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Tammy Faye Bakker Messner

Tammy Faye Bakker Messner was an inspirational evangelist and woman of God. Any fond memories of her and how she touched our lives? Please continue to pray for the family.

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 ---Robyn on 7/26/07
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How can we know who really is the apple of God's eye?
She may be moved up to the head of the line, only God knows.
I don't like judging, especially when someone has passed on. She's with the Lord and her body is healed.
---Emily on 5/25/08

Tammy Faye was a strong woman of God who made mistakes as we all have. But God looks upon the heart and not the outer appearance. If she truly repented and received Jesus as Her Lord and Savior,that was enough. I hope she hears the words: well done my good and faithful servant.
---Robyn on 5/24/08

Again just differentiating myself from the previous poster named Todd whose responses are mingled with mine in my profile. From now on I'll post as Todd1. I am not familiar with Tammy Faye Bakker Messner. The name is familiar but I've never heard her.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

I think she was a better evangelist after PTL fell apart. That's the inspiration for me. She held on until the end. Sad story.
---Becky on 4/6/08

Mark: You missed my point. Tammy participated in Gay PRIDE marches. That is a whole lot different than Gay Rights. PRIDE involves bragging about one's sin.
---Trish9863 on 8/16/07

The line between "hanging out" and "promoting" is razor-thin.

The Pharisees disapproved of Jesus becuase he hung out with prostitutes and extortionists (tax collectors). They called him a drunkard and a glutton. By eating dinner with them, was he "promoting their lifestyle"? The Pharisees certainly seemed to think so.

If people want to find fault, they will always find the smallest excuse to do so.
---Mark on 8/16/07

I agree with Trish,one of my cousins is Gay and I never treated her any way but like the rest of my cousins. In fact sometimes she brought her partner to family funerals and no one ever mistreated either of them. My son was in a Country and Western Band and we never refused any of his honkey tonk friends from coming to our house for Holidays or swimming parties. No one can see your light shine under a bushel. Doesn't mean you condone their lifestyle.
---Darlene_1 on 8/16/07

Robyn, asking for an offering is one thing, milking thousands of dollars from people so they live a life like a king and queen is another. Even their dog had an air conditioned kennel.

PTL & STM = Praise The Lord and Send The Money was their motto.
---Caring on 8/11/07

Mark: Anyone who knows me knows that I love the lowest of society. I teach in an urban public school, and work part time in a psychiatric hospital. I hang out with the gang from the bar down the street when my sons are in town, and I am always reaching out to the alcoholics I meet in AA meetings. Loving sinners is a whole lot different than encouraging them to be proud of their sin.
---Trish9863 on 8/10/07

Mark: I tried to reply before, but the mods did not post it, so I will try again.

I love the gay people in my life, and I know many gays. One of my sons is bisexual, and he is a huge part of my life. I have a problem with a Christian participating in a gay pride march, which tells society that she thinks gays should be proud of their sinful lifestyles. There is a big difference between hanging out with sinners and promoting their sin.
---Trish9863 on 8/10/07

Well Caring: You must have a long list of people you don't particularly care for: all preachers, evangelist,teachers,bishops etc... They make money using the name of Jesus. They sell books, tapes,CD's and every imaginable way to make money for themselves. Whose to say its wrong? Once the gospel has been shared with someone. They feel they are entitled to receive an offering.They can accept it or reject. Very few reject money. Read Hebrews chap 13.
---Robyn on 8/10/07

Robyn, Jim and Tammy went public on TV so they are subject to scrutiny and criticism.

Yes, there is luck in false Christianity in fact they made millions and built a huge complex and Jim is trying his luck again this time selling religious icons.

Only one to judge them is God but whoever uses Christ to make money deserve to be criticized and they did that.
---Caring on 8/9/07

Trish+Rita: Tammy believed we are all sinners, we are all broken, and Jesus makes us whole. Those condemning Tammy for hanging around with gay people have the same attitude as Pharisees condemning Jesus for hanging around with lepers, drunks, prostitutes, and extortionists (tax collectors). By doing so, he was not necessarily agreeing with everything they did - but he DID acknowledge them as legitimate human beings worthy of love, rather than two-dimensional stereotypes to be marginalized and dismissed.
---Mark on 8/9/07

Caring:First of all. Luck has no place in a Christians life. Jesus is all that's needed. If Jim Bakker actually repented, he has as much chance to see Jesus as anyone. Tammy Fay made mistakes as he did. She endured her cross well. No cross, no crown. Your making fun of Tammy is a very ugly and ungodly attitude, on your part. If you show no mercy don't bother asking God for any. You only receive what you give. Tammy has paid her dues.What about you?
---Robyn on 8/6/07

Tammy gave glory to God with her excessive make up and it was fun to see her in tears leaving black streaks all over her face.

She and Jim were two excellent clowns who used God to make themselves wealthy. Now Jim is trying his luck again.
---Caring on 8/6/07

Tammy died, and some know whether she had repented or not. I pray for Jim's loss.
---Eloy on 7/31/07

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2. If you think me a fool, just remember that God forgave us when we accepted Christ. He came while we were yet sinners.
---a_Christian on 7/31/07

PTL stands for Praise the Lord. I know you have heard some negative things about the PTL club in the past, but once it was a thriving ministry that glorified God and blessed me. I still have my PTL teachers Bible and I use it. It's a King James Version and the references are among the best of any Bible that I ever used.
---John on 7/31/07

Praise The Lord.
---Toby on 7/31/07

1. Believe it or not, I think that Jim Bakker was closer to God than Tammy Faye. I know that Jim got caught doing things that he shouldn't, but I believe he repented and turned his life around. Jim was sentenced to 45 years. He was crying on TV and God intervened and got him out quickly. Do you forgive him? I did not like some of the issues that continued to follow Tammy Faye, but that's in God's hands now, and we should all forgive her also. I believe that she went to be with God, and that Jim will too.
---a_Christian on 7/31/07

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Could somebody please tell me what PTL stands for? Thanks.
---Helen_5378 on 7/31/07

I think she did have issues with Jerry Falwell. I heard her say several times, she just wanted to know 'why'?
Did that mean, why did Jerry open his mouth, did he bring PTL down, what exactly did the the "why" mean?
---Todd on 7/30/07

I have to be honest and say that she really did not touch my life. I found the Bakker's TV show sickening when it was on.

I am confused about her involvement with the gays. Was she promoting Gay Rights or Gay Pride? There is a difference.
---Trish9863 on 7/30/07

We are commanded to be Christ-like. What does that mean? Jesus accepted all who came to him. The only people he expressed anger at were 1) Hypocrites in the Religious Establishment 2) People milking money out of the faithful and 3) Peter when he suggested that Jesus avoid the cross.
Tammy Faye accepted all without judgment. She maintained her faith and positive outlook even through the PTL debacle, right up to the day of her death. Sounds Christ-like to me.
---Mark on 7/30/07

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We must remember not to judge only God knows what he used Tammy for I wouldn't even want to speculate on that not even using the word "seems" to qualify it.
---Trish on 7/29/07

I've read about Tammy online. It doesn't sound like God was ever using her, since there is no evidence that she repented. And I read that what she wanted to be most remembered for, was her eyelashes! That doesn't sound good.
---Debby on 7/29/07

As Christians we are not exempt from having gay family,friends or co workers. If anyone should be standing willing and able to show love is the Christians. Just imagine: Your son or daughter has told you one bright morning, he/she is gay. What are you going to do? Something worth thinking about. We as Christians need to learn to show mercy, if nothing else. Tammy Fay Bakker Messner did this and more. A great lady with many faults, we we all have.
---Robyn on 7/29/07

Tammy's husband was imprisoned.
---Eloy on 7/29/07

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You are correct in your compassion. We are to love others regardless of their lifestyle choices. It's Christians that stop the work of God. We can't blame liberals, Muslims, gays, etc. It's downright wrong when every camp glories in its own revelation while judging all the flaws in other camps.
---Raine on 7/29/07

Demonstrating love to gay people despite their sin does not mean you approve of their sin. The Bible says that loving kindness is what draws people to repentance (Romans 2:9). Honestly, it's time the Church grew up and got ahold of this truth. God bless Tammy Faye for having the courage to love the unlovely despite the criticism she endured from people in the Church.
---DoryLory on 7/29/07

I guess credibility is a non-issue to fundamentalist. did not Tammy Faye become a grand marshel for a Gay rights parade? I shake my head in disbelief at the credulity of some.

Three hero's of Gays in America, Cher, Tammy Faye, and Greta Garbo.
---MikeM on 7/27/07

Some people on this blog don't seem to realize that she died a couple of weeks ago. As far as fond memories of her, I can't say that I have any. The fact that she received so much publicity after the Bakers' disgrace is a sign that this is a very sick nation.
---Susie on 7/27/07

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I was at PTL in the mideighties at Jim and Tammy's TV Studio waiting for them to appear, when they walked in the large audience area Tammy saw me looking and looked right at me with a very sweet smile. Later I was on the stage with others for Tammy's TV show,she was very nice to all. Tammy had said she wore the makeup because of her lack of selfconfidence. We all have our own ways in which we cope with our feelings.
---Darlene_1 on 7/27/07

Tammy and Jim succombed to temtation, much like the rest of us might. She was able to continue to witness for Christ in the midst of adversity (albeit - of her own making). She was a delightful singer but I'll remember her unending faith. In the face of iminent death she was out proclaiming His name in the midst of her suffering. I loved the way she stood by her kids. God bless her.
---Andrea on 7/27/07

I remember an interview she gave from a basement bar in London. All these green haired people around and she just loved on them. Lifting Jesus, proclaiming His word. Through her these people could see Jesus. I'll never forget it.
---Andrea on 7/27/07

I'm sorry but the only thing I can remember about Tammy Faye is her make-up and how thick she wears it. I watched 20/20 (I think) and they done an interview with her. She was in bed fighting this illness and her make-up was as thick as ever. Her cheekbones have sunked into her face. She looks worse now than she did before. what did she do again?
---Rebecca_D on 7/27/07

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She was a wolfe in sheeps clothing,false teacher,hypochrit. She used drugs,extorted and let her husband take the blame and abanonded him once he was out of the way(prison). She was/is a con artist who can turn on/off tears with ease and fool the elect if possible. She is to be avoided. If she did repent, she may be allowed a small circle of friends only. No authority.
---jody on 7/27/07

Tammy Fay was a strong woman of God. A small lady with a great big heart, full of faith and a true love for God. She remained faithful to the end. Everyone has a cross to bear. She bore her cross with great dignity and love for Christ. My life was touched by Evang Messner. My love and deepest prayers go out to the entire family, friends and those whose lives she inspired and touched in many ways. RIP Tammy Faye.
---Robyn on 7/27/07

Tammy Faye was a fake, a rascal, but an All-American rascal. She was such a lovable scoundrel. She marketed herself well, knowing what the public though of her Makeup challenges. She was no dummy. The price of freedom of religion is a lot of junk, a price I am willing to pay, so bring on the Mascara! There is someone born every minute who will line up to follow someone like her, its the American way.
---MikeM on 7/27/07

Tammy will be remembered for her makeup, which tells us that first impressions are lasting. Appearances do account for something, especially when you're out there looking for a job.
Tammy Faye's life was cut short. Things we shouldn't touch are sometimes lasting, too.
---Bob on 7/27/07

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Wasn't Tammy Faye deeply involved in gay pride marches etc? Wouldn't this be seen as condoning something that God specifically abhors and calls an abomination? I don't understand how anyone can take an evangelist like that seriously in other matters. We are told the love the sinner but not the sin that they commit. Condoning sin is a big no no.
---RitaH on 7/27/07

I would guess that it would depend upon your view of a Christian Sheppard. Is the duty to feed the sheep or flees the sheep. She helped do the latter, her memory is unworthy of future attention.
---notlaw99 on 7/27/07

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