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Learned From These Blogs

Have you ever learned anything on these blogs? I mean, learned something that actually changed your mind or opinion, or the way you looked at something, or opened your eyes to a false doctrine?

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 ---Gena on 8/14/07
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Linda, the thought is mutual. I do regret that you have refrained from sharing from the depths of your soul, I believe I understand why, however I must say that I miss the depths of your God given insight. Please keep sharing, your thoughts may be to deep for some, yet, I believe, appreciated by most.

Hello Christina, Gayla, Bill, Ryan, A Servant, Donna, Eric, Bruce, Elder, Mikeff, just to name a few that transcend the pettiness of bickering in search of the depths and heights of Christ. Please do not give up on us, Iron sharpens Iron and unfortunately the sparks can not be avoided :o).
---Josef on 6/29/08

I agree with you, Donna. There are probably some bloggers that are only here to divert attention away from Christianity.

I cannot begin to thank or describe how I feel about what an awesome job the Moderator performs.

We are blessed to be part of this community and what a wonderful journey it has given me.
---Elder on 6/26/08

I learn from researching scripture for my blogs, & Bible Quizes, articles, Moderator comments. It all comes down to trust. I avoid head knowledge that doesn't line up or rightly divide the Word.

It's a very rare occasion when you witness through writing, someone that has been in the presence of God.

Two people can interpret scripture, say same thing, one has God's favor, presence or anointing on it and the other does not.

Moderator says a short, "YES, God still heals today!" That means more to me than 75 replies of head knowledge.

There is an anointing on the Moderator's words. Those short but sweet words have encouraged me for days, when all the other 74 replies did not reasonate or encourage me.
---Donna on 6/26/08

I have learned a great deal from this web site but

''CAN'T stand the fighting''!
---Carla5754 on 6/26/08

Yes. Bill_bila and Josef quite often say things that cause my spirit to say, "Bingo."
---Linda on 6/26/08

1) Through these blogs, I have reaffirmed my beliefs and the truths of the Word of God. I have opened up the Word much more to study to make sure that whatever I am posting has scriptural back-up. I have sought the Lord more diligently to know the truth of the scriptures and asked Him to show me the truth when I see someone post something that does not line up with the bible or with what I believe to be true, asking the Lord to show me if I perhaps have missed something...
---Holly4jc on 9/8/07

2) ...written in the Bible that they have perhaps seen or maybe I've misunderstood. He is faithful to always answer! If I am in error...I truly want Him to show me, so I ask Him, because He alone knows the truth. Another thing I have learned is how very accurate the scriptures are about the "narrow gate" and how few will find it as opposed to the "wide gate" that leads to destruction that many will go through.
---Holly4jc on 9/8/07

3) It is very evident when reading some of the posts on here how very true that scripture is and how very sad it is that it IS true. Thanks for all your interaction, though we may disagree at times, I truly enjoy the fellowship and banter! May all of you be blessed and truly know the love of Christ in your lives and find that narrow gate. Oh yes, I have also learned (through much prayer, meditation and seeking the Lord) that I am not Donna nor have I ever been, in this life or the life to come! LOL :-)
---Holly4jc on 9/8/07

Crystal: I have never hidden the fact that I don't like the 85 word limit. So what is your point? I could care less who agrees with my post and who don't. I only share my faith with others and try to help in any way that I can. You don't have to accept or agree with anything I say. No skin off my nose.And yours either,for that matter.You don't have to call my attention to it. I already know I get long-winded,sometimes. You be blessed.
---Robyn on 9/7/07

I like this WebSite because it shows me how and what different people believe. It's a revealing thermometer of the condition of the Church today. Some have it together and some don't.
---Gordon on 8/30/07


You must of at one time been very helpful to Christian who come to this cite. As a newer member I look at your credit history and then I read through your responses and I wonder to myself.

What happen to you, is everything OKay?
---Marcia on 8/23/07


You must of at one time been very helpful to Christian who come to this cite. As a newer member I look at your credit history and then I read through your responses and I wonder to myself.

What happen to you, is everything OKay???
---Marcia on 8/23/07

The 85 word limit has always really bothered you, has it not Robyn?
But it didn't stop you on the Trinity blog, you really cut loose on that one. You were able to finally smother every blogger out. That is what you want to do, isn't it?
You would like us to have the gospel according to linda, lovable, kathr, marcia, robyn, robin, and all of the other names. Why don't you start your own site and allow only you on it? Then you could write 24 hours aday without an 85 word limit to slow you down.
---Crystal on 8/22/07

From what I've learned, researching these blogs, is that your name has smothered almost every blog. Now don't flatter yourself, I'm not interested in you at all.
I wanted to know why I was reading the same Scriptures, the same answers, over and over with 24 different names. Romans is your favorite Book. Those are easy to see. You don't believe in the Trinity. You like that cheap grace doctrine.
---Crystal on 8/22/07

Anything to do with the Holy Spirit drives you mad, you don't believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
All gifts, except for the ones you claim to have, are blathering and foaming at the mouth.
You can't stand John Hagee, and all in all, that pretty much sums it up. In two year's time, you've been a master at all denominations and claimed them all. Why you're even a Prophet, all this in only two year's time. Simply amazing.
---Crystal on 8/22/07

I have a question for you Robyn, if all of this time that you've spent adopting denominations and labels is such a waste of time - why have you spent two years doing exactly that, for 12 hours aday?
I knew you were posing as a Catholic, Mormon, SDA, Pentecostal, everything, I thought maybe it was for homework, theology degree. But why do you really do it? Isn't your head one convoluted mass of religion without any real direction?
---Crystal on 8/22/07

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I've started to watch some Catholic television - I enjoy seeing the deep faith that is often expressed. i have ne desire to become RCC - I have some serious doubts about the RC/pope possibility for tremendous harm - but I don't see the individual churches as anti-christian.

I've tried to look at it as if I was a skeptical Catholic and I try to hear that maybe on some issues the Catholics may just be right about one or two things that the Prot are wrong about. Ed are you surprised?
---Andrea on 8/22/07

I have learned a lot both negative and positive on this blog. People love labels/denominations.Such a waste of time and energy. There are many people wanting to pass as Christians but have a long ways to go before their undersanding opens enough to really understand what the true Gospel message is. Also. Many Christians are very hard hearted, unteachable and wants to listen to no one and nobody. That is very very sad. Does not respect authority, at all.
---Robyn on 8/22/07

More: Christians give more power to pastors, Pope and Mary than they ever will to Jesus or God, the Father. Not that is truly sad and amazing. The RCC has done more to destroy lives and lead people to Hell than we will ever be able to comprehend or understand. There is much false teachings and doctrines around, than originally thought.
Enuff said.....but far from finished
---Roby_n on 8/22/07

I have learned a great deal about catholocism - more positive then negative.

learned more about cults and the grip they hold on people.
My eyes are more open to the way idolatry can creep into any church.

Renewal: of my love for the lost - how great a mercy He showed me - so great a love he has for us all.
---Andrea on 8/22/07

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When offering to people about their situations they ask about - - -

as-SUME I do NOT know what is really going on.

ASSUME the person may not come back to read my answer.

Make sure I include things that can be good for those who DO give me the time of day to read what I share.

And, though the person may reject the good things you give,
your good advice can help correct ME!!!
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/16/07

I have learned patience.

I have learned to listen better.

I have learned to look into my own bias

Its made me much better at apologetics and I am reaffirmed in my faith

---Andrea on 8/15/07

I have learned a great deal about the prosperity/word of faith gospels. What some see as the answer to all of their problems, sow your seed - give an old car away to get a new car. Give your old clothes away to get new clothes. Give your savings away to become a millionaire. Give your old plane away to get a Citation Ten, .... you get the drift.
---Bigfoot on 8/15/07

All I learned from here is that some posters (not all) are judgemental of you or your faith even if oyu whole heartedly follow God.It is one thing to correct someone if the doctrine is wrong according to the bible , it is another to correct them because you simply don't agree with them.On the other hand i've seen some wonderful questions & answers with scriptures.
---candice on 8/15/07

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TV preachers, not condemning them, but seeing merchandising of the gospel, the effect on people. Jesus Christ did not fleece the sheep. Jesus fed the sheep.
Jesus fed multitudes on hillsides, He didn't let them go home hungry.
Prosperity gospel feeds the shepherd, leaves people like David on the blogs, full of disappointment. When the big money doesn't come through for you, you have a lightbulb moment, and have to look at the money flowing one way - upstream.
---Bigfoot on 8/15/07

There are many false prophets. They visit the blogs and speak nonsense. Those are the harmless ones because they are easily seen. They have really said nothing about anything, but give themselves grandiose compliments.
The real danger will be in the days to come, they'll be of a darker nature. The blogs, if the internet exists, will help others in the future to see them. This is good practice.
---Clovis_CA on 8/15/07

There are others who deceive bloggers with a wide range of religious stands, with all kinds of names they use.
This is also good practice to see how people's minds operate. When you call them on the carpet, about big fabrications - they still lie. That is bizarre.
---ClovisCA on 8/15/07

I like the quizes, the older blogs, and articles. There are many bloggers that are no longer here, but I still like their answers. The truth never changes.
Cynthia, I have noticed more false teaching spread all over the blogs than what was here a year or two ago. Someone in particular has increased the amount of dissention, confusion, and error here. But they're being influenced by an enemy that has been around since the beginning of time.
---Marylois on 8/15/07

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I have learned "There is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the law of the Spirit of Life has set me free from the law of sin and death," and no matter how many falsely accuse me on this board, I am washed by the Blood of Jesus, Justified, Sanctified. I have learned NOT to let anyone's words bother me. I have learned people here accuse and condemn others, but that's not Jesus's way and I don't want to be a part of this site anylonger. That's what I've learned.
---Donna on 8/15/07

I learned that with our words we can either plant, build, or destroy Strongholds. We are either aiding Satan in this type of Spiritual Warefare or we are attacking him with the WORD of GOD. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. In order to be powerful soilder in the Armey of the Lord we must Put on the full Armour of GOD.

The Bottom line

****Study to Show yourself Approved****

****Know his WORD for Yourself****
---Marcia on 8/15/07

I have learned many things on these blogs.
---Ryan_Z on 8/14/07

I have learned that there is a lot of false doctrine on some of these blogs, but in all fairness I can honestly say that my eyes have been enlightened to a lot of truth of God's word as well.
---Cynthia on 8/14/07

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I have learned that people who claim to be Christians can be some of the meanest and cruelest people on this earth. They don't share their beliefs, they criticize and condemn others for theirs. How Godlike.
---betty8468 on 8/14/07

It's interesting because I had never heard of the teaching that Jesus' death on the cross was not sufficient for our salvation, that Jesus had to go to hell and suffer there, and then be born again, which Is a FALSE DOCTRINE. However, after it was pointed out on here that some teach that, I started hearing it on the radio from several preachers and was astonished! And also very saddened that the world is hearing a lie, that Jesus had to be born again.

So thanks to all who brought that to light.
---Gena on 8/14/07

I have learned that alot of folks on these blogs do not experience the freedom we have in Christ. They like being in bondage to having to do works plus(+) Christ to earn salvation.
---JIM on 8/14/07

I have learned many things in the blogs. Many times I am Astounded at what people believe. These blogs also give me an opportunity to get responses about questions that people ask me. And many time I give these responses to the people who ask me the question and yes I always give credit to whoevers every answer I use.
---Mima on 8/14/07

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I know that mormonism originated from a false prophet into many false doctrines, that the walking wounded have fallen for. Like sheep to the slaughter.
I know that Jesus turned the water into wine, but didn't realise so many people are stuck in religious holiness traditions - they've turned it into Welch's grape juice because their traditions have brainwashed them.
I know the serpent seed doctrine is false.
I know that 'oneness', Holy Spirit not equal to the Father and Son is false doctrine.
---Gail on 8/14/07

I know that the Ellen White did not die for my sins, Jesus Christ did.
I know that SDA beliefs are also from a false prophet.
I know that JW beliefs are way off in scriptural error.
---Gail on 8/14/07

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