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What Are Baptist Churches

Are BAPTIST churches good? I've seen a Southern baptist, free will baptist and I am visiting a First Baptist. What are the differences between them?

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 ---AAnnBee on 7/25/07
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and Herb I still say baptist churches are just pentecostal churches without the POWER!

sorry Gilbert - its just fun.
---Andrea on 8/15/07

Pastor Herb-The Baptist churches were persecuted by the Catholic church down through the centuries and were even persecuted by the reformed church the protestant church. No wonder you can't find any evidence of them, Much of the evidence was destroyed.

Then that would be going against Jesus own words Matthew 16 : 16-18 "Jesus replied, " "and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it"
---Ruben on 8/15/07

cosy up to Peter whom you all dared to call a pebble.Lets see your fair play be honest be nice be a truthful woman.
---Emcee on 8/14/07
calm down MC I didn't call Peter a pebble - Jesus did. hahahahahahahhahahahaha
---Andrea on 8/15/07

Emcee - sorry but the RC is not some holy church uncorrupted body
The succession of perverts and murderers does not represent Christ!
- the body of Christ is ALL believers and therfore the Holy Spirit is the one doing the succeeding.

Hey if Peter was the first pope and he had a mother-in-law why do you forbid to marry.
---Andrea on 8/15/07

Herb, you're making us (Baptists) look bad. Please sight your sourses.
---Gilbert on 8/15/07

The Baptist churches were persecuted by the Catholic church down through the centuries and were even persecuted by the reformed church the protestant church. No wonder you can't find any evidence of them, Much of the evidence was destroyed.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/14/07

Pastor Herb- although without doubt there were Baptist churches then as all Christians were then Baptists.

Ignatius of Antioch

"I have no taste for corruptible food nor for the pleasures of this life. I desire the bread of God, which is the flesh of Jesus Christ, who was of the seed of David, and for drink I desire his blood, which is love incorruptible" (Letter to the Romans 7:3 [A.D. 110]). Does this sound like a baptist church?
---Ruben on 8/14/07

I would think if there were Baptist Churches as old as any of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches that there would be some evidence of them like an old congregation or an old building. I lived in and traveled extensively in the Mideast and no one knows of any remnants of any churches except Catholic or Orthodox. Pastor Herb, did Ridpath cite any references regarding his belief of Baptist Churches around the turn of the first millennia?
---randy on 8/14/07

Andrea:: If so,then why are they not still there? why are we having this conversation why the difference in accord BECAUSE you are misguided & those before you PROTESTED & called themselves Protestants .Is that so hard to acknowledge, that you have to cosy up to Peter whom you all dared to call a pebble.Lets see your fair play be honest be nice be a truthful woman.
---Emcee on 8/14/07

All Christian Churches are in the unbroken line of succession from Christ forward. We may not know the names of those in succession - but I'll tell you I highly doubt God was keeping track through the murderers sitting in Rome. He has always had His church alive and well - growing throughout the ages.

He who knows the number of hairs on your head knows whom are His. He did not need the RC or the Baptists to do it.
---Andrea on 8/14/07

I will ask again, where are these Baptist that have been in existence since 100 AD? Other churches have made it through centuries with an unbroken line of succession. Baptist Churches being declared on this blog by some, as the true church would have some congregations/buildings that are more than several centuries old.
---randy on 8/14/07

Yes, in fact Peter was the first Bishop of the 'Baptist church'.


and the Pentecostal church and all Christian churches.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

I should not readily admit that there was a Baptist Church as far back a 100A.D., although without doubt there were Baptist churches then as all Christians were then Baptists.-John Clark Ridpath (Methodist historian.)
---Pastor_Herb on 8/13/07

Another good book on Baptist History. Not really a history book, more of a briefing but many historical facts.

The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People by James R. Beller
---Pastor_Herb on 8/13/07

law - actually we worship every day.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

If you want to know the history of the Bapt. movement Herb and I can recomend some good books his perspective history and mine are diferent but we are both Bapt. Leadership. If you want to bash us please use real facts not made up drivel.
---Gilbert on 8/13/07

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law: The Ten Commandments commanded Israel to observe the Sabbath. This was a day of rest. NOT a day of worship.
As Pastor_Herb pointed out, the Sabbath was not changed in the new testament, but the Christians DID meet together to worship on the first day of the week.

So, which would you rather do? Follow Jewish tradition (and, presumably, all the rest of the old testament law), or the traditions of the new testament church?
---Mark on 8/12/07

For those of you who think worshiping on the first day of the week is Catholic, it is not, it is bible.
And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow, and continued his speech until midnight.

Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/11/07

Most churches are offshoots of the catholic churches..if they're not, then they shouldnt be worshiping on the first day instead of the day God commanded us all to keep..the 7th day Sabbath..Many are still adhering to the teachings of the catholic churches unknowingly..and they are, the first day sabbath, sprinkling baptism, etc etc. I find it interesting yet silly..
---law on 8/10/07

Ruben, they did not post my last blog so I must not have been political correct.

The baptist have been around long before someone started a baptist church. You need to read the book "The Bible Makes Us Baptist" by Mary E Bemford. It is a cronical of the life of a baptist girl from about 13yrs old through her life. The first date was 1526, this was before your history of the baptist.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/9/07

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No that wasn't what you wrote....its just so funny actually wrote 'demons' I sure you meant denoms as in denominations but it was just so funny when I reread it I thought you might like to see how easy it is to misspeak or misunderstand 'the written word'. Just a hahahaha Again I'm sure the Baptists and the pents have more demons then that.
I hope you get my humor.
---Andrea on 8/8/07

"Andrea, your are correct I should have said "at least 80" world wide. In the Us it is between 30 and 40."

I read a couple of years back that the figure was 352. Other than the IFB, there's probably very little difference between them, however.
---augua9846 on 8/8/07

Andrea, your are correct I should have said "at least 80" world wide. In the Us it is between 30 and 40. There are some that use Baptist in there name but aren't and some that don't use it in there name and are. Like Pents and Charismatics.
---Gilbert on 8/8/07

Well Susie, it's if you base the belief on the denomination then all Southern Baptist churches should believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I'm not sure about the other Baptist. Anyways, it's not a denominational thing when it comes to beliefs though. It's a personal thing with you and your personal church. My church just happens to be a Baptist church that's filled with people like myself that believe the WHOLE Bible. Including when Jesus says that we would be able to use gifts of the Holy Spirit.
---Hou_Dawg on 8/8/07

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Gilbert did you say on 8/2/07 that there were 80 Baptists demons?? I was just re-reading the posts and I saw that - it just made me laugh. I'm sure the Baps have many more then that. As do the pents. hahahahaha
---Andrea on 8/8/07

Pastor Herb-Independent Baptist is the closes thing to the early church started by the apostles. If you want true bible teaching, find an independent, fundemental, Baptist Church.

The Baptist Church was founded in 1609 by John Smyth in Amsterdam...How is that close to the apostles?
---Ruben on 8/7/07

Hou...I have heard that there are Baptists churches who believe in speaking in tongues. You must go to one of them. That is very interesting. I would like to know more about the Baptist denomination that believes in speaking in tongues. Please tell us more. Thanks.
---Susie on 8/7/07

When the stream dries up and the bread is moldy, the hungry and thirsty will go where the river is flowing and the bread is fresh.

I heard a story about a woman in the hospital who had her pastor come to visit. He asked her if she needed anything and she sent him for her Bible. When he acquired it, he noticed that many pages were missing out of it, even whole books.
---Linda on 8/7/07

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When we arrived at the hospital, he asked the woman why her Bible had so many pages torn out of it. She said, "Well, every time you said that something was not for today, I tore that page out."

A supernatural church cannot exist without the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit in His administration, operation, and manifestation.
---Linda on 8/7/07

Pst Herb - do you think that the great falling away has begun. I've been waiting for the big revival - has that passed. Just a question, sometimes I think we are in that falling away. I've heard so many people say "I used to be a Christian", 20 years ago I never heard that. It maybe that it is acceptable now or bc of the web it is just more people with an opinion.
---Andrea on 8/7/07

Pastor Herb - hmmmm I had not thought that the church was not growing bc people were turning away from God, does that mean that they go to a Pent church( which is growing) to have their ears tickled? The people I talk to ,,,,antecdotal....were tired of the word w/out the fire....God's word is not dry and limp it is powerful and life changing. I'm not trying to compare apples and oranges just challenging Baptists after last years 'prayer language' ruling.
---Andrea on 8/7/07

Hou - you are right. I was told that the only spirit filled Baptist churches were a small southern congregation. I'm in NJ and i didn't think we had any??? I love the Baptist emphasis on the word- I'm disturbed they let millions of people be denied the power of the Holy Ghost bc of a manmade idea (cessationalism) which is not seen in the word and the Filling is experienced every day by good sound word believing Baptists. "having the word but denying the power" please I am not trying to offend.
---Andrea on 8/7/07

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Why is it that you don't see Baptist churches growing as fast as other denomonations today. The Independent baptist for the most part rightly divide the word. all otheres the bible says:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears

That is what make churchs grow today.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/7/07

However, they do not believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are active today.
---Susie on 7/25/07

This is not correct in all Baptist churches. I go to a Southern Baptist and we believe every part of the Bible, including Mark 16:15-18. So yes, some of us do still believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today, it's just that enough Baptist churches don't, so that makes a stereotypical view that all of us don't believe in them being used today. God Bless Y'ALL!
---Hou_Dawg on 8/6/07

Gilbert, Msnbc (not exactly your best resource for religious news) chart recently showed a a slight decline in Baptist, and a rise in Charsmatics and Catholics - I find disheartening with the way things are going in the RC. The Baptist need to refigure their doctrine on tongues. Sorry - I know its big but talk with some Pentecostals really I don't want the Baptists losing converts they are a wonderful denomination. cnt....
---Andrea on 8/6/07

I personally believe the gifts are given dividedly and God does the dividing but when anyone stands against a move of God they incur the wrath of God. This includes Pents that get all up in your face about the gifts. Paul made this abundantly clear in ICor, but it is still a problem. The Lord is doing wonderful things in the church today, get on board. Hallelujah, were beginning to see the birthpangs of a real grassroots revival in NJ watch!!!
---Andrea on 8/6/07

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The last report I read was that Pents. were the fastest growing group in the World. Bapt. were second. Charismatics were the fastest growing Christians in the USA. The report was a few years old. With more than 30 flavors of Bapt. in the US don't take the word of one for all of us.
---Gilbert on 8/6/07

Sorry Rev. Herb, my mistake I meant Trail of Blood. The author makes some suspicious claims that he does not document.
---randy on 8/6/07

Gilbert I apologize. But as a pentecostal I've heard much worse from Baptist so the sheer 'fun' of saying something like Bapts are pents w/out the power just makes me giggle. I love Baptists but I'm serious about the power. and as far as numbers I'm not so impressed 'you probably get that too". Pentecostals are raidly growing and not so with Bap. but again numbers are meaningless. God Bless.
---Andrea on 8/4/07

Susie, I did check the stats. AoG is a very large Denomination, but isn't completely global. The only global denom is Catholic. If you add up all Baptist demons globaly that is about 80 organized groups is what I was talking about.
---gilbert on 8/2/07

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Baptist are not protestant, we did not come out of the Catholic Church. Those who came out of the Catholic Church are protestants.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/2/07

Pastor herb, I read The Trail of Tears and the author did not footnote any of his research. Are all of the copies like that?
---randy on 8/1/07

I don't know, I never read "The trail of tears" I read the trail of blood.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/2/07

If you check statistics you will find that the Assembly of God has the largest number of adherents in the world instead of Baptists. Catholics outnumber all protestant denominations and several non-Christian religions outnumber most denominations.
---Susie on 8/2/07

Andrea wrote, "Baptists are just Pentecostals without the power."
There are some very distict diferances between Pentecostal and Baptist Theology. Also, Baptist are the largest "protestant" group around the world becareful about denegrating remarks.
---Gilbert on 8/1/07

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Personally, I don't think Jesus wants us all in the same house - look at all the damage we do to each other. This way sonme of us are healing while the others are killing each other.
I say this being smart but it actually is true. Baptists are just Pentecostals without the power.
And - I don't think God wants anyone of us to have 100% sound doctrine bc He wouldn't be able to stand us being saved and right too.
---Andrea on 8/1/07

Pastor herb, I read The Trail of Tears and the author did not footnote any of his research. Are all of the copies like that?
---randy on 8/1/07

What are Baptist Churches? I am thinking they got their name because the Baptist churches believes in going completely under the water.
---catherine on 7/31/07

Gilbert, I would suggest you read "The bible Makes Us Baptists" by Mary E Bamford. or "The trail of blood' by J.M. Carroll
---Pastor_Herb on 7/31/07

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Herb, your rather short and simple church history doesn't accurately discribe Denominations. I would suggest you read "Evangelicalsim in America" and "Church Histor" by Gonzales.
---Gilbert on 7/31/07

First, there were Christians, then came the Roman Catholic. Then the Catholics started calling the Christians Anabaptist because they believe baptism was to take place after salvation, not baby baptism. Many broke off the from the Catholic Church and became what is known as protestants, this is where denomations came from. Anabaptist did much suffering at the hands of the Catholics. Later ana was droped and Baptist was left. (Baptist History)
---Pastor_Herb on 7/30/07

Linda, I doubt you will believe me but technically the Reformed (Calvinist) tradition has the most off-shoots. Like with Bapts. These offshoots are more geographical than Theological. Once separtat theological divergence developed.
---Gilbert on 7/30/07

A note on some history mentioned in the blog, from a Baptist Minister. Moravians were a Lutheran missionary off shoot. The Baptists developed in England from the Puritans and were influenced, not concived by, the Anabaptist.
---Gilbert on 7/30/07

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You know what? It really does not matter. We need some SAVED PREACHERS.
---catherine on 7/30/07

Tell me how can you have a truly efective ministry if the gifts are not in operation man dose not know it all nor can we see every thing comeing but God knows and can see every thing and tells us and gives us direction through Christ and the gifts .
---Vernon on 7/30/07

Why do you bother asking such, why not try to see if what they preach is the truth..arent we here to share truth? They do have some truth, and so as other why buldoze a church down thru silly questions..Baptists I believe derived from the Millerites who wrongly predicted the 2nd coming..however, we all are Christians no matter what christian denomination background you come from. We should all be one.
---law on 7/30/07

Some Baptist ideas can, it is true be traced to pre-reformatiom Europe. AnaBaptist, Moravians, etc. During and after the reformation Baptist were persecuted by both protestant and the RCC. Baptist were rabidly anri-clerical, a very big threat to the religions of the time. What Linda is saying I cannot figure, history disagrees completly with her assessment.
---MikeM on 7/29/07

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We baptist are not a denomation. I am currently reading a book "The Bible Makes Us Baptists" by Mary E Bamford. I suggest you read it and find out how we bacame baptists. Chances are, you can't find it in your local Christian book store. I find that most Christian Book stores no longer carry books with sound doctrine in them. The cater to the health and wealth crowd. What a shame you can find good Christian liturature in a Christian book store.
---Pastor_Herb on 7/29/07

If the Baptist denomination can be traced all the way back to Jesus, then how is it that you have so many different types of Baptists? You have independent, fundamental, missionary, southern, Baptist Church of God in Christ (they had every base covered), primitive, free will, first, etc. If you were traced all the way back to Jesus, you would be one with one name, one purpose, one mind, one vision.
---Linda on 7/29/07

As far as I know, the Baptist denomination has more "offshoots" than any other. Doesn't sound like roots in Jesus at all.
---Linda on 7/29/07

Herb, that is nothing but foolish human reasoning. It may seem wise but God sees it as foolish. I have heard all kinds of justifications for "denominations", but none so foolish as that one.

In the OT, a man who had an idol who went to the prophet for guidance would be answered according to his idols. The fact that you "see" Jesus as a baptist because He was baptized by John the Baptist tells me you have been answered according to your idols...your denomination.
---Linda on 7/28/07

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randy, read the bible, the baptist can be traced back before Jesus. John was a Baptist and Jesus was baptized by a baptist preacher, that makes Jesus a baptist. think about it. Tell me Jonn was not a baptist preacher.

In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea,
---Pastor_Herb on 7/28/07

Madison1101 & Suzie. I've worked with 6 Baptist groups all different flavors of Bapt. They all have different views regarding toungs so far all believe that the Holy Spirit not the command of human heals. On toungs in particular it was the Patriarchs in the 4th and 5th Cent. that questioned if the toungs gift had stopped.
---Gilbert on 7/28/07

Susie: I do not engage in all or nothing thinking. To believe that some of the gifts of the Spirit are not active today does not mean that all are not active. If you wish to think in black and white terms, so be it.

As I said, I did not call you a liar. You can call yourself that if you choose, but I will not call people names. You are not your behavior. If you choose to take on that identity, that is your choice.
---Madison1101 on 7/27/07

There are more than 30 Baptist Denominations. The largest is the Southern Bapt. which has ordained me as a minister. Most are non-pentacostal and Despensational. Most do not practice Tongues or faith healing, but do not claim those gifts are invalid.
---Gilbert on 7/27/07

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# 1- I was saved answering an altar call in a Baptist Church. Most Baptist churches have some kind of altar call and I'm very thankful for that. Most Baptist churches and Baptist ministers have a very poor understanding of the spiritual gifts. They do do a lot of preaching about the gift of giving however. And Free Fill churches teach their members to depend on their own righteousness for salvation. How ridiculous!!!
---Mima on 7/27/07

I came from a nondenom background but i now attend a baptist church or more less go like viste but i have had my share of problems with them my wife background is baptist and i am not from this area so i am looking for a good nondenom church to controling
---Vernon on 7/27/07

Madison...So, basically, you are saying that they don't believe the gifts are working today. If you discount two of the gifts then all the gifts are not working today. How do you justify getting rid of some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I find it silly that you can't admit to calling me a liar. If you say that I am spreading lies you are calling me a liar. Or is that some of your psychological manipulation you use in your line of work?
---Susie on 7/26/07

"This reminds me of the pastor who visited a lady in the hospital who asked him to bring her Bible from her home. When he brought it to her he asked why there were pages missing. She said, "Everytime you said that something was not for today, I tore that page out!"
---Susie on 7/26/07"

And don't you know that the One who sits in the heavens and laughs was just waiting on the day to deliver that line :D
---Linda on 7/26/07

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Susie: I quote you: " However, they do not believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are active today." That is a lie. There are many other gifts of the Spirit, other than tongues and healing. Baptists believe that THOSE gifts, not tongues or healing, are active today. Also, I did not call YOU a liar. I said that you lied. I do not call people names.
---Madison1101 on 7/26/07

"...and we believed that gifts of the Holy Spirit are active, just not tongues or healing."
I got saved in a Baptist Church! We have many Baptist friends. Spreading lies? This reminds me of the pastor who visited a lady in the hospital who asked him to bring her Bible from her home. When he brought it to her he asked why there were pages missing. She said, "Everytime you said that something was not for today, I tore that page out!"
---Susie on 7/26/07

Madison...We are very familiar with Independent Baptist, Southern Baptist, and Freewill Baptist Churches. You called me a liar right after you said Baptists don't believe in tongues or healings. I found that very funny since those are two gifts of the Holy Spirit. How can I be lying about Baptists if they don't believe in those GIFTS?????
---Susie on 7/26/07

They are all different but have a common thread and that is that they each distort some part of scripture to cause a lie so that they are not the Doctrine of Christ and lead people astray as do other Denominations. They are part of the denominalizationalizm (even the nondenominalizations)which have caused division and finally,apostacy. A trail of false religions which are hell bound along with their cult friends and close associates, the nonbelievers.
---jody on 7/26/07

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Pastor herb, having lived in the middle east, I have not found any fundamental Baptist churches, either the buildings themselves or the congregations, that are even close to a 100 years old. I do find many orthodox and Catholic churches that have a line of succession for hundreds of years, some over 1000. I still routinely travel to the area so if you know of the locations of old fundamentalist Baptist churches anywhere in the mid-east, I would love to know so I can visit them.
---randy on 7/26/07

Some Baptist churches do accept the full Pentecostal doctrine. None are "ruled" by church hierarchy, though many are influenced by association or convention status because they have joined these over a common doctrinal stance. Some are Calvinistic, many in my experience are not. Each must be judged separately according to their individual fidelity to the Lord and the Word.
---ed_the_other_one on 7/26/07

Are you confused with all the different kinds of beans on the shelf? Inside every can, no matter what the label says are beans. Biblically, there is only one kind of bean. Christ's body should stop being divided by labels which only give some vague description of the behaviors of the people associated. Churches were rightly named by their location in the Bible.
---john on 7/26/07

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