Scriptures", showing that Peter regarded Paul's letters as Scripture.
---Ktisophilos on 8/7/07

Why be so picky, with our Lord and Saviour, and the God of the Bible.
---catherine on 8/6/07

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LariS if as you say 'it is an undisputed fact that Jesus,his disciples and the earliest Christians did not know anything about a New Testament' how come the Apostle Peter spoke of the writings of Paul?

Isn't this a plain contradiction, from the NT, of your statement?
---Warwick on 8/6/07

greetings.The apostles did know they were heavily involved in the future creation of personal testimonies that resulted in a new age.Except editing by others,the new testament is a result of their labors.Jesus extracted the very best of scripture and illuminated them.Jesus was not a Jewish example of righteousness.The Jews reminded him of that frequently ,even to his death.
---earl on 8/6/07

Ktisophilos,it is an undisputed fact that Jesus,his disciples and the earliest Christians did not know anything about a New Testament.Their Bible was the Torah-OT alone.The Encyclopedia of Religion states,

"Neither Jesus nor the early Christians knew anything of a New Testament.Their Bible was the Jewish Bible alone."
---Lari_S on 8/6/07

Not that Lari really cares about what Jesus said or did but:

Jesus affirmed that Scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35). He also gave His disciples authority to teach and promised them the Holy Spirit (John 14), and then appeared to Paul to appoint him an apostle. What they wrote was Scripture.

The Gospels were typical bioi, telling the Church about the life of Jesus.

The whole Bible teaches the Trinity.
---Ktisophilos on 8/4/07

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Ktisophilos,it is irrelevant what man-made traditions were taught by the early church.It is only important what Jesus taught and believed in.Please answer these questions?

Did Jesus,his disciples and the early Christians know anything about the New Testament(Gospels included)?

What Bible did Jesus, his disciples and the early Christians believe in and taught?

Did Jesus,his disciples and the early Christians believe in and teach the doctrine of Trinity(God is 3 persons)?
---Lari_S on 8/3/07

The early tradition of the church taught that the Gospels were written by their traditional authors. Modern liberal "scholars" who just copy each other, living 2000 years later in a completely different culture, declare that a "Q" was a major source (Q = Quelle, German for source) of Gospels, although no such document has been found.
---Ktisophilos on 8/3/07

Lari S.,

You are 100% correct. While some scholars can be biased and absolutely wrong in their research and conclusions, some scholars agree that NO ONE KNOWS the true authors of the gospels and several epistles. Even 4/5 of Paul*s epistles may not be written by him, according to research. Paul*s Christ Jesus or The Christ is completely DIFFERENT from the Jesus of the gospels. Christianity is based on one source: the Gospel of Mark, which may be based on Hypo. Doc. Q.
---I_AM_I on 8/2/07

Leon Morris(Pillar New Testament Commentary)states,

"It is widely agreed by critical orthodoxy that this gospel(Matthew) was not written by Matthew or for that matter by any close personal follower of Jesus."

In regards to the Gospel of John, the New American Bible states,

"Although tradition identified this person as John, the son of Zebedee, most modern scholars find that the evidence does not support this."
---Lari_S on 8/2/07

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"The work itself is anonomous.It can not have been written by the Apostle Matthew,because it is based on the Gospel of Mark."

1) Martin Hengel did a study on the idea of the Gospels ever being formally anoinymous and found that it wasn't so.
2) The second sentence is merely a claim, there is no way that anyone at this late date could possibly prove it. There are competent scholars who suggest that Matthew wrote first and Mark copied from him.
---David on 8/2/07

1) A.W.Argyle(Cambridege Bible commentary)states,

"The titles of the books of the New Testament were not written by the authors themselves.This title(Matthew)is derived from Church lectionaries...The words'according to Mattthew' which we find in the heading of the Gospel were not written by the author,but became the title by the middle of the second century A.D.The work itself is anonomous.It can not have been written by the Apostle Matthew,because it is based on the Gospel of Mark.
---Lari_S on 8/2/07

2) "An apostle would not have needed to depend upon the writing of one who was not an apostle."
---Lari_S on 8/2/07

1)"Yes,and there is no evidence to the contrary."-David

You are incorrect.The New American Bible states,
"The ancient tradition that the author was the disciple and apostle of Jesus named Matthew is untenable because the gospel is based,in large part,on the Gospel according to Mark.,it is hardly likely that a companion of Jesus would have followed so extensively an account that came from one who admittedly never had such an association rather than rely on his own memories."
---Lari_S on 7/30/07

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2) "The unknown author, whom we shall continue to call Matthew for the sake of convenience, drew not only upon the Gospel according to Mark but upon a large body of material not found in Mark that corresponds, sometimes exactly, to material found also in the Gospel according to Luke."
---Lari_S on 7/30/07

1) It is an undisputed fact that Mark,Mathew,Luke and John are not the authors of the Gospels.The Gospel authors were unknown and the Church guest who the authors were when it applied their names to these anonymous writings.It is dishonest and deceitful to suggest that the Church knew who the authors were.
---Lari_S on 7/29/07

2) The World Book Encyclopedia(2005)states,

"The Gospels themselves do not mention their authors' names.However,the early church attributed them to two of Christ's apostles,Matthew and John,and two companions of apostles,Mark and Luke.Today,many scholars doubt these men were the actual authors of the gospels."
---Lari_S on 7/29/07

greetings.Mark,the first gospel was written by the bearer of that name.At Peter's request he wrote from a compilation of Peter's notes.Matthew's gospel was written by Isadore,his disciple who had Matthew's notes in his possession.Luke,the gentile convert of Paul had a compilation of Paul's story,4/5ths.of Marks gospel,Isadore's narrative and a supposed edited copy of Andrew's story.John's gospel was performed by Nathan his student.Unfortunately,Considerable editing from all gospels have occured
---earl on 7/27/07

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"the Catholic Encyclopedia clearly admits that the authors of the Gospels were unknown and the church applied the names/titles (i.e.Mark and Matthew)to these anonymous books."

Then they are tad behind in their reading. Martin Hengel did a study on the matter and found that the Gospels were never formally anonymous.
---David on 7/26/07

"Are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the real authors of the Gospels? Yes or No"

Yes, and there is no evidence to the contrary. If they were formally anonymous then why pick those names to be the authors? Why, not Peter (which is what Mark is anyway) or Paul? The fact that it was unanimous also tells you that they always knew who wrote what.
---David on 7/26/07

They were His words His own words. And Jesus wrote the whole Bible He is the author. Man need not ever take credit for anything.
---catherine on 7/26/07

1) Ktisophilos,the Catholic Encyclopedia clearly admits that the authors of the Gospels were unknown and the church applied the names/titles (i.e.Mark and Matthew)to these anonymous books.It states,

"The first four historical books of the New Testament are supplied with titles (Euaggelion kata Matthaion, Euaggelion kata Markon, etc.), which, however ancient, do not go back to the respective authors of those sacred writers.."
---Lari_S on 7/25/07

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2) "That, however, they do not go back to the first century of the Christian era, or at least that they are not original, is a position generally held at the present day. ... It thus appears that the titles of the Gospels are not traceable to the Evangelists themselves."
---Lari_S on 7/25/07

Ktisophilos,it is an undisputed fact that Jesus left no writings or Gospels behind nor did he give any of his disciples a commission to write a Gospel about him.The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics states,

"Jesus left nothing written behind him,nor did He give His disciples any commission to write."
---Lari_S on 7/23/07

catherine: God told me to tell you that NO question is dumb when its about wanting to learn about Him. AND for YOU to call ANYthing 'dumb' makes me laugh...God bless you!
---sue on 7/21/07

"Be ye angry & sin not ..."!

The supreme purpose of Echad/God, The Great "I Am That I Am", "El Shaddai", "Adonai", was to send/prepare an "acceptable" sacrifice to Himself, redeeming mankind [conditionably] as recorded in Genesis 3rd chapter.

The Jewish Passover & their other major feasts are shadows of this sinless sacrificial atonement accepted by YaWeH, making us "perfected in Him". Cp.[Romans 11:33-36, 13:10-14].
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 7/21/07

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Lari, Jesus commanded His disciples to teach what He had commanded them. In John 14:26, he promised them that the Holy Spirit would guide them. The Gospels were biographies of Him to teach Christians more about His life.

That the traditional authors wrote the Gospels attributed to them goes back at least as far as Papias, early 2nd century. Later that century, Irenaeus defended the four Gospels, and said that Papias had known John himself.
---Ktisophilos on 7/21/07

Instead of asking dumb questions, lets ask a godly question. Does anyone know the supreme purpose of Jehovah God? Well, get some education!! Are you ready. Here it is. Now don't faint all you anti-christ. Answer is>> To glorify His Son Jesus Christ.++
---catherine on 7/20/07

Ktisophilos,it is a shame that you continue to cowardly dodge and avoid these two questions.The answer to these questions obviously terrify you.

Did Jesus commission any of his disciples to write a Gospel about him? Yes or No

Are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the real authors of the Gospels? Yes or No
---Lari_S on 7/20/07

As Messias/Christ Himself said, "if I bear witness of myself, my witness is'nt true ...", " ... search the scriptures, in them you THINK you have eternal life, but it is they that testify of me". Better yet, read Heb.10:1-6, 7-9, 10-39.
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 7/20/07

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Lari, there was nothing Christian about Funk et al. And there was nothing scholarly about presupposing that Jesus didn't say most of what was attributed to Him in the Gospels then presenting this as a conclusion.
---Ktisophilos on 7/20/07

Ktisophilos, the moderator has been hypocritically censoring my comments so I won't have a fair opportunity to answer or respond to your questions.It is a shame that this moderator's hypocrisy has compromised the fairness and integrity of this great site.
---Lari_S on 7/14/07

Ktisophilos,these distinguished Christian scholars' credentials speak for itself and they are qualified and competent experts on this subject.Their so-called "prior assumptions or premise" are based on undisputed facts.Please answer these questions?

Did Jesus commission any of his disciples to write a Gospel about him? Yes or No

Are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the real authors of the Gospels? Yes or No
---Lari_S on 7/14/07

Lari cites the "Jesus seminar" and their asinine conclusion, "Eighty-two percent of the words ascribed to Jesus in the gospels were not actually spoken by him."

They list their prior assumptions for their research, e.g., Premise 45, "Only a small proportion of the sayings attributed to Jesus in the Gospels was actually spoken by him."

So what Lari claims is a conclusion of objective was actually a premise before they began!
---Ktisophilos on 7/10/07

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Jesus' culture was much more oral. Writing was often regarded as inferior to oral testimony.

Jesus used typical Rabbinic teaching methods that made His words especially memorable, and typical Rabbinic students valued memorization of the Rabbi's words.

There was still a short time between the events of the Gospels (c. AD 30) and their recording (AD 50-70). With many witnesses, including hostile, the Gospel writings would be an authentic records of Jesus' teachings.
---Ktisophilos on 7/10/07

I can tell by the replys on this blog that some here do not really know Christ. If you did, you would know that Jesus is the Word of God, and that the Holy Spirit inspired the writtings (not the writters) of the Bible. EVERYTHING WAS AUTHORED BY CHRIST. Once you are truly Born Again, you know. So to even ask a question of why didn't Jesus write any books of the Bible, is asking a question in ignorance of the truth of God's Word.
---believer on 7/6/07

You have eyes, but do not see. You just don't get it. John wrote on 7/03 the answer to your questions. Jesus is the Word! A Christian knows, that Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus contributed everything.
---gene on 7/5/07

Lari_S: So, what book would you bet your eternal life on - the Bible or the Gospel translations of two men, Robert W.Funk and Roy W.Hoover? Which book do you think will still be popular one hundred years from now? (not counting that Jesus' return is in a few short years) How many Bible translation books written a hundred years ago that are going strong today?
---Steveng on 7/5/07

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"The Five Gospels," is a 550 page book written by Robert W.Funk and Roy W.Hoover containing translations of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It was the result of a six year study by 24 Christian scholars from a number of Western universities. Their conclusion on page 5 was:

"Eighty-two percent of the words ascribed to Jesus in the gospels were not actually spoken by him."
---Lari_S on 7/4/07

If Jesus actually wrote at least one book in the bible, we wouldn't be able to pack it around. We would have to have a book-bag just to carry our bible in. The bible is like a two-hedged sword, it cuts both ways. If Jesus wrote the bible it would cut not only both ways but up and down and every which way. If it was written everthing that Jesus done, all of his healings, teachings, sayings, we wouldn't be able to carry it, at all.
---Rebecca_D on 7/4/07

Nana - Jesus and the Cross cannot be separated. Jesus came into this world to go to the Cross for your sins. If you don't believe that then you are not saved.
---Helen_5378 on 7/4/07

I keep picturing Jesus with a parchment trying to figure out how to write about himself. He was too busy being the Son of God to bother writing down things about himself.
---Susie on 7/3/07

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Susie>> That is funny, I was just saying the same thing last night about God's miracles. Not all of them was recorded. Also, Jesus wrote the whole Bible. Yes!
---catherine on 7/3/07

Jesus is the Bible. He is the living Word of God. Everything was created for Him. He is in the Father, and the Father is in Him. The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us. Is that enough contribution for you?
---John on 7/3/07

It always amazes me when people limit Jesus to what is written in the Bible. I'm sure there are thousands of things that happened suring his ministry that are not recorded there.
---Susie on 7/2/07

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