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Are We Under Grace Giving

Does the New Testament teach to tithe ten percent, or is this a false doctrine that pastors are teaching today? I understand that Malachi in the old Testament teaches this. Are we under Grace giving or under ten percent tithing?

Moderator - False doctrine as we are under grace giving.

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 ---Cynthia on 8/15/07
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The Levite preist took care of 100's of duties to perform the "Daily" sacrifice.
So ther other 11 tribes were told to give a tenth of their goods & animals!
They had no time for anything else.
Read about it, it was quit a scene to prepare the Daily sacrifice & the cleaning of ALL the instrument of gold that were used.
They didnt just sit back and wait for people to show up on Saturday!
there were almost 2 million jews that left Egypt.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/9/08

"Tithe was for the Levite tribe(Priests)who could not own anything because they were was over..Anything going to a church is a gift,not a tithe."
James, Protestant? Because you said it is all over. Not in Greek Orthodox and RCC. We have Priests and Nuns belonging TOTALLY to God with no other means of support besides gifts to God through tithing. Tithe is a gift. We all belong to God.But,like the Levites, Priest and Nun's daily work is worshipping Him 100%. No other job for support.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

Amy's answer looks like it is the one that is correct. Tithe was for the Levite tribe (Priests) who could not own anything because they were Gods. (Look it up). When Israel/Jews rejected God the 2nd time, it was over and so was tithe. Now we (should) belong to God and 100% goes to Him through the things you do. Anything going to a church is a gift, not a tithe. I am a servant of God and it is not my money anyway.
---james on 6/7/08

Tithes: God's Old Testament law to the nation Israel for His specific purposes/plan.

Grace: The Church is under God's grace. We can tithe 10% or beyond so long as we do it "cheerfully" (out of the abundance of one's heart) & not out of requirement of the OT law. (2 Cor. 9:6-15, Lk. 6:38)

Many preachers today erroneously use Mal. 3:8 as justification for the Church to tithe. Yet, Mal. 3:9 specifically says it's for the "nation" Israel, NOT THE CHURCH.
---Leon on 6/7/08

Mima, I always here folks say 'this or that' is a "false doctrine". Prove it. Seriously, by scripture prove that tithing is not for today.

One thing about tithing that many people get twisted is that it was not part of the law.
Tithing began before the law, therefore it has not/cannot be done away with.

In Genesis, when Abraham gave tithes to Melchizedek it was before the law began. Hebrews 7 talks about it too.
---Rickey on 6/6/08

My only thing about folks calling something taught a false doctrine is that many of the things called a false doctrine aren't.
A false doctrine simply opposes the word of God.
---Rickey on 6/6/08

If something popped off & folks who call these things that can be found in the word to be true heard it I do believe they would be scared because they aren't rooted in the word of God. I do say this, folks need to get in the word of God for themselves & take off the religious glasses that are causing them to see scriptural things as "false doctrines".
---Rickey on 6/6/08

All it takes is a person willing to do what 2nd Timothy 2:15 says.
---Rickey on 6/6/08

10% percent giving today is false doctrine .
This doctrine is pursued by pastors in order to get money to maintain the church's financial position. I know two churches(of 21) who are actually doing something with their money besides building buildings, are financing fruitless church programs.
---Mima on 6/6/08

If anything false doctrine it is "grace giving" I am still waiting for some one to show me in scripture where that is. Not opinion, speculation, or interpretation, but scripture. I also dont care what pastor or his wife is driving or where they is living is why you dont tithe. That is a church discipline problem.

How is the church to do Gods work without tithing?
---denna7667 on 9/16/07

The subjest has also been beaten to death. The conscensus is: tithing is not for today. It is not mandatory. It is voluntary. If you want to give 10% to your church,you can. Its ok. If not. It is still ok but we are to give to our respective churches. When my pastor can afford to gift his wife with a luxury car and I am almost walking to church. I need to re-examine my priorities. But God loves a cheerful giver...II Corinthians 9:7
---Robyn on 9/11/07

If it is false doctrine then and we are under grace giving would somebody show me in scripture?

If you read the book of Acts (specifically Chapt. 5) you will find they were New Testament churches just as we are and they practiced giving to care for the needy. The church is supposed to care for the needy and not the government.
---denna7667 on 9/10/07

Tithing has been done away with. It was a part of the Old Covenant. We are under grace in the New Covenant in Christ's Blood. "God loves a cheerful giver" (2Corinthians 9:7).
---Helen_5378 on 8/20/07

my Pastor teaches tithe but I give and if its 10% thats btw me and God. besides all my donations are not just for the church.

I personally want to give more when I'm told about the needs of the church - whether its electric, salaries or missionaries.
---Andrea on 8/19/07

gift giving is a free choice in my church but 10% is encouraged. Many give more. My church is accountable and gives a report of the funds and what they are used for. Most go to support evangelism throughout the world. A pretty good thing.
Another point. When I give according to the 10% (or more) God DOES bless me and I grow financially. I've proven this over and over.
---robin8683 on 8/19/07

A Story: There was once a poor man who gave 10% faithfully and God blessed him. His $10 per week tithe grew to $10,000 as he grew to be a very rich man. He began to squirm at giving so much so he visited his pastor and asked him if he would pray and ask God to excuse him from giving 10% since it was so much. The Pastor told him that he couldn't do that but he could ask God to reduce his income so that he would only be require to give $10 again.
---robin8683 on 8/19/07

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Jesus says to give unto God what is God's and give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's. He also says he came to fulfill the law not to abolish it. 2 Corinthians 9:7 says to give what your heart has decided not reluctantly or under compulsion and God loves a cheerful giver. And whoever sows sparingly reaps sparingly in whatever they sow.
---Amy9384 on 8/15/07

Romans 4:4 is the closest I can find in answer to that. "Now when a man works his wages are not credited to him as a gift, but as an obligation." The ten percent is in the Old testiment. But remember this...according to how you measure it out, it will be measured to you. I'd give what is due. Though we no longer are under the old covernent, Jesus's blood covers our sins, that does not mean that all things have fallen away? Can we not claim the scriptures in time of need? Think of that.
---faith on 8/15/07

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