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Discerning God's Will

How do you discern when God is speaking directly to you and it is not just a crazy little voice in your head? Obviously, the content of the message would be a clue, but what about when it makes sense or sounds right - how do you know for sure a thing is really God's will?

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 ---melissa on 7/7/07
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When you have a good relationship with Jesus, you will know his voice. So if you want certainty and direction, in prayer you would ask him specifically about it.
---Eloy on 2/24/08

How do I know it's God's voice I'm hearing? By the fruit. I hear the voice of Satan too, and his skill at mimicking God has tricked me many times. Those trials have taught me a lot. God never says 'Hurry!'. God never says 'This will happen tomorrow, or next week, or in the future.' God never tells me what He's told another, or what someone thinks or feels. God has told me I will never stop learning. Hearing the voice of God is bliss, hearing the voice of Satan is a trial. God bless you. Love.
---Deb on 2/24/08

Well, if God tells me something, and it is just what I want to hear . . . I need to be suspicious. He "could" be testing me.

He might say, "Yes, she's your wife . . . "

And I'm, "YAY!!! THANK You!!!"

Then, a year later . . . He might FINISH the sentence, ONCE I AM LISTENING OBEDIENTLY, with "if you are stupid enough to believe this."

"Test all things; hold fast what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/14/08

It amazes me how people can deceive themselves into thinking God is communicating with them through the slightest and most obscure methods - bordering on paranoia. If God is communicating with you it will be absolutely clear. He spoke with Moses one time for FORTY days! Do you think there was even one moment when Moses said to himself "I wonder is God is trying to tell me something? Maybe I should look for a sign."
---Anthony on 7/10/07

When Peter saw Jesus standing on the water, he thought it was a ghost, so to speak. When Jesus spoke to him, Peter said Lord, if that be you the bid me to come. Jesus spoke to him again. At first Peter didn't know it was Jesus. He was standing on top of the water. If you are unsure that it is God speaking to you, ask him again. Satan will not tell you to do anything good, or to pray for anyone.
---Rebecca_D on 7/9/07

greetings.God is good.If one sternly follows the Golden Rule you shall surely know for sure if God's will is spending time in your mind and motivating you to carry out his will.The spirit of truth will always illuminate the difference between righteousness and sin and lead us righteously.Normal people do not hear voices in their head although hearing the thoughts of spirit is perfectly normal.God said "my thoughts are not your thoughts" so his thoughts are easily idintified as not ours.
---earl on 7/8/07

If God tells me something I am to do, I must be careful not to just go do what I think He means.

I need to submit to Him so He can meticulously guide me to do what He means by what He told me.

So . . . whatever God really tells you is meant for you to do in intimate sharing with Him . . . NOT to leave Him and do what YOU can do.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/8/07

Yes, we need to know and do ALL of God's word; and God's word says,

"'So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.'" (Isaiah 55:11)

So, God's word "shall" do what He pleases > what God Himself means > BETTER than we can think it means.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/8/07

Thank you. The Word is the key to all truth isn't it?
---melissa on 7/7/07

The spoken word will not go against the written word.
---Frank on 7/7/07

We must first know God's word I believe.
When we know God's word, and ask Him for decernment, knowledge and wisdom, we are able to tell whose voice we are hearing.God speaks to us in our spirit, the enemy battles us in our minds, and our flesh tries to tell us what to do . God will never tell us to do anything that goes against His written word.
Be Blessed
---Caroa7634 on 7/7/07

We must first know the Bible well for God's will is in His Word. It is also important to study the Bible and learn God's ways,how he feels about sin,obedience,etc,and how He deals with humanity.After that the most important thing to do is to keep praying for God's will and wait upon Him to bring all things to pass in your life. If God tells you to do something He will open the doors for you to obey.
---Darlene_1 on 7/7/07

Your mind is a computer, it will pull up any record that suits the situation. If your mind is ill or failing, I suppose you could call the records, voices, crazy.
:-D The mind usually responds immediately. If you're an emotional person, emotions will surface. If you're analytical, etc. If you're "crazy", it will be irrational. If you've been renewing your mind with the Word of God, a Scripture that directs you will be there. What a blessing that is.
---Rachel on 7/7/07

If it is God's will, it will be in compliance, line up, with His Word, 100%; no wiggle room, and no doubt. Start listening to God in your quiet time, learn how He speaks to you, and you'll begin to hear God in your busy times; driving down the road, in the shower, everywhere.
If you have outside interference - it's condemning, confusing, dividing and filled with strife - that's not God. If's it's convicting, correcting, edifying, kind, good, peaceful, faith filled, joyful, ...that's God.
---Rachel on 7/7/07

Go to The Holy Bible. If what you hear lines up with God's Word and brings you peace, then you know it is God.
---Leslie on 7/7/07

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