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Spanking To Show Love

I was spanked as a child. It helped me learn God's ways. Life has boundaries. Done in love, can spanking not instill Christian virtue?

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 ---BILL on 8/12/07
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I believe wholeheartedly in children being raised with sound, parental spankings in a loving environment. Unhappily for me, I was never punished with spankings, but rather with the withdrawal of affection.

By never getting the spankings I deserved (and they ought to have been over-the-knee on my bare bottom for their full corrective effect), I had trouble learning the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences.
---Rennie on 4/12/20

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?.....Continued

In order for God to truly create us to actually exist in His image we need to be able to choose evil as He is able to choose evil, but God would never choice evil & warned us never to choose as well.

If we did not have the option of being something other than what He created us to be, then we would be limited....and the image of God is not limited, it is boundless.

But the boundlessness of God's image comes with a price, and that price being to only partake in the knowledge of good, never choosing good & evil as Adam did which led to "the fall" and allowed the entire calamities of sin into the World.
---Shawn.M.T on 10/17/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

God desired for us to not withhold His correcting Word from our children. This is the virtuous boundaries of God.

God never intended for man to beat a child!!

"Spare the rod spoil the Child" which is not even in the bible was conjured-up by the twisted minds of the world, from Pro.23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

The Rod or Staff of the Lord is the "Strength of His Word"!!!!

The senseless beatings of many poor helpless children in the name of love and the instilling of Christian virtue has come about do to the lack of discerning the true understanding of the Word of God.
---Shawn.M.T on 10/16/08

I agree. The world has fallen in disarray because in a lot of instances, our right to parent aour children has been taken away.
I got my butt spanked many a time when I was little and my mom always let me know what I did and why.
As I got older her methods of discipline changed to being grounded (was a teenager).
I try to have the same balance with my children.
I also try make sure what I am doing is in God's will too. We can't tell our kids do as I say and not as I do. That is wrong too.
---ginger on 10/10/08

Spanking is scriptual and when done in and with love is a very effective consequence to unacceptable behavior.Never done in anger but it must be done with consistency.I have found that it isn't the spanking but the time spent after the punishment,explaining to them and sharing the pain(the pain of them getting and the pain of you having to give)that is where the real learning is accomplished,for both child and parent.Hope that is helpful for you!
---ron on 10/8/08

The social experiment of not spanking has failed miserably. Let's look at the overall trend in America and Europe. The use of spanking has been declining considerably since World War Two and disobedient and rebellious children have been increasing considerably thus turning into disobedient and rebellious adults.

Haven't you read biblical prophesies concerning children in the end-times? (in which we are certainly in the mist of) They are disobediant to parents and to authority. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and find what happens when we don't properly discipline our children in the ways of God.

Following that same trend into the future, it will get worse and worse, especialy when parents fear of jail when accused of spanking their child.
---Steveng on 10/8/08

Discipline should always be done in love and for the purpose of correction, never in anger. Children have a way of knowing the reason for their discipline. If done in anger it will not produce the proper result. I got a few good lickens in my life too but I thank my dad for each one because it was done for the right reasons and produced the desired results. The Bible tells us to correct our children.
---john on 10/8/08

I think spanking is fine as long as it is on their butt not everywhere else. I also think that it should be used as a last resort. I know my 2 children and they each respond to different types of discipline. No phone, no TV, no going outside, etc.

Proverbs 13:24
24 Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to
discipline him.

I know I love mine and want them to be good respectable adults. My mother disciplined me and I came out fine and with good morals.

Has anyone ever noticed that disciple is the root of discipline?
---ginger on 10/8/08

Unless spanking goes overboard (beating/abuse), there is no way that I see that spanking will not instill values into kids. The Bible says (paraphased) that if you do not discipline your children, you do not love them. The Bible also says that God even disciplines those that He loves. I was spanked as a child, and even though I did not like it then, (as an adult) I'm better off for it. I thank God that my Mom (who raised me) spanked me - I now realize her love for me, because of doing so. I also have good values because of it.
---Leslie on 10/1/08

As long as it is not used too frequently as the main form of disipline. Remember that the Bible also says "fathers do not provoke your children to wrath..that they will become discouraged". There are many ways to correct and teach children "in the nurture of the Lord". We have a major problem with child abuse in the US right now as many parents actually beat and abuse children. I would use caution in making a blanket statement to spank children for Christian virtue.
---jody on 10/1/08

I think christians virtue should not be forced with spankings. That would be a turn off for anyone. Christian virtue is the greatest gift a parent can give his/her kid. Kids should be shown and told this from a very early age. They will learn to value Jesus and the wonderful gift of Salvation He is offering to them, as well. Like a young tree. Shape it when it is young not when it is grown. But accepting Christ can come at any age but best when young.
---Robyn on 9/18/07

Spanking in itself does nothing. Yes there should be penalty for correction, but teaching is how children learn Christian virtues.
Proverbs 23:13-14 Do not hold back discipline from the child, Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die. You shall strike him with the rod And rescue his soul from Sheol.
---denna7667 on 9/13/07

I spank my children,my 6 yr old & 3 yr old. I only spank them when needed, but I try other methods first like timeouts or get on their level & speak to them. I do believe it is ok as long as not done in anger. Spank for discipline, but don't go "off" on them with wallops etc, that is where child abuse sets in.
---candice on 8/13/07

Spare the rod spoil the child.......hmmmmm I raised goats if you beat a goat they quickly run from you, sheep follow your voice ....goats follow food......a good shepard uses his crook (rod) to continually prod the sheep. They learn where they can tred.
If a sheep will not learn the shepard MAY actually break its leg and then the shepard must carry it around his neck for weeks while it heals in order to teach it how to be safe. (this is not done to punish the sheep)
Just like Jesus carries us.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

"Dare to Discipline" by James Dobson is a great resource. Spanking should be done for specific infractions (acts of defiance) and not mistakes due to clumsiness, ignorance, immaturity, or other childhood occurrences. Spanking needs to be done with the right spirit, for the right reasons, for the right infractions. You need to learn about it and understand it before you do it. Also, understand the laws and your rights.
---Jim on 8/13/07

Physical correction (not beating up your kids in anger) is totally Scriptural. All these mind games and long groundings that parents use these days are in many ways not correcting, they just make kids angry.
---john on 8/13/07

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The best parenting advice I have for anybody, is making sure it is discipline not undue punishment. Parenting with Love and Logic is a great Book. Check out focus on the Family Web site. Learn you Child's love and apology language.
---faithbtrue on 8/12/07

Spanking is a loving and effective tool to mold and discipline children and youth. But regrettable government has gotten involved in the process and made the tactic too dangerous to those administering punishment. So corporal punishment can't effectively be used any longer.
---notlaw99 on 8/12/07

The scripture most quoted 'spare the rod spoil the child' is one of the worst case of deception that I can imagine. The pain this has caused is incalcuable. Discipline sometimes corporal when done with love - without wrath is a good thing. Spanking teaches consequences and authority it does not teach how to make good choices.
And like all severe consequences should only be used as a last resort and then no humiliation or welts or bruises.
---Andrea on 8/12/07

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