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Can Evil Come From God

What are we to think after reading this verse. "Micah 1:12, "Evil came down from the Lord unto the gate of Jerusalem." Is evil from the Lord?

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 ---Mima on 7/27/07
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The context of the word "evil" in this case, means punishment. God punishes sin during our present lives on earth. And he'll also punish sin a much greater way, after the end of the world, when all of the Devii's children will be cast into Hell.
---Debby on 6/10/08

Judgment will always be translated evil by an apostate generation.
God is faithful to forgive when we/they repent.
---Andrea on 8/20/07

Satan himself is in heaven according to Job. God will even tell Satan that you are a good person, but will also let Satan come down a put you through the wringer. So God will permit evil to enter your life, comforting isnt it.
---yoshin on 8/15/07

All things come from God for his purpose.
---anonymous on 8/4/07

Proverbs 16:4
The LORD hath made all things for Himself, yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.
---Lisa on 8/2/07

If you Worship any other god but Him God hates it. Evil here means either disaster or trouble. God is going to punish two nations. >>The cities that is going to get hit. Samaria the capital of Israel. And the other one Jerusalem the capital city of Judah. Idolatry is the great sin.
---catherine on 7/30/07

God is not evil. God is Holy, nothing wicked or evil can enter into Gods presence. Evil is alway a result of sinful mens disobedience to God. God will allow evil to come upon men if they desire it because it is what they choose. God's desire for us is Good, it is to prosper us and not to harm us. In this passage of Micah Evil came down as a result of mans transgression.
---Marcia on 7/29/07

Our God is capable of using events that we don't think are wonderful to accomplish an aspect of his will. There is cast iron and there is steel. Steel must be refined to become an effective tool, so do we as Cristians need to be trained, educated, and refined to accomplish the task that our God wishes us to do. Some times the refinning process is uncomfortable and we question why these event occur, but it is for the best to make us effective tools for his use.
---notlaw99 on 7/29/07

"Is evil from the Lord?" If you mean does it originate in Him, No. If you mean does He send it, Yes. "I form (determine) the light, and create (as choose to allow) darkness (ignorance-a void in mans ability to receive His insight): I make peace, and create (Dispatch) evil, I the LORD do all these things." In disobedience, bitterness and grief this people ask for and expected His favor, yet received His displeasure. Given the context, this is the way the term is used in this verse.
---Josef on 7/29/07

God's punishment is going to rain down on the city because of its people's sins. Idolatry God hates. Evil is absolutely not from God. Evil is absolutely from the Devil. God created punishment for evil. If you do not believe this, wait and see for yourselves.
---catherine on 7/28/07

There is no evil in God. God is 100% Holy and Righteous. Infact His main characteristic is Holiness and it's not love. Now the Devil he is 100% evil, bad and he knows how to work in people and on people. Period.
---catherine on 7/28/07

In God there is no evil in the way that man percieves. This verse means that righteousness came down in the form of fair punishment as God judges the behavior of man. He corrects those that He loves and He condemns to hell those of perdition. There is no evil in Him as we know evil. He is all LOVE and LIGHT and in Him is no DARKNESS.
---jody on 7/28/07

I think it would be evil only from the human point of view.
---john on 7/27/07

greetings.Many then and today believes God is both good and evil. Today God is given credit for indiscriminate killing of his children.Natural events and man made wars are believed today as coming from the hand of God and his wrath.Fear and tears are in the eye's of God's children hopeing their Father will not perform savage acts and unmerciful destruction upon them as they they think their Father will.If evil is from the Lord then our Father has sinned.Can perfection be less than perfect?
---earl on 7/27/07

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