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Prayers Tips

What is prayer? I don't mean just formal prayer and study of the Bible (which is fundamental of course) but informal prayer. What sort of informal communications do you have with God? Basically any tips for praying overall (i am finding it hard). Thanks.

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 ---Ed on 7/31/07
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1st, I would remember we are but the Clay and God is the Potter...
We are nothing but a vapor thats here one day and gone the next, and were told NOT to ask the potter(God) "Why has't thou made me thus", Deal with it and Endure is what he says, So listen to him...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 8/8/08

Ed - Honest prayers are the best. Sharing what's on your heart. If you're angry at God about something, approach Him in humility and explain what is bothering you. He is so graciious and so merciful and compassionate, that He will give you understanding in ALL of your circumstances, but the key is to talk to him HUMBLY, not with pride or snooty, etc., He desires honesty from your innermost being. He's your Abba Father, but He's also the Holy one of Israel, Amen?
---BrideofChrist on 8/8/08

I find it hard to garden and not pray - weeds/tares, how the seeds fall and some grow, fruit trees, so much but ...
If we are to fight against powers and principalities etc - I pray in the spirit and sing in the spirit a lot -- for me it is like a weapon that God gives us and expects us to use it.

He said pray - He already knows what we need - but He says pray - so pray -
---Andrea on 8/17/07

Informal prayer is like talking to your best friend. You can bare your soul. Sometimes this is easier in a letter or journal or an email that you delete or send to yourself. Even if you are angry at God, you can tell Him this and why. (He already knows anyway!). It is a very intimate experience.
---Robin on 8/2/07

When God wants us to talk to him, he doesn't want to hear a bunch of whinning or complaining. We all do that. He wants to hear about our desires, what we hunger for in his word. Not wordly desires. But spiritual desires. He wants us to worship and praise him like he created us to do. Talk to him what is in your heart, not whats on your mind. I've got alot of things on my mind, so if I tell him whats on my mind, my heart won't get to say what my desires are. Did that make sense?
---Rebecca_D on 8/1/07

Catherine, you shared, "I have been slow in going to God on certain issues. I do not know why. It is a shame." That sounds like how I can have certain problems with people and I don't love them and pray God's blessing to them and give the problems to God in prayer, but I just struggle with them in my imagination.

But it comes to me, that I am not being loving and blessing with these people, and my "prayer" then can be just admitting I am failing. Then God helps me to do better.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/2/07

Hi, Ed > I am finding that "prayer" may be "talking to God". But BEFORE talking . . . can come the time of being quiet for as long as God pleases to deal with me . . . to correct me, to transform me into how He has me enjoying Him and loving all people.

THEN is when to pray, AFTER He has gotten through to me, first. And I understand that praying needs to include relating with Him to see what He has me pray.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/2/07

Prayer with God is conversation with God. It can even be two-way conversation, depending on how sensitive we are to the spirit. Whatever situation arises at first I like to thank the Lord for letting it arise. I'm certain that whatever is happening is happening for my best, that is his promise and I believe it. I try never to offer my own suggestions to rather have my suggestions come from Him. To effectually do is I need to be quiet and in my prayer closet.
---Mima on 8/1/07

Jesus said in Mark 11:24 and Matt.21:22 that when we pray we should believe that we have received what we have prayed for.
I think one of the biggest tips in prayer would be to pray with faith, believing that we have received it.
---john on 8/1/07

Prayer is believing in God enough to talk to Him,knowing Him well enough to have a personal relationship with Him,and having faith enough to trust in Him. It is opening your heart enough to hear His voice,follow His Word,and obey His will. It is talking to God,your creator,provider,protector,savior, and best friend. It is accepting God as your all in all,and fellowshipping with Him,loving Him above everyone else. Prayer is to be prayed in Jesus Name,our intercessor.
---Darlene_1 on 8/1/07

I will have to start out with an example for instance, I am having difficulties with my co-workers. Sometimes I get so angry and want to respond un christ-like, I must say a quick informal prayer in my head to the Lord to get through the situation. Before I go in to work, I sit in my car and ask out loud like HE is in the passenger's seat to guide me through the day with a cheerful heart and to remove the anquish I feel in my heart. I do this every day. I hope this helped.
---Audricia on 7/31/07

I tell God whatever is on my mind and what is in my heart. Sometimes when all hell breaks lose, all I can do is cry. And in that time I need him to hold me while I cry. But when I talk to God, I don't have a long prayer. I mean I do, but not on gimme, gimme things. Heartfelt prayers are the best. He is listening to every word I say. And he takes it to the heart. When one of his children doesn't talk to him, I imagine he cries from hurt.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/07

prayer is simply asking can do pray anywhere and at anytime...let us make it a part of our daily living like eating...that we can't get away from it. if we do this, then we will have a life full of blessings...a prayerful life is a powerful life...if you need more power as you live, then pray more...God bless!
---Maneza on 7/31/07

Hey There, When I pray I go to a quiet place with my bible.
---Jordan on 7/31/07

Well, to start with, the Lord hears the prayers of a "ferverant righteousn man". There are other scriptures too,but I always start by confessing my sins to Jesus for forgiveness and exmining myself thouroughly for purity. Then, prayer is simply communicaton with God. I pray for other people,the nation,local officials churches,family and personal growth and wisdom and just about anything. I also wait quitely and listen for answere. blessings
---jodyj on 7/31/07

Prayer is simply talking with God. Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to be "Praying always." (BTW I believe that means the manner of prayer, see the rest of the verse, not the time duration only.) Still, realizing that He is always available, I have been known to offer a short "thank You. Lord." when I find my lost keys. That is a simple prayer of communion and praise.
---ed_the_other_one on 7/31/07

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I don't know why. Do you have any problems? God is great with your problems. A best tip I have right now, Is to start, first, throughout the day saying, "thank you". God wants to help you because he wants to also talk to you. Think about Him first thing in the mornings. I have been slow in going to God on certain issues. I do not know why. It is a shame. Don't be embarrass. God already knows everything.
---catherine on 7/31/07

Prayer is just talking to God like you would a best friend. It's that simple.
---Leslie on 7/31/07

I have a tip for you. You can pray for John P and his family on the "How do you pray" blog down on the list. Not many people seem to care, except me and maybe two others.
---big_daddy on 7/31/07

I think that information prayer is when we ask or praise God about absolutely anything at absolutely any time. It can be a quick cry for help in time of need or a thank you for answered prayer. The beauty of this type of prayer is that it can be done when walking the dog, riding on a bus, peeling the vegetables or anywhere else in fact. Prayer is often a conversation with God so why not informally just as we talk informally with other people.
---RitaH on 7/31/07

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Everybody go to the 'How do you pray' blog in the 'Daily living' section at the top of the page. It will answer some questions. Prayer is a privelage, because it's talking to God. If God puts prayer on your heart, go for it. God bless. You too Ed.
---Jim on 7/31/07

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