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I Hate God For What He Did

I know you have probably heard it a hundred times before, but I can say I honestly and throughly hate God for what he has done to me. I served him whole heartly for 10 years and watched as God took my cars, house, and money away. Why?

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 ---David on 8/11/07
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Why? Because he loves you. You had put too much trust in those things that is or was leading you to a deep, painful path of destuction.
---OK on 11/11/07

I know despite us loving God he loves us and if you lost everything the chances of God taking anything is very slim. Heaven is not based on your wealth. As it stands I doubt if that is what happened, pray and ask God to show you where you went wrong because it would almost certainly have something to do with your circumstances rather than God.
---Carla5754 on 9/2/07

He gave us all free will, and He is not going to take that away from us. Free will is great, but we are going to reap what we sow. If you are perishing, it is because of your own lack of knowledge. Stop blaming others for your mistakes, and ask God for wisdom. He will give it to you.And when you pray, remember that it is okay to ask for whatever you need, but dont tell Him how to bring it. Never tell God How to do anything. He is all knowing and He knows how to do what ever needs to be done.
---Dorothy on 9/2/07

If i may ask, have you ever been left down by your earthly father?
---Ray on 8/28/07

David - do you think that your feelings have been influenced by the stress of trying to be good enough for God?
Instead of resting in His grace. WE are all sinners - we all fall short and I know of noone that has a close walk with the Lord that has not at some time just given up. I can't do this Lord "I can't" bc He can. This is when He carries you. God Bless
---Andrea on 8/28/07

Well, if God did these things to David, he was right in testing his love, because this man flunked the test. Good thing He tested.
---OK on 8/20/07

David, don't put the blame on God he had nothing to do with what has happened to you, even if He did put the blame on yourself. Look at Job he lost everything, and yet he didn't blame God he rejoiced in what had happened. And I even had things taken away because I wasn't listening to God, so instead of blaming him try to figure out what u did wrong and fix it.
---ANN on 8/19/07

I have made wrong decisions by not consulting God. results: homelessness,family treating me like garbage...we do things our own way any number of things... if as Job said "the Lord gives and the Lord takes away..." is a true statement of God (which it is not)then we have no right to ...resist the devil! Open your heart to God tell Him exactly how you feel, that youre willing to do whatever He shows you.
---madelyn on 8/18/07

David and everyone else here,Please read the book of Job. If you hate God because of something that he took from you (which is his in the firstplace)than you are going to die and go to Hell. If you put things ahead of God, then you are committing Idolatry. I have lost several jobs but did not blame it on God. Stop blaming God for the things that you did to lose the job.
---queen on 8/18/07

The bible says that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.David has made up his mind to go to Hell. All we can do is to pray that his heart be changed,and even then God will not change his heart unless he repents and turns back from sin. We do not want him to go to hell, but he has said out of his own mouth that this is what he has chosen. He is trying to force the hand of God which is an impossibility. He is lost unless he repents. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.
---queen on 8/18/07

David, you said, in order to GET YOU BACK TO SERVE HIM! Wow, what demonic arrogance as if you created the worlds and judge sin! God is Holy and created all things for him and by him was nothing made. I have literally been taken out of my body to see the flames of Hell. If God did not bless me anymore, Just being saved from those eternal flames is cause for me to worship him in spirit and in truth for all of eternity.In the name of Jesus Christ. Those flames are your future home unless you repent.
---queen on 8/18/07

David please direct your anger someplace else. God has a reason for doing what He does. We don't always understand or care but we must trust Him, regardless, of what. You must read the book of Job as I suggested in my last post. You have got to stop this anger and pass this test. God will restore what you have lost. If you keep doing what you are doing you are going to lose a lot more, including your life. You don't want that. Thank God for what He has already done. He has you in the palm of His hands.
---Robyn on 8/18/07

No, my friend, God did not do those things to you, you did them to yourself. Study, don't just read, but study the story of Job, he too lost everything--not because of himself, but God allowed it to happen so Satan could see the faith of Job. Job won, you failed. No judgement on my part intended. Do it over, do it right this time--God wants you to prosper as your soul prospers.
---Jay on 8/18/07

Good morning Trish, I am sorry that I felt pain for your short comings. I should have kept my feelings for you to myself and not expressed them here, and just pray that everything is good with you now. I do understand that through trials God builds our faith, no question about that, I have had many myself. Peace to you.
---mark on 8/18/07

David, as for your original question, when some are put to the test they hate God rather than love him unconditionally.
---Frank on 8/17/07

Trish, God Bless you.
---freeda on 8/16/07

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While weeding on the property I am watching, I got stung and jumped and stumbled, then straight-armed the driveway's asphault as I fell. My left wrist was virtually amputated.

Upon prayerful reflection, I could remember how before then I had been
nasty with my computer server,
unloving with a suspected scammer,
and ambitious to show off how I have cared for the property.

That nasty-reacting, pushy spirit helped make me out of control so I could be brought down like that.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/16/07

Once I was being sensitive to God, He could have me see how my own wrong spirit had helped make me out of control so I would act with haste and clumsiness.

I think of how Job saw things more clearly, when the LORD appeared to him and personally communicated with Job.

If you get into God's peace, you will be able to see things better, David.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/16/07

I believe that this blog shows us that material things do not fill in that missing link in our life. Only a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can give you true Joy, Peace, and Happiness. And to be content with whatever or wherever we are in our walk with Christ.
---Cynthia on 8/16/07

Being a Christian doesnt mean that everything is going to go well all our lives on Earth. You need to look at Jesus's life here and how much he suffered the whole time and we are all called to follow him. God doesn't always give us what we ask for, but he gives you what we need and many times that means hardships and trials. Christ asked that the cup of suffering would be taken away the night before he died for us but added "not my will but Yours (the Father's) will be done".
---jfrisco on 8/16/07

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Your "cars, house, and money" > things I would not have much use for, since I have experienced how God's love is.

You still have them, to make you miserable, by keeping them in your mind. They did not prepare you to be happy and satisfied, no matter what happens in your life. So, these things have failed you. They can not give you love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/16/07

Freeda: I rarely am jealous of my ex. I have much more freedom and am able to enjoy a new career that I would not have if I were still married. I do regret not having a big house anymore because my kids all stay with him when they come to town because my apartment is so much smaller than his home. I miss the extra time with my kids as a result. Still, God has blessed me so much with a graduate degree, and two careers as a result of my divorce.
---Trish9863 on 8/15/07

The devil is tormenting you like he did to Job. God isn't doing one thing wrong to you.
---Jaclyn on 8/16/07

God sees the whole book where we see but one page.He uses adversity to draw us closer.If you loose trust in Him then you will deny yourself greater intimacy with the Almighty. Who are we to judge Him? So often my children don't understand my making them wait, they grow angry. But I see the whole book where they see but one page. They must learn to trust my judgment just as we must learn to trust the judgment of our Heavenly Father. Allow God to prove Himself to you by giving Him the benefit of the doubt
---Linda on 8/15/07

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Trish, it seems that you have had some very trying times. Yet, you did not turn your back on God. He has give you strength to go through. My husband loved the ladies, well we are divorce, he makes much more than me. However i see how he runs around to make this money and works like a horse, he is now a minister. I did ask why? however i can only make me better in Christ. I can say that i am happy now than in the marriage. So, hang in there in prayer, it works mircles.
---freeda on 8/15/07

Mark: Please do not feel sorry for me. God has used my earlier sufferings to prepare me for serving Him through my career as a social worker. He told us in His Word that our sufferings allow us to minister to those who suffer.

If anyone here knows me, they know I do not feel sorry for myself because of what has happened to me. It has empowered me to better serve the Lord.

---Trish9863 on 8/15/07

There is another anger at God blog on CN, I'll try and find it. I was looking for it one day, and found another site that was critically looking at the answers on that blog, how unscriptural it was to be angry with God. One answer in particular, they were all commenting how much error it contained.
---Tim on 8/15/07

A rich man ask Jesus what he must do to be saved, Jesus told him to sell everything and follow him, then he would have treasures in heaven. In world standards everyone in the US is rich, and we do not want to sell all of our stuff. So I guess we do not stand a chance. So, David you are actually lucky.
---yoshin on 8/15/07

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In the U.S. no one can own anything anymore (See the Buck Act). People who think that God is all about love and grace are going to be shocked when the time of trouble starts. It's all about TRUTH. What most people believe about God is really about Satan. There IS a beautiful side of evil.
---Rich on 8/15/07

ALL our anger at God. All our dissatisfaction with ALL about us and not God. This shows that you were attached in someway to someone while God asks for your attachment to Him alone. Real love surrenders all to God,regardless of the situation or pain. And that is where you find joy....even in the midst of the weeding out of people and things in your life.
---Heidi on 8/15/07

ALL our anger at God. All our dissatisfaction with ALL about us and not God. This shows that you were attached in someway to someone while God asks for your attachment to Him alone. Real love surrenders all to God,regardless of the situation or pain. And that is where you find joy....even in the midst of the weeding out of people and things in your life.
---Heidi on 8/15/07

Trish, I am so sorry for all you have had to go through. It is when people hear stories of others that make us thank God for what we do have. I also some times wondered why those others seem to prosper so well and the good one's seem to get zip. But as you said, all of that will pass away one day. I believe whole heart that they are just been allowed to go further in their sins, to the point where they will never be accepted.
---mark on 8/15/07

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#2. Here is David who says he served God for ten years, he is even giving the time he donated. What he forgets is that God has donated all of Davids whole life to get him to be loyal to Him, and now he is complaining because he thinks he deserves much more. Ten years, wow, what a donation when he sinned against God his whole life.
---mark on 8/15/07

David, don't thing God can protect what want Him to protect because you want Him to and He would love to. God can only protect what you explicitly surrender into His hands and give Him the permission to protect, otherwise Satan has the legal rigth to come in and steal, kill and destroy those things, and steal your mind also to turn you away from God.

You have done so much more bad things than good things. What you think of as your righteousness is filthjy rags.
---OK on 8/14/07

2)Even some of the "good things" you think you've done are really just abstinence from evil things that you weren't supposed to do, not really extra good things. You have no merit to any mercy or security from God. He provides it entirely by grace. But if you rest in the security of deeds, and lay claim to any work you deed, then you strip yourself of all rigth to His provisions, because your sins come back and bite you and show that, not just for ten years, but for all your life,
---OK on 8/14/07

3) you are not worthy of any of the things you claim... which He has promised to come only after you have died to self enough to understand how all this can make sense and can work out for more good in the end, for those who trust Him, than the seemingly riches of others who don't which will work out for utter destruction in the end. You stay here and ridicule God, making Him out to be unholy, comparing your unleaned lacking-understanding, wicked and merciless self
---OK on 8/14/07

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4) with a Person whom you are too far from to even behold. All He asked for...that trust that has seemed to fail not too much to give. A compromise of love for others, and patience with sin, stemmed from His love, makes this road full of many tribulations for the rigtheous, as He promised. Sacrificing will not end till we get to heaven. Only through sacrficie can you get to uncover the mystery of the One who formed you and outlined grace and blessings for you. You need to repent in dust and ashes
---OK on 8/14/07

David #2: My best friend, with the cancer, just wrote me that her 51 year old sister's husband died suddenly of a heart attack last week. She has 9 children, 5 at home, who are all fatherless now. She did not turn her back on God.

I was raised in an awful home, with mental illness and alcoholism in my parents. I was sexually abused as an adolescent by a man I babysat for. My husband divorced me 6 years ago, and we had to sell our home. By the way you talk, I should hate God too.
---Trish9863 on 8/14/07

David #3: My ex, who turned his back on God, makes a lot more money than I do. He remarried, and goes to Europe every summer for vacation. He just bought a nice home, and has a huge TV with the Dish Network and all the electronic toys he could ever want. I cannot afford to do much of anything.

Why is God allowing my ex to prosper when he sinned by leaving me and remarrying? I am a single woman, and I work three jobs to pay off student loans for my children and me. Should I hate God?
---Trish9863 on 8/14/07

David: Look around you. You have potential to get back on your feet financially.

Last October, my 40 year old brother died suddenly of blood clots in his lungs. My mother had to bury her youngest child. She is not angry at God, she is looking to Him for strength.

My best friend has breast cancer. Her husband almost died a few weeks ago due to blood clots. He is now on dialysis. He cannot walk alone. They are not turning their backs on God. They are leaning on Him.
---Trish9863 on 8/14/07

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Job 8:5 If you search for God and plead for mercy from the Almighty,
Job 8:6 if you are moral and ethical, then he will rise up on your behalf and prove your righteousness by rebuilding your home.
Job 8:7 Then what you had in the past will seem small compared with the great prosperity you'll have in the future.
---Linda on 8/14/07


The reason I have room to talk is because I to lost something very dear to me. I to found myself in a emotional prison of greif (it's always hard to loose somthing or someone you love especially when you are depended on it) What I lost was everything to me. She was my backbone. She was'nt a car, or a house, or money, she was my Mother. However, I am learning day by day to stand without her- God is forming a backbone within me.
---Marcia on 8/14/07


I believe God wants you to learn how to stand without those things and learn to trust in him alone. Like Job, once you began to regain trust in God he will restore all that the enemey has stollen from you. It will be doubled or tribled based on how you react in this trial you are going through. Take courage beloved God is doing something within you.
---Marcia on 8/14/07

David: I do understand. I had to file bankruptcy when I was married. I had graduated from college and could not find a job. My husband was working a job that did not pay enough to meet our bills. We were dirt poor. I then got a job but was laid off and out of work for a year.

Being poor is not easy. I have been there. I can only tell you that God will help you find a way to get your finances in order. Surrender to Him and seek His help to guide you.
---Trish9863 on 8/14/07

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I remember how Job's friends answered him when Job begain to murmur and complain, (wishing he was never born). None of them told him the truth, none of them gave him the answer that would set him free from his emotional prison. The truth is the only thing that can set someone free is truth.
---Marcia on 8/14/07


The fact that you hate God for taking away your material wealth means that they were more of a god to you then God was. Your love for God should be so strong that no matter what comes and no matter what goes you can still say that the Lord is my strength.
---Marcia on 8/14/07

Annie, I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine - there is no scripture - no words to comfort from some pain. Only endure to the end - your young son is waiting for his mommy.
With great love there is great sorrow.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

David, all you need to do is Trust God. Annie, your post made me cry. God bless you your little one is certainly at peace now and I hope you can find some peace yourself. I too have lost a child, and I know if it were not for God holding me up at that time and all the prayers that people were praying for me, I'd have went insane with grief.
---sue on 8/13/07

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OK"But if the devil taking those things away will draw you closer to God"If there were some big plan God had for utterly destroying my life,credit,family,and everything I worked for to get me to serve him again.His plan was a total failure.In order to get me back he is going to have to return everything he took"or allowed satan to take"(whatever)from me before I waste another 10 years waiting for blessings that will never come.
---David on 8/13/07

David, regarding God equipping you:

He has already blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ and has already given you all things that pertain unto LIFE and GODLINESS. You need to find out what you have and use it. You have faith and there are laws that govern faith. You have liberty, love, patience, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, self-control, joy, peace, etc. You also have authority over all power of the enemy. Pray Eph.1:17-23
---Linda on 8/13/07

Trish9863"I understand you are in a financial bind."If a"financial bind"was all I was going through I wouldn't be so angry.But it's way more than that,see a financial bid to me is if I were to get sick or hurt and not be able to work for a week or 2 or max of a month.I had to file bankruptcy in Dec. of last year and I still don't have a job reason why God knows if I had a job it would be all extra money I have no debt.I also have no credit either.And no you don't understand.
---David on 8/13/07

David: Reread Andrea's post concerning respect and dignity. How respectful was it for your sins to cause Christ's horrible suffering on the cross? Do you have any idea the amount of physical pain Christ endured to enable you to have eternal life with His Father. He did that out of a great love for you. John 3:16.

I understand you are in a financial bind. Instead of railing against God, why don't you seek His help in securing adequate income to support your family.
---Trish9863 on 8/13/07

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God did not take away your house, cars or money, David. But if the devil taking those things away will draw you closer to God, I'm glad he did, and I'm glad God allowed it. David, you have to give God the explicit permission in your affairs for Him to guide them and protect them. And even when He does, He will compromise when necessary, be it for the sake of others, the gospel or your future. cont'd...
---OK on 8/13/07

2) ...But if He leads, He will lead to a place that would make everything before worth it. God wants you to prosper financlially but I'm afraid you don't even know prosperity in your soul and you are walking like an aloof child into the thongs of Satan. Until you trust and surrender again, you will never give God the legal permission to do good to you, and you will never find complete rest in this life.
---OK on 8/13/07

I had a very difficult time "loving" God when my 2 year old son had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 70% of his body, lived 17 days, and died from a heartattack because of the stress on his little body was just too much. I understand that object are just that, but to see a small child suffer so very badly was unbearable to accept.
---Annie on 8/13/07

I am sure you heard store up your riches in heaven, on earth it shall pass away. James 2:5 hearken, my beloved brethren, hath not god chosen the poor of this world Rich in FAITH & theirs of the Kingdom which he promised to them that love HIM?
---freeda on 8/13/07

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If I were God at least I would treat my people with respect and dignity,not saying there won't be problems,but they would be better eqipped to handle them,example they ........David

it was not enough that He died for you?

He took the lashes for you

he took the nails for you

he was bruised for your trangressions for your iniquity stricken we esteemed Him not

David - ask Him into your heart - lay aside everything but the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
---Andrea on 8/13/07

I shall repeat: It is human nature to hate God. Why God allows His people to go through such trials is way beyond our understsnding. However, Jesus did promise it. Our main focus is on Him and reaching Heaven someday. God's people are the most blessed people in all the world. Praise God we have escaped HELL.
---catherine on 8/13/07

Psalm 126:5-6

Here is a word for you from the Word.

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him. NIV
---Andrea on 8/13/07

David,sounds like your the one who is 'brain-washed'. You say even your basic needs arn't being met? You'd be dead! I know money is great, but maybe God is trying to teach you a lesson. Like: how to be happy without a bunch of material things and just be happy with yourself and your God. It IS possible ya know.
---sue on 8/13/07

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David...I had a boyfriend whom my father didn't like. He warned me not to marry him and I didn't. Years later I looked him up and found that my father was right. He was divorced with four children. He was on welfare and looking for that perfect job. He wouldn't take a job unless it was management, yet he had no management experience. He had never been able to keep a job because he was smarter than everyone he worked with. I heard he finally married the boss's daughter. Maybe you'll get that lucky.
---Karen on 8/13/07

Only what we do for Christ will last. We're only passing through to eternity.
Jesus Christ is the door.
When we die, we pass through that door alone.
You need to repent of your sin, and find your resolve to live for Christ until you pass through that door.
Some run their race in 70 or 80 years, and for some, it's finished much sooner.
---Ted on 8/12/07

David: "so why don't he give me what he owes me"

God does not owe you one blessed thing, David. He gave you His most precious gift, His Son, Jesus. Jesus suffered a horrible death so you could be blessed with eternal life and freedom from the bondage of sin.
---Trish9863 on 8/12/07

God's blessings for believers are rarely material, or monetary. You are not owed a thing by God. You do owe Him your love, loyalty, and obedience. The choice is yours. Repent and get right with Him, or continue to throw your temper tantrum and walk away from Him.
---Trish9863 on 8/12/07

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You can't take things with you after death"BooHoo Duh"I know that.But is it so wrong to have stuff here on earth or do I have to be a Hilton,a Gates,or Dr. Dre to get these things.Look I don't even have my needs met now or when I was serving God.So Gods blessing plan failed miserably.All I have heard is spiritual,after death blessings,so that means we have to suffer and have a miserable life here?Is that what God brainwashes you all to believe?
---David on 8/12/07

Lets talk about my view on"Be content with what you have"Lets say your working a $9.00hr production job(this is good $ for a christian)and someone you know who has a business and says come work for me I will give you $20.00hr for management.Are you going to take it?"The bible says"Be content"but you know you need the money.The thing is you have to make a decision before then end of the day to start tomorrow.
---David on 8/12/07

The thing is you have to make a decision before then end of the day to start tomorrow.Do you go or stay?Well any christian will say I have to pray about it.But think about it for a minute you would be a fool to turn this job down.I think christians have such a"tunnel vision"they would actually turn this job down.First of all because they believe they are not suspose to have anything extra hear on earth.Because of the way God treats his own people.
---David on 8/12/07

If I were God at least I would treat my people with respect and dignity,not saying there won't be problems,but they would be better eqipped to handle them,example they wouldn't loose"everything"they had just by being out of work for a month or 2,they would have jobs that have medical insurance,retirement,ect.. however the people who didn't serve me I would make sure they went thru what christains go thru,there wouldn't be a "rich sinner".
---David on 8/12/07

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Are you sure it was all God? But even it if was remember, He disciplines us because He loves us, when He needs us to see Him, and sometimes, it takes a lot more to bring us to our knees. Sometimes Satan creates problems as well (read Job 2:1-10)
Prov 3:12 The Lord disciplines those He loves. Satan wants to lay hold of you because he knows that in the end he will lose...don't let him, Embrace your faith!!! Let the Lord have His way with you today.
---faithbtrue on 8/12/07

Even satan had to go to God to test Job.This in criminal law is conspiracy.Just like if I hire a hitman.Satan was God's hitman on Job.So in my opinion it is God who did this to me.Isn't God in control?If God is real and he acctually cares for us I have asked him to prove it.Show me he is real.He owes me 10 years worth of life that was taken from me by him.This meaning money($500K)2cars,and 4 houses.Until I get those things I will hate him I will curse him and I will die and go to Hell with no remorse.
---David on 8/12/07

Unfinished business with God, to make things right with the Lord.
Make things right with our brothers and sisters.
Live so that our debts have been paid and our lives have not left people in pain and hurt. Forgive others and be forgiven.
I wouldn't go to sleep with unfinished business, asking for forgiveness.
---Rachel on 8/12/07

What God wants from us, more than to work for Him, more than the sacrifices we give, is our heart, our love to him. He wants a personal relationship with His children. He wants His children to seek His face daily, to be hungry to be near Him to where nothing else matters.
---Donna on 8/12/07

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For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away. For if the Lord will, you shall live, and do this or that. James 4:13-15

We must never take for granted that we will live forever. Many driving home at 6:00 PM, started to cross a bridge, loaded with cars bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic on Highway 35. It collapsed at 6:05 PM.
---Rachel on 8/12/07

We never know what tomorrow may bring.

We must live in a state of knowing that our heart is right with God and that we are ready to meet Jesus in all His Glory.
Some of them plunged 60 ft. into the Mississippi River. Were all of them taken home to be with God? I don't know.
---Rachel on 8/12/07

We know not what will come on the morrow. When you are living time can go slowly. When you are on your deathbed, the years seem to have passed quickly.
James 4:15 says, if the Lord wills, Deo Volente. Only if God is willing, will you accomplish what you plan to do with the rest of your life.
Let us walk softly before the Lord, in day-to-day obedience to Him and honor Him with our lives.
---Rachel on 8/12/07

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