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Older Man In Love

I am 67 years old man divorced and deeply in love with a 33 year old widow with three kids. She is in India now. She seems to be very affectionate and has turned down offers from younger men. What should I do?

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 ---Peter on 7/28/07
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I know another older Billy Goat who sent for a Russian woman. Oh yeah, babe. She took that man to the cleaners, wiped out his bank accounts once they were married.
Vulnerable older men, thinking they can be everything to someone half their age. Reality check, men always look taller standing on their wallets.
---Billy_Goat on 4/14/08

If you both are real Christians . . . pray and make sure with God.

IF she is a real Christian in India, and a widow > she could be perfect for reaching widows for Christ as a native missionary.

I've read how widows in India can be rejected and lose everything. She could be their example of how to do well by trusting Christ.

But IF it is so hard for widows, I find it curious she could have the "luxury" of picking and choosing whom to marry.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/16/07

I'm not going to condemn your Christianity, but you all sound like a lot of judgemental people with a thing for tax collectors. Do you even know this woman, or what her intentions are? I know you mean to be informative, but you are all assuming a lot about her. Nobody asked this poor guy anything more about the relationship. They just posted their blog assuming a lot of things. I personally wouldn't have found this all too helpful. I'm surprised at the number of votes some of you got.
---faith on 8/15/07

While I respect your loneliness quip, don't you think you could have been more sensitive about the feelings of others? You sound like the poor man has one foot in a grave. What if he doesn't want to hang out at a Senior Center?
---faith on 8/15/07

You are IN LOVE but she is AFFECTIONATE. Is that enough? I think that you need to tread very warily. I might be wrong but I think that you probably have much more of what she wants than she has of what you want. These kind of relationships rarely work long term.
---RitaH on 7/29/07

Many foriegn women are interested in comming to the United States and in money. How can you tell much about this woman and how she REALLY feels and what she is REAllY interested in from such a long distance. The fact that she has turned down younger men tells me that she is probably more excited by a well extablished (financially) man so as to be falsely secure with her children. If this does not matter to you then ok. BUT BEWARE. She could come,marry,divorce,take what she can,and move on. Sorry.
---jody on 7/29/07

By the way. How thick is your wallet? Its going to take a lot of dough to raise 4 kids. The 33 yr old kid is going to require the most care therefore, the most dough. You get me? Otherwise stock up on your Geritol, vitamins, viagra and you are good to go. Oh I forgot! Don't forget the credit cards,bank accounts and any other financial holdings, you own. Now you are ready to roll. Age does not matter. She is an adult. Be blessed and happy with your new bride.
---Robyn on 7/28/07

I love your answer, Billy Goat! :D You are soo funny! :D Especially the part about old men standing tall on their wallets :D You're a gem, Billy Goat! :)
---Mary on 7/28/07

You ask yourself why a young woman of 33 would be interested in an old man of 67. You also ask yourself if you are more interested in the fact that she "seems to be very affectionate" than whether or not she is a Christian. Why would a 67-year old man want to raise three children? It sounds to me like you are lonely and need to get involved with some senior citizen activities and leave the young women alone. I know it is an ego booster. But, she may not be what she says she is.
---Susie on 7/28/07

Leave the poor woman alone. Why is she very affectionate with you? That's reserved for marriage. Does she need you to become a U.S. citizen? If so, you could be in for an awakening after you've taken her in. She could leave you eating a cloud of dust as she hits the road running. Find someone closer to your own age.
---Billy_Goat on 7/28/07

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