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Daughter Likes Paleontology

Our daughter, who attended secular high school is very bright, earning honors throughout. The predicament is she is absolutely fixated with science in general and paleontology specifically desiring to pursue education in this field. As Christians how do we handle this?

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 ---Darla on 7/16/07
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Ministries like AIG have to realize they are going to be scrutinized by the non-believers. That's a good thing if they can show there is no contradiction between Christianity and science. Ken Ham tries to preach science from the Bible. This pushes non-believers away instead of bringing them TO Christ. The others I mentioned show scientific evidence first and then show where it is compatible with the Bible second. This "style" of scientific teaching is more credible and far more effective.
---Greyrider on 5/6/08

Warwick and Greyrider. What is the problem with Ken Ham? I realise that he might not be everybody's 'cup of tea' but he has a unique way of putting the truth across. People who listen to him tend not to forget what he said. Is it just his style you don't like or have you heard him preach false things? If the latter, would you please explain.
---RitaH on 5/6/08

Greyrider from experience I think Creation Ministries International - the site is creationontheweb dot com - does a better job than Answers in Genesis with the added benefit that Ken Ham isn't involved.
---Warwick on 5/5/08

Most (not all) of what is taught in reference to this in the secular world is accurate, except for the timeframe. These events took place over hundreds or thousands of years, not billions. Answers in Genesis puts out a lot of good DVDs on these subjects, although ironically, I would not recommend founder Ken Hamm's materials. Drs Austin, Menton, Lisle, and others are very good.
---Greyrider on 5/5/08

Evolution of microbe to man over billions of years is usually taught as proven fact but it isn't. An excellent source of assistance in this matter-to discern opinion from fact- is the site creationontheweb dot com . It gives answers and the other side of the story from qualified scientists who are dedicated Christians.

It is interesting to see how real science supports Scripture.
---Warwick on 5/1/08

Help her to know that good science is never at odd's with God. If she is much of a scientist, she will understand that science evolves. New facts seem to be found and new theories are divised to explain them. In that way, it is like a christian that continually seeks to understand and follow more of God's truth. The only christian or scientist that has anything meaningful to fear is the one who is afraid to give up their sins (or misconceptions) when faced with the truth.
---chris on 5/1/08

You handle it through prayer. Once a child is an adult, we cannot dictate to them their behavior. We pray and release them to the Lord for His Holy Spirit to deal with their hearts.
---Madison1101 on 5/1/08

Darla: Science is great. God invented science. All great scientists were creationists. I've made a living with a physics degree for many years. Get the "Evolution Handbook" from Evolution-Facts dot org for your daughter (it's cheap!). She'll have great fun astounding her professors with questions they can't answer.
---jerry6593 on 8/11/07

Casey you are right Dr Sarfati's book is an excellent one to read. It really exposes evolution as the fraud it is.

Andrea is also right I get the Creation Magazine from Creation Ministries International and it is very educational & useful for witnessing to others. You can get these resources from creationontheweb dot com.
---Warwick on 8/6/07

1- I am a natural science major at a very liberal science school (KU). I think any student going into a university like this needs to understand that it is going to be difficult ( not impossible) to maintain their faith. I often tell my parents that they showed great faith in me by letting me go to this school and I love and respect them more for it.
---Casey on 8/6/07

2- I beleive that I have been successful in maintaining my faith. Here are a few things that help me. One, understand that professors often don't share your faith, so when they look at the same evidence as you they will iterpret it differently. Whereas I, a literal creationist, find God more real the deeper in science I go. I would also recomend some Christian Literature. Jonathan Sarfati's(Ph. D) two "Refuting Evolution" books are very scientifically an powerfully constructed.
---Casey on 8/6/07

Excellent points, Andrea!! :)
---Mary on 8/6/07

Education is not a hindrance to the gospel. WOW, the more I learned about bio, chem, A & P the more I see God's hand in His earth. Get CREATION magazine and find some creation scientists, yes there were dinosaurs, that means God made them and it was good. Ignorance is not a gift. I am a young earth creationist and see nothing difficult about believing the Bible and Creation and science. A world that does not believe in God needs evolution to explain their existance not the other way around.
---Andrea on 8/4/07

Frank: "Sometimes education is a hinderance since they said Peter and John were ignorant and unlearned men."

But Paul, Luke and Matthew were highly educated men.

"I personally feel education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil."

There is more to life than a job. I know I am much more educated than I "need" to be.
---Ktisophilos on 8/4/07

My children were taught both evolution & Biblical creation, & critical thinking to see where the truth lies. Now both educated & successful men they understand true science supports Scripture & conversely that evolution is a belief about the past unsupported by good science. They feel no need to believe this feeble tale.

The site creationontheweb dot com gives the answers Christians need about the evidence for Genesis creation & the weekness of evolutionary belief.
---Warwick on 8/3/07

<< "I personally feel education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil.">>

If wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are gifts of the Holy Spirit, whence comes ignorance?
---Jack on 8/3/07

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Both my nieces, fugitives from Pentecostalism, are students at a state university, one majoring in Biology, the other in computer science. My only worry is they are throwing out the baby with the bathwater, that is due to maltreatment they dismiss God along with Pentecostalism, which would be tragic. The high price of education is that they were disowned by family and church. The one living with us thrives in the college environment, claiming lights long turned off went on in her head.
---MikeM on 7/25/07

Hi, amen, NurseRobert! :) God has made such an awesome and amazing world, when you think about it, the more I learn about science, the more I want to praise my Lord! :)
---Mary on 7/25/07

Education is no problem. Both sexes should be well educated. We are helping our "adopted" daughter go as far as she wants with her uni training.

The problem is conflating education with anti-Christian indoctrination. E.g. avoid universities with speech codes and compulsory "diversity" training.
---Ktisophilos on 7/19/07

"I personally feel education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil."

Frank, not to disparage your belief on education, I couldn't disagree more. I love to learn, love to read, love to understand the world around me. The more I learn the more I KNOW there is a God who loves us.
---NurseRobert on 7/18/07

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I suppose women could avoid education altogether and stay as dumb as box of rocks. How many men do you think actually want an uneducated wife? How many men look at a stay-at-home woman that lolls around in sweatpants, watching soap operas and eating bonbons with a keen appreciation? With a 60% divorce rate now, those are the women that men leave in search of intelligent life. The old ball and chain doesn't look too appetizing. An uneducated woman is a depressed woman. Reminds me of Iran or Iraq.
---Jenny on 7/18/07

May God Bless the bright daughter in pursuit of an education. As a Christian, say Amen and Amen. Her future is so bright she has to wear shades. She is so intelligent, she's up for scholarships. Thank you, Jesus. Thanks for a wonderful daughter, forgive me for messing with her head, make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth where I missed it as her parent. That's what you say.
---Jenny on 7/18/07

Fundamental holiness - in Jesus Name Only churches, other offshoots are very legalistic. Do you belong to the UPC? Regardless, some have an off view of the Holy Spirit, don't believe in the Trinity, believe the Holy Spirit is not part of the Godhead. Some believe the Holy Spirit only points to Jesus. That's complete error and a lie. They've added manmade laws they've held onto for decades, shepherding, cultish. Shepherding churches move down into the snake handlers and other spiritual errors.
---Jenny on 7/18/07

What was once called the Holiness Movement is now called legalistic. Our church was founded by spirit filled leaders from ft Lauderdale, Fl. I believe its fine for women to work! Yes, as long as they have no children to raise or are married. I believe in science. We believe in developing the whole child for God, and compromise is capitulation to the world. I will not, however support my children learning about evolution, atheism, or cults.
---John on 7/18/07

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John I can see why you got the heat. [REFERRING to Bible college].
---catherine on 7/18/07

I must agree somewhat. Most people who are in Bible college are not there cause God put them there let along saved. I don't know why people attend Bible college. What reasoning is there?
---catherine on 7/18/07

Leave her alone. How is she hurting anyone by going into this field? If this is her desire to do this, then support her in everyway. I tell my kids, they can be what they want to be as long as they put their mind into it. My son is so fasinated with the planets and stars. He wants to be an astronaut. When he gets older and still desires to do this, I am going to support him. Just because she wants to do this doesn't make her an athiest.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/07

John, that is such radical thinking, it baffles me. What kind of a legalistic church do you belong to? My oh my. If everyone thought that way, we'd all be Mennonites or Hutterites or Amish people. Women in the workplace. What would we do without surgical nurses, school teachers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, you name it. John, that is so black and white, I find it unbalanced.
---Jenny on 7/17/07

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Science solves crimes, provides medicine, promotes exploration for natural resources that keeps our economy up and running.
Science and Mathematics, without them we can't build a single line of custom code that runs your computer. John, you rule your household with a heavy hand. I hope your kids can handle it.
---Jenny on 7/17/07

Become properly informed about biblical history and how true science supports it, e.g. Creation Ministries International. Paleontology is not the problem, the problem is the secular uniformitarian history superimposed upon it. But there are Bible-believing paleontologists like Marcus Ross who recently received his Ph.D. in the field from the University of Rhode Island.
---Ktisophilos on 7/17/07

John: You have no clue. My husband, three kids and I all attended state or public universities and none of us are atheists. I studied many science classes and am not an atheist. I met many Christians while I was in school, and none of them became atheists. I teach in a public school, with many Christians and none of us are becoming atheists. Where do you get your facts? Please tell me so I can study the research on this phenomenon.
---Madison1101 on 7/17/07

John, I attended a liberal arts college (albeit affiliated with the UCC), and while in school, my faith grew stronger, not weaker. I didn't let the liberal views of my professors sway me in what I believed. If she's strong in her values and beliefs, she won't be swayed.
---Katie on 7/17/07

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I would support my daughter if she wished to attend Bible college, but I see no value to a secular education that leads to atheism. Face it, science is a religion tat works gainst od at every turnm in particular origens. One cannot serve two masters.
---John on 7/17/07

**I would not support her as to money unless she accepted something more in line with what the Bible calls a 'Godly women.'**

Be honest. You don't mean what the Bible calls a Godly woman. YOu mean what you THINK the Bible calls a Godly woman.
---Jack on 7/17/07

Actually, I feel sorry for your daughter.
She's not a mess and wants an education. Your dreams are not her dreams, but you're cramming them down her throat. No wonder there is so much tension around the house. The girl is probably counting the days until she's on her own. You can't force someone to go on a mission.
---Garth on 7/16/07

Any father who doesn't want his daughter to go to college because he thinks colleges are full of atheists has a problem with trusting his children. It sounds like your pastor may also be trying to keep his congregation ignorant so they will believe everything he tells them. Thank God your daughter will be an adult and able to make her own decisions soon. Don't watch her intelligence on silly notions that she is not doing women things.
---Susie on 7/16/07

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If you are not supporting her education, she's paying her own way, then your control will soon be over. She will be free to choose her path of education. The harder you push, your husband may push her entirely away. It already sounds as if you have family problems.
---Garth on 7/16/07

My daughter graduated from a state university and she is a model Christian woman, as are all of her friends from that school. She participated in Campus Crusade for Christ and loves the Lord. She went on two missions trips with them, and evangelized and ran Bible studies while she was in college.

Attending a secular school will not cause a believer to lose their faith, unless they let it.
---Madison1101 on 7/16/07

A couple of you have said feel that "education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil". Why? What is so wrong with getting an education? I have one, and I plan on going back to school to further mine. Besides, what is wrong with pursuing science? If I liked science more, the idea of studying fossils is interesting.
---Katie on 7/16/07

Jack...good answer, however, I'd like to suggest University of Texas.
---Annie on 7/16/07

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Paleontology is a wonderful area of study. If God wanted us to remain stumbling around in the dark about everything He would not have given us a brain.

You are worried that she might find out something that will shake her faith, but it doesn't have to be that way. Just remind her that science is the study of God's creation. Nothing in it can disprove God's existance unless you decide that it does, but then that would not be scientific.
---lorra8574 on 7/16/07

Amen Jack! There is nothing in the Bible that says we should remain ignorant and uneducated just because we are Christians.
---Susie on 7/16/07

Jack: I vote for the 50s stay at home Mom one. You are too funny. LOL
---Madison1101 on 7/16/07

I tend to agree with Jack on this except you cannot forbid her from college just influence her. Local community college's usually offer basic domestic classes. So-called 'higher education' like anthropology and palentology REQUIRE you accept evolution. Such women that come out of these colleges are far from the Christian model and seldom settle down. I have seen it before.

I would not support her as to money unless she accepted something more in line with what the Bible calls a 'Godly women.'
---John on 7/16/07

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Thank you for the responses. I agree education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil. Our pastor and my husband say the universities are a hot bed of atheism. My husband would never support her and her gifts could really be used for serving the Lord as in a mission. They hardly speak. She is rebellious and determined and has been accepted by a University in California on a sports scholarship. I am torn by this.
---Darla on 7/16/07

Be happy your genius is not on meth, and really destroying her future
Be happy she didn't run off with a convict and have children.
Give God the glory for such a bright child and don't micro manage her life too much. If you're footing the bill, she may change her mind after the first year of college. It happens to about 60% of kids.
---Garth on 7/16/07

There are two courses you can take:

1. Forbid her to go to college and make sure she takes remedial domestic science classes, as all a woman need to know is how to be a 50's stay-at-home family-values housewife.

2. Do your best to get her into a university with a good paleontology department. I suggest Arizona University or Arizona State University.
---Jack on 7/16/07

What is it that particularly worries you about this and, whatever your fears are, have you discussed them with your daughter?
---RitaH on 7/16/07

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Handle it with gladness, joy and pride. It may well be that God is calling her to study the wonders of His creation from a theistic viewpoint. We need more Christian scientists!
---ed_the_other_one on 7/16/07

Being a man of low estate it would benefit if I knew what paleontology is.
Once a man came to me crying and said that because he was so educated he couldn't believe the gospel. Sometimes education is a hinderance since they said Peter and John were ignorant and unlearned men. I personally feel education above what is needed for a job is a snare of the devil.
---Frank on 7/16/07

bless her. God gave her a gift, as long as she isn't turning away from him why not explore the deeper meaning of what God gave us? Sometimes Science & God can go together.
---candice on 7/16/07

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