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Cast Out A Demon

Have you been present when a person cast a demon out of another person? If so what did you observe?

Moderator - Yes, the Holy Spirit had me do that one time. The demon talked through a women like a man telling me to leave the demon alone and started cussing. Once the demon left the person was totally different and had no clue what had happened. This was around a 10 minute process.

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 ---Mima on 7/17/07
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Since she married a month ago nothing! All I know for someone as my self to feel exhausted and a little unsettled after the experience it would take someone else to have gone through the same thing to help me to understand what really happened. I only have the word that explains that there are wickedness in high places, terror by night and by noon suggest's if i'm not wrong that there are categories of evil spirits/demons?
---Carla5754 on 10/28/08

I've been involved in deliverances and been delivered, most of the time there is only choking, coughing or some slight physical manisfestation. Occasionally someone will scream or vomit but most of the time when we do prayer for healing we also bind and loose, which often gives freedom from demonic activity. Some only leave with prayer and fasting.
---Andrea on 8/6/07

To Linda-if you agree that was the natural man that recognized Jesus and not the demonic that recognized Jesus. That would seem to indicate that the man knew who Jesus was before he got saved.
---Mima on 8/6/07

greetings.catherine.Your last post said there are things that the general population does not know.Is there any thing you will share with any here?
---earl on 7/25/07

Davis oh I have the absolute best sign in the world and I also know some things that this world and its people don't know. Number one, there is a God. Number two, there is a Devil and number three there is a Hell and number four there is a heaven. People that are saved are the smartest people in this world. Because we know what's important to know. We know God.
---catherine on 7/25/07

Helen, not one single person was born again before Jesus died and rose again. It was His death that reconciled and His resurrection life that saved. You can find that in Romans 5:10. The demons recognize Jesus as the Son of God so the fact that the demoniac ran to worship him is not an indication that he was saved. If you read that story carefully, you will see that it was the demons who called Jesus "thou Son of God" and asked if He had come ahead of time to torment them.
---Linda on 7/25/07

If the man had been saved, he wouldn't have been a demoniac to begin with, and certainly not possessed with Legion. The fact that he was in the tombs, bound with fetters and chains, tells me that he was fully identified with a dead man named Adam and out of control in his flesh. No matter whether than man was saved or not, I am totally convinced that insanity is completely cured by seeing Jesus.
---Linda on 7/25/07

Mrs. Morgan:

I agree with most of your post however I must add that Jesus has called us all to minister. Our life is a ministry and we have been given gifts to aid us in our Ministry. We are all part of the Royal Priesthood because of Christ our Lord.
---Marcia on 7/25/07

catherine, a prophet would know the answer to that question. There's your sign.
---Davis on 7/25/07

Marcia, Jesus was quoting what false ministers will say , that : "they cast out demons", "they prophesied", etc. Some ministers at one time cast out demons, but later backslid, still claiming to cast out demons, that's impossible. Then other ministers were never saved in the first place. Only by the power from the Holy Ghost are demons cast out, any other "so-called" way is counterfeit. Remember a house divided against itself can't stand (Matthew 12:25). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/25/07

Linda - People were saved before the Cross by looking forward to the Cross. After the Cross we are saved by looking back to the Cross. The demoniac knew who Jesus was.
---Helen_5378 on 7/25/07

Catherine: Those who are saved can never be possessed by a demon. When you accept Christ as your savior your body, which was a tomb, becomes a temple for the Holy Spirit. Those who are saved are sealed. Those who are saved must wrestle with strongholds of oppression brought on by lack of discipline which they will grow in as they mature. Only the lost can be possessed.

Ex: the Pharisee were white-washed tombs full of dead mens bones even though the professed to be of God.
---Marcia on 7/25/07


the clear answer... An unsaved person can cast out demons through the power of witchcraft and sorcery, through powers of principalities and rulers of darkness.

Satin can dress himself up as an Angel of light in order to deceive those whose faith is not secure in Christ.
---Marcia on 7/25/07

Marcia But does the person that you want to chase the demon out of have to be saved?
---catherine on 7/24/07

No a person does not have to be saved to cast out demons. Remember Jesus said there will be those who come to him and say "Lord, Lord" have we not cast out demons in you name"? And he will say to them I never knew you depart from me workers of inquity.
---Marcia on 7/24/07

The demoniac with the Legion was not saved. He couldn't have been saved because Jesus had not yet died, rose again, ascended, and given the Holy Spirit. I am sure though that he had a desire to be free of his torment and that seemed to be enough for Jesus. All that man had to do was see Jesus afar off and he ran to worship Him. That was the beginning. I believe the whole framework of the story is Jesus saying, "Look what I can and will do with a man who will just worship Me."
---Linda on 7/24/07

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Rebecca,you said, "Just because I watch Harry Potter movies, that doesn't make me part of witchcraft."
You are correct BUT it does mean you are in agreement with what you are watching. If you spend your time watching something, you are in agreement with it and when satan gets wind of it, he then has an open door to your life to "steal, kill, or destroy" you. His ways are very subtle and deceitful. You are not beyond being deceived if you are watching stuff like this.
---Anonymous on 7/24/07

An informed prophet such as yourself should know the answer to that question.
If you don't, perhaps you need a deliverance.
---Davis on 7/24/07

This is a question for John or Robyn>>>Does the person have to be saved in order to cast the demon out. To get the demon out.Person have to be saved for the demon to be gotten out of. Understand?
---catherine on 7/24/07

Some time when you pray for a person that has a Demon that thing will tell you it is not to let that person go. I seen a girl laying on her back and she was moving just like a snake moves
---betty2 on 7/24/07

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I am in denial? right, um okay. Oh I'm not mad at you, because you can't say things that will make me mad at you. I'm glad you are a penpal on a blog, what's your point? A person can't give up something, if they're not attached to it. If you want my health problems, you can have them. I'm tired of having kidney stones, and not being able to take anything to prevent them. You can also have my cyst, which ruptured lastnight in church, if you had an ovary that is.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

I've been on this site for at leat 3 years, how come I just now heard of your name Vince? Under a new name are we? Hmmm. Just because I like watching the tv show charmed, doesn't make me a witch. I like watching the tv show The Closer, does that make me a detective? Or Judge Matthis, does that make me a judge? Maybe if I watch Apollo 13 again, I can become an Astronaut. Yaeh.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

That's why I explained that if you are sober to read certain things without it affecting you and can minister the word of God condemning the content then that is food for you because of your mission. But if you cannot I should have said leave it well alone, Did rebecca know that evil spirits also have the power to make you watch these things by subtle ignorance.
---Carla5754 on 7/20/07

A former witch explained exactly what happen as she was suckered into the Occult through believing it was harmless it took over her life. Most people that are not fully persuaded still have (some life lessons to learn ) before they give up the world entirely and read for a Godly purpose not false entertaining foolish as it is, (OF NO VALUE/GAIN). I speak as someone burned by the same foolishness many many moons ago, before understanding who's behind this evil. Why borrow satan your mind?
---Carla5754 on 7/20/07

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Books and tv shows are simply just that, nothing more and if you are strong in your faith I dont think it matters if you read or watch them. Just because somebody reads Henry Potter doesn't make them a warlock! It's 'worldly', yes, but everything is 'worldly'. The computer we are using has evil in it but we use it. Take the good out of a book or show and leave the bad. Just my opinion.
---sue on 7/20/07

I know you by your answers for over a year now. You are in denial, Rebecca. Charmed, Potter and whatever else you've opened yourself up to will hold you back. Be mad at me, it doesn't matter. I'm a penpal name on a blog. If I had your serious health problems, you can better believe I'd be looking at anything in my life that exalts itself against the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Charmed is witchcraft and you enjoy it, so much, you can't give it up.
---Vince on 7/19/07

Vince, How can you say that when you don't know me? I do not participate in witchcraft. Did I ever say that I did? NO I did not. Just because I watch Harry Potter movies, that doesn't make me part of witchcraft. Ya know, God warns us of people like you. Instead of calling one names and assume what they do, how about you just pray for that person, along with yourself.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/07

I have witnessed such several times. Not ethat the scenerio will not be the same in every case, despite similarities. There is much to answer this question.
---OK on 7/18/07

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Rebecca, you need a deliverance, too.
Meet with your pastor and ask him to pray for you. You'll have to give up witchcraft or it will return 7 X stronger.
---Vince on 7/18/07

I'm asking this question because the question was posed to me by someone else. People are forever asking me questions and while I know what my answer is I like to have input from others also.
---Mima on 7/18/07

Yes. One Sunday morning, the Holy Ghost was moving so good. This woman, went to the alter, she was crying. Her mouth was open like she was going to vomit. She had brown eyes, then she fell back and her eyes were green. Her eyes was fixed on the Pastor, you could see the evil in her. My Pastor demanded in Jesus name to leave. He kept saying come out of her in Jesus name. All we heard from the demons was no,no,no. It finally came out, and the woman was dazed and had no idea what was going on.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/07

Donna, it's a good thing you were present or I suppose you wouldn't be living. Did you mean you were aware that a deliverance was taking place at the time? Unlike what the Moderator shared, the person was completely taken over by the demon.
---Michelle on 7/17/07

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Yes. I was at a lock-in when a young boy fell-out on the floor and started shaking unconciously.One of the women tried to hold him to stop him from shaking but then he started to hiss, like a snake. Many of the children there began to cry. The pastor began praying over him. His eyes were closed and for a long time he just shaked and hissed. After about an half an hour he stopped shaking and hissing. Everyone kept praying until he was up on his feet and normal again.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

I was present when they casted demons out of me and many others who attended the deliverance meeting back many years ago. I had a spirit of rejection and I began to scream and hiss as they were commanding it to come out. Others were kicking, yelling, squirming on the floor like a snake. Demons are not only evil, they are strong and I saw a man being thrown up against a wall when they were calling a demon out of him. Can I ask why you're asking this question?
---donna on 7/17/07

A friend of mine had to cast several out of my sisters house. We now know one wanted to possess her through her singleness and unbelief. The one that tried to strangle my nephew left him with a sickness, I don't know if it was the same one that we felt New yr's Eve. My sister's eyes were glossed over and she was trembling, we prayed casting this spirit out of her, and she fell to the floor, nothing spoke tho.
---Carla5754 on 7/17/07

It doesn't line up with evidence by the demon speaking, I know, what we felt was overwhelming, something I have never felt Physically in my whole life. Only awaking from sleep having fought demons. All I know I had to keep telling her to picture Christ's broken body on the cross and what he went through to pruchase her soul and not to let anything fool her that Christ could not deliver her. Exhausting as it was eventually she realised what was happening.
---Carla5754 on 7/17/07

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The next day it showed up and the next for several weeks and she recited the prayers from a website strictly for fighting Spiritual Warfare. It showed up again at work when she was telling her friends at work who prayed for her there and then so I was told just before she married and again in the church at rehersal the lights went out. The vicar said only someone inside the building could turn out the lights and the light's suddenly came back on?
---Carla5754 on 7/17/07

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