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Fiery Stones In Eden

What exactly were the firey stones that Satan gaurded in Eden? They must have been of great importance. One man said they contained every person who would ever be born. What do you think?

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 ---jody on 7/26/07
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Read the ample footnotes in the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. It comes in NIV, NKJV, NRSV. The only translation using the Latin word "Lucifer" is the KJV and the NKJV. All other Translations ASV, NASV, NRSV, NABre, Living Translation, HCSB, CSB, NIV,CEB translate correctly to the Hebrew Language,
---Kevin_Parker on 11/14/21

Appreciate Your Work Here ...

We Can All Speculate And Guesstimate And Articulate What "We" Perceive Is Spiritual Truth Here Concerning These (Fiery Stones)... (They Were "The Myrid Of Angelic And Celestial And Terrestrial Hosts Of Heaven) Which (The Scripture) Referred To As (Stars/Fiery Stones) And Most Importantly (The Son's Of Yah)... Which (Lucifer Covered With His Glory/Wings) Understanding (The Gravity Of The Responsibility Thereof).

(Do Not Get Mad Get Revelation)
---+*Sonship_Servant*+ on 10/8/19

I had a dreameeting which had a dark stone and my name and writing under name was in flames on the stone only the words were fire not stone
---brian on 3/25/18

James I purposely left my previous post incomplete to ascertain whether you were still interested in an answer to your inquiry. However, Father has given me to continue the post regardless, perhaps for the benefit of another.
James to "flip the fiery stone" is to be opposite of that which the "Stones of Fire" represent. Instead of standing in the strength and firmness of Christ in you, there will be weakness and wavering as one attempts to stand in ones own strength, abilities, or force of will, which will be consumed in His presence. Voluntarily kneel before the Father, acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus, and your unity in HIm. The strong and firm will stand in His presence knowing that our strength is in and of Him.
---joseph on 11/7/13

What comic book have you been reading from???
---trey on 11/7/13

James I just noticed your question. The "stones of fire" is a simile that represents strength and firmness in the midst of the splendor of our Father's presence.
---joseph on 11/4/13

The firey stones Lucifer was once able to walk on was the foot stool as described by King David in Psalms 99:1,5. God's ten commandments were placed also in the ark which means God's foundation of His goodness as described in Exodus 33:19: Exodus 34: 6,7: Revelation 21:14
---Annie_Herpin on 10/30/13

I realize this blog is over 2 years old since anyone last responded to it, and came across a link to it after doing a google search of "Flip the Fiery Stone". The reason I did a search for that is because when I was around 13 years old I had repeated nightmares that felt real of a dark mist like entity that visited at night. One night I could feel hot breath next to my ear and that is what it said to me.."FLIP THE FIERY STONE" and it all seemed like I was really awake and a smothering feeling too. So, does anyone know what the fiery stone really is...?
Thanks for any help, this has haunted me for years.
---James on 1/1/13

3) So in looking at this, there is some kind of relationship between stones,names,man and in the case of the fiery stones in eden, they could not have been demons and in my opinion most likely not stars. I would not understand why God would have stored stars with his likeness or presence rather than to just hang them into the sky as creation teaches. I have no conclusion yet. Any more ideas?
---jody on 8/3/07

Stars (Luminous) were used to describe Angels. Not stars in the sky.
---John on 12/10/10

Dear readers, I am very interested in your discussion. Recently I found this verse and it has been amazing.There are three things to tell you, hopefully it will be short. the first is that folks who work with genuinely dark powers call upon the dark stones and the gaurdians of the dark stones. These are Temple ov Blood, Order of Nine Angles, and Cthullu mythos individuals and groups. John C Lilly believed that the evil forces in this world were machines, something like dark stones. I persynally have encountered such forces. Lastly, the fallen rock in Mecca is a dark stone. Some other dark occult groups worship the green man of the arab world as Qayain, the dark alchemist. He may be related to this fallen rock in Mecca.
---Michael on 12/8/10

So, what are the flaming stones? Is it a mistranslation? Maybe, it puts a huge spin on things to me. The dark stones are methods of embodiment as well as communication. Communication of energy and energy patterns. The fiery stones could be the same, but the text seems to imply that they existed before the fall into time (before time existed, in perfection). I think they may relate to the twelve, but think they may be other too.
---Michael on 12/8/10

By the way the Biblical quotes are from the (NIV)New International Version. I will seek approval from my pastor before I post, as this subject covers both Old and New Testament scripture (Hebrew, Greek, King James, and modern translations),and the depth of the subject needs scrutineering to avoid any misleading and undoctrinal teaching.
---ralph on 11/19/09

Ezekiel 28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth, and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God, thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.
---exzucuh on 11/18/09

Would someone please tell me where this (firey stones) is found in scripture. I'm thinking someone got this out of the bible....way out of the bible.
---trey on 11/18/09

This is a very interesting subject, the repetitive mention of "fiery stones", in my view, signifies a degree of importance and exclusivity,NIV: Eze 28:14," walked among the fiery stones.",and that Lucifer's position had such access (Cherubim). The leasurely description of him among the fiery stones indicate that authority... sorry almost reached maximum limit of words, will continue..
---ralph on 11/18/09

Hey guy its all good
---Blaine on 11/13/09

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Good point!
I'm sure I overreacted to something I thought you meant against me stating my opinions! Forgive a bro?
Blessings during this upcoming holiday season!
---Legends on 11/11/09

How did i argue a point? I expressed an opinion. I believe we need to share the knowledge we have obtained with each other to get a better explanation on the subject. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong. There my opinions. You still have the right to disagree.
---Blaine on 11/9/09

You just argued in your blog and then stated that we should not argue about things not specifically addressed in the Bible.
Calling the King of Tyre, "Satan" as you just did is not specifically addressed in Bible. Calling Satan a Cherub is not specifically addressed either. For that matter, A FORMER ANGEL in Heaven named "Lucifer" or "Satan" or "the devil" is never addressed in Bible. The devil/satan is never specifically called a cherub.
p.s. I also specifically know that A HUMAN named Adam was in Eden the garden of God and He was charged by God to Guard the Garden like the Cherubs did before the Cherubs did.
---Legends on 11/5/09

In this prophecy, Ezekiel was talking about the King of Tyre but compared his actions to that of Satan. We know this by the mentioning of the anointed cherib in eden the Garden of God. The fiery stones i believe are other angels Job 1:6,7 Job 2:1,2. God had a purpose for Satan according to Is 54:16. Reguardless we as fellow beleivers dont need to argue points that isnt specifically addressed especially when it isnt profitable to others. Beleiving is the key word. the choice to accept that belief is yours.
---Blaine on 11/5/09

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KJV Edition For Jake,
Reviewest previous chapters before chap28. Thou shalt see that Jerusalem's treasures had been pillaged since it's gates were now downtrodden and thy people scattereth.
Likest in Nazi Germany, the Jews in those days possesseth precious stones. The king of Tyrus coveted after these stones and did trusteth in them.
But the PRECIOUS STONES he had been anointed by God to safely COVER with cherubic wings were God's COVENANT PEOPLE abiding in the land he wast exalted to govern as King."
If thou sayest Satan and MEANEST an angel formerly named Lucifer is the one addessed in Ezekiel28, thou art non-contextual and presumptuous.
The unquestionable subject of thus chapter is the King of Tyrus... even in thy KJV.
---Legends on 8/24/09

you're getting all mixed up because you are using corrupt translations.

the KJV says
13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God, every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

"every precious stone", not "fiery stones".
"was they covering" not "you gaurded"
---Jake on 8/22/09

To say Satan(Satan, meaning an angel formerly named Lucifer) is the one addessed in Ezekiel who guarded the "stones of fire" is non-contextual presumption.
-The defining title given to the subject of Ezekiel28 is "the anointed cherub that covers(guards)".
-The unquestionable subject of the chapter is the King of Tyrus.
Review the previous chapters and you will see that Jerusalem's "treasures" had been pillaged since it's guard was now down and the people scattered.
Like in Nazi Germany, the Jews in those days possessed precious stones. These stones are what the king of Tyrus coveted and trusted in.
But the FIERY BREATHING STONES he had been anointed by God to guard/COVER were God's COVENANT PEOPLE.
---Legends on 8/6/09

pt 2
The people of God found in every nation on Earth are the living, breathing, fiery stones that the elected or appointed leaders have been anointed by God to guard and protect... not pillage!
Hitler walked among the stones of fire and instead of covering them, he pillaged them.
Pharoah walked among the stones of fire and did not cover them.
Tyrus did the same.
They were anointed to cover/guard the people with cherubic wings. Cherubic wings are like birds who guard their responsibilities with everything they've been GIVEN.
The U.S. Government has been GIVEN the responsibility and power to act as the anointed cherub that covers the American people. Particularly Saints!
---Legends on 8/6/09

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the stones represents the twelve attributes of God which culminates in His love,wisdom and perfection for His people. the twelve stones represents God's beauty in His people. Lucifer was covered with God's beauty and he thought it was his own,Lucifer was the original "bling bling". the same fiery stones were worn on the High Priest's chest,one stone for each tribe.Joshua commanded the priests to carry 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan when they were crossing over. Elijah laid twelve stones around his alter when confronting the priests of the New Jerusalem the foundation is laid with 12 fiery stones. there is more but not enough space
---apostle on 8/4/09

This is a good study really because stones are certainly very important to God. Peter is a rock. We are stones. The Bible says 'even the stones will cry out'. Heaven is made of prescious stones with Jesus the chief corner stone. Why wouldn't it make sence that a persons soul could be kept in a fiery stone? We talked about this in my bible study class and we are going to study this. And stones generally.
---litla on 8/17/07

Faithbtrue) Always read all of the blogs before making those kinds of accusatons. It is clearly stated twice where to look. EZEK 28:14,15. In answer to your ignorant question, no it is not. Next time read the blogs, learn and try to contribute instead of criticize with the usual type of accusation that we see when someone is to lazy to want to understand or try. Never,such a thing to me again unless you know what you are talking about and at least read the scriptures provided. We are trying to learn.
---jody on 8/16/07

Where does it talk about the fiery stones in the garden? Is this bibical or heresay?
---faithbtrue on 8/15/07

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2)putting that together,the "firey".."stones",must have had something to do with God's presence in the stones somehow? Guessing like everyone else. Looking at the word stone, we see it used in conjunction with the word "name" allot in OT. In NT,Eph2:20,-22,1Pet.2:4-8, believers in Jesus Christ are living stones with Christ as the Chief corner stone.Rev 2:17 says overcomers will be handed a white stone with a new name written that noone knows except the one who recieves it.
---jody on 8/3/07

3) So in looking at this, there is some kind of relationship between stones,names,man and in the case of the fiery stones in eden, they could not have been demons and in my opinion most likely not stars. I would not understand why God would have stored stars with his likeness or presence rather than to just hang them into the sky as creation teaches. I have no conclusion yet. Any more ideas?
---jody on 8/3/07

1)Albert..thanks. I did some research. The word fire is never used symbolically or directly in the Bible to discribe Satan,demons or any type of demonic activity. Rather, the word is used only in conjunction with God in terms of either His presence, divine protection, purification, divine judgement and of course in the area of His presence is included the Holy Spirit. In the passage, the word fire translates from the Hebrew word "esh" which means " breath".
---jody on 8/3/07

I don't know, jody, but your answer reminded me of the recent gemstones that are falling in churches around the country. Some are falling in yards, etc. Maybe those gemstones are counterfeits of what you're talking about.
---Albert on 8/1/07

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Jody, I have looked up the verse in Ezekiel and checked a few commentaries to see what the stones of fire might be. One suggests that they might be the stars whilst another suggests that they were bright jewels. I hope that helps. Commentaries are often the opinions of individuals and it's possible that we might never know the answer. It will be interesting to see what others have to contribute.
---RitaH on 8/1/07

Catherine,Who ever you are?

Why say that?
That sounds sarchastic when I am just honestly seeking knowledge. I am a child of God. At anyrate, I am referring to Exek 28:14,15 as I stated earlier. So if you want to respond again try reading that first. Blessings
---jody on 8/1/07

Who ever you are. I cannot find nothing of which Satan guarded in Eden. What I did find is this>>>God put winged creatures at the entrance to the garden and a flaming, fleshing sword to guard the way to the life giving tree. They were detached cherubims to keep Adam out. These angels was God's hosts, armed with a dreadful and irresistible power. This let Adam know of God's displeasure with him.>>>Genesis 3-24]
---catherine on 7/30/07

(1) Jodi: Perhaps the stones of fire were the stars?

"Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth, and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God, thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire." (Eze 28:14)
---tracy3346 on 7/30/07

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(2) "By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire." (Eze 28:16)
---tracy3346 on 7/30/07

(3) In reading these, it doesn't sound like Lucifer guarded the stones of fire, but rather was cast out from the midst of them. Where would anyone get the idea that they contained every person who would ever be born? Do you know of any other relevant passages?
Is it possible that this refers to the fall of Satan? It also seems to somewhat correlate with Rev. chap 12. Could the stones of fire be the Israelites? I don't know.
---tracy3346 on 7/30/07

I am speaking of the fiery stones gaurded by Lucifer the cherub in Ezek 28:14,15. I guess this was his purpose prior to sin entering into him. I whoul wonder why would stones be prepared for a heaven if sin had not yet entered into the world and man already walked with God and was in complete fellowship with him. Then there would be no need for heaven as that stat of being with God would be much like heaven. What do you think? I couldn't find more scriptures.
---jody on 7/29/07

I believe that they are the foundations of the wall of the city in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, chapter 21.
---Linda on 7/26/07

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