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When Do Christians Mature

What is leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, and going on unto perfection mean "Heb 6:1-2"? Why are we to go beyond the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment?

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 ---Billy on 7/5/07
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Does a mature Christian rub shoulders with false gospels, false prophets, false teachers? There is a fine line between tolerance of false religions and exposing the truth in love. It's a balancing act. Middle east has never been able to solve this problem. Outside of falling for the one world church, I doubt we'll ever be able to come to agreement here either. You have days when it's semi-smooth, then you hit frost heaves, potholes, detours for major road construction.
---Peppermint_Patty on 4/2/08

Maturity is the ability to make a Biblically Moral Choice. Everytime you make a choice to do something pleaseing to God you grow in Maturity. When you make a bad choice you stay were you are spiritually.
---Steven on 8/7/07

We mature when we decide to quit listening to the lies of Satan, come out of the world and truly become God-fearing Christians. Begin to take God at His word, follow Him and Him only. Put our whole trust in the Lord and be led by His Spirit in all that we do. You should mature and see fruit in your life because you are walking by faith and not by sight.
---Robyn on 7/6/07

We are becomming mature as we become increasingly more Christlike, bearing fruits of the Spirit,and increasing in wisdom, and knowledge. The reason is to please God (for His good pleasure).
---jody on 7/6/07

Going on to perfection, or being complete in Christ is to know who he is and what he has fulfilled from the laws and prophets. Things beyond the carnal and natural things that most get hung up on. If it reveals heretical doctrines as it reveals his glory so be it. It is not "bashing" to allow the light to reveal the damning darkness of the spirit of man and spirit of err.
---Frank on 7/5/07

A person matures when applying the two commandments spoken by Jesus in the NT and by God in the OT. You matured from childhood into adulthood by the guidance of your parents. You mature from a sinner to a Christian by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The more you read the Bible, about the relationship God had with His people, the more desire for that same relationship. The closer your relationship with God, the more mature that relationship becomes. Just like your relationship with an earthly friend.
---Steveng on 7/5/07

Peppermint Patty

God bless you! You speak a lot of truth. No, a mature Christian shouldnt tolerate false gospels, false prophets, nor false teachers. But we should expose there heresy with love. Though I would not hope that most mature Christians are hiding in foxholes, I would hope that there fighting the good fight of faith instead of hiding there light under a bushel. Mature Christians are far and in between, but they are out there. God bless sister.
---Billy on 7/5/07

There are some that like to unravel everything you say, because they have little to add.
Some add a great deal with little notice and are barely a blip on the radar.
Some that only enjoy controversy.
Some that preach a very immature gospel with oodles of error, and everyone devours it.
Some preaching downright heresy and that goes over big, too.
Some of the most mature Christians are hiding in foxholes. I suppose they've moved on in the Lord.
---Peppermint_Patty on 7/5/07

I think the doctrines of the church are important, but God wants to mature us and bring us into perfection which was modeled by the life Christ lived. Christian maturity is the ability to continually walk in love and to live a life of love as Christ did. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 7/5/07

Those things mentioned in Heb. are the first things learned by the new Christian. We are encouraged to move on from those first teachings to more mature subjects. I believe these subjects to be FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE.(1Cor.13) Those 3, including the perfecting of holiness (2Cor.7:1), are the ones we all have difficulty with and are what we should be perfecting and concentrating on after we learn the basics.
---john on 7/5/07

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