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Do You Believe In Astrology

Do you believe in any of these: channeling, astrology or reincarnation?

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 ---Sally on 7/11/07
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Who, like me, can announce [the future]? Let him say so and make a case before me. Since I have established an ancient people. Let these gods declare the coming things and what will take place. None besides could foretell these things to come, which God now by His prophet gave notice of to the world, about two hundred years before they came to pass.[Isa. 44:7] Why don't you people look up at God and say "I know what's going to happen, yes sir.>>>And this: God is, self-existent and self-sufficient.
---catherine on 8/7/07

All three are tools satan use to snare and mess up people's lives. No good. Stay far away from these traps. No godly man or woman should never be interested in these evils.
---Robyn on 8/7/07

Judy I agree, Satan often uses a partial truth. the problem with the occult is that it is either a rip off or it is real power and that power is of the evil one. Astrology may seem harmless to humans but God seemed to get pretty upset about it with His people. And it wasn't just a detail it was bc their hearts were looking else where for answers.
---Andrea on 8/6/07

No.I use to then I kept reading the bible, so I know it is not from God even if they seem to agree with your life.
---Candice on 8/6/07

Astronomy and astrology are two different things. The Magi used astronomy. They had studied stars and followed the specific one under God's guidance but they were not using stars to tell people's fortunes. There are many astronomers today studying stars seriously but they would not have anything polite to say about astologers. Astrology, channelling and reincarnation are false teachings of the devil, who would rather we believe ANYTHING other than the truth.
---RitaH on 7/17/07

No, no and no again. I use to love Astrology when I was a backslider and in the world. I did charts for friends, read horoscopes, bought books.I chose my spouse through astrology. We are still together almost 30 yrs. I do not atrribute my long marriage to astrology. Overall, it is a dangerous past time and wrong according to the bible. It is witchcraft and to be avoided, at all cost.
---Robyn on 7/13/07

Rev Dean,do not misunderstand,I do not recommend or condone any form of astrology.I do believe however,that Satan often mixes partial truth with lies.And when I was in the world,I found my moon sign to be extremely accurate.However,not so with forecasts.And yes,God forbids all forms of astrology,witchcraft,ecetera...I do believe there are things that exist(knowledge)THAT WE ARE FORBIDDEN BY GOD TO DELVE IN
---judy on 7/12/07

Rev Dean,do not misunderstand,I do not recommend or condone any form of astrology.I do believe however,that Satan often mixes partial truth with lies.And when I was in the world,I found my moon sign to be extremely accurate.However,not so with forecasts.And yes,God forbids all forms of astrology,witchcraft,ecetera...I do believe there are things that exist(knowledge)THAT WE ARE FORBIDDEN BY GOD TO DELVE IN
---judy on 7/12/07

Channeling, Astrology, and Reincarnation are of the Devil. These will only leave an open door for Satan and his demons to possess you.
---Leslie on 7/12/07

Jody if you are refering to what I answered you misunderstood. I didn't say they were of God but I said none of it is true or real,it is familiar spirits. I believe there are people who claim to practice those things but they are dealing with Satan which I also said. Even so there can be some odd manifestations which are produced by the evil spirits. I agree it is treading on dangerous ground to get involved in such things.
---Darlene_1 on 7/12/07

Rabbi Dean: Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I'm sure astrology/ channeling is demonic.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

No way. I refuse to let the signs of my numerology or astrology sign run my life. I know of some people whom are afraid of doing something unless checking with their horoscope first. In the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, he called for the magicians, astrologers, and none could not give him an interpretation. Except Daniel whom is a man of God. Whom had the gift of interpretation of dreams.
---Rebecca_D on 7/12/07

Obviously,the Magi foretold Christs Birth,,, and God Did Create the Heavens ,,,,, BUT,,,, the Warnings Are Clear, to Avoid, using the Stars, to Guide our Lives ,,,, (Why not go to the SOURCE,,,,Avoid, the Middle man !!!)
---Ray on 7/12/07

Channeling,yes, astrology,yes, reincarnation,no. The Bible teaches to not seek to speak with spirits or the advice of astrolorers. These are not of God. Anything not of God is of Satan and very dangereous to mess. The main reason, however, is that God forbids it. Reincarnation is not real. The Bible says that there is one life, one death, one baptism. Reincarnation comes from the Hindu's. God forbids our envolvement with Hinduism. We must not have other Gods before us.
---jody on 7/12/07

Astology dates back to Babylon (1645 BC). History (or Legend) states that the first astrologers were the Babylonian King Nimrod and his mother/wife. Astrology cannot be traced to the Bible. God forbids astrology in D'Varim (Deuteronomy) 18:10. "There must not be among you anyone who is a diviner, a soothsayer, an enchanter, a sorcerer, a spell-caster, a consulter of ghosts or spirits, or a necromancer. For whoever does these things is detestable to ADONAI."
---Rabbi_Dean on 7/12/07

Marcia- When the Magi found the One they were looking for they presented their most valuable treasures gold, incense and myrrh. (Lk 2:11) Some scholars consider that those elements were used in divinations. After encountering the glory of God's Son, they did not need these things. God now guided them in a more direct way. (v. 12). We who have been covered by the blood no longer need the trappings or teachings of the secular world.
---Rabbi_Dean on 7/12/07

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Judy-The Bible warns us in D'Varim (Deuteronomy)4:19, For the same reason, do not look up at the sky, at the sun, moon, stars and everything in the sky, and be drawn away to worship and serve them, ADONAI your God has allotted these to all the peoples unde ther entire sky. In Deuteronomy 17:2-3 God forbids worshiping the heavens and turning to them for guidance- those who did was to be killed. Do we trust in the heavenly bodies, or the Great I AM who created them?
---Rabbi_Dean on 7/12/07

I Think astology is what brought the wisemen to Jesus. I heard that today it is being used by the ungodly for sorcery and soothsaying, I do believe it is real and I believe it can be harmfull to the Christian. One should never wallow in the Supernatural unless it is of God.
---Marcia on 7/11/07

I've seen Christians delivered from the demonic spirits they are channeling. Astrology is hilarious since there are thousands printed in newspapers and they don't all say the same thing. I know this from when I was living in the world before I came to know the Lord. Reincarnation is a joke as there are those who believe that insects are actually higher than human beings. They have no way of proving this. Jesus died and rose on the third day and walked the earth before he ascended to the Father.
---Susie on 7/11/07

---alan_of_UK on 7/11/07

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I believe God puts signs and wonders in the sky.I do not beleive in basing your life on an astrological forecast,however I must admit that ones sign,esp moon sign,really encompasses a persons personality,at least in my case and others close to me.But telling the future is condemned by
God,and reincarnation seems a contradiction to God's redemption.Channeling,who wants to chat with demons?
---Judy on 7/11/07

No. I don't believe in channeling, astrology or re-incarnation.God is the only one who knows what is going on in a persons life so to ask an astrology is like consulting a person that is most likely a god. God ask King Saul to eliminate those who consult other spirit in his days, but sad to say on King Saul's last day he consulted the witch of Endor.
---felia6595 on 7/11/07

I belive many things of that kind may well happen,except reincarnation for the Bible says it is given unto man to die once,but they come straight from Satan himself. Anyone who practices them belongs to Satan and not God. If a person does or tries to do those things such as channeling, they are dealing with familiar spirits,not people who are dead.I don't believe any of what they say is real or true. It is just a show put on by Satan to snare people who are Spiritually weak.
---Darlene_1 on 7/11/07

I believe in them in the sense that I know these ideas exist, but they are not for Christians or any seeker after the truth.

Especially reincarnation--It's based on the totally false notion that our physical bodies are not an essential part of our human nature and will not be raised.
---Jack on 7/11/07

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Absolutely not. These are unscriptural. Reincarnation: from religions as Hindu, where one comes back in some other form, not necessarily human. Astrology: false science some people use to direct their lives, in opposition to the Word. Channeling: dealing with familiar spirits, mediums and giving over the control of one's mind. All these things, and related ones,we are warned against: All occult things, witches/witchcraft,controlling others or their minds, etc., etc.
---pat on 7/11/07

I do not believe in any of those. The bible specifically forbids all of them. They have no place in the life of a Christian.
---hadaa7675 on 7/11/07

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