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Mary Magdalene's Name

In the Gospel of John 19:25 it reads "Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene." Why would the parents of Mary named both of their daugthers the same name?

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 ---Ruben on 7/29/07
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Rueben, from what I understand many people did not have last names as we have now but were identified as Rueben, son of Jacob and similar practices.

Mary Magdalene is probably Mary of Magdala, a Lake Tiberian village.
---larry on 11/10/10

Alan there is nothing wrong in your statement.

The ignorance is someone thinking these are last names. Why? Because they care not study scripture to know any better. Let's differentiate that from people who simply don't know or who cannot know due to intellect, or illness etc. For those people hold on to their crowns.

The key word is WILLFUL.

It is really written "Mary The Magdelene"
like "Jesus The Christ".

If you were remove from your family at birth and found them later in life. If you truly love them, you would want to know and read everything about your new family.

(Lest of course you truly are not in the family)
---john on 11/10/10

JOHN ... I have to disagree with you.

Mary was mary of Magdala.

Mary Magdalene means Mary of (or from) Magdala.

So what is wrong with calling her Mary Magdalene, when it means Mary from Magdala?

And why should it be wrong to call Peter (originally born Simon) by that name, when it is the one Jesus gave him?

And for that matter, why should we have to address you as JOHN when you name is actually John?
---alan8566_of_UK on 11/10/10


WILLFUL Ignorance in even the most basic scripture by those who are otherwise intelligent is unforgivable.

It simply means you do not care! And by extension it would also mean you are not saved.

Ponder that thought!
---John on 11/9/10

JOHN ... So what?

What was Kennedy's name ... John or Jack? & Does it matter?

Not one whit!
---alan8566_of_UK on 11/9/10


Magdalene is NOT a last name. It is Mary of Magdala (a small town)

Christ is NOT a last name. It is Jesus The Christ(aka Messiah)

Saul did NOT change his name! Paul is the latin/greek for Saul. In Mexico he would have been Pablo

Bartholomew is not a name. It means Son of (Bar) Talmai. His name was Nathanael

Barnabas was not a real name, his real name was Joseph.

Peter was not his not his orinial name he was renamed by Christ

Matthew orginal name was Levi


and on and on .....

---John on 11/9/10

If I were Jesus I will choose a cousin of mine who would be Mary Magdalene. She would be Jona Mae Carbajal. We've known each other for so long. God knows how much I love her. I cried for days when I felt her heart is far away evrytime. I believe in true love and that Jesus deserved to be loved by the woman He truly loves. That's the case with me.
---Jackie_Lynn on 11/9/10

My Grandfather was a Judge when he married, records from 1768 shows her name as Mary Magdalena.
Kinda cool if related or Not...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/20/08

Jn.19:25 reads )Meanwhile,sanding near the cross of Jesus,were His mother Mary,and His mothers sister,Mary the wife of Cleophas,and Mary Magdalene.)that makes 4 women.Investigation reveals Mary, Jesus's mother was an only child, so the Marys sister, is in actual fact Her cousin, who in those days were referred to as sister.
---Emcee on 3/19/08

You are misinterpreting the verse, it is Four Women not Three women.
1. Mary Mother of Jesus
2. Mary's sister.
3. Mary the wife of Cleophas - is an additional person, not a adjective description of Mary's [Mother of Christ] Sister.
4. Mary Magdalene
---notlaw99 on 3/19/08

Mary Magdalene was from Magdala. She was cleansed of seven demons from Jesus. She then became one of his followers, she and several other women followed him and helped finance his journeys.
---Katie on 8/13/07

She could have been Mary's sister-in-law and they just didn't refer to people as in-laws.
---Canaan on 8/13/07

Mary---Was a popular feminine name among first-century Jews, borne by six [or seven] women in the NT.
---catherine on 8/2/07

If George Foreman can name all his sons George then all these Mary's could be from the same family. I once knew a man who had been married five times and named all his sons after himself. His name was Richard but he went by Dick and his sons were called Rich, Rick, Ricky, Richie and Richard. He was a strange little man who died at a very early age.
---Susie on 8/2/07

It was not uncommon in the classical period to give two daughters the same name, but this passage could easily be referring to FOUR different women.
---Jack on 8/2/07

Leon:: Your attitude & behaviour speaks for itself as a gentleman ,not many left,these days.Appreciation is a return gift senior moments do exist.Thank you friend:-)
---Emcee on 8/1/07

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Emcee: I stand corrected. Of course the name Mary means "sorrow or bitterness". Ironically, I knew that before my last post. I'm scratching my head & back tracking my research, & thoughts on the matter to see where I jumped track, i.e., senior moment, etc.

Right is always nothing short of being RIGHT. Good catch! Thanks for the correction. :)
---Leon on 7/31/07

Leon::Not to raise a point of contention I always thought the name MARY meant SORROW.that is why our Blessed mother among other titles is called "The mother of Sorrow" FYI
---Emcee on 7/30/07

Leon::Not to raise a point of contention I always thought the name MARY meant SORROW.that is why our Blessed mother among other titles is called "The mother of Sorrow" FYI
---Emcee on 7/30/07

Hi Leon :) Yep, I do have a middle name :)
---Mary on 7/30/07

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Thinking out loud, #1:

1. The name Mary (meaning "wise woman") was a very common name then as well as now. I believe these "three wise women" (Marys: John 19:25) truly lived up to their name being they were followers of God.

2. Mary Magdelene was a woman from the village of Magdala along the Sea of Galilee. The Bible doesn't say whether she was a blood relative of the Marys (mother of Jesus and/or the wife of Cleophas) she stood with at the cross of Jesus.
---Leon on 7/30/07

Thinking out loud, #2:

3. Ruben: My maternal grandmother's name was Mary Jane. She had a baby sister named Mary Willie. My mother had two sisters, one named Willie Geneva & the other Willie Mae (Mary).
a. Though the Bible doesn't say so, I wonder if biblical Jews had middle names. Does anyone on this blog know? If so, this may've been the way they also identifed one Mary from another.
---Leon on 7/30/07

Thinking out loud, #3:

b. Is it possible Mary (mother of Jesus) & Mary (wife of Cleophas) were step-sisters, i.e., same father (Heli), different mothers? That is, Heli may've been married again after becoming a widower. Is it reasonable to think Heli could've had two daughters named Mary by two different wives?
(1) Or, what if Heli's theoretical second wife was a widow who already had a daughter named Mary before she & Heli married?
---Leon on 7/30/07

Thinking out loud, #4:

4. Notlaw: Interesting! I wonder why the "three Marys" were named (identified) & the alleged fourth woman (you claim was Mary's sister) was anonymous (not named)?

5. Hi Mary! I thought your comment was funny. :D Do you have a middle name? A yes or no will suffice. :)

6. Good question Ruben!
---Leon on 7/30/07

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Hi everyone, as a Mary myself, I say, the more Marys, the Merrier! :D I couldn't resist :D
---Mary on 7/29/07

greetings.The verse implies at least four females .Two named Mary.Two unnamed.
---earl on 7/29/07

There were 7 women named Mary. Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James (Mk 16:1) Mary the sister of Lazuras, Mary the wife of Cleopas(Virgin's Mary's sister), Mary the mother of John Mark (sister of Barnabas), A Roman Christian named Mary (Ro 16:6) I don't know why the parents name both daughters Mary.
---Rebecca_D on 7/29/07

Maybe because the word sister does not mean bloodline...
---Ruben on 7/29/07

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If you will notice, it was always a "Mary" who was either sitting at Jesus' feet, anointing His feet, standing by the cross, sitting at the tomb, looking for Jesus on the morning of the third day, running into Jesus in His resurrected body, and in the upper room. Mary means "their rebellion". Each one of these Mary's was changed by encounters with Jesus. Rebellion comes to a knee bowing stop when He is beheld.
---Linda on 7/29/07

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