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Confrontational Witnessing

Moments ago about 12 p.m. Central standard time a grocery clerk experienced a tremendous exciting conversion on the parking lot of the local IGA grocery store. This was as strong a reaction as I have ever seen from confrontational witnessing. Tell me again this type of witnessing does not work.

Moderator - If lead by the Holy Spirit to do so, it can work very well.

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 ---Mima on 7/23/07
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mima, it reminds me of a Chars.Finney story - some guy said I don't like the way you witness with all that fire and hell stuff its too strong.
finny said " i don't like it either, how do you do it"
he said well I don't
Finny said "I like my way better"
---Andrea on 8/12/07

Conversational witnessing can lead to Confrontational witnessing and Confrontational witnessing can lead to Converesational witnessing. Its all in How the Spirit want to move.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Mima...Yes! The power of prayer! It is when we follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit that we are truly obedient to the Lord. Of course, you know that. We have had people tell us that they want to go to hell with their friends. I'm sure that kind of thing has happened to you also. Our 75-year old friend who ministers in prisons just recovered from heart attacks and strokes. He is now in a wheelchair back into the prisons ministering! He's one of the confrontational ministers also. Praise God!
---Susie on 7/26/07

Concerning praying for others in front of them. Once I was called to the front of a church by a pastor, and asked to give the invitation unto salvation. I gave what I thought was a good invitation, no one came forward, so I started back to my pew, and the Holy Spirit said to me, go back, stand before them and pray for those who are lost that are here today. I did, and five people came forward to receive Jesus Christ.
---Mima on 7/26/07

One of the best lessons I've learned about the laying on of hands, from a well seasoned/biblically sound pastor. He said if you don't know the person that wants to minister to you, always pray first. Pray right outloud in front of the person. Ask, would you mind if I pray first? If they get upset and angry, they'll usually walk away. If they are of God, outloud, say "Lord, if this is of You, I will receive it, if not Lord, I refuse it in the name of Jesus."
---Toby on 7/25/07

A minister with darkness will usually leave you alone, but have anger. If they're legit, they will not be offended and understand. Never let someone lay hands on you suddenly. You risk meeting up with someone who's glued to Charmed/S.King/Harry Potter and all things witchcraft wanting to lay their hands on you. People don't understand that there is a transference in the spirit realm that takes place. Good or evil.
---Toby on 7/25/07

I wouldn't want someone filled with witchcraft (whether they know they are or not) touching me or my family members.
Remember, it's your life. You do not have to open yourself, your spirit, up to every person who wants to be in charge. You shall know them by their fruits. If you don't know their fruits, they come at you, be bold and say, NO, STOP. You don't need their spiritual baggage messing with your life.
---Toby on 7/25/07

Someone who is so timid and hesitant about receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism, but has no problem allowing the unholy spirits into their house - needs a thorough housecleaning. But if you enjoy the darkness too much, it will take conviction to make that decision to really lay down your old fleshy self and follow Jesus.
Until then, that person has no business laying their hands on anyone. And I really don't care how many votes you have here.
---Toby on 7/25/07

For some people, it takes a life or death situation for them to be able to come out from among them and be separate. When faced with death and the desire to live, they'll do whatever it takes.
Until then, having a form of godliness but denying the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver you from evil, you may get by...for awhile.
---Toby on 7/25/07

Question for anyone who can tell me: where in the Bible does it talk about having someone lay hands on you suddenly? I just want to look that up for myself so if anyone knows, please let me know, thank you and God bless. :)
---Mary on 7/25/07

Toby...You are so right. My husband and I have very careful who we let pray for us. We have had many opportunities for the darkside to pray for us. They get VERY upset when we say no. I will listen to anything Mima has to say for his posts on this website have shown he truly loves the Lord and is making sure people are saved before it is too late. Others quite often perceive themselves to be something they are not.
---Susie on 7/25/07

Susie: I didn't attack anyone. Did I say that I've learned lessons from watching Harry Potter? No, I haven't. This dicussion isn't about who watches what movies. This is about God draws (convicts) a person before Salvation occures. You do really well in casting the first stone and you're holier than thou attitude, just shows how judgemental you really are.
---Rebecca_D on 7/25/07

I back you up on this one, Susie. RebeccaD. wants to be a preacher, a teacher and give prophetic words out of heart that just loves witchcraft shows. Go figure.
I certainly would not allow her to minister to me, and that's outside of the woman issue. The bible says let no one lay hands on you suddenly, it's for this reason. A minister of light and dark.
---Toby on 7/25/07

Rebecca.....You attack a man who is serving the Lord, yet you defend your practice of reading occult books and watching occult movies such as Harry Potter. You quote scripture out of one side of your mouth and discuss the lessons you learn in Harry Potter books out of the other. The Bible talks about double-mindedness. It's not Christian!
---Susie on 7/25/07

Helen: yes that is possible. Anything is possible with God. Rickey: A person can't get saved whenever they want. They don't just say one day, I think I'll get saved today. God convicts a person of their sins first, before Salvation can take place. Getting saved and should get saved are two different things. In Acts 2:37-38, when people heard about Jesus, they were pricked in the heart (conviction), then they asked Peter what must they do. Peter said repent for the remission of their sins. CONT,
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/07

CONT: I agree that a person must hear the word of God being preached before the Holy Spirit brings conviction. You go against yourself when you say that God has to draw a person to him before salvation takes place, but then you say that God doesn't do the same for every person. But yet he is no respect of persons. If there is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus by conviction, then how is it that he doesn't do the same for all?
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/07

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Mima: I can judge righteously. And if God isn't convicting someone of their sins, I can righteously say they won't get saved. Not everyone you meet will be under conviction. A person can repeat after you until they are blue in the face and still die and go to hell. Just because one refuses to listen to you or to God, that doesn't mean they weren't under conviction. It just means that they refused.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/07

Rebbecca I am glad that you stated that scripture. Yes no man comes unless the Father draws him/her, but He doesn't do the same for every person.

All come by hearing the gospel. The Holy Spirit may bring conviction, but they must be hearing the word in order to get conviction.

God is no respecter of persons. Anyone at anytime can get saved. God has already done His part. Romans 10 shows that we are to witness & weather they feel "conviction" or not they should get saved.
---Rickey on 7/24/07

Take the Eunuch in Acts 8 for example. He was reading scripture, but didn't understand it so Peter was sent to minister to him. He simply responded to the truth.
---Rickey on 7/24/07

RebeccaD - Do you think that maybe the Father is drawing the people where Mima is, and that is why they are there because the Lord knows that Mima is going to help them to pray?
---Helen_5378 on 7/24/07

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"No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him? If that doesn't take place before repeating after me prayer, that person isn't going to get saved." Rebecca I completely agree with this statement. However the Lord has chosen to save others by the FOOLISHNESS of our preaching. And the defining question quiets the listener's mind and many times the Holy Spirit convicts instantly. Do you understand what a finding question is?
---Mima on 7/24/07

Rebecca it is not our place to judge whether or not a person is under conviction. If we go by the Word of God,"No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him." By following the word this decision is already made for us, if a man answers yes to the question do you want to pray then that man is under conviction. If however he turns away after hearing the defining question then obviously he is not being drawn by the Father. It is as simple as that.
---Mima on 7/24/07

Mima...Thank you for sharing. My husband also witnesses in the same way you do. We had a waitress get down on her knees at Denny's in Las Vegas and have him pray for her. She accepted Jesus right there in the middle of sin city and the conversion was very authentic. I think you and my husband are about the only two people around who think it is your calling to reach everyone you meet every minute of the day. God bless you! I know HE does.
---Susie on 7/23/07

Mima: I didn't mean to take any blessings away from you, if I did. Because this is the third time you've made a comment simular to this one, in the past and you have yet to answer my question. For Me, I know when God is convicting someone of their sins because I feel the Holy Ghost's power and plus I can see it on the other person's face. Please, tell us how it came about you asking this check-out girl if she was saved or not.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

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Mima: Was she under conviction by God? Everyone you see will not be under conviction by God from their sins. Why do so many people leave out the most important key before Salvation takes place? Which is No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him? If that doesn't take place before repeating after me prayer, that person isn't going to get saved.
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

In all things, give God the glory. Praise God that He has added to the church daily.
---Linda on 7/23/07


A hearty AMEN!
---Moderator on 7/23/07

Bold is beautiful! If the Holy Spirit prompts you to approach a stranger, than by all means, approach away. But don't scorn your brother for using other methods that are more subtle (not saying you did). God uses us all in different ways to reach different people. Being we are all unique, wouldn't it be fair to say we are wooed by the Holy Spirit in different ways?
---Kady on 7/23/07

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#2 quickly I answered, yes help me. When we arrived at my truck I raised up out of my wheelchair and said I can walk very well on my heels but I have trouble standing over a long period time. The reason I ask you out here to help me was I want to ask you this question. I asked the question, to which her answer was no I'm not sure that I will go to heaven.
At this point I told her what the Bible said and then ask her would you call on the name of the Lord for your salvation?
---Mima on 7/23/07

Yes was her answer. We prayed and then she said to me, o sir you have been sent by God to me this day. I felt so fortunate to get this job this morning and now I know why I got this job. I knew something as soon as I began to talk to you but I had no idea I would have salvation explained to me so clearly thank you. And she returned to the store in a fantastic joyous mood. The change in her heart was visible on her countenance in her face!!!! And the Lord has saved another.
---Mima on 7/23/07

Mima, if you knew already that it worked, why then did you desire or need the majority vote? I don't remember if I commented on your last blog regarding confrontational witnessing, but the bottom line is that the proof is in the pudding. If you have seen the result, then I wouldn't bother subjecting it to the appeal of the masses.
---Linda on 7/23/07

I guess a better question would be, "Does it result in a conversion every time? Is there ever anyone actually put off by the confrontation or does everyone respond favorably to it?" I would guess that the times that anyone responded at all in any type of witnessing, it was because the Holy Ghost convinced them of the truth. It isn't the vessel or the method. It's the Holy Ghost.
---Linda on 7/23/07

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#1 Moderator a little more about this conversion. As soon as I notice this new lady in the grocery store the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. But I virtually froze for some unknown reason. Now all the clerks in the store know me very well as does the owner and they realize I do not need any help out to my car with my groceries. But this lady being new, did not know that and she casually ask me can I help you out with your groceries?
---Mima on 7/23/07

Mima: I never said that type of witnessing does not work. I said it is not for me. Could it be that other people witnessed to this grocery clerk in different ways, on different times and have bathed this person in prayer, so that the Holy Spirit was preparing him/her for the moment when you would witness and reap the harvest of their planting? Just a thought.
---Madison1101 on 7/23/07

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