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Is Dancing Ok For Teenagers

Is Dancing OK for teenage christians?

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 ---bill on 7/24/07
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what kind of music are we considering here?

Godly music or worldly music?
---patie3447 on 8/1/08

What is this, Footloose? lol.
---kate on 7/16/08

Supervised Social & Folk dancing events are proper for both teens and preteens, it is part of learning social skills and respect for the opposite sex. It builds self esteem and is an effective tool to combat need for gang membership in inner city an urban environments.
---Phil_the_Elder on 7/9/08

Formal ballroom-type dance represents a respectable courting couple presenting themselves to society, or youngsters practicing courtship skills.

The term "rock & roll" is old slang for sex. Most popular music and dancing is sexual now. Many popular songs use the word "dance" to mean sex.
Children of God know deep down when their behavior is pleasing to God, who tells us to do everything to His glory. Shouldn't we behave differently than Satan's children?
---Jim on 8/13/07

It seems better that kids be at a dance where there are adult sponsors who watch over them than running all over town without supervision. Teenagers are going to get into trouble when they are away from supervision more than right in front of supervision.
---Susie on 7/31/07

Robyn: When my children gets up into age, to where they are flirting, then I might think the same way you do now. But we can't control every teenager there is. My husband(cop) spotted a car with heads bopping up and down, in a church parking lot (of all places). He shined his spotlight on them and saw the girl putting her top on. They both was over 18, what could he do? He told them to go somewhere else instead of a church parking lot.
---Rebecca_D on 7/29/07

Rebecca_D: I know that everyone is not me but I am a living breathing person just like you. Yes, that was my past. That is why I brought it up. Been there and done that. People are more alike than they are different. Teen pregnancy is at epidemic proportions. That needs to be kept in mind.Its not the dancing that's evil. Its how it is done and the intentions behind the dancing.
---Robyn on 7/29/07

Any type suggestive, lewd and sexual movement of the body, especially in public is not ok. Line dancing is not ok.I have seen nasty movements with it. I am a dancer.I did that too. Loose free dancing with or without a partner to non erotic music is ok for teens and adults.
---Robyn on 7/29/07

Ktisophilos: No I don't know you. What does that have to do with the question? I don't want to get personal.
I am ok with non erotic dancing. I said that. But we should be careful the things we do ,does not sully our testimony for Christ. It is so easy to make our mouths say anything but when it comes to living for Christ, most fakes, including satan, fail the test at this point. Are you one of them Ktisophilos? I hope not.
---Robyn on 7/29/07

Robyn: Did you ever stop and think that not everyone was/is like you? What you did is in the past. But just because you did things, doesn't mean everyone else did the same thing. Why would we want to go to a topless bar just to watch how women dance? People like you make a mountain out of a molehill. Some dancing is ugly, but it isn't all ugly. What about Line-danceing? Is it wrong in your eyes?
---Rebecca_D on 7/29/07

Robyn, you know nothing about me. And you admit yourself that dancing can be OK. Just because some dancing is ugly and perverted, it doesn't mean all dancing is that way. The legalists wrongly condemn a practice rather than the abuse of that practice. It's the same on those alcohol threads here.
---Ktisophilos on 7/29/07

Yes...if its done in the right context(at a wedding,school and so forth) Teens need to be chaperoned. So do adults for that matter but I want go there. Dancing is wonderful. But I have done inappropriate dancing in my lifetime. It is ugly and my intentions were anything but right. Of course I was far from God , at the time.
Go to any topless bar,gentlemen clubs etc.. and watch the girls on the poles. Watch their disgusting movements,eyes and their overall behavior.
---Robyn on 7/28/07

Ktisophilos: Hey! Been there and done all of that. Dancing can be evil,ugly and dirty. Call me what you want.You may not be legalistic but you sure are blind and uninformed. Dancing has been used in many forms for years. It is also used to arouse sexual feelings and as foreplay between couples. How would you feel to see your teen daughter on the floor with some jerk, turning him on with her sexual moves. Teens can and do all of this everyday. Wake up people!
---Robyn on 7/28/07

Q: Why do legalistic Christian oppose fornication so strongly?

A: Because it might lead to dancing!

---Ktisophilos on 7/27/07

why not as long as it is not offensive the teenager has enough problems growing up with everything else i think dancing is great for them a great way to mean people
---irene7395 on 7/25/07

My 9yr old has been dancing when her girlfriends come over (under the carport in the country) since she was 5. They have a blast and are very amusing to watch.In the beginning, they had no idea how to dance.ha
Soon enough,they will want to go to school dances and I think it will be ok if they all go together. It is good for social development. If it brings up sexual issues, then it needs to be reevaluated.
---jody on 7/25/07

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The Bible tals about dancing in several occasions. I feel its a gift from God who created us for expressing Him through the way we are. Dancing is so fun when you enjoy it properly, not as a hark or broom.
---miche_dem on 7/25/07

As with almost everything, like driving a car, playing a game, and earning money, you can dance properly or improperly. We all have the choice. If the dancing is going to stir up hormones and lead to improper behavior then it's wrong. If your parents are against it you should honor their decision. Otherwise, have fun, enjoy life.
---john on 7/24/07

It is totally okay for Christians, young or old, to dance socially. It is inappropriate for the two parties to hold each other provactively, or "dirty dancing" type of dance.
---Madison1101 on 7/24/07

yes! As long as they are monitored & do not do the "dirty dancing" but dancing itself is not a sin.
---candice on 7/24/07

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I don't see the harm in it. Unless going to a bar. But to have a high school dance or a prom, there is nothing wrong with that.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/07

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