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In The Presence Of Swine

Why should we not cast our pearls before swine? Have you ever done this? How can you tell when you are in the presence of Swine?

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 ---Marcia on 7/25/07
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I think the only way to know the swine are that Jesus was referring to is by talking to them. If they are not willing to listen to God's message, then don't go on shoving different doctrines and prophecies down their throat. I think the reason is because they wont listen anyway, and by continuing to shove this information at them they are made more accountable on the judgement day. Just a thought. my responses have been mixed with the previous Todd in my profile, so now I will post as Todd1.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

Luk 11:35
"Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness."
Jhn 1:5
"And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not."

If there is no mind to perceive, how can it be understood.
---jhonny on 7/28/07

Because Jesus told us not to do so.

Besides, how will swine appreciate the value of pearls?
---a_servant on 7/27/07

Maybe it means those wonderful spiritual truths that we get from God - those personal revelations that can be so meaningful to us, but are scorned by the unbelieving. It certainly can't mean the gospel - we are commanded to take it to all the world, to those who dispitefully use you etc.
---Andrea on 7/27/07

Spiritual truths are precious as gems and pearls. While it is good to share such with those who want to hear, it is useless to do so with those who are close-minded. And it is dangerous in some cases, and this is what this verse is talking about. It is better to avoid this danger (if you can see it), so that you can save it for those who do want to hear. In one verse, Jesus said to flee to another city, when one is persecuted.
---Debby on 7/26/07

This is a conviction to me. I have been foolish enough to do this before. I have given the TRUE Gospel message to people that claimed to be Christian, but they made what Christ did on the cross to be a joke, by rejecting that message. If they were TRUE Christians, they would have embraced that message, not trampled over it.
---Leslie on 7/26/07

Maybe "pearls" are those things most important to a spiritual person and "swine" are those who just do not want to hear it. We do not know who will be fodder for hell nor do we know who is absolutely of God. It is for us to share love and God's word with all who will listen... To me that is different from forcing God's word on deaf ears.
---mikefl on 7/26/07

Offer or show something valuable, good, or beautiful to someone who does not understand its value.If you are casting pearls before swine, you are wasting your time showing or offering something very helpful or valuable to someone who does not understand or appreciate it.

Don't bother explaining Shakespeare to Bob. It would be like casting pearls before swine.

Tom wouldn't listen to Sarah's wise advice. She was just casting pearls before swine.
---jason5775 on 7/26/07

Abby: What do you mean?
---Marcia on 7/26/07

I don't know. I can only figure that someone cast their faith in Christ to me while I was a blaspheming atheist and eventually I repented. I am not a good judge of swine I'm a better judge of people and Christ died for us all. Maybe it means don't intermarry with an unbeliever or such. I'm interested in what some of you Bible scholars think. Thanks for the input.
---Andrea on 7/26/07

Kathr - "for a 23 year old" that's quite some question.
---Abby on 7/26/07

Swine are mean,brute beasts of animals,they will trample anything that gets in their pen and will even eat humans. Wisdom is spoken of as pearls of wisdom ,it would be foolish to try to use wisdom on the sinners-the World /swine for they will not receive the wisdom/pearls of God which is in the Word. If they are bad enough to be swine they will trample God's Word underfoot. We should only give the pearls to those God leads us to and not throw them in the muck and mire of hardened hearts.
---Darlene_1 on 7/26/07

These people are like dried up water holes and clouds blown by a windstorm. The darkest part of Hell is waiting for them. They brag out loud about their stupid nonsense. And by being vulgar and crude they trap people who have barely escaped from living the wrong kind of life.+++"A dog will come back to lick up its own vomit, a pig that has been washed will roll in the mud.
---catherine on 7/25/07
---Todd on 7/26/07

You will know them by their fruits.
---jody on 7/26/07

I understand this to mean: Do not give something to someone who is not able to appreciate its value. Although Jesus was probably referring to spiritual things to unspiritual people, it can be applied to many aspects of life. I tell my granddaughter, you are a pearl. Make sure the man you give yourself to can appreciate your full value!
---ro on 7/26/07

Interesting answer John, but how do we know that the person would reject what we have to say UNTIL we say it?
---RitaH on 7/26/07

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Good question. As a pig would not recognize the value of a pearl if you gave it one, so also would an unbeliever or scoffer treat a spiritual gem that you would share with them.
---john on 7/26/07

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