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Heart Transplant Problems

I had a heart transplant and my family has treated me so horrible. I have no support except Jesus Christ only. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

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 ---vaughan on 7/22/07
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I find that really hard to believe.
Are you needing this question answered for a survey or an assignment.
I cannot imagine anyone treating a family member horrible that made it through a heart transplant. If this is true, and Jesus is your only support, you are in Good Hands.
---Jenny on 5/7/08

AlwaysOn, are you Andrea?

There's a great deal of role playing and character development that's been going on here. Which one of you is the author?
---Mark on 8/30/07

Andrea, are you Kevin?
---Mark on 8/30/07

2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
---Andrea on 8/29/07

Andrea, the 'Donna' story was a really good one. The character development must have taken some thought. Leaving a trail of lasagne crumbs, that led flies to your doorstep. I look like Jaclyn Smith aka Donna Smith, Linda Smith. And the way you pray for everyone on line, just like Andrea does or is that Holly? Wow, it's all adding up.
---Crystal on 8/29/07

Andrea, just read a blog about your anger issues. Road rage. Temper tantrums.
And that burning sensation you described was interesting.
I saw a lady downtown with road rage. She was cursing with her windows down, stomping on the brakes, switching lanes, shaking her fists and cursing at people on the sidewalks. It was apparent that we were seeing someone off of her meds. It was a sad situation.
---Crystal on 8/29/07

Hi Crystal - your back I thought you morphed - I like to be able to see my enemies close up. May God reach in and give you a heart transplant of the spiritual variety.
I believe gilbert is a Baptist pastor - I on the otherhand am I non-d pentecostal. I have a lot of respect for Gilbert so its a compliment to me that you see us as one.

The people you associate with me are people who think of Christ in a loving and personal way - so if you continue to seek I'M SURE YOU'LL SEE TOO
---Andrea on 8/29/07

Maybe Gilbert can get together with Andrea and all the rest of the gang and they can integrate back into one person.
That would be a miracle.
---Crystal on 8/27/07

Andrea, sorry for the slow responce. There are three kinds of psycho-social help. Social Worker (Typiclly athist, and not well trained in mental health) Psychologist, may or may not be faith based, but alway very scientific. Counselors, seek a trained CC or Pastoral Counselor. Public/secular hopitals generally don't have faith based groups. Some denominational Hospitals do but most don't.
---Gilbert on 8/22/07

Gilbert your a hospital chaplain - thats great. When I tell christians to seek counseling I usually tell them to go to pastorial or CC. Won't most hospital Soc srv have support groups that are christian or am I being very naive. Thanks.
---Andrea on 8/9/07

Hospital Chaplain chiming in. I doupt the toubled family truly understands the situation. I must also disagree with the advice to seek mental health options. That may be necisary, but start with a church support group.
---Gilbert on 7/30/07

Vaughn I'm so sorry it sounds like no one understands. i know that some denominations would have a problem with this (JW's or CS) but not having gone through it I don't understand your family. It has become a fairly common procedure and I'm sure there is precedence for their reaction so I encourage you to ask the hospital social services for a support group. I will keep you in prayer.
---Andrea on 7/26/07

I am not sure what their issues are but I am sure that you must find human support. If you are well enough at this point,maybe you might find support through a group related to heart transplant survivors or church. Contact your local heart association or medical professionals. Also,you may get support by contacting a local mental health clinic to find out about support groups that they offer. I pray that your family comes around.
---jody on 7/26/07

Vaughan, I've never had this problem, but I feel for you. Be still, for Messiah is all the support you need. I don't know your story, nor your family's motives, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to treat you in a Christ-like fashion. I don't know if they know Him or not, but I sincerely hope that, if they do, they will act like it and, if they don't, they will see the error in their ways soon. Keep your head up, keep leaning on Christ and may you have a speedy, FULL recovery in His name.
---AlwaysOn on 7/26/07

Sad, but true, SusieQ. I know a woman who drove her family away because of bonafide hypochondria. She squandered every dime, running from doctor to doctor. She's still one, today, without a family. She's 75 now, only her head was sick. Her family turned on her around age 50. Financially, she ruined them. Every dime was spent for a diagnosis search. Mental illness is spotted easier than it was 25 years ago. Experts used to say one in four was mentally ill. Now it's probably one of out of three.
---Iris on 7/25/07

Sometimes families turn against a member of the family because that member has caused so much pain in their lives that they can't stand anymore. Then when that family member really needs them, they aren't there.
---Susie on 7/23/07

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I know of a case where a woman's husband and parents shamefully abandoned her after she received a heart transplant. Some "love" this is, preferring her dead than living with another person's blood pump. There is nothing wrong with organ transplants.
---Ktisophilos on 7/23/07

I personally haven't had a transplant but I have had areas of my life where my natural family didn't support me. If you would like, my husband and I would be glad to e-mail with you to encourage and edify you in the Lord until (and after) you come into full strength once again. My pen pal id is linda3843 and my personal e-mail address is in my profile.
---Linda on 7/23/07

Yes, before the transplant one of my children told me not to ask her for help and nothing has changed. My sister and brother do not come to see me or have anything to do with me. They must be afraid I will need them to help.
God is helping you and me, so don't give up. Look to Him and Him alone. He is there.
---ms on 7/23/07

I am sorry for you. I can't imagine how you feel. This is a strange thing, as family usually will be supportive of sick relatives. They must have a reason for this kind of action. You will have to ask them why and deal with it from there. Meanwhile, you recognize Jesus as your support and this is good. You will not be abandoned by him. I hope everything works out for you and your family also.
---john on 7/23/07

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I do think there is more to the story.
Did your family want you to forget the transplant?
What really happened that made them abandon you besides the bad marriage?
---Cindy on 7/23/07

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