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Prayers Going Nowhere

Why do you think there are times when you feel like your prayer is going nowhere? Is this God's way of saying no or is your heart not right.

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 ---Cindy on 7/12/07
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Jo is right!
Listen to is from the Bible!
The truth.
On top of all that...You must always give thanks and praise to God!
I thank you God for giving me the breath of life, my birth and this very moment I treasure!
Bless the Lord Jesus Christ forever!
And carry your cross without complaint.
---Lisa on 8/12/07

Some reasons:Unconfessed sin,Prov15:29,Unforgiveness Mk11:25,Lk6:8,Praying selfishly only ocasionaly1Thes5:17,poor stewardship for lust purpose Jms4:3, as the other bloggers wrote lack of faith and also men who treat their wives improperly. Also anything outside of Gods will. Fasting is a great spiritual preparation for serious prayer. Usual cause is unbelief.
---jo on 8/11/07

You keep believing God regardless of what happens. He knows what is best for us. God already knows what you are in need of even before you ask. He will work things out for you in His own time, not yours. You must understand this and believe it.
---Robyn on 7/15/07

**Biblically, there was no such thing as dating. Marriages were pre-arranged and people were expected to love eachother.**

Actually, John, if couples were expected to love each other, why does the NT THRICE command husbands to love their wives, but wives not to love there husbands, but merely submit to them?

I have said several times that "Love your wives" was a revolutionary idea to the people that first heard it.
---Jack on 7/14/07

When God says no it does not always mean that your heart is not right. I have learned in my walk with God that He answers prayers with yes, no, or wait.I thank Him for the many times He has said no to me. He knows what you need and what you dont need in your life. God bless you.
---Cynthia on 7/14/07

Sometimes God does say no and sometimes God is testing our faith or other parts of our being when we don't get what we pray for instantly.

God hears us and God ALWAYS answers prayers but not always in our time or how we want.

God has told me NO, many times.
---Brenda2 on 7/13/07

Sometimes it's a trying of our faith.
In this it produces patience.
The bible says that there is a season for everything. In those seasons when it seems like your prayers aren't being answered & that you are seeing nothing, that is when we need to "think big" & expect. In Romans 4:18 it says that Abraham against hope believed in hope.

Actually that says, " who against expectation of evil believed(stood in faith) in expectation of good(what God promised)"
---Rickey on 7/13/07

Sometimes it's because of disobedience.
Sometimes it's because of Mark 11:25-26.

Sometimes it's because of doubt & unbelief.(Hebrews 11:6)
W/O faith it is immpossible to please God.

Sometimes it is because God is telling the person to do one thing or believe for something instead of what they are asking for. In doing so they can't see that God is going to do both.
---Rickey on 7/13/07

Take marriage for instance. Many choose a mate when they feel lonely & that a person is compatable. They get their mind off God's purpose for them & fulfill their desire not knowing that if they would've did what He said they would have both, the will of God & a mate.

In every case the person needs to examine himself or herself.
---Rickey on 7/13/07

I am confident based on His word, that whatsoever I ask of Him according to His will, He hears me & I have, in His time, whatsoever I have asked of Him. The Father always hears the prayers of the righteous, for our righteousness is of Him & is based on the faith of Jesus. However we must ask in faith without wavering, knowing that whatever the outcome, His grace is sufficient & His strength is made perfect in our weakness. We ask & fail to receive, only when we ask amiss.
---josef on 7/13/07

Use my ChristiaNet Penpal User name as my name.
---Prasanta on 7/13/07

I sometimes feel that my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. That is where I have to go on Truth and not Feelings. Truth says that God hears my prayers, and will answer in HIS time. Feelings say that prayer is a waste if they are not answered on my time.
---Madison1101 on 7/13/07

I have learned to pray wait and leave it there. There's nothing Ive ask of God that he has not delivered, regardless of whether it has materialised or not. God knows my needs but sometimes it's what I want that I ask for and there is a clear difference. I have learned to accept that even if what I ask is not fulfilled God is still God Still majesty, and more important Still Lord.
---Carla5754 on 7/13/07

Whatever we have been doing for the last 50 years or so has proved to be totally faulty. Our divorce rates are staggering. Most couples who date end up in fornication before marriage. I say if you date stay in public or have a chaperone. I know this isn't a popular answer but it would get marriages off to the right start.
Biblically, there was no such thing as dating. Marriages were pre-arranged and people were expected to love eachother.
---john on 7/12/07

Part 2: When a prayer does not appear to be answered, just wait on God, and trust that he will do what's best for you.
---Kady on 7/12/07

God's timing is perfect, but does not always match up to our own timetable. Sometimes one just has to wait longer than they think they can. It's not a no, but a "not yet."
Then there are times where your request is not the best thing for you, and God does say no, but he generally finishes it up with a "but check this out over here! I have something better!"
---Kady on 7/12/07

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All Christians prayers are heard by God. Sometimes I feel like what I pray, my prayers just bounce off the walls. But I know God heard them. My problem is like others, is that we are impatient. We want our prayers to be heard now, want an answer now, not later but now. And when we are impatient, I believe God makes us wait that much longer. Job prayed and he felt like God didn't hear him. Jeremiah had to wait 10 days for an answer. Our problem isn't sin, it is being impatient.
---Rebecca_D on 7/12/07

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