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I Am Feeling Unappreciated

I am feeling unappreciated. What do others do when family (husband's) come to visit, and I do all the meals with little help and then no appreciation. But when we visit them, we all go out and we pay our own way. It depletes me, but if I say anything, he will find fault/blames me for expecting anything.

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 ---Belle on 7/30/07
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Belle: You are the light of the world. Do all things to the glory of God, not to the glory of man. Do everything expecting nothing in return. You are an example of a Godly person. Don't allow pride to get in the way. In the end, God will reward you. Read Gal6:9-10, 1Peter4:9-10, Phil2:3-5, Math20:20-28, Luke6:27-28, 1John3:16-18, Acts20:35, Romans12:20-21

And most important: 1Corinth13:4-7
---Steveng on 9/23/07

If it were me, I'd ask for help, either from husband or kids, and just say honestly, being a mom doesn't mean you should have to do EVERYTHING. But I know, some men think they're "above" kitchen chores--but they're wrong lol!
---Mary on 9/23/07

I have a large family - the work always falls on a few and then they get relief from the others when we relize they've been carrying the burden. But you know they usually wouldn't have it any other way.

I have a rule - I give expecting nothing in return and I don't give more then I can emotionally afford - they love me and understand my limitations and I theirs

always act do not react
---Andrea on 9/23/07

find people who make you feel confident,you are a child of the living God,satan is the one who talks down to you. fight back with Gods word. a child of God is confident and not not condemned but blessed .
---tom on 9/22/07

2 Thessalonians 3:13

WEll it couldn't be more simply put. But as for you brothers never tired of doing right. (Don't forget keep your eyes on prize and all that.) I quote this verse to myself doing dishes, and often I did when I was homeschooling. If it is right and honorable then do it. I'm sorry if that is not very comforting. It got me through the most menial of tasks.
---faith on 8/15/07

It sounds to me as if you and your husband are able to pay your own way and his family is not able to do that. You are a very gracious woman to be giving his family the kind of hospitality you give them. The Lord loves a gracious giver! Just remember that!
---Susie on 8/2/07

I think some people are being way too hard on this poor woman, personally. :( Her husband apparently offers no help and no appreciation and that can tear a woman down over time--coming from someone who truly knows.
---Mary on 7/31/07

bette I would suggest reading 1corinthians dhapter 13. a discription of love.yes you are right people in many cases don,t do the right thing,but you should.boy our lord certainly had cause for feeling unappreciated didn,t he?but his love for us was so great that he came to die for us.
---tom2 on 7/31/07

bette,if I had the time and space to tell you my story about how my family and 2 wivies have used me over a 40 year period you might think your delima a petty bette,love is what will help you to evercome.remember what you are experiencing is FEELINGS. people will never please you dear so love them and move on.
---tom2 on 7/31/07

This is very good and interesting
For as long as you do your part it is okay. Being generous is a blessing and you do not have to expect something in return.
The Bible clearly says that when you give your reward is in heaven and dont even talk about it for God knows all that.
Keep it up and do not worry God will reward you abandantly
---Joshua on 7/31/07

If you keep your feelings bottled up inside, one day your going to explode. And when you do, everything comes out. Been there, done that. Now if something is on my mind, I say something. Did you ever ask for help? If not, why?
---Rebecca_D on 7/30/07

Get over it. Or confront.
---catherine on 7/30/07

Well, Martha felt slighted because she was doing all the preparations for guests, while her sister Mary "sat at Jesus' feet and heard His word." (see Luke 10:39 in context, please). And Jesus stood up for Mary!

Martha was troubled about getting the serving done, but Mary was enjoying Jesus. Why let people keep you from enjoying the LORD?
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/30/07

Do you do it for the glory, or for the Lord? We are to serve others as unto the Lord. Stop whining and start praying for your heart attitude to be changed.
---Trish9863 on 7/30/07

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