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Wife Has Bi Polar Disorder

My wife has been diagnosed with bi polar disorder and it seems to be getting worse. She can't sleep, she gets mad and explodes about the smallest of things, she drinks, she starts projects and does not finish leaving the mess, and her mood swings are that of a roller coaster. What can I do?

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 ---JOHNNY on 7/26/07
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It is Satan. Same oh same oh. There is no cure for the devil. No cure except you get saved. Then Jesus will help you. But you have got to be willing and want it more than anything. God saids in His word "I will change you little by little". >>>Satan has messed up too many lives and never gets blaimed for it. UGG.>>>Also I won't lie, it's a tough road. But it's worth it.
---catherine on 10/9/07

I am too, and as I take my Lithium consistently I find my life very balanced and after years of use there are very minimal side affects. It sounds like she is not on Lithium.
---Annette on 10/9/07

Yes, we find that you don't belong with this guy. But > there were things about YOU, Ebony, which made you able to get interested in someone like him.

You need to be mature and honest enough to see and get wise to those things that he could use to get you interested in him.

All God has for you is so much better than what probably attracted you to him.

"And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment." (Philippians 1:9)
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/18/07

Had student who was diagnosed with BiPolar, was like a roller coaster by the minute. Very aggresive, moody, violent, but sweet on occasion. Parents refused to give the medications pescribed by doctors.
---freeda on 8/17/07

My wife is Bipolar... diagnosed such about 5 years ago... She must be kept on Meds... No exceptions... suicide attempts are common. be prepared. Pray constantly
Make sure she is taking her prescricption. Prisons are full of bipolar individuals... that's why most of them get there. I am a former prison minister
---John on 8/15/07

I had a very dear friend years ago with Bi-polar. She was a Christian and would get into the "hyper-healing" theories and go off her meds, of course causing herself to become more ill each time. Both her therapist and physician finally got her to realize she had to STAY on the meds to STAY better. It is not a spiritual flaw to take medication. Healing by the Lord comes in all forms.
---LisaR on 8/14/07

I've been here before:
1. Pray and fast for God to give you wisdom on what to do.
2. Take her to the doctor that God points you toward. God has given mankind many a medication that will help.
---Paul on 8/14/07

I have been dealing with exactly the same thing for about 10 years, and my wife also would runaway for periods of a day and upto 3 months. I can't tell you what to do, i can only tell you about what i have done in the past in trying to deal with this. This is not the right place to have this talk.
You are more than free to e-mail me and we can try to arrive at something.
---tony on 8/14/07

The best support anybody can ever find is the Lord Jesus Christ. Lean on Him and pray for your wife that the Lord will bring healing to her. Make sure she is taking her medication too.
---Helen_5378 on 7/27/07

I know how you feel, because my husband suffers from severe depression. I know how the mood swings can be difficult at times to deal with. Pray for your wife, and probably the hardest thing to do is be patient. Is she getting any medical help? Have Faith in God for nothing is impossible for God. God bless you.
---Cynthia on 7/26/07

Pray a Spiritual Warfare Prayer, that that disease would be broken over her life in Jesus' Name. Command that disease to be bound to the Pit.
---Leslie on 7/26/07

If she is drinking, and not taking her meds, you need to speak with her psychiatrist. This means she is dually diagnosed. It would be great if she got help stopping the drinking, as it is dangerous to drink and take the meds.

For you, there are support groups offered by NAMI, they have a website. Also, you can attend Al-Anon for social support from others whose spouses drink.
---Madison1101 on 7/26/07

God could cause a miracle. Jesus performed miracles for those who asked. In another case,sounds like the disease is out of control and that she is manic or hypomanic. Pehaps she is not taking her medication proberly or it needs adjusting. This state does not have to be. The disorder is controlable with medication to help replace missing or misfiring chemicals in the brain.
---jody on 7/26/07

I was diagnosed with bi-polar 15 years ago. I suggest you do what these kind people advised only if your wife knows the Lord. I was devastated when I got this diagnosis but it turns out the older you get (ususlly ) the better it gets. A dx like this doesn't actually say much bc this disorder manifests in many ways. Suggest with professional help you love her and support her w/out enabling the hysterics, etc. Meds are good, prayer is better.
---Andrea on 7/26/07

Go to Mark 5 and begin with verse 1. There is a man there who is insane by every standard of the world today. He was night and day (no sleep) in the mountains (up) and in the tombs (down). He was crying and cutting himself with stones. People tried to bind him but the chains would be plucked asunder and the fetters broken. No man could tame him. Then he saw Jesus afar off. There's your hope right there...Jesus Christ...and He's not afar off. He's even better. He is in you and you in Him.
---Linda on 7/26/07

Instead of believing and receiving the report of man, believe and receive the report of the Lord. Jesus bore the crown of thorns and shed blood to redeem mankind from the curse in the mental realm. This includes everything from anxiety to depression to mental illness of every kind. Whose report do you believe? Who are you looking at? The Seed or the sickness? "And he shall see His seed and prolong his days and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand."
---Linda on 7/26/07

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Bless "Jacob" (in the spirit) even though you don't see him and he feels like and smells like "Esau" (in the flesh).
---Linda on 7/26/07

I'm not sure what kind of tests they did to determine she has bi polar. Over here, just about everyone who has bad behaviour that fits a certain criteria is called that. Getting the right medication is one route you will face. In the Bible, this kind of behavior was demonic and they were cast out. That's what we do and we have great sucess with it. It must be difficult for you to love her but please hang in and get support and prayer from friends and church.
---john on 7/26/07

You can encourage her to take her medication as prescribed. If she is taking them and they are not working, call her psychiatrist and make an appointment for her. If the situation is extreme and the psychiatrist is not available, take her to the emergency department and ask for a psychiatric evaluation and possible admission to the mental health ward for evaluation of her medications and stabilization. You can also join a support group & read books about this disorder. (I am a psychiatric nurse)
---Robin on 7/26/07

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