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Can Cousins Marry Each Other

Cousin relationships - does God forbid it? For the married ones, should they continue or should they consider divorce?

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 ---A on 7/21/07
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Inbreeding weakens DNA over time, not in one generation. European Hapsburg royal families have hemophelia. WIDESPREAD inbreeding between Darwin and Wedgewood families caused family illnesses. Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer etc., but not from one cigarette or pack.

Scarlet fever is caused by strep throat bacteria, not by inbreeding (although that might weaken your immunity).

Interbreeding can't weaken chidren in couples who don't have any (e.g. old or infertile couples).

Most wars are fought over land and resources (Germany and Japan in WW2), ideologies (holy wars), or power. The War of Spanish Succession was a power struggle among weakened Hapsburgs, but most power struggles aren't like that.
---StrongAxe on 8/12/19

Cousin marriage is main cause of Scarlet Fever and the death of Anne Darwin (Charles Darwin's Daughter) and Darwin wrote Origin of the Species in relation to his daughter's death. Cousin marriage not only takes away your freedom but Cousin Marriage is the main cause of wars it causes medical conditions that cannot be cured in the offspring like disabilities. This practice will make your child go blind,have missing arms or legs.etc
---Anonymous on 8/12/19

It has been proved that Cross Pollination Produces the best Flowers.This has been also determined in humanity cross bred Races and that is why the world is Cosmopolitan today.It has been discovered that close blood relations cause genetic defects.While this is a RISK.why take the chance who suffers "The sins of the parents shall be bourne by their children."Do we still need that.Things were different in olden days of the OT.
---Emcee on 4/17/08

"Presumably Cain married his full sister" Correct - there were no other females for him to marry except sisters.
---RitaH on 4/17/08

Cousins marry each other in cults.
If God is telling 1st cousins to divorce before they risk having children, that would be God's business. First cousins should not marry, I don't think 2nd and 3rd cousins should marry either. Leave your relatives alone. If 1st cousins already have children, should stay married and take care of them.
---Ted on 4/12/08

It is illegal to marry anyone closer in relationship than a second cousin.Also if you have any children with anyone closer in relationship than that they may have genetic abnormalities.Use wisdom!
---shirley on 4/12/08

Presumably Cain married his full sister. Abraham married his half sister. The Torah allows marriage to firrt cousins. But from a medical standpoint it is a terrible idea, for reasons already stated below.
---amicusdei on 4/12/08

We must obey the laws of our land and some countries forbid this whilst others don't. Common sense plays a part also. If certain illnesses seem to be hereditary in the families concerned it would be unwise and even if there was only one isolated case of something serious it would be wise to get medical help and testing.
---RitaH on 4/12/08

God forbids cousin relationships,it is called insest. To him it is an amobination. Those that are married should pray and ask the lord for a responce on if they should consider divorce. In my family we believe that divorce is not right. But then again different people have different oppinions. I hope this helps.
---ellie7766 on 4/11/08

Sons went to their Uncles kids on their Mom's side of the family, Like Jacob who married 2 of his cousins Leah & Rachael, the Mothers of the 12 son's(tribes)of Jacob(Israel)!
However, I know how God Feels about Hillbilly Incest...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/11/08

1ST COUSINS A no no::The shells of the sea are numerous-If the risk exists even .0001% why invite that on your offspring to satisfy your desire.The saying there are many pebbles on the beach.If it is advised against then keep off the grass,is good advice.
---Emcee on 4/11/08

There is nothing in the inspired Word of God to forbid cousin relationships, in fact, the LORD brought cousins together a number of times. Also, 1st cousins only have an increased risk of having pregnancy problems by 1.75-2.8% over "strangers" (no two people are farther than 50th cousins). The problem is when both parents share the same recessive genetic defect (physical/mental/emotional), then there is a 25% chance of passing it on to children.
---Rev._E.B._Trujillo on 4/11/08

I read it is illegal in 31 states. Most other countries do not forbid cousins to marry and Islamic coutries encourage it.
The one time it should be discouraged is if there is a genetic condition ie so it would be advisable to get genetic couseling before marriage.
---Andrea on 8/11/07

I've read Leviticus 18 and found cousins were not mentioned in the list.
---A on 7/24/07

If you married someone in your family and had children the may be retarted
---Betty2 on 7/23/07

John: "Abraham was married to Sarah, his half sister, which was also not allowed according to the law of Moses."

Nope, the Mosaic Law did not exist then, so could not forbid or allow anything. For reasons, see the "Who did Cain Marry" thread (or whatever it was called).
---Ktisophilos on 7/23/07

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Moderator says....

"Moderator - There are only two Biblical reasons that a Christian can divorce. A Christian may divorce only if your spouse has committed adultery according to Matthew 19:9 or if your spouse is an unbeliever and leaves according to 1 Corinthians 7:15."
---Smoky on 7/23/07

Cousins should not marry under any circumstances. Not in this country anyhow. If they are already married, may as well stay married.If your mom and my dad are sister and brother. Why would I want to marry into a relationship like this? I would be afraid of the consequences.
---Robyn on 7/22/07

I guess so, not something that would be the optimum situation. Your family tree will be a few branches short.
---Forest_G. on 7/21/07

Just for my information, what is considered incest?
---Annie on 7/21/07

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Marrying first cousins was forbidden by God with good reason, just as washing your hands before you eat is good. The question is NOT whether God still forbids it, but is it beneficial without the strict enforcement against it. Inbreeding produces poor stock with greater risks of genetic defects. I would think that most first world nations would have civil laws against it for this reason. If someone was legally married, then they should pray that God protects their children from the risks.
---lorra8574 on 7/21/07

One of the reasons marriage between people who are related is more scientific than spiritual. At first, the gene pool was pure. After time, it wasn't. The closet relative you are advised to marry is a 3rd cousins. Any relation closer than that, you take a chance of having a deformed offspring. While you can marry a next of kin closer than a 3rd cousin, those couples should abstain from sex.
---wivv on 7/21/07

Oh dear. First or second cousins?
First cousins, I would think fifty times before having any children. Too much of risk for defects. As for a divorce, you married for better or worse. This is in the worse dept., but it's still happens all over the world. Deformities, defects are the greatest risk when having children. I do know first cousins that married and had children. The children had many learning disabilities, but the grandchildren suffered from physical disabilities.
---Smoky_Mtns on 7/21/07

Not marrying cousins was in the OT. laws that Jesus nailed to the cross and redeemed us from. The same as circumcision and not shaving your beard. There is no need for divorce, they have not disobeyed God. These laws were first of all, never placed on the Gentiles.
---john on 7/21/07

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Abraham was married to Sarah, his half sister, which was also not allowed according to the law of Moses.
---john on 7/21/07

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