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MultiplyTo Fill The Earth

God's original purpose (Genesis) to multiply, fill the earth and have dominion over all creation has now changed to the extent that it's all "Christians'" goal to live in heaven, forget the earth....Why?

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 ---1st_cliff on 8/19/07
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Psl. 37.29 says "The righteous will inherit the "earth" and dwell therin forever" If the "righteous" go to heaven then WHO are these righteous that posess the earth forever??? or the "meek"? (beatitude)
---1st_cliff on 9/8/07

WE were given dominion over the earth its ours to protect or destroy.
We are obligated to provide a place for all who will live on this planet to have a safe place to grow in the grace and knowledge of God.
Now I'm not buying everything the ecologists say - But we should be concerned with pollution and definitely about people destroying the planet for gain.

There nothing wrong with green Christians.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

Samuel, Since everyone jumped on the heavenly bandwagon, they want nothing to do with earth.No God hasn't changed just the ultimate goal of fundamentalists!
---1st_cliff on 9/8/07

Question: Did God at anytime or anywhere in Scripture ever rescind that command??
2nd Question: If Jesus spoke of "..on earth as in heaven.." then shouldn't Christians be concerned with earth?
---Samuel on 9/7/07

1st Cliff, yes the world can hold billions, but that is vastly different than how many it can support. It is expected that the next wars will not be over land or oil but water. Over a billion people do not have access to potable water. With growing populations this number, along those who do not have access to food, education, and medical services will grow exponentially.
---randy on 8/22/07

Mima, I live in the second largest country in the world with a population the same as no this earth will hold billions!
---1st_cliff on 8/21/07

Concerning this statement,
"Multiply To Fill The Earth" we have!!!!
---Mima on 8/20/07

---Andrea on 8/19/07

greetings.Mankind, in it's present path of unrighteousness will not survive when on a disasterous path of self destruction.
Man is created as an ascention being.Heaven is our home.The offspring we leave behind will also inhabit the earth until they die and also leave their offspring.Some day the meek shall inherit the earth but today it is not yet so.God's original purpose was not fully illuminated until Jesus descended.
---earl on 8/19/07

It still is. God will create the new heavens & the new earth. the bibel says so.It also says the meek will inherit the earth, the wicked will be no more. & so far the wicked is still around, so we know the meek hasn't inherited the new earth yet!
---candice on 8/19/07

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