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Reading Harry Potter

Is reading Harry Potter books a sin?

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 ---Ann on 7/11/07
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# Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness, Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
---lisa on 2/4/08

To desire to watch witchcraft is a sin.
1 Peter 2 :11Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul,
---lisa on 2/4/08

Not only does the BIble say in many places that occult practicers will go to Hell, it also specifies that SO WILL those who approve of such people. Surely, going to see Harry Potter, reading books about him, and generally sticking up for those books/films/saying nothing against them to warn people....all this is sinful.
---frances on 2/3/08

I know of a church with some very fearful people who were vexed about Bar codes, Unicorns, ghostbusters, metal music, questionable books, all sorts of things they fretted about. In fact as a teen when they produced a list of books not to read I made a point of reading ALL of them. i would switch book covers to read the books they were up in arms about. As for me, real evil abounds to protect my kids from, and that alone is a full time job. Discernment with a dash of grey matter might help.
---MikeM on 1/31/08

Leslie - *Reading Harry Potter books IS a sin and WILL lead to demon posession*

Col. 2:20-22 If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits of the world why, as if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations--'Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch, Do not read'(things that all perish as they are used)--according to human precepts and teachings?

We need to respect others convictions on subjects like this, even if we recognize them as immature.
---Lee on 1/30/08

With Jesus Christ, the perfected son of the living God, as your savior ... why are you so afraid?
---precan on 1/30/08

Preach it Leslie!!!
---Holly4jc on 1/30/08

Reading Harry Potter books IS a sin and WILL lead to demon posession. These books are books that teach (in undercover ways) Witchcraft 101 and Socerery 101. The Bible tells us to have NOTHING to do with this.
---Leslie on 1/29/08

Read Deuternonmy 18:9-14 & Galations 5:16-25. It is pretty clear that we are to crucify these fleshly & evil things.
---Princesstookie on 1/28/08

I am a Christian who has read every Harry Potter book and seen all of the movies. As far as I am concerned they are nothing but a good read. They are fantasy. As a matter of fact the hero of the book does not promote evil but wants to destroy it. As far as the spells being actual. Come on guys! Not even!
---Janine on 1/16/08

Jesus may not watch any movies.
But if he did it most likely would be movies of the Bible that coincide with the Gospel message those of good morals and values that teach the ways of His commandments...
Certainly not of witches and Goblins an warlocks and wizardry posed as goodness.
---lisa on 1/12/08

The Bible says that a 1/3 of the heavenly hosts fell with Lucifer. That's a lot of demons, folks.

The Bible teaches not to engage ourselves in sorcery, witchcraft, divination and necromancy and that God hates it.

If you want to please God then my suggestion is to obey God's laws. They are also there to protect you from infiltration of demonic spirits.
---Ardith_Kay_Tolson on 1/11/08

*Does anyone think the witches and spells in Harry Potter are real?*

No, not those that are mature Christians, only those that see a devil behind every work of fiction.
---lee on 1/10/08

Does anyone think the witches and spells in Harry Potter are real?
Every reader must see it is as fictional as Tom & Jerry.
---alan_of_UK on 1/10/08

I don't know. I have never read one. What are these books about?
---catherine on 1/10/08

lisa, what movie do you imagine Jesus watching?
---Ryan_Z on 1/10/08

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I hate to be excessively pedantic, but can you find any scripture in which Jesus forbids witchcraft? I am unaware of any such scriptures.

(Also, when the word 'witch' and 'witchcraft' are used in the old testament, they doesn't mean the same things that we use those words for today - the same words are translated in other places as having to do with poisoners and diviners.)
---StrongAxe on 1/9/08

I am sorry, but I truly can not invision Jesus Christ watching a Harry Potter movie at all.
Can you?
He would not have the tolerance for such entertainment with witchcraft.
in fact He forbids why would he have fun watching it?
---lisa on 1/9/08

God bless you all Jesus Christ loves you all, i can say that Harry Potter is from the devil. because God is against witch craft and other things that the book or the film can show
---Jennifer on 1/9/08

I am sure that Harry Potter has good values. I do not doubt that there are positive life lessons. How do you think Christians are being deceived?
---Kella3336 on 1/9/08

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It seems to me that if people want to read Harry Potter they will igore what they know is evil. What good is there in Harry Potter that is worth oppossing God's word. Is there enough good in HP books to make them right with God? God is not fooled.
---Kella3336 on 1/9/08

What gets me is all the "Christians" who denounce Potter as promoting evil when they approve of watching SPORTS. I would rather see a child emmulate the behaviour of Harry P. than ANYONE in the sports world. Analyze the heart of the average sport and tell me how Godly it is. Can anyone say PRIDE, IDOLATRY, GREED...also lust, REAL violence,etc.-and that's just the fans.
---Patrick on 1/8/08

One wonders if it has ever occurred to these nice, wonderful, "good" Christians, to ever read the books cover-to-cover. No? Well, lets see then, Harry is a LIGHT wizard, he repelled a DARK wizard when he was a baby, through the POWER OF LOVE. Before I go any further, one must point out, that the bible clearly states "and the greatest of these is love." Now, Harry fights against EVIL, and eventually triumphs over EVIL, thus saving the world from these DARK wizards and witches.
---Moriarty on 1/8/08

In addition to this, the poor child does NOT flaunt his wealth but in fact CONTINUOUSLY tries to share it with his poor friends. Harry has stated several times that he does not like being famous or the fact that he has to kill somebody, (due to a prophecy, kinda like the ones in the Bible).
---Moriarty on 1/8/08

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In short, this story does NOT encourage children to be evil, it does NOT encourage cultists to rise up against you paranoid people, and it is NOT a sin to read Harry Potter for entertainment and an escape from this world for another. Oh, btw, I'm a Christian too...
---Moriarty on 1/8/08

Lisa, Witches (Wiccans) don't even believe in Satan, much less worship him. (They consider him part of Christian belief, not their own.) Saying otherwise is both incorrect and rude.

As for the plot points you mention, they are part of literature of all sorts, especially folklore.

In other words, Harry Potter novels are JUST STORIES, despite mentioning magic.

And FYI, not every piece of children's literature must or should sound like an episode of Veggie Tales. *shudders at the idea*
---Nancy on 12/7/07

a story of witchcraft, sorcery, evil masquerading as good...spell , incantations...all diabolical things..the witches and satan worshipers are jumping for joy when you watch this garbage!
---lisa on 12/4/07

Oh, for crying out loud, folks, it's JUST A STORY!

Besides, even if it were real (just pretending, mind), one of the premises of the books is that THE ABILITY TO DO MAGIC IS GENETIC.

So, even if anyone else wanted to do magic, the books make it clear that NOBODY ELSE CAN.
Therefore studying magic would be an exercise in futility at best.

And that should reassure all of you.

BTW, that 'Not suffer a witch to live' scripture originally reads 'Not suffer a POISONER to live.'
---Nancy on 11/28/07

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What a ridiculous paradox! If the high and might was so high and mighty, why would he be concerned with his "followers" reading a fictional account of a school for wizardry? Much less, a fictional story that has inspired unimaginable numbers of kids to be excited about reading?
---mattley on 8/21/07

"Put no evil thing before you eyes."-Doesn't that cover it? The Body of Christ needs discernment, and we must ask. Seek the Lord while He may be found. He wants all of us, our movies and T.V. watching, and our beloved Wizard of Oz. I am tempted from time to time to watch it again, as I had positive feelings from it as we watched as a family, but we are not our own (if we're His) we have been bought with a price. (His precious shed blood.)We must do as He says, for His glory.
---Patti on 8/17/07

Mary-seems that many of us get distracted-brainwashed by secular media-which is anti-Christ.They get it into our heads>abortion is Ok-contraception is a necessity.fear> as they spew violence to desensitize us>gays should be married! Public school system want kids to believe in Evolution instead of God's creation...accept the muslim-islamic way of life. It's No wonder people in general are liberal when it comes to watching-good?witchcraft-in Harry Potter.Calling evil good=end of times movement.Repent!
---Lisa on 8/17/07

Harry Potter has introduced witchcraft as a good thing to millions of children ...God hates witchcraft, socery, and divination....period.
---mary on 8/17/07

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As an elementary school teacher, I can see more good than bad in the Potter books.

They teach positive relationships particularly the value of friendship among children.

It is a no brainer that all good things come from God and that would certainly include the Potter books.

Sorry to disagree but I think some in this forum are out of the ball park on this one.
---MaryG on 8/17/07

Lisa, you are so right...I think people are totally clueless as to what it means to be a Christian, to have the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords with you at all times. Everyone needs to filter all that they do and participate in through the eyes of Jesus and be very conscientious of the fact that EVERYWHERE they go, they are choosing to take Jesus with them, into that very situation.

Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.
---Holly4jc on 8/17/07

that is good what you said.
Can you imagine Jesus going to go see Harry Potter and enjoying it??????
NO way!!! IF HE WAS there He would definitly not being enjoying watching withcraft!!!
If people would look at thing through the eyes of Jesus, they would not be confused!
And they would not see Harry Potter in good light! This is a good way to discern.
---Lisa on 8/16/07

Katie, All those things that you say that are in the Harry Potter books are the same kinds of things present within the Holy Scriptures as well. And I mean the GOOD things of which you last referred to. How about encouraging the young to get to know the Bible? I'm guaranteeing you that those Harry Potter books are camoflaged traps. The Devil comes as "an angel of light" to make what is really EVIL look as if it were GOOD. That is what is happening with the Harry Potter books.
---Gordon on 8/15/07

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So..if you were to rent or go see a dirty movie or look at that kind of stuff on the internet, that would be ok as long as you are not participating in's only a fantasy? Albeit someone else's fantasy. long as YOU are not doing it, it can't possibly lead you astray or have an effect on you...right? Would you take Jesus with you to see a Harry Potter movie? Do you think He would want to sit there watching it with you? Well if you go to the movie...He IS sitting there with you, withIN you.
---Holly4jc on 8/14/07

1) Canaan: My son's Sunday School teacher gave him a Harry Potter book for Christmas! I was not happy about it at first. Since then, my son has read the books and said that to him, it is simply a fictional story. He's 14.

That Sunday school teacher needs to be addressed and reprimanded for distributing demonic material that clearly is against God's Word. I am totally appalled that a church claiming the Word of God (the Bible) as their source of belief and truth would allow such a thing!
---Holly4jc on 8/14/07

2) Jesus speaking:

Mark 9:42

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea."
---Holly4jc on 8/14/07

Katie, there are people our there that have gone into the occult b/c of Harry potter, and there are others out there who are tempted w/ wanting magical powers...even though you dont want to there are others out there that do, know your weaknesses and stay away from places that can screw you up
---mark_B. on 8/14/07

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Gordon, I have no desire for magical powers. I have no desire to even study the occult. My faith is grounded in Jesus. I see them for what they are, books about loyalty, friendship, courage, love, things that many books for children/young adults seem to lack.
---Katie on 8/14/07

Lee, I fail to understand your point. Do you mean to infer that " to tell someone that they should not read 'such-and-such' book" is wrong and legalistic? Please reword your message. Thank you.
---Gordon on 8/14/07

Katie, Yes, you CAN read whatever you want. But, that doesn't make it "OKAY" for a Christian. GOD is bringing Judgement against anything that is related to the occult. You're being blinded from the Truth of the Potter books. The desire to have "magical powers" is purely of the Devil. If one wants to follow Jesus Christ (YAHUSHUA) they are to have NOTHING to do with the occult. Whether the stories are real or NOT makes no difference. It's still playing with the fires of the occult.
---Gordon on 8/14/07

Gordon - Col. 2:20-21 If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits of the world, why, as if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations--Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch, do not read books (referring to things that all perish as they are used)--according to human precepts and teachings?
---lee on 8/13/07

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Witchcraft is real, not fiction...and to look at it as entertainment value is= to divulge
disclose, let on, bring out, reveal, discover, expose, declare, impart, break,give away, let out]
Many kids have never seen witchcraft so fun before or even had an idea in their little minds.
To indulge in this is : to yeild to enjoy to excess give free rein to

Thanks to Rowlings AKA Ptter..she has opened up a new window to the occult practice for the potential for kids to get to it.
---Lisa on 8/13/07

I agree with you Canaan. My youngest brother started reading the HP books when he was 11 or 12. He is now 17, and has no interest whatsoever in witchcraft. He is involved in our church, probably one of the most active youth. And the reason why he isn't interested in witchcraft is because our mother taught us the difference between what is real and what is fiction while keeping us grounded in our faith.
---Katie on 8/13/07

Gordon, yes I am a Christian. But just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I can't read HP. I have been taught the difference between reality and fiction. I have read the HP books, I watch Charmed, I read fairy tales, etc. But none of that has swayed me from my faith. I see those things for what they are, FICTION. What swayed me from faith for awhile, was things in my church became stagnant for me, not reading HP.
---Katie on 8/13/07

Katie, Your last response is a sterling example of a huge problem within the Church today. Are you a Christian? We are commanded by GOD (YAHUVEH) to be holy as He is Holy. Now, we're not going to be perfect and sinless. But, we are to learn to identify sin and we are to begin to HATE and avoid sin. And we are to DESIRE to live in purity of heart and HOLINESS. Without which (Holiness) NO MAN WILL SEE The LORD! There is so much of a lax attitude toward sin today in the Church today. And this ought not be.
---Gordon on 8/13/07

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My son's Sunday School teacher gave him a Harry Potter book for Christmas! I was not happy about it at first. Since then, my son has read the books and said that to him, it is simply a fictional story. He's 14. If your children are grounded in Christ Jesus, then as these so called obstacles come into their life, they will be able to handle them without falling victim to them.
---Canaan on 8/13/07

Steveng - the Bible does NOT tell you how to identify a witch.

And during the Dark & Middle Ages, thousands of both men & women were murdered by ecclesiastic authorities under the accusation that they practiced magic and were in league with the devil. While the Bible does command that witches be put to death, do you really want to go back to that era?
---lee on 8/12/07

lee: "What manual would you use to determine if someone is a witch..."

The Bible.

...and would you obey the Biblical injunction to have them killed?"

Is that what the Bible says?
---Steveng on 8/11/07

Katie: "Well, I guess since reading anything about witchcraft is a sin..."

It's really not a sin to read them, it's what's after that the seed which is planted in the child's mind that is nutured to grow into something evil. This is why God commanded us not to even get near "even the APPEARANCE of evil." And any parent that allows the reading of such books like HP by their children will be judged by God. Woe to those parents.
---Steveng on 8/11/07

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What some call "superstition" I call wisdom, honoring God's Word and God Himself and turning away from the things of the devil and the works of darkness. I make no apologies and I will continue to turn away from satan and his forces, who are the enemy of my soul. Whoever is not for Jesus is against Him. We are called to pick sides and I choose the side of light, the side of salvation, the side of truth and holiness, I choose Jesus. :-)
---Holly4jc on 8/11/07

Lee>since 1/3 of all the angels from heaven fell to the earth with Satan...then there probably is a demon behind every bush! There are hundreds of them in Hollywood behind the big screen/ movie industry/ liberals/ anti-Christ movement brainwashing you!J.K Rowlings AKA Harry Potter is endorsing the devil. Planting seeds>by making light-fun of witchcraft, incantations, spells,which are derived from the devil!You can't enjoy the devils games in you mind and then say "but I don't actually do it"
---Lisa on 8/11/07

Holy4jc - if you are truly superstitious and see a demon behind every bush, then you should not read the Potter books.

Be ye holy as I am holy but not mean one should become a Pharisee.
---lee on 8/11/07

Well, I guess since reading anything about witchcraft is a sin, then reading LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, reading fairy tales (many have witches), and the Wizard of Oz and countless other things is a sin, well, I guess I've been committing a lot of sins. Come on people, where does it end? WE ARE ALL SINNERS! Nothing we do or don't do doesn't makes us any less of a sinner than the next person!
---Katie on 8/11/07

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Morgan stated: Though now a Christian, I practiced Wicca as a teenager. I grew up with such books as Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia and some far less innocent than these...However - none of what I read served as any sort of instructional manual for pagan practices.

Perhaps because of reading these books, the DEMONIC SPIRITS you picked up from them were the very reason you practiced wicca as a teen. Evil begets evil.

Proverbs 6:27 Can a man take fire to his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?
---Holy4jc on 8/11/07

1) Amen Gordon...I agree completely. So many Christians today compromise and do as the world does, they lack holiness and integrity. And it's true, many who are involved in the occult do not realize they are serving satan. I was involved with a psychic before I got saved and she used to pray with the name of Jesus no less! But, now I know, she was serving satan, God's word is very clear on the subjects of magic, witchcraft, sorcery, astrology, etc.
---Holly4jc on 8/10/07

2) Christians today are sorely lacking in the "fear of the Lord" and think they can dabble a little here and there in things that the Lord has said a firm "NO" to. How many Christians read their horoscope each day? I have known many who do and think nothing of it. Involving yourselves in these types of things has very deep spiritual ramifications. It affects you so much deeper than what you see on the physical plane. Remember, we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies.
---Holly4jc on 8/10/07

3) In reality we are more spirit than body, your spirit has been born-again and the occult is all about the spirit world. When you involve yourselves in their world, you are inviting their demonic world into your spirit and our spirits are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, not demonic spirits. You are joining the demonic to the Holy...God is not pleased...satan is our enemy and God's too. Christians...check yourselves!
---Holly4jc on 8/10/07

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Steveng - we are not too far into the future from when the church used to hunt down and murder those that they believed were witches.

In the Dark & Middle Ages they used a manual called the Witches Hammer to determine if someone was guilty of witchcraft.

What manual would you use to determine if someone is a witch and would you obey the Biblical injunction to have them killed?
---lee on 8/10/07

But, Katie, the main point is not whether the subject is REAL or FANTASY. It's what the subject REPRESENTS! There is such ignorance today of all the different ASPECTS of Witchcraft! Alot of witches do not claim to worship Satan. But, they really DO! Many who are involved in the occult do not believe they are in "connection" with the Devil just because their INTENTIONS are "good". But, ALL "magic", like that presented in the Harry Potter books, has it's roots in the occult.
---Gordon on 8/10/07

What Lisa just said is all true!!!
---Gordon on 8/10/07

lee: "Those that have problems with the Potter books will be viewed as narrow minded by spiritual mature people in the future."

There will not be any spiritual minded people in the future as there are now. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me." Many, if not all, other religions and non-religious people say that Christians are narrow minded. If that is so, I'm glad I'm one of them.
---Steveng on 8/9/07

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Morgan: "...none of what I read served as any sort of instructional manual..."

Children don't know any better, expecially the younger ones - even grown in a Christian environment.

"A child who is raised in faith, or simply taught the difference between fantasy and reality, would face no danger from Harry Potter."

Unfortunately, many Christian children are reading and applying the concepts in the potter books. You should try visiting HP websites and blogs.
---Steveng on 8/9/07

It's better for young children to spend time with parents reading the Bible..then to waste time with Harry Potter.
Harry Potter is a waste of time, and showing witchcraft as good magic is a sin!
Just because millions of people go to the movie doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.
Wake up! Repent! The Kingdom of God is at hand! Stop waisting time with devilish things like Harry Potter!
---Lisa on 8/9/07

Col. 2:20-22 So, then, if with Christ youve put all that pretentious and infantile religion behind you, why do you let yourselves be bullied by it?
"Dont touch this! Dont taste that! Dont go near this!" or do not read those books, listen to the music, etc.

Do you think things that are here today and gone tomorrow are worth that kind of attention?

Those that have problems with the Potter books will be viewed as narrow minded by spiritual mature people in the future.
---lee on 8/9/07

Morgan, I agree with you. A good parent will read the books with the child and discuss what the difference between reality and fantasy. The parent should be there to answer any questions the child may have. Not only is the parent reading what the child is reading, but this it is a good way to spend time with the child.
---Katie on 8/9/07

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Morgan, One problem of the Harry Potter series is that it makes having "magical powers" appealing to young children. And the ONLY way to perform the kind of "powers" as shown by some of the Harry Potter characters is by Witchcraft. GOD (YAHUVEH) does not give His Saints "powers" to perform them for gratuitous purposes as demonstrated in the H.P. books. GOD's MIRACLES are for His Glory! None of the characters glorify GOD. Satan is the only alternative source of these stories.
---Gordon on 8/9/07

Though now a Christian, I practiced Wicca as a teenager. I grew up with such books as Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia and some far less innocent than these. I understand the trepidation that Christian parents feel at allowing their children to read certain books unguided.
However - none of what I read served as any sort of instructional manual for pagan practices.

A child who is raised in faith, or simply taught the difference between fantasy and reality, would face no danger from Harry Potter.
---Morgan on 8/9/07

lee: you are blinded by Satan to believe that many of the readers of the Potter books would not dabble in the occult in some way or another. If one child decided to travel the Potter path, Satan would be glad, but tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of children are getting serious. Rowling is receiving dozens of letters per week from children all over the world asking if they could be admitted to Hogwarts. What does that tell you?
---Steveng on 8/8/07

Lee: "...fool around with Ouija boards..."

This "game" has put thousands of people into the psychiatric ward. I witnessed it myself as an observer in the late 1960s when a young girl of fourteen was using the "game" who became hysteric while looking into the fire in the fireplace. She eventually ended up in a mental institution for a few years. Dabbling in the occult is like flying around a sweet smelling spider's web, sooner or later you'll get stuck.
---Steveng on 8/8/07

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lee: "The study should be limited to children who have read the Potter books"

The Potter books are only the beginning. It plants the seed of evil into the child's mind that there is something alluring about what Potter is doing. His adventures are exciting. More exciting than the Bible stories. I suggest studying child development before you side with the Potter books and see how children are attracted to the Potter phenomenon.
---Steveng on 8/8/07

Lee, I agree with you. And, I will give you one statistic that proves your point. My youngest brother, who is now 17, has read all the Harry Potter books and started reading them when he was about 9 or 10. He is not interested in the occult, in fact, he is very involved in our church and nothing can sway him from what he believes.
---Katie on 8/8/07

The study should be limited to children who have read the Potter books, not those who fool around with Ouija boards, are active members of witchcraft covens, do seances, are psychics, etc.

If the study indicates that no one who has read Potter books has gone into witchcraft, then clearly we cannot establish a cause & effect.
---lee on 8/7/07

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