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Are Calamities From God

Is the increase of Catostrophic calamities a result of the Holy Spirit slowly removing its restraints? (Birth Pains of the earth pushing out the body of Christ from her womb)
What are your thoughts?

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 ---Marcia on 8/4/07
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No, the earth is always going through changes. If we get superstitious and blame everything on God or Satan, our society will move again to the dark ages. Time to move forward. Anyone can make an end time prophesy. I predict the earth will be total engulfed in fire. A revelation? No, Study the life cycle of a star like our sun.
---yoshin on 8/18/07


I totally agree with that.**

Thank you, Marcia.
---Jack on 8/9/07


I totally agree with that.
---Marcia on 8/7/07

Alan of UK>>

The difference between then and now is, all the prophecies of the end time had not been revealed. Now all thing prophesied by Christ has happened. The only thing hold the rapture back is God's Grace and desire that none would perish but that all would come to salvation in Christ.

Back then Israel was not a nation. The prophecy is that a nation would be born in one day. Israel is that nation that was born in one day. Every eye is on the Apple of God's eye.
---Marcia on 8/7/07

My thoughts will probably disagree with Marcia's, but here goes:

Every war and natural disaster since the Ascension (and even before) has been seen as God's punishment on whoever it happened to.

Yet Jesus Himself said (Luke 13) that these are NOT to be seen as punishments on others--but a wake-up call for ourselves to repent and amend.
---Jack on 8/7/07

marcia ... I am sorry my last post was not published as I intended.
I meant to say that for centuries, that passage has been used to prophecy an imminent End ... and it did not happen.
Those that expected the End to happen centuries ago were wrong, as may be those who now expect it within the next few months or years.
---alan_of_UK on 8/7/07

Alan of UK:

When did the Laodicean period began?
---Marcia on 8/7/07

Marcia ... Luke 21 for centuries to prove the imminent End.
---alan_of_UK on 8/7/07

Mirma, John, Alan of UK

What are your thought on Luke 21 when Jesus is describing the time of desolation or the End of the Age?
---Marcia on 8/6/07

I disagree. The removal of the Holy Spirit will be sudden and devastating. God does not cause calamities he allows them to happen their cause is the enemy(satan) who is always there and ready.
---Mima on 8/6/07

I'm not convinced that there is more catastrophe now than before. I do know that when people live without God and do wickedly they remove themselves from the protective umbrella of God. Also, In Amos 3:7 God did say that He would not do these kind of things unless he told his prophets first. I don't think we will have to be guessing, just listen.
---john on 8/6/07

A few centuries ago, the Great Plague, or Black Death, killed half the population or more of Europe.
There was a war which for 100 years ravaged Europe.
There were huge volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
"Christians" tortured and killed "Christians"
Nothing is new or worse now. All that is happening is that we are emerging from the relative and unusual calm of the recent few centuries.
---alan_of_UK on 8/4/07

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