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Is Homeschooling Better

Is homeschooling better then public school for christian teaching?

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 ---Candice on 7/20/07
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So when it comes to quality teaching, there is no need for parents to be intimidated by the public schools. Most of the teachers are intellectual medicriocrities. Worse, they are usually members of the leftist anti-Christian teachers' unions.

Also, homeschooling can teach at a rate suited to the individual needs of the child. The mass-produced education factory must by its nature cater to the mean, so kids well above and well below are left out.
---Ktisophilos on 1/5/08

It's also notable that in the US, teaching graduates have among the lowest academic ability of any graduates. It's not surprising, since the brightest students are usually repelled by the mickey-mouse courses at the teacher training colleges. It's no wonder that such low-quality teaching graduates are happy to follow the latest educrat fad so uncritically (look-and-guess reading instead of phonics, "new math"). Yet it's the kids who are guinea pigs.
---Ktisophilos on 1/5/08

Low academic level of many teaching graduates also explains why many teachers hate bright kids. How can they teach a bright kid things they probably don't understand themselves.

But the educrat establishment usually opposes special classes for gifted children. Or if they must have these classes, it is just to assign "busy work" to these kids, not work that will extend them.

No wonder so many bright kids are bored by the educational mass production system geared to the average.
---Ktisophilos on 1/5/08

I have friends who homeschool their kids till 11years old then they go to public is found that homeschooled kids has a higher level of reading than public schooled children..we know this when they are made to read the bible along each other.Most parents of public ed kids gets so embarassed when this happens. Just goes to show how little parents are doing for their kids
---jana on 9/17/07

Fact: Studies have shown that amoung the professions found to have the worst spelling are MEDICAL DOCTORS and that spelling is not related to IQ or learning. Some people simply will never be able to spell well. Others with even lesser IQ's, education, and occupational status, were able to spell with greater accuracy. Just some food for thought.
---jody_martin on 9/16/07

stuedis sohw taht if you hvae the crorect lteters at the bgeningn and end of a wrod tehn you can raed bceuase the briane ajdutss by reaidng the wohle wrod not the lteters. If you can raed this you are nroaml. My daughter is an adult now and doing very well. Growing up in Southern California was a bit tricky with all of the confusion but she serves the Lord and went to college. I am for home school. The course study materials offered now are great. Parents do not have to KNOW IT ALL.
---jody_martin on 9/16/07

It's encouraging to see people like Jim defending homeschooling.

Some of the public school defenders don't seem to realize that the government schools are much worse since they went to school. Decent teachers have even been verboten to point out clear errors in biology textbooks, e.g. Haeckel's fraudulent embryo diagrams used to indoctrinate kids into goo-to-you evolution.
---ktisophilos on 9/14/07

Jim: When I first quoted that statistic, I was using information I learned from one source, 5 years ago. When I went to research that information yesterday, I could not support that statistic.

My recent statistics were from the U.S. Census Bureau website, and they are dated May 2005.
---Trish9863 on 8/27/07

Jim, you misunderstand me. I don't think someone has to "know" something to teach it. However, I do think that someone who has background in a certain area, ie math and science, would be able to answer certain questions better. I know I would not be able to answer all questions and give them the justice they deserve. I'm glad I had math and science teachers, they were able to help me when my mom couldn't.
---Katie on 8/27/07


I understand what you're saying. In the post I responded to, you made it sound as though your time in college was a key factor in not having time to homeschool, so I was addressing that. I took many of my classes the same way you are taking yours, and managed to teach my kids as well. With God's blessings, I hope you do exceedingly well for yourself and your kids.
---Jim on 8/27/07

Trish, you chide a teacher for misspellings saying teachers must uphold the highest standards, yet follow with a post admitting you made a mistake in quoting a statistic. A student (and many adults) will take your word for it on the statistics, but a simple check of the dictionary will show the correct spelling of Litla's words. You dismiss your error as "even teachers make mistakes" yet you don't give Litla that benefit, when your error was the more grevious one, educationally speaking.
---Jim on 8/27/07

Trish and Katie,

I'm astounded that people are so indoctrinated to think that the only way a child can learn something is for an adult to know it first, and then "teach" it. Kid's simply need help training their minds to learn, and they don't all need to do it at the same artificial pace, the way public school is designed.
---Jim on 8/27/07

My 13 year old speaks Latin and knows many Greek root words. As a result, she finds learning French and Spanish easier and her spelling is excellent. Her mother nor I speak these languages, but are learning. She is not "gifted" or "language intelligent". When she slacks off, she doesn't do as well. Kids need to learn to train their minds. The dependency on "qualified teachers" is a farce and one of the biggest lies the school system indoctrinates us with.
---Jim on 8/27/07


Just one more re-visit to Litla's comment. As I mentioned previously, public school testing standards encourages misspellings and other errors because you are rewarded for wrong answers. A 90% is very good on a test, even though it means they got something wrong. They are rewarded for wrong answers with a good grade. They are indoctrinated this way for years, but then you criticize when they live that way? Are you saying then, that schools don't prepare kids for real life?
---Jim on 8/27/07

"...72% of all mothers of children age 1 or older are in the workforce..."

How many HAD to work? What about fathers?

"...there are 10 million single mothers in the U.S."

What process was used to reach and confirm these numbers? What variables were taken into account? How? What was the error margin? Why? Who conducted the study? How? For what purpose? You learn a lot about statistics when you answer these questions.
---Jim on 8/27/07

Trish, I agree, just because one has degrees, especially in education, doesn't make one qualified to teach all areas. I would rather my kids be taught by someone who knows the stuff than by me who probably would not teach it well. Although, you could send your kids to me, I'm qualified to teach another language! (I have a German degree :0) )
---Katie on 8/26/07

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Jim2: I know way too many home-schoolers who never even graduated from high school. Even with all of my degrees, graduate credits and teaching certificates, of which I have four, I do not believe I am qualified to teach any of my children beyond middle school. I do not have the training to teach high school math or science, or any foreign language.
---Trish9863 on 8/26/07

Jim: I misread the statistics I quoted. Even teachers can make mistakes.

I do know that in 2002, 72% of all mothers of children age 1 or older are in the workforce, and that means they have little time to homeschool.

I also know that there are 10 million single mothers in the U.S.

Those are some large numbers.
---Trish9863 on 8/25/07

Jim: Liltal is not a student, but a teacher. As such, she is a role model for her students, and should have the highest standards for the words she uses, no matter the forum. As a teacher, I must proof-read every document I produce and make sure it is 100% perfect in spelling, grammar and punctuation, often having colleagues proof what I type before making copies for my students.
---Trish9863 on 8/25/07

Jim, I think you are mistaken about what I do. I am not selfishly using all my resources to attend school. I take one class at a time, over the internet, when the children are asleep. I'm not pouring excessive resources into my own schooling. Grants are available for college, but not homeschooling. Tell you what Jim, you find me a good husband that wants to support me and my 2 children, I will gladly quit my job and homeschool. I'd be glad to homeshool his kids if he has any!
---Tonya on 8/25/07

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Trish: How is Litlal's misspelling of two words a horrible example when public school promotes this by not requiring 100%, and by using multiple choice testing where answers can be guessed?

A horrible example for children is calling people liars based on one's own failure of knowing simple defintions, or unquestionably believing fraudulent statistics without applying critical thinking. Like you said, public school is not about teaching "truth".
---Jim on 8/18/07

Trish: 90% is a passing grade in spelling, even though it means they are still misspelling words. So Litlal might be a SUPERB speller, by public school standards.

Learn simple defintions (i.e. "restrict"), stop "assuming" that HALF of all kids have single parents based on your misunderstanding of simple statistics.
Realize that homeschoolers learn to spell from the dictionary, not by asking the "teacher" who you have demonstrated are often quite wrong.
---Jim on 8/18/07

Trish) think u por poitin ut me mini mispilns. so bedi sody. u musd bi much mor smarder dan mi an i mabi shud not rite here tu pepul so smard as u. God blesd yu mor dan mi so u plez to hlep mi an i much thank yu por ur obsuvatun. u ur too smart. Maybe God luv u mor dan me. u tink?
---litla on 8/18/07

Trish) It is very sad that people do not look at what is said but rather look at typographical errors. I really do believe the point is to respond to the blog. If you disagree with the notion of homescooling, attack the concept of homeschooling, not the person who wrote in favor of it. Typographical errors are overloocked by God and this is not a publication! I will in short, express again that I am in favor of homeschooling and am sorry that I typed so quickly in my first response.
---litla on 8/18/07

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Litlal: Are you teaching your children English? If so, your spelling is atrocious, and a terrible example for children.
---Trish9863 on 8/17/07

If I had to do it all over again I would probably not have kids. That would eliminate all this controversy over public school and homeschooling. The public school system is shambles now and homeschooling is even worse. Sending kids to school is the only rest some moms get away from their kids. Just another view from a tired mom who has been there and done that..........If I had my way I would pay the teachers a million dollars a year to teach school. It is some job today.Not what it use to be,for sure.
---Robyn on 8/17/07

As christian, my first concern when my babe start school was her interaction with other shouln't be a problem, but now she started 1st grade and is too bad, she don't use to talk or even answer her teacher, she is not participating in class, I asked her why?and her answer was "Dad I don't know why I can't talk to them, I thing I feel ashame",I have the idea to start her clases at home, i thing will be the best for her until she feel more secure of her self.
---Phil on 8/17/07

I am very objective and subjective here. I have children in both. I homeschool our oldest child because he was not thriving in school. The "teacher writes it on the board and you copy it down" method wasn't working for him. There was no interaction and he was getting bored and going to sleep. He is too active to have to sit for 8 hours. I have four other children and they are all in public schools. One of our children is in a class that would not be possible to do at home (JAFROTC).
---Linda on 8/17/07

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The middle child has struggled in school but only because he doesn't want to do his homework. I have opted not to homeschool him because of that. His only reason for wanting to be homeschooled is so that he doesn't have to be in school all day. That is not an acceptable reason for me because if he wastes time at school, he will waste time at home.
---Linda on 8/17/07

He will be on the brink of failing all year and pull everything up the last week of school or pass the TCAP with flying colors. He has passed three years like that. We have a child that just started Kindergarten and a child who is 4. We will weigh the options for them as we go along. I believe the public school system is responsible for one thing...educating our children in the skills necessary to receive a diploma. Training the child up in the way he should go is the parent's responsibility.
---Linda on 8/17/07

Jim: The original question is poorly written, as far as I am concerned. It is a no-brainer to me. Of course, home schooling is better for TEACHING Christianity. That does not mean it is better for ALL Christian kids. I never considered sending my kids to any school but public, until my younger son had some problems and needed a smaller, more personal education when he was in high school. I sent him to a private prep school that was not Christian, fundamentally speaking.
---Trish9863 on 8/17/07

#2 All of the pastors of all of the churches I have ever attended in the past 30 years all send their children to public school. They agree with me that the responsibility for training children in the ways of the Bible is the parents. It is not always the best choice for the parents to teach their kids in the role of school, though.
---Trish9863 on 8/17/07

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"a parent needs to do what they feel is best for the child."

Katie, we are commanded to obey God's Word, not obey what we think is best! You're saying that we should do what we think is best, rather than what GOD says is right? We are to make God subordinate to what WE think is best?!?!

Yours and Trish's comments are perfect examples of the mindset that prevails in public schools. I couldn't make my point any clearer than you are making it.
---Jim on 8/17/07

Jim, Christ wouldn't be wasting his time on such a silly debate.
---NurseRobert on 8/17/07

Yes I think so. I am homeschooling my children and when they tested them, they were way ahead accedimacally. Also, the study material includes God in every aspect of study. They are not exposed to worldly attitudes at this early age and we have a home school group that meets weekly for socialization. It is wonderful. We are privilidged to have it still.
---litlal on 8/17/07

There's a good alternative to both home school and public school. It's a Christian school. And it IS affordable to those who make Christian education a priority.
---robin8683 on 8/17/07

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Jim, I agree there are pros and cons to both homeschooling and public school. However, a parent needs to do what they feel is best for the child. I am glad I went to public school because I know I would not have done well being homeschooled. I needed being with other students, have different teachers, different points of view, different ideas. For me, the pros of public school far outweighed that of homeschooling. And they still will when I finally have kids and send them to school.
---Katie on 8/17/07

So then we are agreed that public schools do not concern themselves with teaching truth nor facts as defined by God, they restrict prayer (confine it within bounds), and God's Word concerning Creation is taught as just another religious story.

Since we seem agreed on these facts, let's refer to the original question. Is homeschooling better than public school for Christain teaching? What would the Christ answer?
---Jim on 8/17/07

Public Schooling is exactly what it says "Public" which is serving the community at large. Open to all,the basic reading, writing, math and any other subjects that would cause the student to function in a public socity. For Christian education one must attend a school which meets the State's requirements of the public education but is taught in a Christian school. Of course the Bible is taught. I teach in a one of the largest cities in the U.S., there are many different religious schools.
---freeda on 8/16/07

Trish, you have said it is not the place of public school to teach that God's Word is correct, and it is not the place of the public school to teach truth.

Well, that's exactly what I am saying, and why I am telling Christians to flee from such a place! That's why my answer to the blogger was "yes". Is your answer "no", even though we agree that truth and God's Word has no place there?
---Jim on 8/16/07

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It is same education sometimes better because schools arent crowded and you get more one on one. They take same National tests as public schools.
---charlene on 8/16/07

Jim: In all of my studies to become a teacher, and all of the schools I have taught in, I have never been told that the purpose of a public school education is to teach truth.

The purpose of the public schools is to create people who can function in society with the skills they need to be employable and, if they desire, to go on and further their education. Literacy, math, and being able to learn thinking skills, research skills and writing skills are what I set out to do.
---Trish9863 on 8/16/07

#2 If Christian parents do their job, it is not necessary to teach the Bible as fact in the public schools. The curriculum is full, and there is plenty of work to be done that does not require the Bible in it.

The science curriculum alone is full without the issue of the origins of life. Evolution/creationism is just a small part of the science curriculum, taking up maybe a week or two of school out of three years of study, if that.
---Trish9863 on 8/16/07

"Jim: You spread lies if you say that prayer is restricted...The Supreme Court...has declared it unconstitutional for teachers to lead a prayer in class." - Trish

"Restrict" means "to confine within bounds".

I find it stunning that you reduce to accusing me of lying, and follow it with a statement that confirms what I said is true. Amazing, but not unexpected from one who speaks for the public school system.
---Jim on 8/16/07

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Jim, the purpose of education is to teach you ALL POINTS OF VIEW and for you to determine what you believe is TRUTH. And that comes from all areas of life: home, church, school, friends, etc. I was taught evolution, but do I accept it as truth? NO! Am I glad I learned it? Yes, because now I have the facts to base my opinion on.
---Katie on 8/16/07

Trish, what kind of education are Christians accepting when the law protects lies and supresses truth? Since when is the purpose of education to learn what is wrong? If you learn what is true, then you know what is false. Would you allow a surgeon to operate on you if she studied what NOT to do? If she knows exactly what to do, she already knows what not to do. Education is to learn TRUTH, not LIES! Yet truth is specifically banned by law.
---Jim on 8/16/07

"I also do not believe it is the place of the public school to teach the Bible as fact. That is not its purpose." - Trish

Exactly, Trish. That's why it is not the place for believers of God to recieve their education. If Jesus walked the earth today, he would not be welcome, or qualified, as a teacher. His "opinions" would all be subordinate to the theories and opinions of men. There is no place for truth in public schools.
---Jim on 8/16/07

Thank you Trish!
---Katie on 8/16/07

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"if a student were to rebut evolution...with in depth research, and support their thesis logically...they would not be penalized." -Trish

What sort of "in depth research" and "logic" would explain that God spoke and all life came to be, and humans were created immortal and given the breath of life?

You are asking a child to explain what God has not revealed to our most accomplished scientific minds. Perfect example of how the schools attack faith.
---Jim on 8/16/07

Jim: You spread lies if you say that prayer is restricted. Any student can pray at any time, silently. The Supreme Court, whose job it is to interpret the Constitution, has declared it unconstitutional for teachers to lead a prayer in class. Big difference. Given the plurality of religious beliefs in our country, whose prayers would be said? All religions would have to be represented.
---Trish9863 on 8/16/07

"...I use my experience because that's what I KNOW." - Katie

That's the problem. God wants us to see it all from His point of view because our standards are not His. That's why He gave us His Word. If we have a different opinion than God's, we need to adjust. That's why we see things as "not so bad" even though they are sinful, because we use man's standard of "bad" rather than God's.
---Jim on 8/16/07

"you seem to believe that all schools teach evolution and that all teachers are left-wing atheists. Where do you base that on?"

I'll repeat... I KNOW (not believe), and so do you, that federal law protects the teachings of evolution and left wing atheists, while banning the teachings of the Bible and restricting prayer.
---Jim on 8/16/07

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"Evolution is not taught as fact, but theory." - Trish
Rubbish. Evolutionist roll their eyes and say "gravity and plate tectonics are also theory, but we know they're there". Besides, if it is taught as theory, then what other theories are taught regarding the origins of life? Isn't it irresponsible just to teach just one theory? Isn't teaching just one theory extremely prejudicial to other theories? Even intelligent design is being shot down by the courts.
---Jim on 8/16/07

"Congress shall make no law respecting an estbalishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Where in this statement do you find justification to institute a federal law enforcing evolution over creation? Where do you see justification to restrict prayer? Doesn't restricting prayer prohibit the "free exercise" of religion? So whose will prevails here, God's, Christians', or left wing atheists?
---Jim on 8/15/07

Jim: Evolution is not taught as fact, but theory. Teachers I work with grade reports based on research, and supporting the thesis with evidence from the research. Therefore, if a student were to rebut evolution, and they were to do it with in depth research, and support their thesis logically, and respectfully, they would not be penalized.
---Trish9863 on 8/15/07

I see nothing wrong with a Christian learning what evolution is in order to discuss it intelligently, and argue against it. Just as I see nothing wrong with Christians understanding other religions.
---Trish9863 on 8/15/07

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I teach 7th grade social studies, which is the geography of the Eastern Hemisphere, and there is study of all of the religions of the world as a result. I see nothing wrong with teaching what the other religions believe. I also do not believe it is the place of the public school to teach the Bible as fact. That is not its purpose.
---Trish9863 on 8/15/07

No, I don't base everything off my experience, but I use my experience because that's what I KNOW. I am not going to take from someone elses experience, because that person will have a different opinion. However, you seem to believe that all schools teach evolution and that all teachers are left-wing atheists. Where do you base that on? Yes, there are some teachers who lean that way, but not all. Yes, schools teach evolution, but not all. Each school is different in what it offers and teaches.
---Katie on 8/15/07

Katie, do you define everything by your experience alone? Evolution is the basis of all biological science taught in public school. "Can't prevent students from exercising their beliefs"? Let a student do her science reports on how the teacher, textbooks, and scientists are wrong, and all truth and facts concerning biological origins can be found in the Bible. Then tell me if she is rewarded or penalized for exercising her beliefs.
---Jim on 8/15/07

1)I was not taught evolution until I took anthropology in college
2)the separation between church and state is so our government doesn't become a theocracy-the first amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an estbalishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Since public schools are government run they can't endorse religion nor can they prevent students from exercising their beliefs. I had many Christian teachers who incorporated faith in what they taught.
---Katie on 8/15/07

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"...I get the feeling that you believe public schools are a breeding ground for left-wing atheists!"

I'm pointing out the fact that federal law protects the teachings of left-wing atheists while prohibiting the teachings of God and restricting prayer. What does that tell you? Did public school teach you that the phrase "seperation of church and state" does not exist in the Constitution?

Those are the facts, whether we like them or not. Do you think God likes them?
---Jim on 8/15/07

Katie, again you ignore the main points of my post.

Are you saying that teaching evolution as fact and creation as just a religious story is not calling the Bible fiction? How can you claim to be a critical thinker, yet not see this simple conflict of logic? Could it be the public school habit of emotional thinking rather than engaging in critical thinking?

Since you are ignoring nearly all of my points, you can't be arguing with me. You must be arguing with your conscience.
---Jim on 8/15/07

"religions were taught as a part of history or humanities, as a worldview, not myth or truth" - Katie

EXACTLY! In public school, the Bible is "NOT TRUTH" as you said. Christ is just another religious figure. Believing the Bible is just a "personal preference". Evolution marginalizes God's Word as a myth.

Christ said give Ceasar (the gov) what is his, and give God what is his. With this curriculum, to whom do we render our childrens' education?
---Jim on 8/15/07

I have no problem telling my children that their teachers are wrong at school as I occassionaly have to do at church. I don't want anyone teaching my kids what religion to follow. They learn about God from the Bible and parents. Evolution will always be an alternative, start them early understanding it, and the true answers so they can better talk intelligently, same with other subjects. Remember to "Train up a child. . ."
---dan on 8/15/07

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Jim, I am defensive because I get the feeling that you believe public schools are a breeding ground for left-wing atheists! Not once was I taught that the Bible was a bunch of lies! In my experience, religions were taught as a part of history or humanities, as a worldview, not myth or truth. And I feel that my public school education prepared me very well for college, to think critically and to be open to new ideas. If I had been homeschooled, I know I would not have been as well prepared.
---Katie on 8/14/07

Speaking of taking a Bible to school:

My mentor's son took his Bible to school every day and was ridiculed for it. One day, one of the bullies said, "Look at the little wimp carrying around a Bible." The boy turned and said, "If you think you are so big, let's see you carry it around." They didn't bother him anymore about carrying that Bible.

This is truly one of those "at that very hour the Holy Spirit will give you the words to speak..."
---Linda on 8/14/07

Katie, why are you so defensive? I haven't attacked you, in fact, I've complimented you.

Are schools mandated by law to teach that God's word is a myth or a lie? Yes! Is the Bible banned in the classroom as a source of truth? Yes! Is it illegal for teachers to lead prayers? Yes! Why do you keep ignoring such blasphemous insults to God as if God won't mind as long as you "turned out great"?!?! These are the points of my posts, and the only parts you're ignoring!
---Jim on 8/14/07


You very well know, from reading and responding to many of my previous posts, that I'm not saying the Bible is physically banned from entering school grounds. The point of school is classroom education. The Bible is banned as the source of truth in the classroom. No subject is subordinate to the Bible in the classroom. The Bible is a lie and a myth in the classroom. I notice you are careful to avoid these points when defending public school.
---Jim on 8/14/07

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Jim, the Bible is not banned, I took my Bible to school. Before cheerleading competitions, we said a prayer, led by one of my teammates. I had a teacher who taught faith in his classes without being preachy. I have several friends from school who are strong in their faith. I am not knocking homeschooling, but it isn't/wasn't for me. I received a better education in public school than I would have if my mom had homeschooled us.
---Katie on 8/14/07

Jim, I did not just turn out "OK" I turned out great! I have a drive to further my education, to keep my mind open to things, to strive to do my best. That is all because of my teachers, my family, and my friends.
---Katie on 8/14/07

Many kids who have been deep in Satanic cults, or drugs, or sex, or other sinful tragedies have turned out OK. That isn't justification for sending our kids into those activities, is it? Many kids have blindly run into the street to retrieve a ball, and they turned out OK. Does that make it OK to send our kids to play in the street? Many turned out OK after public school. Does that make it OK to educate them where Godly teachings are illegal?
---Jim on 8/14/07

Katie, the fact that you "turned out OK" is great and should be celebrated. It does not mitigate the facts I mentioned about trusting an atheistic system which teaches that the Bible is either a myth or a lie, prayer is restricted, the Bible is banned, and sin is celebrated...facts which I notice are being ignored here, just as the school system is hoping.
---Jim on 8/14/07

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"Someone needs to witness to the other kids". That really is the most pathetic excuse to disobey the biblical command to educate one's children. Be honest: in most cases, who is really witnessing to whom? Do the kids from secular families take home Bible verses and apologetic materials, or do the kids from Christian homes bring home swear words and obscene jokes?
-by Ktisophilos

Worth posting again. Hope you don't mind KT.
---Jim on 8/14/07

KT: Nearly half the teachers I had were Christian and not liberal, I didn't have liberal teachers until college. Jim: My mom didn't send us to school to be "free" of kids during the day, but because she couldn't teach us things taught in school. She also worked to support four kids.
I didn't always agree with or accept things taught in school because I was grounded in what my mom taught and faith. I'm glad I learned things like evolution because my beliefs and values are more meaningful.
---Katie on 8/14/07

Trish, if you are really concerned with saving school money rather than coddling teachers unions, you should love vouchers. The government schools cost over $10,000 per child (at least $200,000 per classroom!). So if the government gave parents a $5000 voucher per child, it would SAVE $5000.
---ktisophilos on 8/13/07

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