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Does Satan Know He's A Failure

Does Satan know he is going to fail?

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 ---sue on 7/18/07
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No one can come against the Almighty Maker of all and win, that is utter foolishness, and to stupidly believe that he could actually kill his Maker and the Holy Son of God is insanity. Satan already failed completely: his rear was booted out of heaven and now he crawls in the earth, under man's foot, and dirt is in his mouth: next stop for him is eternal torments in the everlasting lake of fire, and also every one whom follows him likewise, loser with no escape.
---Eloy on 6/28/08

I believe he knew that when he was cast out of Heaven.His pride was shattered.Too late for him like most who have that dreaded hideous quality, Buy who still have the time to change,but cannot see the stigma .
---Emcee on 6/27/08

He already failed and fell.

That doesn't stop him from trying to take others down with him. Jesus Christ led captivity captive.
He who descended is also the One who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fulfill all things.

Satan is jealous, envious and filled with hatred because of his rejection. His resentment and bitterness doesn't stop him from trying to devour humans.
---Elder on 6/27/08

Yes, Sue. He knows that his time is coming to an end.
---Jenny on 6/27/08

Without Satan falling, there is no sin or temptation on the earth. there is no need for Jesus Christ to atone for sins never commited. we do not exist because adam and eve didn't know about creation of life. they would have spent eternity in the garden. satan has a role to play, the same way Jesus Christ had a role to play in the eternal life of man. without the plan of salvation, cain wouldn't have slain abel, noah wouldn't build the arc. moses would have never received the commandments.
---Lori on 8/19/07

No satan does not know he's going to fail. Do you think he would be working so hard? He never rest..he torments people, even his own followers 24/7. That is a hard worker. He especially hates Jesus and His people.
Why do you think he comes up with so many ways to trip us up. We as Christians has been instructed, in God's word, to be aware at all times of satan. He has many tricks and traps he can use,anytime, against us. Read I Peter 5:8.We need to take authority over satan. He is a fake and a coward.
---Robyn on 8/18/07

satan was misguided from the time he thought he could be like God. He know's his end he obviously is turned over to his own mind to even think he can overthrow the creator.Even if he is going to fail he is doing a great job amongst us as christian's with high thinking and worldly livestyles, fighting one another, blind to his devices. Wake up, a house divided against itself cannot stand!
---Carla5754 on 8/18/07

Satan already has failed when he rebelled against God and was thrown out of Heaven. His fate was sealed then. He knows that he is going to spend eternity in Hell.
---Helen_5378 on 7/24/07

Anthony: I rest my case. You have a lot to say but it's babble. You have worldly knowledge, not spiritual knowledge. Knowledge has increased ten thousand fold since World War Two. People today make things too complicated and don't see the simplicity of the meaning in the Bible. This is the reason why we have so many Christians denominations in the world. It's getting to the point where even our children are becoming smarter than adults. Make it simple, read the Bible through the eyes of an innocent child.
---Steveng on 7/23/07

a) Steveng - Are you saying that the less knowledgeable a person is the better he understands scripture? You would fit in perfectly in the Catholic church clergy in the Dark Ages.
---Anthony on 7/23/07

b) Steveng - Also, I doubt anybody would consider me as overly educated. I completed High School and that's it. Plus, I went through South Carolina's education system, which is probably the worst in the country or nearly so. If I seem too knowledgeable then maybe my prayers have been answered, because I have asked God many, many, many times for Wisdom and Knowledge. It is second on my wishlist, just under a relationship with my Creator. I love Him so much!
---Anthony on 7/23/07

1) StevenG - If I am to propose an idea which I am not sure about, but would like people to consider is possible then how do I present it without using words like "maybe" and "perhaps?" Why am I not allowed to use those words when I am not sure? Exactly what is your point anyway? The logic escapes me.
---Anthony on 7/22/07

2) StevenG - Are you saying that since I don't know exactly what Satan was thinking that I'm not allowed to speculate? Using your methodology science would never progress, because speculations and unsurity are worthless and never lead to discoveries of truth.
---Anthony on 7/22/07

3) StevenG - Lastly, I hope you have never specualated about something which you were unsure about, because if you have and you smite me for doing it without pulling the beam out of your own eye first then you, sir, are a hypocrite. You can apologize and regain some of your credibility, ignore this and lose some, or try to explain to me clearly why I can't use conditional language for subjects which I am not sure about.
---Anthony on 7/22/07

Jack, you hit on a good point! Satan wants you, yes, but only in the sense as you stated. To keep as many people as he can away from GOD (YAHUVEH). As Satan's MAIN fight is against The LORD GOD. But, since he cannot directly harm (nor overthrow!) Him, then he goes after the objects of GOD's love: His creation of mankind. Once Satan "gets" someone, and gets them to Hell, then He only HATES them from that point on and delights in torturing them. But, The LORD YAHUVEH will have the Last Laugh!!!
---Gordon on 7/22/07

Anthony: You have just proven my point that today's (Christian) adults are just too knowledgeable to correctly understand the Scriptures. You sound like the global warming scientists and the evolutionists using words like maybe, perhaps, could have, apparently (when it is impossible to know for sure) etc. to make it sound it is the truth. Either you know for sure what's on the mind of Satan or you don't. Non of this linguistic babble.
---Steveng on 7/22/07

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I stand in agreement with Notlaw & Anthony. "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth-those remaining firm and faithful in that place within themselves given them to receive and reproduce of the Father's insight and inspiration-and of the seas-those who preserve the gospel of Christ and thru it enhance and enrich the lives of others-for Satan is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time" Remain faithful, thus giving him no place.
---josef on 7/21/07

Jack: God commanded us not to partake in witchcraft or sorcery or even the appearance of it. Does reading such novels glorify God or glorify Satan?

(Jack, you judged me without knowing me. I studied witchcraft and demonology from the mid 1960s to the early 1970s. Also partook in several seances and excorcisms. And I did indeed read the Potter books and movies. As a writer, and book reviewer, how else am I to make a professional analysis to tell Christians not to read or watch them.)
---Steveng on 7/21/07

Jack>>> Satan does to want you. He wants to take as many people to hell that he can, simply because he is evil. Satan hates anything and everything that God creates. This includes people. Satan plays havoic with persons and hates them before God gets them. Then after a person is truly saved, Satan hates the ground that you walk on. The difference is, a saved person now knows that Satan is real, alive, and very evil. We didn't know this before we were saved. Didn't believe that he even exist.
---catherine on 7/21/07

The thing is, Satan doesn't really want you. He simply wants to keep God from having you.

(Obviously, SteveG has not read the books, and hence doesn't know what he's talking about.)
---Jack on 7/20/07

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Anthony: that was deep, Thanks for your insight brother.
---Marcia on 7/20/07

I believe that Satan does know that he's a big LOSER. But, he is so blinded by his own pride and evil that he thinks that he can win "to some degree". But, he knows The HOLY BIBLE just as well as anyone. He knows that GOD (YAHUVEH) will, one day, cast him into the Lake of Fire to be TORMENTED FOREVER AND EVER.(HalleluYAH!) And Satan knows that GOD always keeps His Word, so that when GOD (YAHUVEH) says that He's going to do something, that He will FOLLOW THROUGH and do it!
---Gordon on 7/20/07

Rebecca_D: That's right, Rebecca, even if it means getting the children to read and follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter - their worldly mentor. Look at how many books are being sold. Even if ten percent of the children follow Potter's ways of dealing with the world (both physical and spiritual), then he would be doing cartwheels on the tips of flames in hell.
---Steveng on 7/19/07

1) I think the reason Satan continues to try to succeed against God's will has to do with doubt in his mind which causes him to wonder if maybe just maybe, somehow, it is possible to "beat" God - to accomplish his own will rather than God's. Remember the first thing out of the serpent's mouth when it spoke to Eve "Hath God said..." Satan put doubt into Eve's mind about God's intentions.
---Anthony on 7/19/07

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2) Perhaps this is a result of him previously doubting God's intentions himself while he was still the chief-angel before he rebelled. Maybe he saw something God did during one of the last few days of creation which, rather than take it at face value, he decided to question in his heart sometime after day seven.
---Anthony on 7/19/07

3) Satan apparently feels that he can only trust his own abilities and judgment, and this fits nicely with the Humanists' philosophy which teaches that it is up to us to save ourselves. Perhaps Satan's doubt of God's perfection, rather than the much-proclaimed "hate for humans because we remind him of God" reason, is the main driving-force behind his actions?
---Anthony on 7/19/07

4) Perhaps he is one of those who has to find out for himself, rather than place trust in someone else's guidance? Does Satan know he is going to fail? Maybe the question should be "Does Satan think it is possible that he won't fail?"
---Anthony on 7/19/07

Yes he does. He knows that he has very little time into getting more people away from God. He will destroy your mind, your family, anything he can use against you, he will. Just look on the news, all you hear is killing, raping, this doing that, that doing this. Satan is the ruler of this world. He will do what he can to whomever before his time comes to an end.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/07

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Everyone reading the bible understands that if satan was not cast out, Jesus Christ would not exist. He would not be needed. Satan has a role to play, just like the Savior did. No satan, no temptation, no sin and no need for an atonement. everyone lives righteously and returns to God's kingdom. That destroys our freedom to choose good over evil and is why he was cast out to begin with. he wanted to force everyone to live righteously and take all the glory for himself. read the bible, its all there.
---Lori on 7/19/07

Marcia>>Correct. Satan is a coward. So is every person that follows him and listens to him and obeys him. Yes, Satan knows that his time is short and he is very angry.
---catherine on 7/19/07

Satin knew he was a failure every since the time he was thrown from heaven, however he is a coward. He took one third of the angels with him. So it is now that he wants to take as many as he can with him. Who knows maybe one third of the world, maybe more?
---Marcia on 7/19/07

Knowing it and admitting it are two different things. He know he will get his punishment but in the mean time he is acting out his desires in trying to frustrate God preordained plan for mankind.
---notlaw99 on 7/19/07

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Right - he knows the end of the story, but he knows that he can fool a lot of people into following him straight to hell. He will work tirelessly until the end to take as many souls away from God as he can. Pray earnestly for the lost!!!!!!!!!
---melissa on 7/19/07

I'm sure that he remembers Jesus, and if he can read then he must know he's doomed.
---john on 7/19/07

He knows he lost the war. He wants to take as many people down with him as he can.
---Madison1101 on 7/18/07

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