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If You Were The President

If you were the President of the United States, how would you have govered differently then President Bush, based on your Christian values and convictions?

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 ---Whisper on 7/15/07
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I just want to differentiate myself from the previous Todd, whose responses have been mixed with mine in my profile. I have no idea who reverend phelps is.
---Todd on 5/21/08

We, God's people, has the ability to hear from God that no unbeliever could ever boast. So it only makes real good sinse to get a man or woman of God in office. Now for all you unbelivers and believers. You do not really know what you would do if you were in office, You might make the thing worse.
---catherine on 8/7/07

If I were president, immigrants could enter the country. if they were found guilty of any crime, them and their families would be returned to their country of origin, forever banned from returning. English is the official language. Learn the language or live in your own country. You are American only, nothing hyphenated. don't agree, return to your own country. its time the dog wagged the tail, not minorities forcing their beliefs, language or traditions on the majority.
---Lori on 8/6/07

# 1--If I were president.
I would enforce the laws (already in place) concerning Immigration. I would do this by imposing unbearable fines on all people are corporations found employing illegal immigrants.
I would make certain that everything I uttered was the complete truth.
I would tell the nations of the world that the majority of the citizens and the United States of America believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is Almighty God and that they can expect us to act according.
---mima on 8/6/07

# 2-- I would reinstitute the draft and not solely for a larger army but rather for training for our young people in personal hygiene and self reliance. I would replace Mr. Cheney for I believe him to be an evil man. I would support labor unions and fight for the working man's fair share of the market place profits!!!! I would go on TV and make a open honest effort to explain all my actions, because in the position of president ones actions effect all the people.
---mima on 8/6/07

I would do the exact opposite of what G W Bush is doing.
---Caring on 8/6/07

Bring the troops home.
make our borders strong and get all criminal illegals out of the USA.
Make our bridges safe.
Stop abortion rights.
deport all US criminals.
Put the Bible back in the public schools.
Put all symbols of Christ and God back on display in the public square!
Admit the truth. One nation under God!
---Lisa on 8/4/07

John, you could be from Iran or Iraq, with thinking like that. You would determine who's ungodly. Are you the Righteous Judge?
---Ted on 8/3/07

John, I think you would like Reverend Phelp's church. He teaches that shepherding type of hate gospels.
---Todd on 8/3/07

If I suddenly found myself as President, I'd check into a mental hospital because I would obviously be halucinating and dilutional.

BTW Democracy is neither Christian or Athist.
---Gilbert on 8/3/07

First of all you would have to be schooled in government and politics to even begin to understand this God forsaken system that we have over here. Not many people are educated enough and knows enough about politics to even vote. Let alone running the country. This is why we as citizens will continue to be skinned, used and abused in this evil system. Mr Bush has done the best he knows how. He got what he asked for and now he has to deal with it.
---Robyn on 8/3/07

This may not be popular. But being populat is not always right. Like Steven I would clear the land of the unGodly, much like Joshua in Israel.
---John on 8/3/07

If I were president, I would do what God asked the Israelites to do - to clean the land God has given from every abominable things of God - e.i. get rid of all idols, etc. So, therefore, my becoming president is practically nil. My popularity from one to ten would be minus ten thousand - even among the Christians. Just imagine, though, what America would be like if it was cleansed from all abominations. God would definately show favor upon us.
---Steveng on 7/19/07

Part 2: Also, John, countless Americans and others throughout the years have died so we could have democracy! Would you rather we were ruled like Iran?
---Mary on 7/19/07

John, I am surprised no one has yet horse-whipped you for the statement that democracy is wrong or anti-Christian! The (mostly Christian)founders of this country went through hell and high water to give us today democracy. It is not evil, but depends on how you use it. It is a gift.
---Mary on 7/19/07

Seeing man as sinful will affect how we live and conduct our societal affairs. One consequence is that we will not entrust man with too much power, because sinful man will tend to abuse power.------Now here is where we as a nation will get into trouble. We need so badly godly men on the police force, sitting behind benches, and in Washington DC.
---catherine on 7/19/07

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Though it is true we need to stay alert, and pray continually for the saints, we are not to fear man. Blessed are those that READ Revelation. God has given us this book to encourage us, and keep us in his peace. For although we may face troubled times, he is with us, he will not forsake us, and He will reign victorious in the end, and we will be with him. Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice! For the joy of the Lord is our strength, and our safeguard.
---Kady on 7/19/07

I have already said what I would do if I were the President. Now I will let all of you on a little secret. The next President if he is an unbeliever or a believer who does not walk close to God will bring this nation and its people into even MORE TROUBLE. So Watch OUT.
---catherine on 7/19/07

Well, the question I would have to ask before answering this one, is how much authority is the President really given? Is he "Big Brother's puppet" or does he really have the ability to change things? Other than what has already been said, I'd focus in on the prisons and foster care system, to name a few.
---Kady on 7/18/07

Amen to Eloy! I ask, by what standard? Man or Gods standard? Most Christians do not accept atheistic evolution, atheistic communism, atheism in any form accept one, Democracy. Democracy is atheistic, and pagan. To blend it with Gods word is like blending communism, evolution. Oil and water do not mix! Paganism/atheism and the Bible-do not mix! The Bible says bring every thought captive. One cannot serve two masters.
---John on 7/18/07

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I would re-institute Christianity into the government. We should be equitable and fair to all races and beliefs, including Christians need to be permitted to publicly express their faith without censorship from prejudicial officials. That means laws must be enforced and penalties levied against all whom would forbid the free exercise and expression of Christianity in the schools, public offices, government buildings, etc. Bibles and prayers will once again be welcomed everywhere. Please Read- Psalm 33:12.
---Eloy on 7/18/07

Tom2 you touched on a good point. Integrity is just about zero today. Noone has any. Real integrity comes from God. So, is our Government and nation and it's people in trouble? In one word YES!.
---catherine on 7/18/07

If president I would make it clear there IS NO SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. The Bible would be the sole source of law. Cults, (idolatry) would be outlawed. Give the devil an inch, he will take a mile. Women in the workplace would be outlawed, working women is the 1# destructive thing that has ruined the family. This may not be popular, but its more important to be right than popular.
---John on 7/17/07

Brenda: It sounds like you want to throw away the Constitution. How do you propose putting ONLY Christians in the house? How do you propose banning alcohol? They tried that, and it did not work. BTW, tobacco is not banned, it is heavily taxed.
---Madison1101 on 7/17/07

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Jack I agree. Praying in the closet scripture is another scripture people don't understand. Everybody seems to worship their god publicly, whether be a movie star, football hero, or a plain stone idol.People, you will fall at your god's feet and swoon. Where are the one, true, God's people, praying, in the closet? Come on, now! Get out of the closet. Get out from under the bed.
---catherine on 7/17/07

Oh, WOW, What a question! Knowing what I know now, I would not have jumped into war. I would have hired many God fearing people who loves God and listened to God and His advice. I would work at getting some bills through Congress. Here is how one would read. "Keep impiety, wicked, hands, off my people", Saidth the Lord. Just like that, one bill would read.>>>>> Bite the DUST.>>>>I know I am a dreamer.
---catherine on 7/17/07

** I would get all of the Holy Ghost filled people in the United States and have them go to Washingtion, and we would pray up a storm. **

Et reliqua.

Praying in Washington is certainly more effective than prayer in the closet as Jesus commanded, isn't it, Rebecca?

And, in case you haven't noticed, people have been praying up a storm, and things are still not as pop-evangelicals dream, are they?
---Jack on 7/17/07

pt2,france in the un voted against invading iraq because they had an exclusive deal with sadam about oil.politics is as bad as movie industry.people living shallow lives,in love with the power that notarioity gives them.puffed up people who thing they are above,power,tend to bring on delusions of grandure.
---tom2 on 7/16/07

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pt3,I would endeavor to bring back the integrity,and honesty sadly missing.back scratching would not exist.the only thing important is fellow americans well being,and common moral values.accountability,and a sense that our politicians do whats right and best.
---tom2 on 7/16/07

well first we need to take all the favotism out of politics,voting and decisions should be based on what would be best for the mojority ,I,am like mary though LOL in 85 words.INTEGRITY,HONESTY seem to have departed our government.and it didn,t start with bush.too many favors,greed,have you ever seen the yearly report from congress? its so long it would take a year too read 24-7
---tom2 on 7/16/07

bring our children of god home from Iraq,is oil worth thier lives!
---John on 7/16/07

I would fire all those so called leaders in Washington and fill the house with the smart intelligent honest Christians. Then I would put a stop to the high dollars charge for goverment property that the hard working families pay for and never see any results from the work done. I also would refresh the value of the home again by teaching moral values in their homes. I would banned the alcohol industry just like they did the tobacco company's.
---Brenda on 7/15/07

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Only 85 words for this lol! :D I would stop the supporting of illegal aliens and make sure our own people are taken care of first--especially our veterans and seniors. I would invest a lot in mental health care, and especially for the vets. And I would NOT have sent them to Iraq to die for another country's civil war.
---Mary on 7/15/07

President Bush seemed to first be calling for revenge and "justice" for Osama and others. But Jesus FIRST called for our Father to forgive, and for us to LOVE our enemies. So, this is what I would FIRST need to do, and publicly call for this.

And God wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves, so I'd say I would need to care as much about other countries as the U.S, NOT call for God to bless just "America", but also Iraq, China . . . .
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/15/07

I don't know what reliable info President Bush really has had, so I can't say about a lot of things.

As president, I would understand that I was dealing with a lot of selfish and evil and confused high-up people: I would OFFER myself to help and ASK for cooperation > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/15/07

We have such a problem with relating in marriages and families, so I would have a family hour or half-hour, each day, in which the first family would relate and show how we deal with things...including examples of personal issues.

Also, inform the public, each day, of facts, plus include guests from other countries, etc. And give credit where credit is due for what politicians of different parties have accomplished.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/15/07

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I would not have invaded Iraq. I would have kept the emphasis of the War on Terrorism on Afghanistan and Osama. I would not have commuted Libby's sentence.
---Madison1101 on 7/15/07

As President I would replace the Supreme Court with Born Again Christians! The constitution would be second to the Bible, Gods Word applied on earth as in heaven. Are we to follow the foolishness of mans law, or follow what god has given us, without compromise? Non Christians would be given options, but to continue in sin would not be one of them. Rebellion to civil authority is equal to rebellion against God, these are not my words, but scripture. See Romans. This is what I would do as president.
---John on 7/15/07

I would get all of the Holy Ghost filled people in the United States and have them go to Washingtion, and we would pray up a storm. There will be a change like we've never seen before. It is time we get together with God and start praying up a storm.
---Rebecca_D on 7/15/07

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