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Am I Considered Married

If someone had lived with a person in their past while unmarried and had children with them, can they marry another person or does God consider that person their spouse in some way even though they were fornicating?

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 ---Christina on 7/18/07
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When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), he said that although she had had 5 husbands previously, the man she was with was not her husband.

So at least in this case, he didn't consider the two situations to be the same.
---StrongAxe on 4/4/08

I believe that your past is the PAST. If you repent of this relationship and find a GODLY man who respects God first, and radiates love for not only you but he demonstrates love/understanding towards your children, still operate caution before you marry. He's no angel, and will have his own territorial/baggage/issues that may so happen to surface unfortunately after the marriage which can be devastating. Work out all you issues with wisdom, if it's evident now it will still be there in marriage!!!!!
---Carla5754 on 4/4/08

The Word of God says to "submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake:" in I Peter 2:verse 13. Marriage is honored by law or ordinance in every American state. A few states honor "common law" marriage or "shacking up", but marriage being honorable in all should be legal also.
---Theresa on 8/9/07

Jesus did not seem to think that they were the same. To the woman at the well, he talks about how, even though she had several husbands in the past, the man she was living with now was not her husband. If he considered merely "living together" to be equivalent to marriage, he would not likely have said that.
---Mark on 8/9/07

John 8:1-11 seems to be a good answer or example of some cases. Then again there's circumstances similiar to a preacher & his sister, who checked their parents marriage liscense against their birth certificates after their mother's death, & told her brother, "I told you ....... we might be iillegal". The father replied "..... I don't remember" when asked, lol.

Lots of things come into play here, "old things are passed away ...".

God Bless
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 7/23/07

Marriage is only a civil contract. What is the status of your contract at this time?

If there was never a contract their is no status.

You have more important issues to contend with, so press on.
---notlaw99 on 7/19/07

catherine, if you were truly a prophet you would not have to tell anyone that you were. A true prophet does not disregard the assembling together of the brethren. A true prophet does not announce that he/she is a prophet. God alone will make that known to the people if it is so.
---betty8468 on 7/19/07

catherine, anyone can "call it as they sees them". Anyone. Speaking off the top of your head does not make you a prophet.
Have you ever had a specific word of prophecy come true for another person?
Have you ever been asked to prophecy over a congregation in an actual church?
Is there a pastor out there that has allowed you to actually speak over the sheep?

Speaking critical words and 'calling people as you sees them" is not a prophet.
Narcissistic words at that.
---Bob on 7/19/07

Now this is a dumb question. I am sorry but I call them as I see them.**

If you are the same catherine who said that God told her to stay away from church and preaches to the walls of your house, you seemed to resent it when I and others called your words as we saw them.
---Jack on 7/19/07

Emcee: I was not married in the Roman Catholic Church by a priest. I lived with my husband for 25 years, and bore him three children. Are you saying that I was living in sin all those years, and my children were born out of wedlock?
---Madison1101 on 7/18/07

Now this is a dumb question. I am sorry but I call them as I see them. No, you are not married in the eyes of God. You in alot of trouble, if this is you, you are referring to. Gee whiz. Yes I talk like that and I am a prophet. If God allows it once in a while what's it to you?
---catherine on 7/18/07

They can marry now because there never was a marriage in the first place. It was fornication. But there may be some responsibilities that the law would require under most curcumstances, that the children and mother are taken care of. Just walking away is almost impossible and also ungodly.
---john on 7/18/07

Christina, why don't you ask God for yourself?

You're JUST as capable of hearing from God as anybody on these blogs.

(BTW--for the people who tell you to get saved, there's a difference between what they mean by being saved and what the Bible means by being saved.)
---Jack on 7/18/07

I might also point out that the Bible unequivocally says "Children are a blessing from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward."

There's NOTHING that says circumstances of their conception vitiate this blessing.
---Jack on 7/18/07

Born again belief does not wipe the slate clean of the sin of Fornication.Its contrition & a perfect course of ammendment Confession & contrition .dont do it again!!!
---Emcee on 7/18/07

No, your not married in God's eyes. You were just fornicating. I wouldn't worry about getting married, I would worry about getting saved first.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/07

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Christina::As an Rc. officially if the marriage is not officially recorded in the church & no Matrimonial ceremony Performed in the Church by a Priest.Then you have borne children out of wedlock & are not Married .But it would be wise to consult a priest who will give you the proper details.If they are still living together they may get married & recieve the graces after going to ConfessionCommunion & getting back in Gods Graces
---Emcee on 7/18/07

1)God takes little children very seriously. He says that pure religion is to visit widows & ORPHANS and also to allow the little children to"come unto me" and that you must have the "heart of a child" to enter into heaven. Now, regarding marriage. When living with the first person whom the person had children by, were they supposed to have been born again Christians? If not, then one or both I assume were saved at a later date and were washed clean of this sin of fornication.
---jody on 7/18/07

2)If they were born again Christian at the time that they lived together, I assume they intended to marry at some point but had children and it did not work out. In any case, they lived in sin and needed to ask forgiveness and repent. There is still the matter of children.The Bible teaches that if a mans conscience does not convict him, then neither does God. It is your conscience that is an issue as well as YOUR OWN belief. The Bible says that what ever is done in FAITH is not sin.
---jody on 7/18/07

3) If they can marry with a clear conscience and in Faith, than I GUESS it would be ok. But the fact that they are asking for advice indicates a lack of confidence. Therfore I would GUESS that if possible, they should marry the one who they had children with IF POSSIBLE. If not possible, I would GUESS that the individual if free to marry whom they want,keeping in mind that the responsibility of raising the children is still there. Hope that helped.
---jody on 7/18/07

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Some states have statues for common law mariages, but according to God's law you would not be married until you entered into a covenant relationship through the exchanging of marriage vows. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 7/18/07

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