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Our Pre-Born Spirit

Where was our spirit before we were born?

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 ---carol on 8/12/07
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Yoshin, "It is impossible to see the entire world regardless of how high a mountain is unless it is flat."

The scripture to which you're referring is about satan tempting Jesus. Do you not think that one of the most powerful angels could give a world view without assuming the world is flat? You read, but you don't understand.
---daphn8897 on 8/23/07

I have read it, you chose to ignore it. Matt4:8 ..exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, It is impossible to see the entire world regardless of how high a mountain is unless it is flat. It says all the Kingdoms, some existed on the other side of the world. If you think this event was literal then the world is flat. If you think it is just metaphoric, Jesus was not really tested by Satan since the test are not even real.
---yoshin on 8/23/07

This is a deep question that superficial surface thinkers could never appreciate.
---Marcia on 8/22/07

yoshin, The Bible doesn't say the earth is flat. Your statement that it does indicates you haven't read it. Therefore your comments about it are irrelevant and, yes, nonsensical. You aren't speaking from knowledge... just uninformed opinion - which perpetuates the rhetoric to which I referred.
---daphn8897 on 8/22/07

Spirit is that aspect of God that has always existed and will always exist. It periodically or not enters into reality and experiences "life". It is God's method of experiencing His/Her creation.
---Sherry on 8/22/07

This a deep question that superficial surface thinkers could never appreciate.
---Marcia on 8/22/07


The mortal "soul" is the concious mind (animals are referred to as souls).
The immortal "spirit" is judged in the afterlife.
People confuse the two words, but the Bible distinguishes them:

Hebrews 4:12
"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."
---Mark on 8/22/07

Who cares?
---Tony on 8/22/07

Sorry for the slip, it was Galileo that the church put in house arrest for his belief that the earth revolved around the Sun and not the other way around like the church believed and the Bible states. Newton is the one that wrote An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture.
---yoshin on 8/21/07

I like the way fundamentalist always say that logic and reason equals nonsensical rhetoric. It reminds me of Isaac Newton standing before the church being accused of using reason to describe the world as round. They just quoted verses at him and placed him under house arrest. Yes, the Bible says the earth is flat and stands on four pillars. Do you believe it? Give me some scripture that says when our soul was created.
---yoshin on 8/21/07

Our spirits existed as soon as we were conceived. David said God knew who he was even before he was born. And think of John the Baptist, who is said to have been filled with God's spirit from his mother's womb.
---Debby on 8/20/07

Yoshin, "If spirit equals the mind, it will die with our brain."

Why? Doesn't scripture say about us that we are created beings - with a beginning, everlasting - no end, but not eternal- having always existed? Your statements are not biblical, but are really just intellectual, nonsensical rhetoric.
---daphn8897 on 8/20/07

Man=mental/mind, body/physical, spirit/soul
Sin caused death of spirit-the part which was in the image of God=spirit. Re-born, a living spirit happens when God gives life again, by indwelling us. It now can never die for the sin which killed it at Adam has been paid by the death of Jesus the Christ-His resurrection promises eternity.
---Jay on 8/18/07

If spirit equals soul, we are either finite or infinite, mortal or immortal, eternal or temporary. If we believe that our soul will live throughout eternity, we must conclude that it existed prior to birth. If it was born at birth do not be surprised if it dies at death. If spirit equals the mind, it will die with our brain.
---yoshin on 8/18/07

Where was our spirit before we were born?

Spirit, as the source of life, breath and animi was with the Father and to the Father it will return. Our spirit represents our attitude, our habitual way of acting towards and relating to life. That spirit is formed within us as our mental disposition and character traits are established. Our spirit is renewed as our mind is renewed by the Word of God and our souls prospers as we are made increasing aware of the Father's inspiration and presence within us.
---joseph on 8/18/07

daphn8897... there are many who agree with you and many who agree with me. In the end it is God Who really knows and when we finally see Him face to face we will know. Until then, Be Blessed.
---betty8468 on 8/17/07

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betty, "If the mind(soul) was born again we would not need to be instructed to renew our minds. Romans 8:2."

The instruction to renew our minds does not negate our spirit/soul (being one and the same) saved. As any newborn, we require instruction - and probably will throughout eternity... for we can never know the entirety of God - he's not, nor ever will be limited to our understanding, which will alway have had a beginning. We will be his children eternally.
---daphn8897 on 8/16/07

daphn8897... the spirit is born again. If the mind(soul) was born again we would not need to be instructed to renew our minds. Romans 8:2. I would love to continue this with you, but I will be out of town for awhile on strike duty. Thank you for your input. Be Blessed
---betty8468 on 8/15/07

daphn, please provide a basis for your conclusion that spirit and soul are the same.
---Ryan_Z on 8/15/07

Within the Soul/Mind of GOD.
---Marcia on 8/15/07

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betty, We are not spirit, soul, and body. We are spirit/soul and body. Scripturally the spirit and soul are the same.

The teaching of 3 parts is error, and promotes a disconnect in taking responsibility for our actions and heart motives... ie. my spirit doesn't sin, just my body and soul - which flys in the face of our needing a Savior. If any part of us is sinless... Jesus died in vein.
---daphn8897 on 8/15/07

We are 3 part beings: spirit, soul and body. The spirit is in us at conception. Until we are born again the spirit is dead. The soul is your mind, will, emotions. The spirit is the real you, the one that conects to God.
---betty8468 on 8/14/07

God said," I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb". Perhaps the reason he says this because our spirits(each individual person's spirit) is coming from God. Kinda like a chip off of the old block. This is a good question, and I have thought about it many times, but of course my answer is very very weak. But it is my thinking on the matter.
---Mima on 8/13/07

#1 Spirit gives life. God mourned that His spirit could not strive with man and He set our temporal limit to 120 years. Spirit is spirit is life, understanding and breath. The spirit of man is not the individual identity of man, that resides in the soul. God formed man out of clay, breathed into him and man became a living soul, without any one of these three parts man cannot live.
---Ryan_Z on 8/12/07

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#2 God is life and His spirit is life, His Holy Sirit gives eternal life, He is the spring of life, of whom when you drink you are never thirsty again.
---Ryan_Z on 8/12/07

The human soul (or spirit) is an intrinsic part of our human nature, part of what makes us to be us.

It is created and infused at the exact moment of conception, and simultaneously with it. Otherwise, the unborn child, at whatever state of development, would not be fully human.

If this seems odd, think about the Incarnation of Jesus. If He didn't receive His human soul at His conception, there would be a time when He was not God and Man, but God and Something Else.
---Jack on 8/12/07

Part 2:

The alternative is to believe in some kind of pre-existence of souls--what I waggishly call belief in the heretofore or pre-incarnation.

This is one of the many errors of those self-confessed Mutants from Kolob called Mormons.

It is also one of the heresies of Origen. It was wrong when he said it, when the Mormons say it, and when anybody says it.
---Jack on 8/12/07

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