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Suicide Heaven And Hell

Do you believe that people who commit suicide go to Heaven or do they go to Hell for taking their lives?

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 ---melissa on 7/31/07
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I hope Heaven because most of us are very giving, understanding and receive nothing in return and we are to expect this as God states. But it gets so hard at times thinking everyone is your friend, give them money, food and comfort and when self is in need - no one is there to help out. It is getting hard and I only have 4 more days or I loose of what I helped people save. I know God does not compinsate money but hopefully give someone a heart again to help me. God Bless.
---Lacey on 9/3/07

The only upardinable sin is blasphamy of the Holy Spirit. Our God is a big God. If a person is a born again Christian suffering a severe enough depression to commit suicide, I sencerily believe God whould understand all of what is the cause of the delima. Whether demonic opression or chemical changes in the brain. I do not know for sure who goes to heaven but I do know that God forgives and is more merciful than man. We account to God for unconfessed sin but that doesn't mean we go to Hell.
---jody on 8/20/07

The Bible records several instances of suicide. Samson-Judges, Judas-matt., Saul-1 Sam. Samson's death may be a better word would be "martyrdom". Saul's could be called "assisted" suicide. The right to give life and take it away is reserved by God for Himself. Christians are called to steadfastness in the midst of trial. Now Moses, Elijah, Job, and Jonah, each asked God to take their lives. But in every case God refused.
---catherine on 8/7/07

alanOfUk, I agree, ignorant people commonly make the mistake of quickly judging a person's actions with never judging the motives behind their actions. God commands self-sacrifice for others. And there is the distorted perception of the mentally ill in mind, whom choose to do wrong because they think that it is right. God will judge each suicide, and not man, people cannot raise the dead and say, Blessed are you, nor Shame on you, neither enter into my joy, nor depart into hell fire.
---Eloy on 8/4/07

heroes are selfless. Christ is the biggest hero!
Suicide is selfish. the deception from the devil, the confusion> Look at Judas!

taking your own life is self serving.
Pray you get the wisdom of God.
---Lisa on 8/4/07

Melissa. # 1 The fireman and the soldier thought to themselves that it would be better for them to die than those they were saving.
When I was suffering clinical depression, I thought it would be better fror my family if I died, so there was a temptation to commit suicide. Had I done so it would have been because of a misguided "generosity" towards my family.
Not very different from the soldier or fireman taking upon themselves the decision that God should take, as to who should die.
---alan_of_UK on 8/3/07

Melissa. # 2 I don't accept that ... the firman and soldier are acting selflessly ... and in a sense so would I have been.
I think Rebecca is wrong to condemn suicide so strongly, because she does not recognise the medical aspects which can cause a person to be suicidal, and distort their thinking.
---alan_of_UK on 8/3/07

Melissa. # 3 There is a wall in Postmans Corner, in London, and on it are tiles describing the sacrifices of ordinary men women & children, who gave their lives (often knowingly) to save the lives of others ... a brother or sister, or a son or daughter, a friend, or most commonly, strangers.
Sorry, this does not help the debate, but it is so very moving to see all those inscriptions, that I just had to tell yuo about it..
---alan_of_UK on 8/3/07

Many heroes live..those that die don't all know they are going to die....they take a chance is all. They are not killing themselves deliberately at all. they are doing a job if they are a firefighter, police etc... Some people are just good Samaritans, trying to help others. Suicide does not come from God. Helping others does. Christ is our hero..He did not commit suicide. And He knew He was going to give up His Life for us.
---Lisa on 8/3/07

Our lives are not ours to take. When a person thinks on taking their life, they are being selfish, and not putting their faith in God, Christian or not. By taking their own life, they reject the fact that God can't help them.
---Rebecca_D on 8/3/07

The Holy Bible is very clear. Three kinds of people who go to hell: the wicked by nature who never heard the gospel, the person who heard the gospel, but rejected it, and the backslider who never repented or returned to the Lord. And three kinds of people go to heaven: the righteous by nature who never heard the gospel, the born-again Christian, and the backslider who repented or returned to the Lord.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

References to Samson got me thinking. What about a person who gives their life for others, such as a fireman who rushes into a collapsing building or a soldier who throws himself in front of a buddy? Even though these heroes knew they were going to die, it could not be considered suicide. "No greater love hath a man than to give his life for a friend." That is a whole different way of looking at some situations.
---melissa on 8/3/07

9What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you and which ye have from God, and that ye are not your own? 1Corinthians 6
*if you kill what belongs to God, you wouldn't be able to repent until after death, and that would be to late, cause you'd be burning in hell.
20For ye are bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's. KINDA HARD TO DO IF YOU ARE KILLING GODS BODY he lent you.
---Lisa on 8/3/07

.rebecca, If a person truly thinks that they would be better off dead rather than alive, whether their thinking is right or wrong, it is God whom forgives the dying soul and not for any person to ignorantly condemn. When a person commits suicide, more often than not, it is when the depressed person is completely alone, because their "dying to die" does not involve any other living soul, eventhough the selfish survivors may desire it to be so.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

.rebecca, If a person truly thinks that they would be better off dead rather than alive, whether their thinking is right or wrong, it is God whom forgives the dying soul and not for any person to ignorantly condemn. When a person commits suicide, more often than not, it is when the depressed person is completely alone, because their "dying to die" does not involve any other living soul, eventhough the selfish survivors may desire it to be so.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

Yes suicide is a sin. Yes suicide can be forgiven. A "mortal sin" means, "a wrong done by one whom is able to die". All sin is wrong, and all unrepented sin is death. Since a suicide person may repent while they are dying, this sin may be forgiven, and also if they are sick in their mind to the point of suicide they may not be held accountable or guilty for their action of death, since they had no rational controlling ability to prevent it.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

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The Bible advocates life rather than death, and thus emphasizes living and encourages all to live righteous and be blessed. God does not desire anyone to kill themself, but he knows about grief and depression, and he wants us all to reach out and help the hurting and not ignore them, and let them die. Too many hide their pain inside, to where it becomes unmanageable, and to the point of self-destruction.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

Murder is accepted to be wrong, but many murder while they are without control and insane, or imbalanced. God's way is mercy, to cast out the murderous and hateful spirits possessing people, and to heal them, rather than condemning them who murder. And it is possible for a suicide person to be asking God for forgivenes with their last dying breaths after they fatally injured themselves. Thus God is the judge of these cases, and not man.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

The Bible reads if you die with sin you will go to hell, and if you die without sin you will go to heaven. So it depends on each individual suicide whether or not they died forgiven, and the mentally imbalanced are not rational nor are they able to be normal in their thinking enough to choose to live. We should not underestimate God's pity and love for those who ended their life, for whatever reason. God will say what happens to the suicides, not man.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

Many are deeply depressed and not able to think rationally when they kill themselves, proven by the many suicide notes left behind for the survivors. Also many have repented asking God's forgiveness with their dying breaths. God determines whether these go to heaven or to hell. I think it's very sad that so many people are hurting so deeply around us, and without anybody helping them, that they come to think that suicide is the only answer to their pain.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

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Many suicides happen when people have lost all hope in fighting a losing battle, and lose any desire to continue in their suffering. At this depth of depression no power of will exists to fight off the thought of suicide, instead the more the thought comes the more it seems like the perfect solution and morally right thing to do- the suicidal thinks that at least their suffering and misery would end when dead. If the suicide is able to ask forgiveness with their dying words, God may make them better.
---Eloy on 8/3/07

To destroy the temple of God is evil.
Our bodies are the temple of God.
To kill that temple is to evil.
Only God has the authority to give life and take life away. It is only His not ours.
---Lisa on 8/2/07

As a teenager I was in misery due to severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my father. One night I took an entire bottle of aspirin thinking that would do the trick. Thank the Lord it only made me sick and I lost all the chicken dinner I had eaten that night taking the aspirin with it. It never occurred to me to tell someone about the abuse. A high school guidance counselor saw bruises on my back one day when I bent over and asked took care of the situation immediately.
---Susie on 8/2/07

Yes, Susie . . . we could have someone reading this and who is or may one day be considering suicide. This is not just a theoretical-doctrinal-debate issue. This is very personal.

We care about you.

I have suffered enough to consider suicide. And God had mercy on me and changed me so I am doing better. This took CORRECTION > His peace of love can make us see things so better, with encouragement, even.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/2/07

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Eloy: So when God said Thou Shall Not Kill, he meant to say Thou shall not kill others, but yourself is fine, cause it's not really murder? Murder is murder I don't care how one looks at it. If I take a gun and kill someone, then I turn the gun onto myself, that is two lives I took. With me being dead, how can I ask God to forgive me for taking two lives into my own hands? How can I go to that person's family as well as my own to ask them to forgive me? I can't. I'm dead.
---Rebecca_D on 8/1/07

Book, Chapter, Verse, please, Leslie.
---Toby on 8/1/07

If you are contemplating suicide and reading this blog, remember that God is always right there. All you have to do is call upon HIM and HE will answer. He will send you help when you need it most! There is nothing you have done that God won't forgive. God is there for you!
---Susie on 8/1/07

.rebecca, God showed to you his mercy when someone you know committed suicide. When a person is repenting during suicide, God forgives them. God is not so weak that his mighty arm cannot save a grieving soul during suicide. When a person prays to Jesus for help, he helps, but not always in the way that man desires. The suicides are a message to Christrians to do more for those in need, and then hope and help can be given to these whom are overwhelmed in their lives.
---Eloy on 8/1/07

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I believe that they are waiting to take their part in hell. Once they draw back from God, God's spirit has no pleasure in them. No one knows if Samson went to heaven. He done what he done out of revenge. Once dead that person can't ask to be forgiven. They have no spirit (no breath) in their body. They can't say, Lord let me go back into my body so I can ask you to forgive me for killing myself.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/07

If the suicide died forgiven, then the suicide went to heaven, but if the suicide died in their sins, then the suicide went to hell.
---Eloy on 7/31/07

Leslie, Book, Chapter, Verse please (Jack's old saying). By the way, did he fall of the grid, or did he get mad at all of us?
---Toby on 7/31/07

Suicide is self murder, thou shalt not kill is one of God's ten commandments. If you die before you repent of any unconfessed sins, Hell will be your home. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.
---queen on 7/31/07

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The answer to this question depends on whether you believe our Heavenly father is a gracious, merciful Father who loves us dearly. If you are saved and you kill yourself, you will go to Heaven. Samson killed himself and he went to heaven.
---Debbie_Jo on 7/31/07

Suicide is murder to yourself (homiside to self). The Bible says that ALL murderers will end up in the lake of fire (Hell).
---Leslie on 7/31/07

I believe that God will be the judge as to whether anyone goes to Heaven or Hell. He alone knows what their spiritual state was as they took their last breath. He alone knows if they repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ at that last breath.
---Susie on 7/31/07

King Saul, Israel's first King, committed suicide. He fell on his own sword. His death had been predicted by God's prophet Samuel. And Samuel's prediction included the fact that King Saul would be with him(Samuel) after his death. Now if we know were Samuel was then we know then we know where King Saul went after his suicide. Do you believe Samuel was in heaven(Paradise) or do you believe Samuel is in hell?
---Mima on 7/31/07

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