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What Is Spiritual Pride

In your own words, what is spiritual pride?

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 ---Cynthia on 7/20/07
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Mod.Permit-Thanks! Prayer/Michelle
HeavenlyFather, I come ask help this for Michelle, her Mother Sis.RoseM.
Michelle has gone as far as they can help her B.Cancer, she been suffering with B.C.many yrs.She has given up! Note: She is not saved, but, we know God works accord.His will, we ask touch Michelle, we plead a turn around health & spirit -mercy,healing,
For Michelle in Jesus mighty name.amen.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/21/14

Hello, Sis.Rita,all respect, I too,agree
with all you are saying, here.The Lord knows a person mind, be truthfull, my heart breaks sometimes, because their is such a one, who can be so, critical, above everybody their high mindedness, clouds the true gift at times, they have.. God wants us to be honest with our selves, nobody
knows it all and none is good but, the Father and His son Jesus. I give myself unto prayer.Let us continue to pray and humble our selves, we are not perfect.

This great blessing, Cnt
We need not be indisention, but pray God keeps it here to benefit all the body and new jesus' name.amen.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 4/24/14

Spiritual Pride can attack us all but there are some 'Christians' who are so puffed up with it they seem to think they 'own' their church and 'own' their congregation and sincerely believe that they can ORDER others into how they should manage their life, their home, their children and their money/possessions.

I've met a few pastors like that in the U.K. Their churches are run by one family with no deacons, elders etc. being unrelated.

They are one small step away from being a cult. They seriously believe that they are incapable of ever being wrong and are destroying other people's lives. In so doing they are bringing the church into disrepute because others can see the corruption and believe that is what Christianity is about.
---Rita_H on 3/27/14

I always thought someone who thinks they are more intelligent in bible than anyone else. they are never wrong. someone who is self righteous and claim they never sin. someone that is quick to point out "your sin" and with the same tongue say they have never.
---shira4368 on 3/26/14

Not being taught about pride
---Loriann_Deleston on 3/26/14

Marylois whats up with the woman hating thing?
Where Paul spoke of each person bragging they had a gift - one spoke in tongues and another did not. Peter thinking that he was too good to associate with gentiles.
When Jesus got angry at the Pharisee/Sadduce it was bc they thought they were so much better before God then the Hooker or the Tax collector. Good lesson for us all. The most important thing is to recieve chastisement positively. Peter turned into a great hero of the faith.
---Andrea on 8/11/07

Amen Catherine. I agree to that. A lot of people do seem to care but that is how we should all feel. We should only care what God cares about us. Charlene
---Charlene on 8/7/07

Not in my own words, but studying. It is good for us often to remember against ourselves, with sorrow and shame, our former sins, and to review the records conscience keeps of them, that we may see how much we are indebted to free grace, and may humbly own that we never merited at God's hand any thing but wrath and the curse. Amen.
---catherine on 7/24/07

spiritual pride?ANYTHING that makes us think we are better than someone else,seeking power and authority over others becauise we want power and authority,refusing to listen to God as we think wehave the answer,thinkintg we know God's plan for someone elses life better than they do after all God speaks to us all who wil listen need i go on?
---doree4573 on 7/22/07

SPIRITUAL PRIDE-there is no such thing. Spirit is of GOD, Pride is a human fraility & a deadly sin. God has no sin.therefore the two do not equate.These coined words are there to delude man.MHO
---Emcee on 7/22/07

I do not care what people think of me, only God do I care.
---catherine on 7/21/07

Spiritual pride is taking pride in what God has done for you. Bragging in the spirit realm. Perhaps God has blessed you exceptionally(material things) and you rub it in other's face, you may be able to give more tithes/money in the church and you make sure everyone knows about it. You take too much pride in your faith and beliefs and does not know how to rightfully use it. You run people away instead of draw people to Christ. These are starters but there are many more examples.
---Robyn on 7/21/07

I believe spiritual pride is my biggest fault!! I realize this, I fight this, and I constantly pray about it. The trouble is I know of no way of saying things that does not make me look prideful. For example I'm the one doing the witnessing(delivering the message) and I'm so anxious to tell it hoping that someone else might want to try it.
---Mima on 7/21/07

# 2 I want to add this to my answer. Many times I do not tell of dramatic conversions that I have witnessed, I keep them to myself, in order not to appear so prideful. When the Holy Spirit is using the message(as he almost always is) astounding things take place.
---Mima on 7/21/07

Jesus states: That spiritual Pride is trying to "remove the speck from your brethrens eye when there is a mote in your own eye". Many of the Pharssee when they were trying to descredit Jesus they would constantly try to find something were by they could descredit him. However he was operating in the power of God Almighty. This is why they were always trying to find something against him. Is anyone trying to cast a snare before you?

Take Courage, God is with Thee.
---Marcia on 7/20/07

I'm guessing by spiritual pride you mean self-righteouness? It's basically relying on your own strength and works, instead of God's power, and having a holier than thou attitude. It's best friends are criticism and condemnation.
---Kady on 7/20/07

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If you have an odd against your neighbor and you know it is wrong not to go to them and let them know and ask forgiveness. Instead you keep it to yourself and let pride get in the way.
---Rebecca_D on 7/20/07

Spiritual pride is telling everyone that you are a prophet, when the truth be known, it's probably difficult for you to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.
Spiritual pride is telling everyone that you're the only one going to heaven and everyone else is on that long, black train headed for hell.
Spiritual pride is telling everyone you plan to start your own church when you don't even know where the Scriptures are.
---Marylois on 7/20/07

Spiritual pride is a woman pretending she can be like a man and usurping God's plan for leadership in the Church. Jesus is the Head and man is to be head of the woman.
Spiritual pride is a woman assuming a man's role and calling it God.
Spiritual pride is using namecalling and belittling and calling it prophecy.
Spiritual pride is a woman operating with the spirit of Jezebel (control and manipulation), and in rebellion against God, and calling it God's ministry.
---Marylois on 7/20/07

Spiritual pride is a woman using spiritual witchcraft and condemning others and elevating herself up on a prophetic pedestal.
Spiritual pride is also haughtiness, self righteousness, asserting oneself above others, bragging about a pseudo position of superiority that doesn't even exist except in your own mind.
Spiritual pride is narcissism, egotistical, stubborn, wrathful and dictatorial.
Spiritual pride mocks others.
---Marylois on 7/20/07

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Spiritual pride will tell a lie when the truth sounds better.
---Marylois on 7/20/07

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