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Affair When He's In Jail

My husband has been incarcerated for 3 1/2 years and I have been patiently waiting with our 2 daughters. I have recently met someone else and this is where the trouble starts. This is not right and I'm not sure how to stop the affair. I feel like I am living two lives. Any suggtions on what to do.

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 ---InBigTrouble on 8/10/07
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First of all, get right with God. Get rid of your lover and start being faithful to your husband. Seek Godly counsel concerning your situation, as living separate due to incarceration is definitely a strain on any woman. Get involved in your local church and participate in a Women's Bible study. Avoid the other man with everything you've got.
---Trish9863 on 8/11/07

Inbigtrouble, you're going to be in bigger trouble if you don't stop.

Look at a mirror and see if you see a Lady in there or a loser.
---Caring on 8/11/07

This is not as easy as it seems on the surface. We actually need more information here. But from what we know,and Biblically speaking,your only correct move (and safe one)is to stop seeing this man cold turkey period. You asked. Just do it,as they say to an alcoholic. If you chose another course of action, you need to keep it a clean cut like truth and getting rid of the husband if there is a Biblical justification. Otherwise you are putting you and your children in harms way.
---jody on 8/11/07

Break off any and all communications with this man and make up your mind that you are going to do the right thing. Then hope and pray that your marriage and family is not going to be broke up because of your lust and inconsideration. Repentance will be your defence. God bless you in your desire to do right.
---john on 8/11/07

You didn't say what he was in the pen for, but if it's some sort of violence, lady - you are treading water without a life preserver. Either get out of this marriage or stop it, now. When does he get out?
---Brad on 8/11/07

Please lets all be fair. Not judgemental. It could have happened to anyone of us. I just think you need to find the strength from inside to do the right thing. You know what is right and only you can take a stand. We can all ONLY SUGGEST to you. But in the final analysis, only YOU can STOP this THING
---Philipian on 8/11/07

You are living two lives. You are playing Mrs. Wife with your husband, but when the other fellow comes around you are not a Mrs. What to do? Here's a thought, stop the affair. You know it isn't right, but it is you who has to answer for it when standing before God. Regardless of what your husband done, don't you think he deserves a faithful wife, since he can't see his family. You should be ashamed.
---Rebecca_D on 8/10/07

Remember the pop song, "There Must be 50 ways to leave your lover?"

They all boil down to the same thing:


Easier said than done, I know.
---Jack on 8/10/07

Well, how to stop the affair is not something other people can tell you, unless they know things very well, but the affair is a problem. If other people don't know about it, I understand you need help from others, but I'm afraid more has to be said for peple here to know what can be done. Blessings in your attampts to stop!
---Peter5448 on 8/10/07

Please, do the right thing, not just for you, but for your family as well. If you are posting this question on this site, I feel certain you know what the right thing to do is.
---Annie on 8/10/07

I would begin by casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. You will need some knowledge of God to do that. Get out your Bible for this one and find out what Jesus did to make you acceptable to God. Spend some time with Him and allow Him to renew your mind. All behavior begins with a thought...and sinful behavior begins with a deceptive thought that isn't dealt with immediately.
---Linda on 8/10/07

At some point, you were tempted when you were drawn away of your own lusts. The things we lust for in the flesh have a tendency to make themselves known by a manifest opportunity that answers to that lust. However, God is and always will be faithful in temptation. You chose to leave the highway of holiness, the street of gold, to take the dusty way. The good news is that Father still loves you and you have the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace.
---Linda on 8/10/07

Receive that first and then open your heart to Him and allow Him to fill the place you opened to another man. I am not guaranteeing it will be easy but it won't be as hard as being sin conscious and trying to stop yourself. Know this, that the old man is dead (by the sacrifice of Jesus), reckon it to be so (because He did die and His death was your death), and then yield your members.
---Linda on 8/10/07

When we take in an ungodly thought as a guest and let it sit down at the table, it isn't long before it gets full and lets all its buddies know where the "fuel" is. You start walking in the counsel of the ungodly, you will soon be taking a stand in the way of sinners. Once you have taken a stand in the way of sinners, it isn't long before you begin to rest and be comfortable with the seat of the scornful.
---Linda on 8/10/07

If you recognize and cast down an ungodly thought (counsel), you won't end up being comfortable with ungodliness. Sin never "just happens". It is a progression.
---Linda on 8/10/07

Get a divorce. Your adulterous affair has broken your marriage vows to your husband. You're now conning your con, and who knows, maybe your con has conned you, too.
---Brad on 8/10/07

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